Five Nights at Freddys 4

Five Nights at Freddys 4 download

This time, the terror has followed you home.

In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddy's original story, you must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse things that lurk in the shadows. Playing as a child whose role is yet unknown, you must safeguard yourself until 6am by watching the doors, as well as warding off unwanted creatures that may venture into your closet or onto the bed behind you.

You have only a flashlight to protect yourself. It will scare away things that may be creeping at the far end of the hallways, but be careful, and listen. If something has crept too close, then shining lights in its eyes will be your end.

Five Nights at Freddys 4 App Description & Overview

The applications Five Nights at Freddys 4 was published in the category Games on 2015-08-03 and was developed by Scott Cawthon. This application file size is 48.46 MB. Five Nights at Freddys 4 current version is 1.0 and works well on IOS 5.1.1 and high versions.

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Five Nights at Freddys 4 Comments & Reviews

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reviewer bob marshal $$🥪🍔   5 star

I think I found a bug. I downloaded the game yesterday, it’s really fun and scary. But recently when ever I go to the doors or turn around i can hear the sound of the character walking overlap several times. Sometimes I’m not moving it still plays the sound effect of the kid running to the doors.

hill113   5 star

Please read. I really love this game but I can’t find out how to get Halloween mode on,it is a good game but on mobile devices you can’t do the mini games and sometimes I hear the breathing at the door and it lags and I get killed, and why , why do we have to wait till night 8 for freadbear nightmare freadbear is my favorite anima Tronic and why does nightmare have to crash the game and it “lags” sometimes but really there’s not one game that doesn’t “lag” but if someone would(please) tell me how to get Halloween mode on I would appreciate it(don’t tell me how to do it on a computer please tell me how to do it on an iPad) but really Scott why dose this game have no cameras lots of people have security cameras in there house other than that I give it 5 stars and thanks Scott for making Fnaf it is my favorite game series 🆒💛❤️❤️💸

NathanTheHackerMaster   5 star

Awesome game just one comment😁. Ok, I got this game I think 2-3 days ago and it’s super scary and on night 2 I keep dying from Chica (poor dead child)and if you hear breathing just close the stupid DOOR! It’s so Frik-n hard. I’m always doing this pattern and it’s like (left door, right door, look behind me, go to the closet)but I still D-I-E. I’m not mad, I’m just a little frustrated up it’s still a great game because when you first get on it, I think it’s all the animatronics finding where the child is and I think the animatronic at his parents!!! If I’m right correct me Scott. If anyone hates the game there just weird to me because it’s scary, fun, hard and all kinds of other things but Scott, I’m a fan of FNAF because It’s all scary. Hope you like this comment Scott!!

Jayandgabesmom   4 star

Awesome game. Scott this is an awesome game although I swear Bonnie gets me every single time

metallicasgrl   5 star

Read this plz Scott!!!❤️. I love FNaF it’s addictive! FNaF has inspired others caused laughs and screams. And I beg you ,Scott, to make more FNaF! There’s is one glitch, I can’t tell when to open the door in the 4th FNaF, I saw a eye then closed the door the breathing stoped then I opened the door and Bonnie killed me! Also there is a hugeeee glitch, You can’t get past the second night in Sisters Location. I’m on tablet and I can’t hold the desk door closed. Bye Scott!

wyattcb2   4 star

There is no mini games. The original computer version is very good but the phone has deleted the best element MINIGAMES the way it tells the story is a miner part of the game but it has been DELETED 😾🐻👄👶🏻

hhufufjf8fu   5 star

Hey. It won’t let me play

j346gg   5 star

Fnaf. You did good Scott keep up the good work

Creeper❤️'sminecraft   5 star

it could be a bit better. Cmon Scott... You improved the 1st and 2nd game!! Can you like add the squeaky nose and the little cutscenes in this one?? Plzzzz??? I really really enjoy the game!! But the quality could at least be better and the jumpscare animation too... As good as the computer one though. Other than that the game itself is definitely enjoyable!! I luvvv your fnaf games Scott!!!

mrnoob Yt   5 star

This game is epic.. If you do not like this game then you are stupid

Dorito Wolf   5 star

Where the Halloween update. Um is there a Halloween update like the pc version please add it 😉

no names left soo ghsnjd   5 star

A little bug. Every time I go to one of the doors I here more footsteps and a door opening from my character who’ll I’m waiting at the door and that makes it harder to focus so if you actually read these can you please fix this

shadow...player   5 star

Great but.... I love the game it has simple mechanics and I’ve made it to 20/20/20/20 mode but there’s a MAJOR glitch where nightmare will do a fake laugh and he doesn’t appear on the bed or in the closet and then plot twist he’s at a door. And the. He just kills me and that makes it pretty much IMPOSSIBLE. Also I’m pretty sure the night guard in fnaf 2 which is Jeremy Fitzgerald is ACTUALLY Michael afton’s big brother aka foxy lemme put my brother in animatronic mouth and get him killed.yeah that guy. Great game overall though

skull trupper   4 star

Everything great BUT!. So I was playing the game I just stared at Freddie’s and I got jumpscared by nightsmare foxy BUT IT HAD NO SOUND! Also make it be like the computer like the running for instanced it looks weird but on computer it looks like 10! TIMES BETTER!!!also the doors open so quickly and in computer there SO GOOD!!! Also IM NOT A BOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

flaming3000   3 star

Can you please try harder. The PC version is amazing and has so many cool features, but the mobile version is crap. There is no Halloween edition. The animations are worse and it does not even have the jump scares in the extras screen. Can you please make mobile version just as good as the PC version.

