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What is disneyland® app? Download the official app for the Disneyland® Resort! Enhance your next visit with an enchanting mobile experience. Buy your tickets, use the complimentary Disney Genie service planning tool, browse maps, locate Disney Characters appearing throughout the parks and much more!
* Make your theme park visit easier and more fun by taking advantage of our complimentary new Disney Genie service, which grants you a personalized itinerary that seamlessly maps out your special day with updates that continue during your visit.
* Create your very own personal Tip Board to track estimated wait times for your favorite experiences and more.
* Quickly access current estimated wait times and forecasted wait times for attractions, check park hours, find Character Greetings, view showtimes and more.
* Buy park tickets* and make park reservations with the app and show your barcode at the gate for admission when you first get to the park! No e-tickets to print out.
* Order Ahead and Save Time: Enjoy mobile food and beverage ordering at select dining locations.
* Make Dining Plans: Browse restaurant menus and make dining reservations right on your device. Then, conveniently check in for your reservation via the app at participating locations. No reservation? You can add your party to the mobile walk-up list at select restaurants (subject to availability).
* View Disney PhotoPass® photos: Enjoy unlimited digital downloads of your photos taken on select days by our professionally trained Disney PhotoPass photographers at magical must have iconic locations and select attractions when you purchase Disney PhotoPass+ or Disney Genie+ service. Don’t forget to ask your Disney PhotoPass photographers for Magic Shots to add those extra shots only available from Disney PhotoPass® service. †
* Save time at the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort: Manage your hotel reservations, start your check-in process, get reservation updates and more!
* Exploring Made Easy: Find what you’re looking for quickly with GPS-enabled maps that show your location and the attractions, restaurants, shops and more near you.
* A Must-Have for Magic Key holders: Link your Magic Key pass to access your discounts at select dining and merchandise locations. Show your Magic Key pass via the Disneyland app when you arrive!
*  Locate Favorite Characters: You’ll magically know when and where Disney Characters are appearing in the parks.
The Details You Need: See park hours, schedules, accessibility information and descriptions for attractions, dining and more.
*U.S. and Japan residents only.
**Legacy Passholders: Don’t forget to bring your Passport and valid photo ID!
You’ll still need to show a valid Annual Passport card for Passholder discounts and more.
†Disney PhotoPass is subject to the Disney PhotoPass terms and expiration policy.
Note: Some app features require location data or for you to register by providing your full name, country, birthdate and email address in order to use them. If Bluetooth is enabled on your device, this app will also collect your precise location information through beacon technology in order to improve your in-park experience, such as wait times. Optional planning tools may also ask you about your travel party or allow you to save a credit card to your profile for online purchases.
This app provides you with the option to receive push notifications for information relating to your visit to a Park or stay at a Disney Resort hotel.
Features include the ability to make purchases and require a Wi-Fi or mobile carrier data connection. Must be 18 years or older to make purchases.
Terms of Use: http://disneytermsofuse.com/
Privacy Policy: https://disneyprivacycenter.com/
Your California Privacy Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/current-privacy-policy/your-california-privacy-rights/
“Do Not Sell My Personal Information” Rights: https://privacy.thewaltdisneycompany.com/en/dnsmi

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Find this site the customer service details of Disneyland®. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company. https://appsupports.co/1022164656/disneyland/contact

Disneyland® Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Disneyland® Version 7.711 May 2022

With this release, we’ve introduced Disney Genie service—a complimentary new planning tool to help you create your best Disney day. Using this interface, you’ll have access to exciting new features, including: A digital Tip Board, where you can view estimated wait times for standby attractions, join the virtual queue at select attractions, order food, make dining reservations and check into a restaurant. Your Tip Board can even be customized with your top attractions, entertainment and dining experiences. A personalized daily itinerary creator that regularly updates as your plans change—and offers forecasted wait times and suggestions inspired by your interests. You’ll be able to manage your itinerary on the My Day tab. The opportunity to learn how to purchase Lightning Lane entrance to select attractions individually or with Disney Genie+ service, which includes the ability to book Lightning Lane entrance selections one at a time throughout the day, unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads from the day and audio tales that you can listen to at your leisure. Additionally, we fixed bugs and improved overall app performance..

Disneyland® Version 7.322 February 2022

With this release, we’ve introduced Disney Genie service—a complimentary new planning tool to help you create your best Disney day. Using this interface, you’ll have access to exciting new features, including: A digital Tip Board, where you can view estimated wait times for standby attractions, join the virtual queue at select attractions, order food, make dining reservations and check into a restaurant. Your Tip Board can even be customized with your top attractions, entertainment and dining experiences. A personalized daily itinerary creator that regularly updates as your plans change—and offers forecasted wait times and suggestions inspired by your interests. You’ll be able to manage your itinerary on the My Day tab. The opportunity to learn how to purchase Lightning Lane entrance to select attractions individually or with Disney Genie+ service, which includes the ability to book Lightning Lane entrance selections one at a time throughout the day, unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads from the day and audio tales that you can listen to at your leisure. Additionally, we fixed bugs and improved overall app performance..

