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More rhythmic music, more exciting gameplay, more challenging levels, etc.
Play the anniversary carnival of Piano Tiles 2™ with 1.1 billion players around the world!

Game feature:
1. Simple graphics, easy to play and everybody gets playing the piano!
2. Breath-taking rhythm will challenge your handspeed limit!
3. Top challenge mode gives you thrill and risk!
4. Update of numerous songs, original, classic, bangs and all the style to satisfy different taste.
5. Share your record with your friends, and compare with world-wide players on the ranking list!
6. Sound of high quality makes you feel like in a concert.
7. Save your progress via Facebook account and share the progress in different devices.
8. More challenge, more bonus and a better self.

Gaming mode: Don't tap the white tiles! Tap the black tiles according to the melody and don't miss any tile! Concentrate yourself and maximize your reaction!

Support: If you have any question, please send it to [email protected], or you can go to the settings - help and support to contact us. We will solve your problem asap.

Business Corporation: Cheetah Games is willing to cooperate with all the top game developers world-wide to create games. We are looking forward to your excellent games.
Please contact us: [email protected]

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Piano Tiles 2™ App Description & Overview

The applications Piano Tiles 2™ was published in the category Games on 2015-08-19 and was developed by Cheetah Technology Corporation Limited. The file size is 130.87 MB. The current version is 3.6.7 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Leaderboard gameplay added. break your records in grade songs. get new stars and crowns to participate in tournaments. rich rewards waiting for you!

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Piano Tiles 2™ Reviews

Happy Mikaela

Arianna_Happy  Happy Mikaela  5 star

its so musicaly and very FUN its my top game so far...!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Piono  grasshoper11  5 star

I love these types of music and I love them so much I can’t stop playing them so much fun and I love them so much I love you so much guys


This is a definite no for me.  yumasnor  1 star

Just uninstalled because of non stop advertisements.

im too obsessed UwU

This game is utterly ridiculous  im too obsessed UwU  1 star

It got rid of all my progress so this game is trash whoever plays it and likes it should you should ky


This make's me so happy! <3  Descendant'sLover!  5 star

Hey! I love your game a billion time's faster, music is the thing's I love more then anything in the world. Also putting Alan Walker music is AMAZING. LIKE I AM SUCH A HUGE FAN!!!! But.. the only thing I want to happen is if you put a little search button, I love other song's too, but I just wanna search if you actually putted every song from like movie's, TV Show's something like that or just beautiful song's on YouTube. I hope you read this ❤️

lord dabington

Music or not?  lord dabington  1 star



Way toooo many ads!!!  Sabayhy  1 star

I’m soooo over all these adds, you wanna open the app and play 1, only 1 song and you still have to go through like 4x 15 sec adds This is RIDICULOUSLY TOO MUCH stop it, and no I do NOT recommend this app


Good and fun but not the music I wont  stormyharry  4 star

It’s good fun and I get mesmerised by how fast my fingers are moving. I think a better way they could have done it would be if they counted how many you got wrong instead of you just failing as soon as you got it wrong. Also in the adds they play perfect and fadded wich are both songs that I like but the music you get to play is twinkle little star and happy birthday if you want to play perfect and songs like that you have to pay! A good thing is that you get good reflexes from this and it’s fun to play so overall it’s worth getting because it’s free . Well done to the people who made this game

I'd like a bit more !

Why would you do this?  I'd like a bit more !  1 star

Hi. The game is ok. I like it. But I bought something for 6 dollars and it took my money but didn't give me what I bought. I bought alan walker Faded for 6 dollars. very annoyed. Do not buy anything from this app.


Ads-a-plenty  Mattus  2 star

Crazy amount of ads! They come up even when choosing between menu options. Confusing interface, did not find it user friendly at all. Deleted!


Phenomenal!!!!🤩👍👍  crappyreviewwriter  5 star

I love this so much, I'm constantly looking for something to do with my hands and this is amazing! Great app!