ooooffff42   5 star

Oof. So his is really good game although I was upset about it did not give me the mini games on pc also this is like 999'999'999'999'999'999 point billion times harder then you can even imagine it's even harder then getting it over with and also they said this would be the finale chapter (sister location and fnaf six are out now I thought they said this was it..)and also..I WANT HALLOWEEN EDITION 😱😭😭😭😭😭

kkttlynn   1 star

Please Read. It was fun when I first bought it but now, it just... stop working, no jump scares, havn’t seen foxy OR chicka, it’s just, weird and I’m starting to want my money back.

mrueda213   5 star

Keep up the good work. I have been loving this game since I was 1

Logan da bomb   5 star

SO FUN PLAY IT. so when i first got the game i was like ok and then i play it and is’s one of my favorite fnaf games i hope you like the game like i do!

Reviewr 01   5 star

Angery. I hate this game

KittyIsSoCute   5 star

Great. I love this app

Reid Team   5 star

Five nights at Freddy‘s 4. I like this game because I can give you nightmares but it’s it’s it’s it’s so scary that people get scared and then yeah people also get scared

🤬👺👎   5 star

Way to hard. Great game but it is a little to hard I can’t even beat night 1 that is how hard it is plz try to fix it

boogiloo   4 star

Bonnie is annoying. Every time I hear Bonnie’s breathing I close the door but he never leaves is this a glitch or is it supposed to happen.

freon the dragon fox   5 star

Scariest game I’ve played. I’ve always wanted to play a fnaf game and this is as terrifying as five nights at candy’s 3! That is a great praise. I haven’t noticed any of the auditory glitches stated in one review. But great atmospheric game. If I could make a suggestion make a vr phone version please if you read this Scott C.

ToyBonnie9055   5 star

I want halloween edition. Scott can you update Fnaf 4 Halloween Edition pls...

Matt11195   5 star

Love it but.... So I love this game but the continue and new game are to close together, one time I was on night 4 and I accidentally pressed new game.

qiwkej   5 star

SO GOOD. Now let’s be honest, the best way to end a series is of course ending it in their own house. I love the detail you put into the game Scott! And that you have to listen really closely, I’m still on night 2 but I’m eventually gonna get the hang of it! Scott, I hope you have a great future and make even more scary, funny, amazing games!

Power-up Gamer   5 star

Best horror game ever!. This is the first ever game I actually seen with nightmarish animatronics plaguing you throw the night. I’ve got in throw 4 nights in this game so I rate it 10/10 and 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Thank you Scott Cawthon and everybody else who created this.

Niteowl2   5 star

WOA.... this game is kinda the best out of the series SO FAR but it’s still SUPER DUPER HARD. Every time I play this game I turn my sound up really really high. Because this game is all about sound Hopefully the crying child isn’t def! 😸

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?!??!,!,!,!?!!?!!?!?!?!!,   5 star

???. It is one of the best fnaf’s there is

Dilweed1   5 star

Halloween five nights at Freddy's 4. Hey Scott can u put other fnaf games on phone pls but free plsssssssssssss

# GB   5 star

Awesome game. OMG I love this game Scott

hbybsysy   5 star

Hmmm Scott. Who is the person in the window who and THANK YOU!!!!!,!!

yoloim cool   5 star

Whoa Scott this is creepy. I never thought this would be so scary PRO TIP (don’t flash your light at door left and right right away or you can get jump scared! Wait till you hear breathing then shut the door FAST till you hear foot steps again BUT...still listen for breathing!)

sixwgr   5 star

Remaster it pc version. Please

hhhhhiiiiiiieeeeeerrrrrrrr   5 star

I want cute jumpscare please. Make it sound like Freddy's nose got honked

yaasss girl   5 star

Boi.......... Holy cow this... AMAZING I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!!! It's sooooo good if you like horror games!!! But can you make more? It would be so cool if you can make your own jump scare!!!

FarmerDani77   5 star

I love the game. Good game

FNAFreviews   5 star

AMAZING!!!. This is an amazing game, but super stressful. I’ve finally beaten night seven... It is a good horror-strategic action game. It’s worth the price.

Gunnerbpi456   4 star

Great, but noticeable issues. Game is great, but... The game is lacking the end-of-night minigames Breathing is too quiet Frame rate drop Nightmare Bonnie and Chica don’t go at the doors until 4 am Jumpscare animations are looped, unlike the PC version of this game However, a solid game overall. 4 stars!

