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More rhythmic music, more exciting gameplay, more challenging levels, etc.
Play the anniversary carnival of Piano Tiles 2™ with 1.1 billion players around the world!

Game feature:
1. Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano!
2. Breath-taking rhythm will challenge your handspeed limit!
3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill and risk!
4. Update of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste.
5. Share your record with your friends, and compare with world-wide players on the ranking list!
6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert.
7. Save your progress via Facebook account and share the progress in different devices.
8. More challenge, more bonus and a better self.

Gaming mode: Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don't miss any tile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction!

Support: If you have any question, please send it to [email protected], or you can go to the settings - help and support to contact us. We will solve your problem asap.

Business Corporation: Cheetah Games is willing to cooperate with all the top game developers world-wide to create games. We are looking forward to your excellent games.
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Piano Tiles 2™ App Description & Overview

The applications Piano Tiles 2™ was published in the category Games on 2015-08-19 and was developed by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. The file size is 136.26 MB. The current version is 3.7.6 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

1.Added new content,more music,more fun!
2.For better game experience, please update to the latest version!

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Piano Tiles 2™ Reviews


This game has ruined my life!!!!!!👎🏻  Runnr513  1 star

Badly needs changes!!!!!!!!!! And too much adds


Maybe amazing  Frazier1971  3 star

I rate this game the way I did because it’s such a fun game but I feel like I can only play the game like 1/8 because the game is just it asking you for money and then a bunch of adds and then you play once then it gives you more ads.

Stinky pun

Fun, but obscene amount of ads  Stinky pun  1 star

I understand having ads on a free version of the game, but this is ridiculous. You play one song then have to watch 2-3, 30 second ads to play again. And if you accidentally click anything to change screens you get 2-3 more ads. I’m deleting.

See unicorns

Good but...  See unicorns  4 star

Ever single time you finish a level you get an add, sometimes the game likes to mess you up and randomly freeze for a sec ruining your pacing and it’s really annoying but otherwise great game


Great!  SuperSpyUU  5 star

I love this game, but it would be cool if you could get tile skins (like The slowed down tile look).

Tyler the critic

TO MANY ADS  Tyler the critic  1 star

This app will give you a advertisement every 30 seconds and will show pop ups for Adblock.


Bad  HAPPY DUDE!  1 star

Full of ads legit unplayable


Lame  12as12bb  1 star

Too many pop ups. Sometimes I’ll be playing and the music will stop playing but the game goes on. The game won’t allow me to turn my phone sideways.

Cat Aueen

It’s fun, but need some changes  Cat Aueen  4 star

So... I think it’s so fun. It helps you type faster,and the music. What I think it needs is to remove the ads. Like sometimes your about to play a song, but then a super long ad pops up. I also think that you shouldn't have limited lives. It’s just so fun to play but then you run out of lives and have to play a different game.

# isla stuart

I HATE THE ADS  # isla stuart  3 star

At first I loved this game and I got pretty good at it in a very short time but then all these ads pop up when I’m trying to play then I need to restart the whole game and it’s very annoying so please fix the ads

Tim Ellis

Ads... Ads everywhere!!  Tim Ellis  1 star

Always suggesting you to double your earnings with an ad, try a demo of an exclusive with an ad, then an ad between every song. Not a single gap. Just ad ad ad. Probably spent more time trying to watch and skip ads than game play. Very poor UX. It is a very fun game however destroyed by the infestation of ads


Loaded with adds  Tomw28282  1 star

Unplayable garbage loaded by more adds than game time. It used to be a great game,now absolute garbage. Uninstalled


A bad bug or glitch  Itsmebabyb  5 star

Ok I got this months ago if not than in 2018, i was very happy I was so good at it but this year in 2019 I noticed a few times it’s been glitching, I was playing four seasons-Spring, and my little brother came in and made me muck up by touching the wrong key, I had to watch an add so I could get to level 13 (I got it in 2019) but after the add it made the rest of the tiles lag, and it kept going slow than one second was fast slow and so on, so I I didn’t get to finish it since it had extra tiles when I filled the bar all the way to the third crown I got so mad and I’m only ten, and I have a stress disorder so I had normal stress than my stress disorder hurting me, I sang very loudly so that’s why I was hurting I had a head ache....Please fix this I don’t like it I also have anxiety too, and it’s annoying with other glitches.

Zac hary

Awesome game and a suggestion to make it better  Zac hary  5 star

This game is very good and has a big variety of music, but I think there should be more music that you can unlock with the puzzle pieces after you unlock the two songs that you can with the puzzle pieces already.


