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Practice in the comfort of your home and when you travel. Our app for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV is free to download and with your YogaGlo membership you can access over 3,800 classes and programs in a variety of styles, levels and durations so you can find a class that meets your needs at every stage of your life.

3,800+ yoga & meditation classes from some of the world’s top yoga teachers.

Commit to a specific goal to stay focused during your wellness journey. Our guided programs are designed to help you get stronger, calmer and more flexible with an easy to follow schedule and expert guidance from our teachers. You pick your schedule and your level and we'll guide you the rest of the way.

Interested in yoga for beginners? Yoga for exercise or to work up a sweat? Meditation for stress reduction or more restful sleep? Check out the Discover section and you’ll find curated lists that are designed to help you find yoga classes for your specific interests…classes are updated every day!

Find and favorite yoga classes you can't wait to take when you roll out your mat.

Follow your favorite yoga teachers to get updates on their latest classes and new programs.

No connection? No problem. Download yoga classes to be viewed offline with no internet connection necessary so you can practice yoga anytime, anywhere.

Our app offers curation tools that allow you to browse, search and filter the entire library of yoga and meditation classes by time, level, focus or teacher. Choose how, when and where to practice with yoga and meditation classes that meet you at your skill and interest level for a personalized experience.

Start and stop YogaGlo classes with your Apple Watch, track exercise duration, and monitor heart rate during each practice so you can contribute to you Activity Rings and meet your daily goals.

Downloading the app is completely free. To continue your practice, you'll need to subscribe to YogaGlo for only $22.99USD/month purchased with your iTunes account. After the free trial period, your subscription is auto-renewed every month so there’s no interruption in your membership or practice. You can cancel or edit your subscription in your iTunes & App Store account settings. For more information on our terms and conditions and privacy policy, please visit

YogaGlo - Yoga and Meditation App Description & Overview

The applications YogaGlo - Yoga and Meditation was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-12-16 and was developed by YogaGlo, Inc.. The file size is 101.16 MB. The current version is 4.1.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

We've recently launched some terrific new Programs!
- Spiritual Graffiti: Finding Your True Path with MC YOGI
- Self-Care for Women: Practices for Resilience and Grace with Elena Brower
- Morning Ritual: Wake Up to Create Your Day with Normandie Keith
- The Complete Cross Trainer with Tiffany Cruikshank

We also fixed a couple of small bugs.

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YogaGlo - Yoga and Meditation Reviews


Much to be improved upon  Shannon616  1 star

There used to be more skillful teachers on yogaglo, now there are more “popular” personalities. Even with classes led by skillful teachers like Annie Carpenter or Marla Apt, the app doesn’t do well with pausing to do something again. The app will start the class over from the beginning which is a total pain. It is very difficult to search classes from one’s “saved” classes, and the app does not make it easy to search new classes with any level of specificity.


YogaGlo is the way I begin every day  acuhr  5 star

So many wonderful ways to practice...highly recommended!

K Dawg696969

Love  K Dawg696969  5 star

Life changer! So nice to be able to have yoga anywhere at any time. Filtering is incredible because I can pick a class that fits exactly what I'm looking for. Quality instructors- Kia Miller changed my life and my perception of kundalini. I do understand there's benefits to doing yoga in person with an instructor but this allows me to grow at home, not feel self conscious, more likely to practice since it's on my own time in my own space, and this is the only way I can get my boyfriend to do yoga with me! We both love yoga glo. Very grateful to have this program/service.


Amazing teachers and classes!  PrincesLeahRN  5 star

Since I haven't been able to get to the studio as often I got this app to practice at home. I love the variety of teachers and classes and have been able to grow my practice even from my living room!


Glo glows  Harrypotter713576  5 star

I love the range of classes and the top notch teachers. And Iyengar! Not easy to find on apps. I am grateful for this app.


Love the app  DrQuintal  5 star

Great app. Love that there are short classes for busy people.


Elena the Goddess  RainDropplett  5 star

Love Elena more and more with every breath I take....Namaste🙏🏼

had to do it twice

Worth every penny  had to do it twice  5 star

I love yoga classes but do not have the time to go to a studio. I now have unlimited yoga in my living room and there is no shortage of class options. The programs are great. The individual classes are great. And if you're looking for something specific to work on, the app probably has something, if not many things, for you.


Amazing  JuniperAsh  5 star

So convenient! And stellar practices!! I love that I can search by topic, teacher, duration and I can now plan my practices in advance so there is no searching as you are getting ready to practice.