CrazyNinja2667   5 star

I love the horror it’s scarier then hello neighbour alright. I’ll give it a dang 5 stars because I like these games a lot thank you Scott for being a legend.

dude is the best gamer boy 2.0   4 star

I lick it but n2 is hard 😱😡😵😈. Scott I don’t no how to Beat n2 1 day tell me to beat n2

Mizpink   5 star

I’m hooked❤️😝. So Scott i cant get past n2 cause i can’t really here the breathing and i beat the first night not even looking at my device

creative deacrution fan   5 star

Scary. I was jump scared by nightmare chick I jumped lol great game

caleennnnn   5 star

Good game. It’s super easy beat but night 5 is kind of hard

Gamer FNaF Girl   5 star

.... It would be better if there was a phone call but from your parents butI still love the game(I mean all of them btw)

blahh🤮🤮   1 star

DONT BUY IT. It sucks👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻 Do NOT waste ur money on this dumb game u stay in one spot looking at 3 doors to see if anyone’s there and Freddy pops up from no where I’d rather get the pizza place one on the laptop

PhoenixBloodV   2 star

MY VOLUME DOESNT WORK. the volume for anything doesnt work its just silent no sound efeects or anything

luc rail   1 star

This game sucks!. I can’t even get past night 1 it is hard nightmare Freddy jump scared me it is the number 100 in last place that is not popular and make it more easier!

4nee   5 star

FNaF 4. Great job Scott!!! Your doing great! You should make it possible to open the blue box. I want to see what’s inside it and it’s driving me crazy!!! I’ve finished the whole game twice just to see it!!! Bye and thanks for the hard work!!! Can’t wait for FNaF help wanted!!!👍👍👍

momsmith14   4 star

Good game but. breathing is too quiet

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Fan   5 star

Incredible. Out of all the FNAF games this is my favourite. I still play it and the other FNAF games on my iPad. I hope an update comes out for the game and the other FNAF games, because I don’t want to start over with my progress.

dogearmy935   5 star

I new nightmare. Pls add nightmare springtrap pls

landen.lafontaine   5 star

LOVE IT 👻💀☠️🎃. I’m just wondering how do you get the Halloween edition

andrew 6472847r   5 star

Omg what game this is (it is a fuuuuuuuun game) I know. What game is (it is a fuuuuuuuun game 2+2=)44444444=)

egy person   5 star

So good. All I want is mobile UCN so I can see the nightmare

yvgvgivvhvh   5 star

Please add the mini games in mobile. I like pc five nights at freddys 4 better then mobile because pc has mini games about the actual story if someone never played fnaf 4 before and played mobile it would not make eany sense because if fnaf 4 mobile dose not have mini it does not even have the ending it only has the I’m sorry cutscene so please make an update that adds mini games that would make the game better please Scott please please add mini games please!!! Scott PLEASES SCOTT!!! THAT WOULD BE THE BEST iF YOU CAN ADD MINI GAMES to fnaf 4

Kiankr   3 star

Not much amazing but good. I KNEW IT IS GOING TO HAVE NIGHTMARES!!!!! And was shadow Freddy nightmare? it’s not complicated with the other games. like it’s not a pizzeria like Fredbear’s family diner or fredbear and friends. And not much detail voting bad not a lot but still bad. Like I wish you can close all the doors for cheats and normal mode like anyway. But nice game Scott! Your other games are fantastic! But this one.. meh

Taeden simcoe   5 star

What. Unlimited costume night isn't here yet!

Advertorial    5 star

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hshsghsbsh   5 star

Freaking out.... Scott please make FNaF 4 easyer because I can’t get past night two and I always get get jumpscared by Bonnie or chica, please fix this bug.

🔥AJ👌🏻   4 star

There’s no breathing!. Hello, I love this game but unfortunately when I’m playing the game I’m unable to hear the breathing sounds when they are at the door, so I open the door thinking there is nothing behind it but there is. Plz help

Itz Miffi   5 star

Akkxndkalsmwm. It’s a pretty good game, there are so many ways to get scared by it. The footsteps are so creepy that me and my friends scream before even dying! I’m pretty sure it’s just me, but is night 2 next to impossible? I dunno, I normally just try to die. Scott, amazing game 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌

Chicken burgure   5 star

Love it keep it up. This time the terror followed you home love it Scott just awesome though it was not as good as pc still just amazing the gameplay is awesome this day I bought it and I’m already on night 6 so maybe just turn up the ai on the animatronics to make it harder other than that awesome

TheGodzillaPortal   1 star

RIGGED GAME. Plz Scott remaster this game it is so RIGGED. When I go the door, the breathing doesn’t go away Seriously, Once I stayed at the door for an hour and when I opened it bonnie killed me. PLZ REMASTER!

progamer24017   5 star

Need a remaster for all fnaf games. Pliz Scott make or the fnaf games like the pc exactly like u did with fnaf 1. Thank u so much for that remaster it looks so good! U need to do the same with all the games. Pliz I love your games thanks so much.