Disneyland® Version 7.008 December 2021

With this release, we’ve introduced Disney Genie service—a complimentary new planning tool to help you create your best Disney day. Using this interface, you’ll have access to exciting new features, including: A digital Tip Board, where you can view estimated wait times for standby attractions, join the virtual queue at select attractions, order food, make dining reservations and check into a restaurant. Your Tip Board can even be customized with your top attractions, entertainment and dining experiences. A personalized daily itinerary creator that regularly updates as your plans change—and offers forecasted wait times and suggestions inspired by your interests. You’ll be able to manage your itinerary on the My Day tab. The opportunity to learn how to purchase Lightning Lane entrance to select attractions individually or with Disney Genie+ service, which includes the ability to book Lightning Lane entrance selections one at a time throughout the day, unlimited Disney PhotoPass digital photo downloads from the day and audio tales that you can listen to at your leisure. Additionally, we fixed bugs and improved overall app performance..

Disneyland® Comments & Reviews 2022

- Beware Buying Tickets!

Got charged for tickets that I never got. No confirmation number, email or any trace of the purchase within the app or anywhere else. Will never use this app to try to purchase tickets again. Error message of missing information. Checked and made sure my credit card number and names of people I was purchasing for were correct and I got the error message again, but still no tickets. Just a pending charge from Disney on my credit card when I checked my credit card account a few minutes later for $460. So upsetting while trying to buy two 2 day park tickets with MaxPass for some friends who are visiting with their kids to help lessen the cost for them. Instead I lose sleep the entire night waiting to see if somehow an email with the tickets would show up or if they would show within the app. NOTHING! Showed up at the ticket booth and there was no record of the tickets so I ended up paying again. Decided to just pay for two 2 day park tickets without MaxPass for $420. The previous charge of $460 is still pending on my credit card. Now I will have to find some time during the day to deal with this at guest relations.

- Not easy to navigate

There is no way on the site to convert your regular ticket to a season pass. You have to wait until the day you do your ticket. So we miss going all those days between now and our visit. And we miss out on all of the perks of being a pass member before our visit. Totally bogus. Also, can’t find an easy way to plan my visit. Like where you click on different rides and restaurants and it makes an itinerary for you. Like this first, then this. Instead I’m writing it all down. Also won’t let you make restaurant reservations until 2 months before. Many of us make reservations months before that and should be rewarded for being early. If you are worried about no shows just make confirmation a week before and the day before manditory or you lose your spot. I found out all of this after I sent in a complaint. Instead of the website just explaining these things it let me frustratedly navigate around the site until I was using words of frustration in my complaint - not curse words. And then I was chastised by a cast member for using colorful language rather than validated that this whole thing was a frustrating mess. I’m not looking forward to a visit I should be very excited about. I would now give this site a minus one if I could. They actually e-mailed me and told me I needed to complain somewhere else if I needed to complain (which I did at the same time as this review and heard nothing). The vacation of my dreams! Bureaucracy!

- App made a member of my family ineligible

We were ready to submit for the Rise of the Resistance virtual cue at 12:00pm. We knew the cue would fill up quickly. This was the reason we bought tickets to the park today. Just before the window opened, the app kicked out my husband from our party claiming he was “ineligible” cause he was not in the park….though he was sitting right next to me. I have a screen grab to prove. As we scrambled to resolve the issue, the ride cue window opened and closed. The app didn’t even give us a chance to submit. The technology that the park expected us to rely on did not work properly. Our entire reason for buying tickets is now in vain. We are tech savvy people…we did everything we were expected to. But the technology failed. I understand the chance of the ride cue filling up as it did at 7am. But what I feel betrayed by is the technology failure that prevented us from even trying at 12pm. If you’re going to abandon lines in favor of a tech cue, you should be confident that the tech is reliable. It clearly failed our family today. I went to appeal to a lead or a manager at “City Hall” but the line for help was over 1 hour. That is a terrible use of my family’s time, we are moving on with our day with extreme disappointment. I know our experience will not affect your bottom line. But the risk of poor service and unreliable tech is too risky for us to spend this amount of money at Disneyland anymore.

- True north would be nice.

The app was good. It could do some work with the search function to make it a little easier to find something. I like how you are tracked to know where you’re at but a third of the time we were on top of buildings that we could not walk on, like we were on top of space Mountain when we were not even close to space Mountain. Or we were walking in one of the lagoons when obviously we were walking on the sidewalk near it. It’s hard to find food/restaurants because even the little kiosks that sell just one item are marked as dining so it’s overwhelming to find something to eat. One of the things I did not like is that true north was not enabled. The difference that would make is that you would know whether you should turn right or turn left to get to a certain area. We had to refer to the physical paper map several times in order to find out where we were at and where we wanted to go. Which to me that makes they have useless. If you fix those things then I would give it a four or five star rating. The best thing about the app is that it gives you wait times for the rides. So you can plan your time more efficiently. I would download the app specifically for that reason only. And then use the hardcopy map for all the other stuff that you need to search for, like dining and restrooms.

- Disappointing App

I used the app to place a food order at Red Rose Tavern. I was given a time window between noon and 12:30 to pick up my food. Upon speaking with the greeter at the door, we looked for my order queue and it said I had nothing in the queue. I had taken a screen shot which included my order number, and she was able to see that I did, in fact, have an order in the queue even though it wasn’t showing in the app. At the same time, I used the app to get in the virtual line for Rise of the Resistance. After scanning the 10 tickets in my group, I got a message back saying our number was 360, and that we wouldn’t be able to enter the queue again for the day. When I went back to check the status, the app said I did not have anything in the queue, again!! Unfortunately, I did not have a screen shot this time saying I was in the virtual line, and after spending the money for a group of ten to come to Disneyland, and following the requirements to go on this ride, we are unable to do so because the app is not functioning properly. In addition, the app says the Indiana Jones ride is temporarily closed, yet I’m standing in front of it right now and it’s open with a 65 minute wait. How will I be compensated for the app’s failure to properly function and allow my group to go on Rise of the Resistance?