Great classes  Dnuemie  5 star

Amazing variety of classes - style, focus, duration. Lots of prenatal classes


Sloppy implementation, great content  VladimirAus  3 star

Great selection of classes and teachers, but didn’t give any warning when removed some of the teachers. Most recent version crashes on iPhone 7 when filtering by style. AppleTV search is broken for more than 3 month. Go for the look rather than practical usage. Latest version UX (October 2017) is atrocious and has several menus, can’t see everything app has to offer. Good price...


Mr  Doofmonkey  4 star

Fantastic App! Many yoga classes to choose from!


Best yoga app  Shaek72  5 star

YogaGlo has a huge range of classes to choose from, is so convenient when you travel and gives you the option to download classes so you can watch them offline if you are going somewhere without an internet connection, the only caveat - you need an iPad for that bit. Have been using YogaGlo for nearly 6 years now and still really happy with it.


Great yoga app  janecowan_  5 star

I love this app and use it pretty much daily - has a big variety of classes and some great teachers I also really like the talks 😊


Highly Recommended  BellaReit  5 star

Great content, and really easy to use interface, i've been really impressed with the range of classes and how often more are added. Have been through quite a few yoga membership apps now and this is definitely my favourite


Amazing yoga for all levels  lilihar  5 star

Yoga anywhere, anytime with experienced practitioners. I'm addicted!


Best yoga app  burleighyogi  5 star

I love Yogaglo! The variety and quality of classes is excellent, I have a program for morning when I have no time, and a couple of longer classes for during the week, topping it off with yin & meditation on the weekends. Just like being in a yoga class but in the comfort of your own home. Thanks so much for bringing yoga to my everyday 🙏

Squeezal poo

More expensive than some other options, but excellent!  Squeezal poo  4 star

I have really enjoyed subscribing to YogaGlo. Thanks to this App, I now have a much more regular practice. I like being able to follow teachers that I like and I really like being able to search for classes that have certain characteristics (e.g. A morning practice, or a practice focused on inversions). It is also great that you can pick a class of a particular time length, or at a particular level. A couple of things are a bit annoying. For example, they recently changed the search facility and I think it is less easy to use than the older version. They also doubled the subscription rate! There are definitely cheaper options out there, but for now I will stick with YogaGlo because it is really working for me.


Definitely recommend for those that love yoga but are unable to join a class in their area  deepgreenlee  4 star

Good choice of classes, types of yoga, programs and teachers. It's a very handy app to have so that I can practice yoga anywhere! Syncs automatically with Apple Watch during a workout. Video quality is very good but mine have crashed a couple of times otherwise I would have given it 5 stars.


Love it  JoJo4005  5 star

Loving the app so far, it is working well and there is a great variety of classes to suit all levels and moods.

Folkish Jeffry

Simply lovely  Folkish Jeffry  5 star

Ah-mazing teachers!! Great classes for beginners to advanced...everything you need to get your flow on and drop in🙏🏼.

Freezes during ads

Great for all levels of Yoga  Freezes during ads  5 star

I use this app almost daily.


Extremely helpful for new teacher  heyatherepeople  5 star

I've been teaching for just under a year and YogaGlo has been so helpful in every aspect of prepping for my classes. Every meditation, class, program I've done has given me inspiration and invaluable alignment cues. And when I just want to chill and do my own practice, there is no shortage of challenging classes. Only thing I would add is a 10 sec forward/reverse option.


Great app  japapis  5 star

I love that it works with my Apple TV.


Love this! 🙌🏻  HBananaRN  5 star

As a single parent I don't always have the luxury of attending yoga classes whenever I feel like this is nice for easy access to great instructors. 👌🏻


Good stuff  Rizzogames  5 star

Returning to yoga and this is the absolute greatest app. So many options suited for how you are feeling that day and being able to do it on my own time at home is simply bliss. All the instructors are wonderful and I haven't found a class I didn't like. This is taking yoga to a whole new level and I can see myself using this app infinitely.


So many choices!  Ncorwyn  5 star

I haven't had time to try nearly enough yet, but the app is pestering me for a review, sooo… I love all of the options and how they have categorized everything so that I can choose a focus area, purpose, teacher, yoga style, etc. There are options for time as well. I've seen everything from 5 minutes to 90 (or more?). Awesome!


Amazing!  Vyjime  5 star

I loved this app since the first day i installed it! Everything id beautifully organized and the classes are very soothing and relaxing.


Love it!!  shanita27  5 star

I am continually impressed by this ap. It has a ton of classes and gives you a lot of flexibility in choosing what you need for that day. Even the pre-natal classes have been so useful. Highly recommend it!


Not Free  Kk369  2 star

don't be fooled by how it's marketed, once you download the free app you have to purchase a $23 dollar membership to actually do anything. however i did enjoy the minute of preview it gave me 🙃

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