CJNinja710   5 star

Amazing Scary And Awesome 😆. Scott this is an amazing horror game is creepy fun and terrifying it scared the flip out of me it’s so fun and scary

bull pp   5 star

Fred bear? AHHHHHHHHHHHH. Ok so Scott these are my favourite games IN HISTORY! But Fred bear jeeeeeez he is scary I’m like WHAAAAAAAAAAA w w w what just happened? Then AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am excited to see nightmare

Linda1612   5 star

Scariest game yet but a few issues. After finally beating night one, sound issues began to occur. Sometimes out of no where, the sounds of 5e character running to the doors would sound even if i dont touch the doors. this mainly happens when i: check the bed turn around from checking the bed in between transitioning to either doors i still love this game above all

1212166677   5 star

What happened to custom night.. Iv completed all the nights including 20/20/20/20 mode by clicking nightmare twice and I have three stars and it won’t give me custom night. I’m starting to think FNaF4 mobile doesn’t have custom night and if it doesn’t can you please add it oh and also could you please add the Halloween update so custom night is more interesting. Thanks

scooby dooby doo23   4 star

1 Problm. Let’s put this strait no mini games and no plush trap not the same it’s sad

tiktoklooool   4 star

Great! But one thing... So, I keep on getting killed on night two by Bonnie, I shut the door and hear footsteps on the other side, I think it’s Bonnie but it’s nightmare Freddy! I see him and shut the door. Then I see the lights flicker, and stay shutting the door. Then, I hear footsteps and get jump scared by nightmare Freddy. But how!?

TheArclightVoidWalker   5 star

To Scott. This game is SOOOO much fun, the best part is that u can move around the room and check doors, cupboards and the bed, honestly, it’s just awesome, but what about the mini games that goes onto the bite of 87, where did they go

Hippo nut   5 star

Scott, the best man on earth.. Scott created this amazing franchise and I love it. Best game, interesting plot, Can’t get better than this

Redleader772   3 star

Screen sizing. Please add iPhone X/XS/XR screen size suppurt!

macalastenz   5 star

Thanks for creating fnaf 4 Scott Cawthon. Lol so hard but only I made it to night 2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

trey kemble   5 star

Scary. ._.

thunderguner   5 star

I stopped playiny. So I’m a big fan of FnAf I got all five I stopped playing this one because the anmtronics scared the living heke out of me expeshley Chica but I finely started playing best game ever

goku1037   5 star

Scot don’t stop making them. I liked ever one you made better then the last

Gackygirl   5 star

Halloween edition. Hi Scott if you see this, can you please add the Halloween edition to FNaF4. It would be lots funner.

it was awsome sooooo awsome   3 star

The scariest game of the series. When I saw it on YouTube I thought it wasn’t so scary but when I got I was scared and YouTube not as scary as real life playing so I just wanted you to know what I know.

PixelatedDuck   5 star

So good and scary. This game is cool and jumpscare me and my class mates good game Scott cawthon

I am a stagosorus   4 star

Impossible but fun, or the other way around. It’s alright but to hard for me and my friends. I can’t make it past any animatronics. But fnaf still rules out of all the games in the world

JH1200   4 star

Good game. I like this game however there is a few things I don't like. When you start a night theres a bell ringing and dogs barking, which makes it very hard to hear breathing, its not too bad on early nights but I'm on night 4 and I can't get past it because I keep dying because I can't hear the breathing. Also I find it hard to tell the difference between breathing and footsteps.

by stark industrys   5 star

Best game. This is the best five nights at freddy's scot please make five nights at freddy's seven because you have I love horror games plz make more

NothingVentured   2 star

Not good. My least favorite FNaF game for many reasons. One of which is the frame rate. Especially when running to and from the doors and closing the doors. And it's all out a boring game. It was good that you tried something a little different but it just didn't work for me. I can't even get past the first night due to the sheer boredom and the unbearable frame rate even on the iPad Air 2.

TristanXeno   1 star

Bonnie and chic A’s footsteps are incorrect. Scott I’m starting to hate this game I heard Bonnie’s footsteps I checked where Bonnie is but he is not there so I checked the other side and it was chica this game is extremely glitched!!! Fix plz!

AssassinX150   5 star

BRO. This game scared me to death Scott you are the best 5 out of 5 best fnaf ever

Tromtrip   4 star

The mini games have to appear when you start a night like pc. Hey Scott!😊 I just want to talk about the mini games on fnaf4 where in pc when start and beat a night you get mini games but not in iOS so can you please update it I’m not being mean but can you please update the app and add mini games please and by the way lm a huge fan of your games by the way so please work on a update I know you might be busy but please try.😊

wheres fnaf 6   5 star

Fnaf 6. Hey Scott just telling you where's fnaf 6 are you making it or not

anonymouse293018   5 star

Get it. Sí it’s a great game but it’s hard and scary For gameplay just go on YouTube great game.

liev gamer master 5678   5 star

This Is Realy Fun And Scary. This Is Definitely The Scariest In The Series Even The Music At The Start Scares Me And It’s Pretty Fun To Play To Be Honest I Almost Get A Heart Attack When A Unexpected Jumpscare Happens I Love It So Much