- Disneyland Experience

We are annual passport holders and make sure to budget it so we can renew every year We have been members since 2002 With growth comes change and we understand that but our experience today to getting to the parking to getting into the park was such a challenge We exited the freeway at 930am and we are now finally in at enchanted tiki 12:07pm first before we stopped here we wanted to eat at carnations They are not seating anyone without reservations which is crazy cause that’s what the Blue Bayou does so we didn’t eat We wanted to get a dole whip and they are only taking mobile orders The whole point of being at Disneyland is to enjoy your family and be off your phones NOT A GOOD START AT ALL!! But who cares right cause nobody is gonna read this cause so many people come to Disneyland a day that complaints won’t make a difference Just needed to vent My family will reconsider renewing our passes this year Very sad but it isn’t worth coming here when everywhere you turn you have a bad experience!! Thank you for your time Sincerely Paulette Ysais Annual passport holder since 2002

- New features are buggy

The app has changed significantly since my last visit, and instead of improving the experience, it seems sluggish and buggy. The basic wait time feature is still handy, but managing park tickets and fast passes feels one layer too hidden. When I needed to scan my park ticket for a fast pass return, sometimes the pass would be randomly greyed out. Mobile food orders are a hot mess. I tried to order a Dole Whip and kept getting error messages. Later in the day I tried again, and it turns out my card had been charged during the errors, though I had no indication this happened at the time. Luckily I was still able to reschedule my order pickup so I wasn’t charged for nothing, but real world experience of order pickup was disorganized too. The MaxPass feature could also be more streamlined and intuitive. I didn’t realize I was eligible to schedule another fast pass because the option is only apparent after you tap the little plus sign, which has no accompanying explanatory text, so I missed taking advantage of the max pass for a few hours and didn’t get to use as many fast passes as I could have during my visit. There are good ideas in this version, but the digital experience doesn’t come close to matching the thoughtful planning behind the in person experience.

- User Friendly

The Disneyland App is very user friendly. It’s easy to check times, order food and access your tickets. The only problems I wish that were solved is the amount of steps to access the reservation calendar. I’ve counted a total of 5 steps before I can make a reservation. Before this new reservation system, you were able to make a reservation in as little as 2 clicks under the previous Flex Pass system. You weren’t removed out of the Disneyland App either. This was super easy to do and made making reservations a BREEZE! Automatically signed in, make a reservation, confirm and done. This new system forces you exit out of the app, resign in, forced to answer (again) about making a reservation, which passes, make your reservation, approve reservation and if you’re still here, don’t forget to ALSO approve your reservation by agreeing to COVID safety protocol as well. This is incredibly frustrating. I would much prefer to not be removed out of the app, automatically choose which passes I want to make a reservation with and confirm the reservation and COVID protocol all together on the exact same page. 7-8 steps cut down to about 3-4 steps.

- Informative and easy to use

I went to Disneyland for the first time in about 16 years recently and this app proves that technology is indeed a beautiful thing. The app provides wait times for all attractions, which are accurate. The app also lets you know when an attraction is temporarily closed for maintenance or for some other reason. The app also shows restrooms, dining, and entertainment attractions on the map. You can search for different kinds of food and the app will show you which dining spots within the park have those items. You can also now order your food through the app and pick it up at whatever restaurant you have chosen. The app also stores your Disneyland ticket if you have created an account with Disney so you don’t need to carry the paper one. They just scan your phone at the gate. It also keeps track of your annual pass and provides calendars that show you your black out dates, if you have any. This app has never bugged out or crashed on me and I’ve been using it for about 3 weeks. This app is a must have for your Disneyland visit.

- It definitely saves me time

Definitely save me a time and let me know how long the ride is and I can get fast passes and it feels so good knowing what time it is like Dumbo tea cups anyone to be honest like Casey Junior splash Mountain all those rides big thunder like all those right it makes me feel good because I can know where all them are and makes me like feel really good because my gets too used to it because she asked me with something else she asked me what dumb how long – 40 minutes OK let’s go and like it’s amazing because you have time to see what things they are like Casey Junior 40 minutes really good splash Mountain an hour The Spider-Man one can be an hour and 70 minutes but it can be two hours and 10 minutes but we love it because it’s a full-size me time and knowing that it’s OK though we love the grizzly River one because it’s only five months most of the time and we love love love love in iredit coaster

- Not useful

I had this app from when I’ve gone to Disneyland before and it was much easier and helpful then. I may as well have been using my paper map that you can get from the front of the park!! It was very hard to locate anything and the wait times for the rides, the train, and the monorail, were never accurate. When I used this app a few years ago, it was really accurate and if it wasn’t accurate you could update it in real time so that others could see the accurate wait times. This option isn’t offered in this app anymore. Also, it used to be divided up between the Disneyland Park and California Adventure. You could choose which side you wanted to see things for and then go from there. Now it’s all one big map and it’s super confusing to find things. I kept trying to push the locator button to see where I was in the park and that never worked! I tried restarting my phone, closing out the app and re-opening it, I even deleted the app and added it back onto my phone and that didn’t work either. I have an iPhone 8 so it’s not an old phone that wouldn’t be up-to-date on things. It’s a newer phone that shouldn’t have had any issues. I believe that the app needs a lot of work!