Great game  BAZZIL2.0  5 star

It is an awesome game when I’m bored I play It it cheers me up when ever I’m down it’s just an amazing game 😀😄😁🤩😻😸🤙🏻🔥🤙🏻🔥


omg  Mumseverywhere  5 star

i love the music i’m a boy but i still love it you did good


Awesome, but there’s something i’m not happy about..  نيهبتريوي  4 star

This game is fun and endless! I absolutely adore it! But one thing that really is annoying, yep you guessed it, ITS THE ADS!! In this game, there is nonstop ads, im telling you, NONSTOP ADS.. a thing usually pops up and says: PAY FOR NO ADS........ annnnnd then the amount of ads that pop up gets greater and greater.... so im not saying you should stop the ads, im saying you should pop up lesser of them. Thank you for making this game though!

saxophone pro

Do not recommend  saxophone pro  1 star

No where near as good as the first one The only thing that is ok with the app is the selection of music otherwise you are bombarded with adds


Too many ads  nfriuqrveuqbvreu  3 star

Yeah it’s a great game but there are WAY too many ads like when you receive the prize you can’t go out without watching an ad to get double to reward like it’s insane.


Alan Walker should be free  KingWarRobots654  3 star

The Alan walker songs should be free because everyone thinks it’s not worth it to buy it. I think you will unlock ‘faded’ with three crowns. PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ make it for free. If you do I’ll play your game everyday and rate it 5 stars. SO YOU BETTER. By: Alan Walker


Don’t do it  donslu  1 star

So we bought the pod version a few years ago. Downloaded onto a new iPad and we get ads again. Tried to send a request to support through app, and it won’t send anything. Dig deeper went to the developers website and found an email address for support. Sent an email and guess what, it bounced back as undeliverable. My son loves the app however very sad we have to pay again to unlock the songs.

My nickaname

To many ads  My nickaname  1 star

In the past I loved playing this game now I have to watch ads every 45 seconds which is around how long a round is. VERY GREEDY


Ads  franthebaanna  1 star

There’s a ad every 5 seconds

ky ky dod

Stupid  ky ky dod  5 star



It’s ok  malsondra  3 star

I don’t like how many adds are in in it and why it speeds up so quickly


My review  OoferM8  2 star

I like the app but when I downloaded it I couldn’t hear anything, I looked at setting and downloaded it again but I still can’t hear

make more user friendly

Annoying, back to back ads  make more user friendly  3 star

I like this game because it gives me something to do when I’m bored and I’ve always been interested in the piano. My problem with the game is that you have to wait through their constant back to back ads. The bad thing is that the ads are for the game itself and are purposely there. And to exit the ad you have to wait for the X to fade in to the ad space. I would be more okay with the ads if you just didn’t have to wait for the X to appear. It should just be there when the ad pops up that way you can immediately X out of the ad.


These adddsssssssssss is horrible  laffytappytaffy  1 star

I keep getting ads when I go in a page. On some point I get this same ad every time. The ad is like a inappropriate ad. I keep getting it every time I turn to a page or when I die. Now I am going to have to delete this game because it is getting so bad. Also I can’t even skip the ad or ads.its a really fun game but I hate the ads. Please delete that ad or if you can. Everyone hates it. I always loved piano tiles 2.but the ads is HORRIBLE. Also please let me know if I spell something wrong. But this game is a great game except the ads. The ads are soooooooooooooooooo annoying. Please fix this game.

Go 2018

Love it  Go 2018  5 star

Ok I already had the app but got a playable add for it and yes u may have seen an off tune add but don’t worry the actual app is on tune. I think they should add more pop songs

Well, I mean. Yeah

pitchperfect13 Way too many pop ups  Well, I mean. Yeah  2 star

I love the game but I don’t have enough money to pay for the “no add” establishment. They are pretty annoying so I recommend you take away the adds


Too many adds  HELLO IDC WHAT MA NAME IS  4 star

In general in games there are ads, this game has double, I finished my song and it went to an ad, had to watch the ONE MINUTE LONG ad then went to play another song before it started there was a 30 SECS AD

ya boi henry

Disappointed  ya boi henry  3 star

Way too much ads after every level I have to watch an ad


Good too many ads  juggeler🤹🏼‍♂️  3 star

It’s really good but there are WAY too many ads!


No sound  Otaku_Rabbit  1 star

Paid for ad removal and there are still ads. Getting a refund ASAP. No sound now also please fix this app


Good but  kiki_mar1  3 star

This game is alright but the over load of ads is frankly Annoying a few ads are ok but come on.


Ads and more ads  Bluehat24  1 star

Paid to get rid of them. Still, tons of ads. A good game ruined by ads. Obviously devs made enough money not to care anymore.


Ruined  Hahararafafalala  1 star

Used to be one of the best games, absolutely ruined with adds and promotions. Can’t be bothered playing when an ad pops up every time you lose a game or even try go into another section in the menu.


Um no sound?  😃😃😃😆😂😊🙃  4 star

I just downloaded the app but the sound doesn’t seem to work? I have checked my volume and also the sound is turned on. Otherwise good though. Still fun with no sound just less fun 😕


Piano Tiles  GAME LOVER ❤️❤️💞💞  5 star

I love it


New game  PlatinumRedGame  5 star

Make a third games with pop songs on it that would be cool it could have as many add or even need to pay for it I’d buy it

Piano Tiles 2™ Comments

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