😇Jules😇   5 star

One of the best games ever!. This game was really good, it was able to measure up to the other games and it took a new style Into play. Amazing work on the game!

mia2325a   5 star

FNaF 4 is the best game ever. Instead of five Nights at Freddy’s it’s eight Nights at Freddy’s

Joe Fams   3 star

The bugs. Great game ruined with bugs that get in the way of gameplay

nc7462   5 star

Increadable game Scott!!!!. I love this game, the story, and the other games in this series. I have 2 stars in fnaf1, 3 stars in fnaf 2 and 3, but I can’t get passed night 2 in this game! Anyway 3 star in sister location and my highest score in ultimate custom night is 40,090. I play these games a lot and enjoy them very much.

Toby major   5 star

They made a song for this how awesome is that. This is awesome but scary

The game lover 7508   5 star

Sooo scary😱😱😱😘. okay the suspense is absolutely amazing I love it though its is the most terrifying thing ever it’s is uniques in its own terrifying way with the look of the animatronics the backstory and the way you play the game has me hooked and terrified looking into a hallway hoping a chicken who’s torn up won’t jumpscare you is amazing and I love the music at the beginning which makes it 100 times scarier but maybe just making the breathing a bit louder

Archiieon   5 star

Issue with buttons on final night. First off, other than the problem I am having this game is absolutely amazing. Now to the point, on the final night, when nightmare fredbear is about to attack, on iOS it is not possible to shine the flashlight and close the door at the same time, which means it is an automatic loss due to the jumpscare. Please fix this! I’d really like to finish the game!

SHARK_LORD   4 star

SCOTT CAWTHON PLZ READ U NEED TO HEAR. I L.O.V.E this game and I think it’s one of the best in the entire series. I think it has a lot, like... A LOT of good animation. #...ONE OF DE BEST GAMES EVR I love this game, but there are some glitches in the game. One of them is that I hear random footsteps when I am not walking. One of the other ones is that sometimes, Bonnie is going down the halls and I shine my light on him and he goes away, but when I turn off the light, I automatically get jumscared right after I turn the light off. I really like this game... but I’d like for Bonnie NOT to get me automatically. Oh, and I know that every picture on the walls of the hospitals ur in are pictures on u and ur friends. I know that one of them is either u or one of ur friends next to a Freddy snowman they made

Nightmarebro932   5 star

One of the best games ever made. I love this game and this game franchise I’ve been playing for years and I highly recommend this game although because it has jumpscares and such I would not recommend it to anyone under the age of 8 or 9. Are there any bugs you need to know about? I’ve only encountered one bug it is when you go to the right door and when there is an animatronic there it is supposed to breathe so far I have heard no breathing from this door so I don’t know if someone is there

Pleas Read!!!   5 star

Great!. Fnaf 4 is so creepy and it an amazing game too! It's fun to play but, I do have trouble beating night 2 It's still a really good game though!

GMAN9522   3 star

The listing. I love the game, in fact I think all of the FNAF games are good, but this is the worst FNAF, granted they are all good but this is is to be honest the worst. For lore maybe the best but for gameplay, not so good. I will be at hour 5 and nothing is breathing, so I shine the flashlight and I die, even though no one is there. The same thing can happen but opposite, I hear breathing, I shined my flashlight by accident and, no one is there. I think is Scott want to make more hearing based games (ok, look, I know all game depend on sound but this is on another level) like the new FNAF VR game that’s coming out (I don’t know if hearing is dependent in the game or not I have stayed clear of all the game so I can play it fully when it comes out tomorrow) he will have to try to make the breathing ( or otherwise) much more distinctive than what’s in this game. Before everyone hates me for being like “ Oh, I hate FNAF because it’s to “scary”. I love the game, in fact it’s a lot better than a lot of games, it’s just, sound needs improving.

DLR 2.O   5 star

Love it i need tips. This is my fav game of fnaf but is so hard i need some tips

Moonshadow37   5 star

I love it but.... I have been a fnaf fan for my whole life and was excited when I got this game but I would like them to add in the mini games of the crying child like in the PC version. But over all this game was great I had a great scare with me nearly going deaf because I had to turn my headphones up to max so I could hear everything. 😄

Aidan123654283   5 star

Halloween edition. Hey Scott I just wanted to ask a question,will the Halloween edition of the game ever come out of mobile like maybe as a different download?

ultra2.0   4 star

ASOME but hard and scary 😰. I keep on flipping to 🚪 to closet to door 🚪 because I get scared really easy

Jtg275   5 star

A cool game. This game is cool but I get scared every time I play it I am on night 2 and I am glad I bought this game!

Fat asshd   1 star

Problems and please read this. The buttons to the doors don’t work sometimes and when I hear Bonnie and Chica breathing I close the door and wait for a long time for them to leave and the game is to hard please fix this and can I get a refund.