- Needs work

The biggest issue is the constant request to enter the password for your account. I don't understand the point of having this app and all these features if I'm having to constantly log in while walking the park. Also, the app needs to switch to more of a push model. Having to constantly refresh to see the latest wait times, genie availability, etc. is frustrating at best. Most of the time it's infuriating. And get rid of the splash screen and remember where the app was when it switched away. Having it go back to the beginning when I had it where I wanted reduces the usability and increases the frustration. This applies when using the Tip Board too. If you go back to the main screen, if forgets that you selected the Disney California Adventure Park. Between the two behaviors, its incredibly frustrating to use the app in that park. Finally, trying to purchase Genie+ from the My Genie Day page doesn't work--you cannot actually click the button to purchase. I know Disney can do better--they have some of the best developers in the world. Let them do their magic.

- Tickets don’t communicate restrictions!

We received comp’d paper tickets a couple years back (had felt sick and left early, also was insanely crowded and not worth it). We had added them to the app to not worry about losing them and didn’t think twice. After years we’d been back a bunch with other tickets and didn’t realize that apparently these tickets had an only after 4pm restriction. For comp’d tickets that is fine, we would not have cared, except only the app didn’t mention this. It just showed a standard 1-day ticket. So, we show up for a leisurely day at 10am and couldn’t get in. Instead had to kill 5-6 hours wandering around the plaza and spending money at Disney’s own restaurants before we could get in. And no help from guest relations either. Even offered to happily pay to upgrade the ticket…no dice. All around really disappointed. If you ever get a paper ticket of any kind, hang onto it! The Disneyland app fails to capture the info you’ll need. Huge bummer day for us. Mostly sad Disney didn’t care to understand or help us out. For someone who grew up going to Disneyland 10-20 times a year in Orange County, this hit extra hard.

- It used to be 5 stars

So I loved this app but the last two trips to Disneyland it has almost ruined my experience. Lately it has been signing me out right when I need it the most and then it does not recognize my password the only reason it did not ruin my last trip was because my brother in law was able to get a boarding group on his phone while all my phone did from the two minutes when the park opened to when they gave all boarding passes were all given out was say loading tickets. There is also a glitch with the mobile order as I was able to order but it would give me a error message once submitted. I do like some of the new features like the allergy menus but what good is it when you cannot access the convenient features that you want and need. I mean I wanted to use my boarding pass to go into the park but it would not pull up in the app until I got into the park. Another issue that I hope got resolved as I never found out because a cast member manager had to make the reservation for me was that the app thought I had made two reservations when I only had made one. Please fix these bugs and I will change my rating.

- Long startup and drains phone battery

Pluses: Linking tickets and photos went smoothly. Using fastpasses went smoothly. Minuses: Drains the battery almost as fast as Waze, which seems a bit odd because it is not doing much. Even if you quit out of app, it still drains the battery until you reboot your phone. It must leave processes running on your phone even if you set it not to track you when not using app, etc., etc. I got into the mode of only using it to link and redeem things and then quit out of it. But it takes a long time to start the app, which is inconvenient when you just want to redeem a fastpass. I found the paper park maps to be more convenient than booting up this slow app and navigating around the digital map. When I examined what processes were draining my battery, Disneyland and Facebook had about the same high percentage, and I was not using Facebook at all. Hopefully Disneyland does not have a deal to sell data to Facebook and vice versa without consent of user. It’s annoying that corporate sleaze is so ubiquitous. This could be a great app if it had fast performance and didn’t require you to reboot your phone to kill off all its hidden bloat.

- Can’t buy tickets from this site

I was trying to purchase tickets, put in credit card information as soon as I was complete my Amex showed a 1.00 pending charge that was used to see if card can go through , then when I tried to buy ticket it didn’t work and a red box came up with phone number to call because there are issues with app. When I spoke to that person they insisted I did not put my card in correctly, I tried to explain that the card works and your app did a test run for $1, so it’s not the card it’s the app. Well I gave up because she had no clue, for one of the largest companies in the world you figure there would be a better understanding. My son has some challenges psychiatrically, I was only trying to avoid waiting in line so I can take him to Disneyland for New Years today. But challenge accepted, I will not let this ruin my day, just disappointed at the customer support

- Nearly unusable

This is the worst app I have ever used. It takes a long time to launch. Basic interactions like scrolling, entering text, and tapping buttons are frustratingly choppy and slow. Use the app sparingly or it will drain your battery very quickly. For getting around the park, it is much better to use a paper map. I was unable to purchase tickets through the app. After creating an account, it claimed that I was too young to log in. I did enter my birthdate correctly, which I confirmed later after this issue eventually cleared itself up. At times it would render a portion of my previously-entered password at strange locations on the screen (regardless of the "show password" checkbox). When purchasing tickets at the park, a Disneyland employee assured me that the MaxPass feature would work well. This was not true. Expect to see "We're having trouble connecting. Please try again." errors, whether connected to LTE or the guest Wifi (which really didn't work at all). MaxPass is a great idea but the execution is poor. I think they know this, based on all the "no refunds" warnings for the $10 MaxPass feature (which should be free). I would expect better from Disney.