Horrible developers, worse game  Paincer  1 star

Advertisements appear after you click 1 or 2 times on ANYTHING. Switching menus? Ad. Lost a game? Ad. And they're 30 seconds each. It's actually faster to close and reopen the app. This app has nostalgia value, and it's lucky that it does, because that's ALL it has anymore. The devs have horrible grammar, and make no effort to fix anything. This app is a pathetic cash grab with ads around every corner and PLEASE PAY 4.99 SO WE STOP RUINING YOUR EXPERIENCE in big bold letters. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. But you probably feel nothing but cold hard greed. I hope it serves you well.


Fantastic game but ads have gotten excessive  Geospectre  2 star

I have played this game for years and have gotten to the max level of 122 and think this game is really amazing. It has a good balance of fun and difficulty that gives even the best players a challenge. My only issue is that within the last few weeks/months as of March 10, 2019, the amount of ads has increased exponentially and really takes away some of the fun. I understand they need the ad revenue to keep the game running, but the amount of ads has gotten excessive. For now, I will give the game a rating of 2 stars for this reason only. If I see that the amount of ads has been reduced, I will absolutely give this game 5 stars.

Crystal winter

I paid for Faded  Crystal winter  2 star

Do my phone had to update right so I waited my time and went to go play Faded and now I have to rebuy that song not happy. I want to talk to cheetah Mobil but have not found a way to do so


Recomendation  Expert_Kevin  1 star

I highly recommend you put in a song called "Ocean Eyes" by Billie Elish I really love it and if you do make it easy and if you take my request I will rate you five stars but for now I'll give you 1 star but if you do my request Ill turn it into 5 stars


Invasive ads and micro-transactions  [email protected]  1 star

The game itself is fun and simple, the over the top ads and micro-transactions make the game intolerable. I understand free games will have ads but this takes it to a completely ridiculous level.

galactic cat😺

It’s so great!! But,  galactic cat😺  5 star

Hi I’m a kid and I love this app. Not only is it really fun and simple to do, THE SONGS ARE AMAZING but WHY IS IT IN APP PURCHASE?! I’d like it more if it was free. But mostly it’s just fun.

One word 🤬!

Drives me nuts but also good  One word 🤬!  4 star

Adds adds adds but lives not many bye sorry for short review


Best game ever  wacksinlacks  5 star

It will be Awesome if you try.it will get harder and harder


Why do I like the game piano tiles 2  lusenda-bulenda  5 star

I gave this game a five star rating because it is really fun to play with friends or family and you can get really high and win three crowns and you can get a lot of New songs a lot . Thank y’all very much for creating this game for me to play with my brother Carson because he has this game too thanks so sooo sooooooooooooopooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for creating this game


Good but  kiki_mar1  3 star

This game is alright but the over load of ads is frankly Annoying a few ads are ok but come on.


Ads and more ads  Bluehat24  1 star

Paid to get rid of them. Still, tons of ads. A good game ruined by ads. Obviously devs made enough money not to care anymore.


Ruined  Hahararafafalala  1 star

Used to be one of the best games, absolutely ruined with adds and promotions. Can’t be bothered playing when an ad pops up every time you lose a game or even try go into another section in the menu.


Um no sound?  😃😃😃😆😂😊🙃  4 star

I just downloaded the app but the sound doesn’t seem to work? I have checked my volume and also the sound is turned on. Otherwise good though. Still fun with no sound just less fun 😕


Piano Tiles  GAME LOVER ❤️❤️💞💞  5 star

I love it


New game  PlatinumRedGame  5 star

Make a third games with pop songs on it that would be cool it could have as many add or even need to pay for it I’d buy it


Good  Yappermouth  5 star

It keeps freezing 😡


Amazing but  leahrriiiiikssse  4 star

I love this game but I wish it had more modern songs it would me cool if there was.


you are the best gamer  jackmjkhos  5 star

i love piano tile because i play it went i get home from school


😬  Mary_N_2004  1 star

This app was great and so fun for the first day or two but then it just started freezing every time I went into the app and now it's barely working at all

Piano Tiles 2™ Comments

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