Miriah davis   5 star

Really horrific and awsome. Yo yo yo it’s me anyways this game is so horrific you’ll pea your pants and vomit at the same time but awsome graphics though are so good it’ll make you feel like you’re inside the game we’ll I haft to go peace out also be on the look for the new YouTuber yolkyfurball450 (aka me) soon I’ll be online to a computer near you peace out

yzabellaglaceon   4 star

SO COOL AND SCARY. Okay so I’ve loved FNaF and this is 1st time playing a FNaF game I also downloaded FNaF3.The game itself is cool but BONNIE KEEPS ON JUMPSCARING ME. He like jumpscared me 3 times already and they look so glitchy ;-; and also how to you get to plushtrap’s hallway? :3 Anyways that’s all the game itself is AMAZING good job and keep up the great work! ( I am the players sister who wrote this because the person playing is my lil bro and he doesn’t know how to type he’s not a baby so don’t ask me why a young kid is playing a horror game )

baldi,s basic,s   3 star

OH &$!#%. Sorry for saying that like if no one knows lefty. Lefty is nightmare because black and the hat and bow tie but pretty scary 3 stars because nightmare Freddy killed me and I hurt my head on the wall so fix it

averthg   4 star

Great. I would rate five stars if you could hear when they leave

electrizoom   5 star

This game is the best I’ve played in a while. Wow Scott this game was a masterpiece best in the series of FNAF when I first played this it didn’t look very good but when I played it was just amazing the jump scares are good the animatronics are very detailed and the whole game itself is just incredible thank you Scott for all the fun games you made it’s been fun!

fatsofelix   5 star

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😶speechless. Omg

😍🎹👍🏼   5 star

Best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. This is the best game of the century!!! Please make more games. I played it so much my iPad crashed!!! If I could, I would give this game 6 stars. Please respond

jamisonjt   5 star

YES I DID IT!!!. Yo Scott did u know (the crying child is just a robot)and I completed the 5,6 and nightmare mode and the 20/20/20/20mode in fnaf 4and I enjoy playing the game ITS RLY FUN! but I kinda wish the game was free doe.

allonsydeanwinchester   4 star

Amazing! But.... Okay, first of all, this was AMAZING. Any glitches I may mention doesn’t mean I hate this. First issue is the footsteps loop. For example, when I was listening for Chica and then, BAM, footsteps. I assumed she was gone. I flash the light, then Jumpscared. I was pretty confused, and the next time, I scaredid it again. Soon I realized it was fake. Or.. Is it the animatronic getting closer? But, on Pc, I don’t believe that happened. Something else is in Night 1 ( The other nights as well, but this is the most confusing one ) if you shine the light on the bed for a long time, Foxy Jumpscares you. I was confused. Foxy shouldn’t appear till Night 2. Also, did Nightmare Freddy even give you his correct Jumpscare? I’m pretty sure he did, but.. On Pc, isn’t it different? No matter what I have to point out, it’s still amazing. But you can improve. However, I still love fnaf and its series. Good luck with the next fnaf series!

Ocrethardtobeat   4 star

Fun, scary, disturbing!!!. I’m only on night 2 because Its so scary! It’s disturbing at the end mini game (no spoilers). It’s a great game and I’m a huge FNaF fan:).

BubbaChubbaDaddy   3 star

The jump scares.... On night 2 n Chicka jumped me I screamed but i hurt my rib and leg Hurt So bad!!!,!, lower the scariness please

Ktraynor   1 star

Sucks. I want my money back

Mrcube44   1 star

Worst game ever. I get killed even when the breathing stops and I hear footsteps. Please make this game actually possible.

IEMGuy   5 star

Breathing!!. Hey Scott! This game is a masterpiece, just like the other 3! The only complaint I have is that I can't hear the breathing, so I can't get past Night 3. Thank you, please come out with an update soon!!

Jake Fawcett   3 star

So scary 😃🔪. An amazing game and is recommended for all horror game all people that like horror 😄🔫💀

Natspace5   5 star

Scary. This game is the best I got it it first came out and I got jump scared a lot and almost every time I played I got jump scared

REVENGER_17   5 star

Great,Amazing, but one thing.... All your games are great but I was wondering if and when are u putting fnaf:sister location in app stores, plz let it be soon, thx for the games 🙃

Monster ledgends   5 star

Best. Great need headphones to hear breathing

BiopticRaptor46   5 star

Great game but. It seem that scott didn't release sister location on iOS let's motivate him with a controll shock

TEAMPIE inc.   5 star


Blocksom   4 star

Sister location.... WHEN IS SISTER LOCATION GOING TO BE OUT ON IPHONE!!!?!? It was supposed to be released on October 7 but there is no iPhone version.. PLEASE MAKE ONE!!!!!! I'm counting on you Scott.

Fnaf player5778   5 star

Awesome. This game is scary and great 😜

Ice bird as jolt and ironhide   5 star

Sister location. I herd that sister location came out on October 8th so can you put it on iPad/iPod that would be awsome also can you put fnaf world on iPad too.

Bro fist 2   5 star

FOXY!!!!. foxy scares me the most out of all of them and I'm existed for sister location

Pixelzombie75   5 star

Awesome. I beat the game and its fun!!!