- NOT User Friendly

Hotel and park passes were purchased through Costco. We never received actual tickets, just QR codes. When trying to link 5 tickets to the app, it required the e-ticket barcode (which we did not have.) After multiple Google searches, we found that this was a very common issue, and the only advice from Disneyland was “if you purchased them on the Disneyland app, they will be pre-loaded!” Not helpful! No time to sit on the phone on hold to remedy this as we all live very busy lives. We had spent several hours for two months being redirected in circles and were about ready to pile our phones on the check-in desk at the hotel once we arrived. After two more intense hours, clicking around in the app, more google searches, etc, we literally stumbled on the e-tickets! The were in “My Hotel Reservations” and there was a link for vacation package or something. BLOODY H3LL! Do better Disney! The instructions are not clear and our next challenge is going to be figuring out the Genie Service for 3/5 guests. May the force be with us I guess…. We have earned this vacation, but could do without this final stressor.

- Tickets

This app has always been somewhat confusing to use, particularly with the passes. The reservations listed in your "Future Plans" section are even more confusing now since it seems that the last four digits of the ticket that used to be listed has disappeared. If we have multiple tickets linked to our account and multiple upcoming reservations, it's very difficult to determine which tickets have and have not been used for reservations. It'd be nice if tickets could list "reserved on (date)" once it becomes a reserved ticket in your list of linked passes. Bringing back the last four digits or some indication of which ticket is reserved in the "Future Plans" list would help as well. Please also implement a way to change the name on the ticket, too! People's plans change. For example, there have been instances where I've needed to give a ticket to someone else, but the name originally entered for it is now clearly a man's name, etc., and it's caused added confusion when entering the park as an obvious woman. This has been very frustrating.

- Almost Impossible to Find Food/Drink

Love going cashless, but the amount of friction and frustration that went into trying to find which location had what we needed was almost unbearable. The app requires you to know the special restaurant names and by virtue, their menus. I gave up trying to find Dole Whip until I asked a cast member for the name of the location that would have it. I had to ask a Cast Member where the closest location where I could buy bottled water. I had to spend 8-10 min on the app going from map view and my location to restaurant on map to restaurant menu and then back out and again just to find food who sells chicken sticks. PLEASE add a capability to search for what you want to buy food/beverage wise specifically and have the app recommend the nearest location and earliest available time. Also, scanning the QR near a location is great, but if the app is already installed it should take me to the app instead of having to click buttons on a page to then open the app.

- Great but I have suggestions

I love the Disneyland app! I find it really easy to go to both parks because i can pull up my pass on my phone instead of having to find it every time. I don’t really use it for navigation because I know the park very well but it seems accurate. I use it all the time in the park and use the lists of rides to plan trips. But, I thought it would be cool if you had a feature especially to plan trips. Like if you could name different trips and select what rides you want to go on,where to eat,etc. I think it would be helpful because there’s a huge difference in going to Disney with my best friend and with little kids. For instance if I was going on a trip with kids I wouldn’t go on space mountain I’d go on Peter Pan. And I think it would be really helpful to be able to plan with whoever your going with and get the most out of your Disney Day!!

- Awful customer service at entrance

The security check line to get into Downtown Disney was poorly managed. They had a line for people that had no bags but there were no signs anywhere that said so. We stood in line for quite some time only to be pulled from it by a Disneyland staff member and he had us go all the way to the back of the other line after we had waited. He wasn’t nice about it nor apologetic for not letting us know in advance. There were no signs and quite a number of people were also very upset and they did nothing to remedy the situation. The line for people with no bags was empty and time was wasted. There’s another security line just as long and slow to enter the park and we think it’s useless. There should be a direct access for people that want to go straight to the park. Bad management in my opinion and as a Customer Service specialist it is senseless bad customer service, it could be solved by doing very little. I expect a lot more from “The Happiest Place on Earth” that also charges a ridiculous fee of $145. Please have more respect for people that invest in your company.

- Map Adjustments

I would like the option to download the map which may make the app a little larger in size, but it wouldn’t force users to have to load the map constantly. Whether it be by moving around or simply zooming in and out, the user can always see the map forcing itself to load and trying to keep up with the user. It’s not easy on the eyes, and I think it’s worth the sacrifice of downloading it just to make everything easier and quicker. Completely unrelated: I have maxpass on my annual pass and I was told that it includes photo pass, but it has never allowed me to receive the photos without paying. Another individual purchased the pass for me as a gift so it’s purchased under their name, so I’m not sure if this is an issue with the app or simply a rule of Disney. Regardless, these are the only issues I have found within this app, and I highly recommend it.

- Wait time estimates are based on FASTPASS time

Wait time estimates are based on FASTPASS times NOT ACTUAL LINE TIMES. The app is nice & integrates well with the parks Wi-Fi. The consistent line time inaccuracy for the Disneyland side of the park makes giving this app a good score impossible as planning your fastpass times to integrate with regular/general admission ride wait times is extremely challenging if not impossible. - We quickly discovered why this sneaky time advertisement was occurring; multiple times throughout the day we were handed the time card lanyard that Disney employees send down the line at entrance of each ride to gauge the line wait times. We watched in every line and NEVER did we see it the hand of anyone we passed in the general admission lineup. Sitting outside of line entrances we watched and still no timecard lanyards were handed to anyone entering regular line (general admission) but instead we’re always handed to a fastpass rider. This false time keeping meant that EVERY line we entered into at the Disneyland side of the park was nearly DOUBLE the wait of what was advertised on the app.

- Just one minor issue.

I’ve had this app for 2 years now and I love it in an inexplicable way! However, recently when trying to zoom out to look out at the hotels near the park, it zooms right back in to the entrance of Disneyland. It makes it extremely hard to figure out where my family and I are going to stay when we can’t even look at the hotels near our destination. I’m asking you to fix that. Other than that issue, I have no bad things to say about this app! It’s very precise on the wait of the ride’s lines. I love how you can filter what you’re looking for. For example, if you are looking for a restroom near you, you can filter it to that and it gives you a map of every restroom in the park. I find this app very useful! I definitely recommend if you are going to the park!

- Horrible experience!

First time I’ve had an experience this bad in 37 years of being a disney enthusiast. First the disney site froze while trying to purchase tickets . The site is not friendly with purchasing tickets. And super confusing with tiered pricing . Anyway after a 90 minute hold the cast member hung up on me before completing the requests . I had wanted to do tier 2 Disneyland tickets at 114$ , but there was nothing available unless you buy a park hopper at Around 175$ . Total scam! I never felt scanned by disney , prices are high but this is rediculous! I asked christina, the cast member to find a date when just Disneyland was available. She told me the only day before July was June 2nd, I said great can you walk me through and hold that day for 2, then she hung up . I’m so frustrated and upset ! I bought the tickets and now there’s no day available to reserve . Hopefully I can use these tickets in the future or just get a refund . They are successfully linked to my disney account . But this was a birthday gift for a friend and it’ll be a month after her birthday , ugh

- Lines, lines and more.

Got the boarding pass for Star Wars. Group 16. Got my fast pass... at 8am the earliest space mountain time was 11:00. Tried to do Peterpan but the ride was closed as it was broken. Star Wars ride was broken too but then started working again. We chose to go to to Star Wars when our group 16 was called. While in line for Star Wars it broke again... been waiting for almost an hour now. 2 kids... 4 and 5 years old. Can’t get out of line or we won’t be given a return pass. Even to pee? It will be well after 130 pm before we get to go... and that’s a big if. From 8 am to 2 pm we will have got to ride space mnt and teacups. My son and I were in line to ride the mattahorn while waiting for our space mnt time, and this too broke. For as much as this day cost us, this shouldn’t be happening. But unfortunately did. Celebrating 2 kids birthdays nonetheless. Should of done Chucky cheese pizza or something. Driving 500 miles for this was not the best choice given the circumstance. It’s the risk you run coming to a place like this. Don’t get your hopes up. Even in a place where “dreams come true”.

- Slow Loading, Confusing Icons

Honestly love having everything for my trip to DL in one place, but this needs some serious polishing, specifically around optimizing urgent loads, like fast passes, and surfacing useful information at a glance. I have two recommendations. First, make ticket and fast pass loads the first loads. I usually need those the moment I pull out my phone and open the app in line to enter the park or get on a ride. It’s imperative that those are available immediately when they’re requested. Secondly, there needs to be a different icon for rides that are closed than the “bundle” icon that holds multiple pieces of information. The map would be twice as useful with that. If that bundle icon could be improved as well it would be nice. For example trying to find a charging swap station is next to impossible. I have to touch almost every bundle icon, which includes closed rides. These two things would make the app almost impeccable for me.

- Disneyland and app...What a joke

Paid for every option available on the absolutely terrible UI disney ticket website. What a huge charlie foxtrot that website is. Buy a maxpass so you can buy a fastpass (ridiculous), but in reality you paid for nothing because you still have to “check in” to rides (ONE ride every 1.5hrs you can “check into”), and you still have to wait several hours for most rides. 20 people standing in a line at every info booth to ask the same exact question...”how to use maxpass and fastpass” because the website and calling ANY disney number is useless with vague information. The app itself is unintuitive. Everything is the lowest quality at the highest prices. Including the entertainment, rides, and definitely food. Pizza slice? $10 and it tastes like middleschool pizza. Wish they'd have a costco inside Disney. Ive paid 3k so far. Terrible investment for the family. I would have paid THOUSANDS extra to avoid the crowds and ALL lines/wait entirely. Paid thousands and still have to wait. Oh and reception is terrible within the park so the app is extremely spotty.

- Update/Genie + service TERRIBLE

The latest app update and Genie + integration is absolutely terrible. It’s so hard to navigate and find how to schedule rides. My husband works at an app company and he was dying laughing at the backward way I had to use to even find the Lightning Lane selections. I also agree with many other recent reviews that the price to enjoyment ratio in the parks has flipped over the scale for us. Everything is an upcharge and the experience is disappointing. Tons of rides were down yesterday- we had 4 different occasions of walking across the entire park to get to a ride to use the Lightning Lane pass we paid $80 extra for, only to be told the ride was broken, which resulted in a lot of wasted time. I overheard an employee say they’re having trouble getting the parts for the rides and that’s why they’re breaking so much. I also agree with other reviewers that everything is too phone integrated now, so you’re staring at your screen all day instead of interacting with your family. I told my husband I’m done with Disney.

- Almost useless

The app is pretty much useless. For a huge company, this app feels like high school project. It doesn’t make sense to have to be redirected into the Disney website and sign in EVERY TIME just to make a park reservation. If my account and pass is already linked into the app, I should be allowed to make reservations right in the app. I’m no tech guru but I know my way around electronics. But this is so complicated to navigate. The amount of times I’ve had to thoroughly explain to others how to use the app is ridiculous. I cut some slack in the early months because they had just reopened and were probably still trying to sort out their bugs. But the WDW app seems to have it more together. How can’t they bring us the same functions? If the developers actually read these, please fix that. It would make the most sense for the app to actually do what it’s meant for. Another feature id like to see would be the ability to add my pass to my apple wallet.