Arrr👿   1 star

😢. The Halloween update

Ima good boy   5 star

FNAF IS MY FAVOURITE GAME!!!. Scott I'm a huge fan of your fnaf games. I beat all of them! But this one is by far my favourite!!! And then there's #5 coming soon, And I bet I'm gonna get a new favourite! Thanks so much!

By WyMo008   4 star

Breathing needs to be a bit louder. The game is still good but the breathing is impossible to hear becuz I keep geeting Jumpsscares all the time scot I am a huge fnaf fan plz make the game better 😱😱😱😱😭😭😭😂😂😂😂

xXZacDaBroXx   5 star

I love it😍😘. Best app ever

Strataego   3 star

Awesome, but needs more features. The game is awesome, but the extras from the pc version arent here :/ I feel like the game really needs it. Also, make the breathing a bit louder.

The game achiever   4 star

Amazing game but...... We all know we love your games Scott and can't wait for sister location but you could make the breathing a little louder and one other thing I beat the game but I never got the Halloween version. Besides that amazing and scary game

111227476283832293   4 star

Breathing. Good game but breathing needs to be louder it's hard to hear even with headphones and max volume

B is for Ben   4 star

FNAF. Come out with Five nights at freddy's5 5 Scott

Dubnlyfe   5 star

Make breathing lower. The breathing is so!!! Lowed please make the breathing lower😎😱😱😱😱😱 I still like your games please make a fnaf 5 please 😀😄


BEST HORROR GAME ON IOS. This game is probably THE best horror game I've played on mobile thank you Scott for the amazing game, but maybe you could add the "Jumpscares" tab in the extra menu. For people that are confused with hearing the breathing or not, just put headphones on and put the volume up and you'll hear the breathing really clearly, that's how I beat the whole game. Anyways, this game had followed my expectations and it was totally worth buying it :)

Nikealist   5 star

Super dang scary. Loved it 100000000/10 but some bugs great game Scott plz make fnaf 5 soon thanks

Derp5647464)5)(;/:   5 star

Thanks:). Hey Scott I want to thank you for making such a great game series and thank you for repeatedly scarring the hell out of my friends!

Hank108   5 star


AirJordanzz   5 star

Wow. Good one scott cawthon.

ABigger   5 star

Make 7 games. Sccotcothon make 7 games. I am own ley 8 Please please please and thank you 7 games!

Frenchfriespizza   5 star

Amazing!! Not for little kids. The game offers amazing gameplay but is really scary!! It is the scariest game of the series.

ColDen123   5 star

Great game. Great game Scott I'm so excited for sister location -please take time- and will fnaf world come to iOS??? Either way I love the game

The FNAF fan   5 star

New game. Scott please make a new game that is 3D and you can walk around make the game after sister location and make it scary and have all the characters move around and you to but not like number 4 like you can walk around everywhere

COORZA-sad   5 star

SCARYYY! But good. I HAVE BEEN PLAYING THIS GAME FOR A WEEK AND I'M ALL READY ADDICTED AND IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME! You must download it 100%, it's got great animated 2D animations, WHICH LOOK 3D and smooth audio and great FPS! A must if you got a couple bucks around the house and can trade it in with your Mum!

Dew4Dayz   4 star

Breathing sound. Scott... You need to make the breathing sound louder. Ive inly heard it once and that was in a quiet room with my headphones on. I would make it 5 stars but you know... Thanks. Keep making more fnafs

7155131514   5 star

GREAT GAME. Need to make fnaf 5 Plzzzzzzxxx

xxx_CheeseBurger_xxx   5 star

hi. hi

Wither killer 3000   5 star

FNAF World. Scott Cawthon could you please make FNAF World for people with iPads 😀

A NUKE MAN   5 star

Add them. Hello can you please make Fnaf world and the joy of creation reborn thanks from:nuke man

LemonGrenade237   5 star

The scariest game in the series!!!. FNaF 4 is undoubtedly one of the best games in the series, and offers more to an already brilliant franchise with the addition of moving around. It is also the hardest game in the series, as Chica and bonnie are MUCH more active, starting as early as night 2. But still, the overall feel of the game is much more disturbing, which makes it that much more scary. Buy this game and don't think twice, don't play at night, and wear a diaper.

sharkboy8u   5 star

When's Fnaf 5 coming?. Hey Scott I'm just wondering is 5 coming out or not?

Ekka0204   2 star

Please update..... The sound doesn't work when the characters are breathing, please fix. The characters move too fast on night 6, can you make them a little slower please, the game is becoming frustrating because of this.

Phoenix bob   5 star

CUPCAKE. How are you suppose to know if it's Chica or Bonnie breathing also the cupcake

Cloudzehh Jr.   4 star

Smart move. This is a great game and a very very very smart creator. On all other five nights at freddys you can turn off the volume and still complete the night but this game requires sound. So you can hear footsteps and breathing at the door. Thus, creating a big scare. Smart move Scott.