- Don’t come here right now WAIST OF YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY

You’re going to pay full price to be told that the line to get into avengers land where the guardians of the galaxy ride is 5 hours long… Every line is at least 90 min wait with a “reduced capacity park attendance” I’ve been coming here for decades and have never had a worse experience. The park workers are reduced to being mask police and if you’re eating or drinking they tell you to put on your mask and move to a designated eating area… meanwhile your ice cream is melting as you try to find a special area to eat in. We’ve been vaccinated since February and are shaking our heads at the militancy. Unless you want to bear wearing your mask the entire day, wait in the longest lines ever, and not get in the special “queue” lines for Star Wars. Avengers, or Indians Jones, have militant park workers constantly monitoring your mask wearing, most food options closed and no transportation to the park from the parking garage a mile away…. Come here when things calm down at the happiest place on earth because right now it’s not so much.

- Updated review- fixed mobile ordering!

You made me wait two weeks, but you fixed the mobile food ordering discount bug, so back to 5 stars! This app is great! Tickets, fastpasses, wait times, current fastpass distribution times, menus, reservations, map, show times, it has everything. I used MouseWait for years but this is now my preferred app. It’s cleaner and more user friendly. The mobile food ordering is my absolute favorite thing they have come up with in recent memory. Whether you’re an AP or just visiting you need this app. Couple things that would make it better- be able to have a favorites list. I don’t like having to scroll through every ride just to find the one or two I want to see wait times for. A favorites list would be awesome. Also- could we filter by meal when searching for food? Going through 20+ restaurant menus to find just a few that serve breakfast is annoying. Or filter by hours open. At 11 pm I want to be able to quickly find who is still serving. Only other thing is full performance times list. Street performer times are still only listed on the paper brochure at the entrances. Disneyland Band and the smaller groups, green army men, piano at coke corner etc. Overall, fantastic app!

- Too needy

I was at Disneyland for two days. The first time I got off HyperSpace Mountain, I wanted to link my on-ride photo to my MaxPass because I was genuinely blown away by the attraction. But when I opened the app to do so, a “Please rate us” pop up that took a while to pop up (but prevented me from doing anything else) interrupted me and by the time I could close it, my photo was gone from the display at the ride exit so I couldn’t link it. The same happened wheyI rode HyperSpace Mountain again later, when I rode Splash Mountain, and many other times. The app it’s iOS good and helpful, but the constant nagging to rate the a app ruined several experiences for me. Just let us use the app without robbing us of what we paid for by your slow-loading needy pop ups. I can rate you at the end of the day, or when I get home. But your rating is bad because your desire for a rating took precedence over my ability to actually use the app and made me feel like I had wasted my $15/day. Oh, and I made reservations for Oga’s Cantina through the app. The reservation was there for a day and a half. When I showed up, though, the reservation vanished, and I had to convince the cast member that I really did have one. The app made me reset my password twice because even with Touch ID enabled it forgot who I was. The app would be great if it worked. But between the app hiccups and all the times in Disneyland where there was no connection, it was not a good experience.

- Not up to Disney standards IMO

Purchased tickets to Disneyland prior to downloading this app. While the app recognized we had park reservations, the Genie function kept asking me to make a park reservation. Was told by online help that once we were in the park it would work. We wanted to plan ahead of time, so waiting till we were in the park wasn’t great for us. Once in the park the genie app still asked me to make a reservation so it didn’t recognize we had already entered. Found a link not within the genie ui, but the Disney app to “link tickets” that finally allowed us to start planning our day. Selected our rides, and upgraded to Lightening Lane passes. Got a list of rides with times but didn’t realize you can only select one at a time. Had to ask for help from a person in the park, who was very helpful and explained it to me. The times for our first selection changed by 30 minutes between the posted time and the real check in time so we just went standby. Writing this review in a very long line for Space Mountain.

- My angel

I want someone to find Angelita in the Main Street restaurant where they serve the chicken dinners. I was at Disney for the first time alone (my wife went to heaven 5 months ago ) I walked in the entrance and asked her if someone could help me get my plate because I am handicap. She said she could help me so I told her I wanted the chicken dinner that I have had for years. She told me to go wait at the cashier station. She proceeded to get my entire meal I paid for it and then she carried it to my table for me. I later tried to tip her a mere $5 she said they aren't allowed to take a direct tip from a customer. Since that is the case I want her manager to reward her in some way for her caring and excellent service maybe employee of the month with some kind of promotion or $$$$. She made my day ! If you can somehow let me know what you did for her I would appreciate it. Again her name I think was Angelita my Angel for the day !

- Works well for wait times, genie needs work

The Genie suggestions for someone who has been to the park even a few times, are not helpful and just make it cumbersome to navigate the app. Genie+ is great but they still have bugs to work out. Chat support isn’t very helpful easy since the answer is the typical Disney answer, I can’t help you, but maybe this other person can. But unfortunately the other person can’t help either. We unfortunately had Haunted Mansion close when we were returning for the Lightning Lane. They made verbal announcements that we would be issued an open ended LL pass good for any attraction excluding a few busy ones. This worked for us the day before when the monsters inc ride closed and we were able to go on Soarin instead. Not the case this time. The app says we have a pass, but when we try Haunted Mansion it says we exceeded our uses for the day. We tried going to the gate and they said we had to speak to guest services. I also tried the chat option on the app and was told it was not a glitch in the app (but clearly is since we never scanned the LL pass, but it somehow registered we had). Chat said to see guest relations. Guest relations line was too long and not worth the time. Maybe the technical support could have just added a pass or removed the malfunction.