Lol face(*v*)   5 star

Halloween update.. Ok ok... 1. Scott I thought u said on steam fnaf world was coming out on iOS!!!!! Yep it's been to damn long for u to make a game like fnaf world in what seems like months. 2. Five nights at Freddie's 4 is a fantastic game If your over six. A six year old would die by the jumps scares in this game. 3. Play all the other fnaf games as well as this one 4. Where the fudge is the Halloween update 5. This game would probobly be rated M 6. These comments are useful 7. Don't worry if u drop and smash your iPhone because u got scared in this game. I always do it. 10. Aww screw numbers 65, 72,123 830. This is a very short lived review

Extermin896   3 star

Review. Pretty good game, but what happened to mini games? Will there be FNaF5? I really want one please I've got every FNaF and I really want to find out about rumours and phone guy??!😸

The furious death   4 star

Animatronics. Good job on the fix it really helped Chica is also fixed thankes this is very nice except the menu because I was finally on night 2 and then when I touched night 2 it restart my progress 5 stars if you fix this

Slender rider   5 star

Love it can u make scary. Make scary love playing plus can u make lites for all 4 games for iPads plz love it anyway there's no footsteps or foxy in the closet upgrade it plzzz

Kaedyn17   5 star

Fnaf world. When is it coming out on iOS, that's all I want to know

MinnieMaz   5 star

Best game but!. Please can you put the mini games on *_*

Holly Dolly 11   5 star

ONE OF THE SCARIEST BUT BEST GAME EVER 😜. This awesome game just blows ur mind ♥️ it just ❤️ it. Like every FNAF there is know ads INCREDIBLE AMAZING AWESOME 😄😄😄 now that is what u call the best game in the universe. Who ever is reading this take my advice even though it costs a bit of money ITS WORTH IT!!!!! This game diserves 5 proud stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Star kiss 360   5 star

AWESOME AND SCAREY. Scott I think u should make a fnaf 5 make the animatronics have no skin and just there robotic skin showing Ps.luv the game😘

Elby0510   5 star

Great game. This is a great game but I can't believe that this is the last and final episode to fnaf because it says five nights at Freddie's but other than that I would recommend to buy this game it may be a bit scary but it's awesome. The greatest and scariest game ever made

Chickentastic   5 star

G G Scott. Scott,If you are going to put the Hallowe'en Update on iOS please announce it.Thank you for your time if you are reading this.

Mr.guiluty   4 star

WHERE IS THE HALLOWEEN UPTADE. Scott you disappointed me of how you didn't Add the Halloween update you are my best game creator of horror games then immediately ADD THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE.I want you to add the UPDATE plz I'm very exited for it😆so get out there do the update and don't disappoint me.oh yeah and the 4 star rating is because of the update you didn't add it.

donsi73   5 star

Love it. This game is scary and I like it

sabrinaaafoti   5 star

Awesome. Foxy!!!!!!!!!!!foxy!!!!!

zzzzoph   4 star

WHERES THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE !!!!!!!!!!!!. Hey scoot , just wanted to say each FNAF game you've made is truly epic , I love each game especially the 2nd and 4th game , but I'm getting very sad and annoyed that u haven't game FNAF 4 iOS the Halloween update , it's just unfair , I don't have a laptop or steam so I can't play FNAF 4 and have the Halloween update , so please please please tell us if we're getting one and when , and please give us the update , thanks again , also could u update and improve each game to make it more like the PC version , thanks again and kind regards 🐻🐰🐤🐕

Ronnie Kenworth   3 star

Fact. I haven't pass night 1 :(

Kaish🤗   5 star

WHENS FNAF 5 COMIN?. Hey Scott, I am absolutely loving the FNAF series. Just one question though, will there eventually be a FNAF 5???🤗 What I would like to see in FNAF 5. I would love to have it so it's a bit like FNAF 2 and 4 mashed together, so it's like u have lots of rooms that u can run to, instead of looking through the cameras. And u can have it that u open the doors to get in, but if a doors locked that means that the animatronics have entered that room! If u know what I mean!😂😂 Thanks for either reading this, or for taking this into consideration Scott! I would love to see a game like this in the future!👍🏻

Carguyenthusiast111   5 star

There is no sound glitch! AND WHERE'S THE HALLOWEEN UPDATE!!!. Hey Scott, I am just reminding everyone in the app reviews that how they said there is a glitch with the footsteps and the doors sound where they play 6 seconds after they done the actual move, anyway you people are crazy! The footsteps are from Foxy! This all happens before foxy gets into your closet, and when you hear him go in, you hear a door creak, and the sounds all stop. What is the matter with you people! It's supposed to happen! And I am getting a bit disappointed with the update not coming out on iOS, I mean when is it really going to come out! If the update is still in development, keep it up or if it's not coming out at all on iOS due to limited memory capacity, I'm a bit disappointed, I was really looking forward to it, but now my hopes are really going down, I am sorry Scott but I am getting a bit sad. If you can, you can make an announcement on steam if the update is coming to iOS or not. :(

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