- Locked out of my account

There was an issue where I wasn’t able to buy my ticket online and I tried multiple times to fix it and was unable so I called customer service to fix this issue and they told me that I got locked out of my account for trying so many times- which I understand- but she told me that now I had to pick my tickets up at willcall there was no way for me to unlock my account to buy my ticket for the next day. So instead of using verification like any other business does I will now have to wait in line instead of the ease of this app. Very very frustrated especially since there was nothing telling me what the issue was with buying my ticket in the first place so I could fix it without locking myself out, let alone no way to unlock myself out- Disney is supposed to be known for good customer service and after working in customer service my entire working life I can say for certain this was terrible and frustrating to say the least.

- Buzz 244

Having problems reserving restaurant. The app shows that a time is available for a certain restaurant. So I put how many people and the information it asks... then I go to click the green button for Book it. The book it doesn’t let you click. So I walked to the restaurant. They told me that they don’t have the time available. So then I showed the restaurant what was happening... I showed them how it shows that a time is available. And then I showed the how I clicked on the time. How I tried to reserve it, and how again it didn’t go through. They told me that don’t have anything to do with the app. So I told them can you please mention to someone that guests are having problems with the app. The restaurant manager was really nice and booked me for a table with a half hour wait.

- Useless...absolutely useless garbage

First let’s get the important things out of the way: wait times don’t update, the park reception is spotty at best and the only good thing about this is when you already know the park and you just want to order ahead or use your AP MaxPass... Back to business, why I am LIVID with this app... I tried to download the app for my first day of my 3 day so cal park hopper that I bought for my daughter and I. Then I thought I would upgrade to the AP. Problems from the get-go. I had been unable to successfully upgrade my 3 day park hopper to an annual pass from the start with the app (Where you can only upgrade...not your Disney acct, or even on the phone...unless you want to wait in line at the ticket booth) 1st day I could not download the app to my phone, 2nd it wouldn’t let me finish inputting CC info and submitting, it kept clearing out or backpedaling to the last screen and 3rd time it would not do anything at all. Says my submission is invalid. My ticket is good until the 15th. Now because of all the app failures I am in blockout dates and have even more issues, have been on the phone for an hour and have to drive OVER an hour to Disney to wait to park, wait to get on the tram, wait to be seen at the ticket booth, and try to get this resolved. All to give Disney 200 a month of my hard earned money?! Honestly why do I bother....they sure know how to give it to you.

- Bad advertisement

We purchased tickets online for a 4 day hopper with max pass and magic hour that’s was clearly advertised as both parties is Disneyland and California adventure. We used it out very first day Friday Dec 27 and had no problems. Saturday Dec 28 we attempted to get into California Adventure and was told we could not use it except for Disneyland. Which is not what the online tickets said. We have been annual pass holder of Disney world for many year and Vacation club members and are very disappointed of the lack compassion we received at the counter. We purchased above and beyond what we would have had it been clearly written that it was for Disneyland only. We choose to stay off possible property because we had the pass that we believed to give us an extra hour at both parks.

- Very useful and easy to use

Downloaded. Used the whole time. Easy to navigate and to use. Accurate as far as line wait times and using fast passes, and the photo links are great. The only thing I wish it had was where it had find on map, that it wouldn’t just show where the attraction is on the map but how to get there from where you are. For someone that isn’t familiar with the park and needs to navigate and get thru a planned day, this would be useful. I purchased another non Disney app to plan the day and crowd sources wait times and it was a complete waste and did not help at all. I used Disney app for both parks and was very happy with it. I suggest using only this app and don’t waste time or money on the others that say they help save time. They are nonsense.

- Beautiful Escape

My autistic grandson saw a commercial for Disneyland, asked to go and we took him. At first he was only able to stay a hour, it was overwhelming. 7 years later as Passholder he is wanting to stay and never leave. We so enjoy both parks, it’s like the first time every time, he will only stay at the Grand California Hotel which we every year, sometimes 2-3 times a year. The parks and the Hotel takes your mind off of what’s going on in the world and your life, you are in a place were your just surrounded by smiles, laughter, joy, and amazing food. We love coming here and will always be Passholders, it’s our beautiful escape place. We tip our hats off to all the staff. Thank you for making little autistic child and his grandmother happy every time we visit.l

- Disney is going down the tubes

We have come to Disney every year since my kids were 2 years old. They are now 16 and I don’t know that we will be back. This app is such a rip off, when the prices are already out of control. The previous fast pass system worked just fine, but apparently Disney wasn’t making enough money off of the average person. So the boost their bottom line they decided to create this app and make it even more difficult to go on a ride. Spending over $3400 for a family of four to stay at the Grand California hotel for 3 days, and get into the park should not require me to ALSO pay for each individual ride. This is a travesty and Disney has lost my business. Charging guests just to stand in line is a RIP OFF. If I buy a ticket to the park that is all I should need to do. I spent all day looking at my phone, and started and ended each day feeling defeated, cheated and miserable. This is basically extortion. SHAME SHAME SHAME

- So many Lines for food

1) Virtual mobile lines for dining is annoying and frustrating. There are So many lines! You have to place a mobile order, which isn’t ready for at least an hour, then go back and check in by standing and waiting in another long line to pick up your food. 2) There is no tram to take you to and from the Disneyland parking lot, which is a far walk- like 1/2 a mile-especially tough at the end of a long day of walking. 3) We also were not aware that you needed to log onto an app just to be put in a Queue so that you could see the Avenger Club. Then found out that you need to do this also to get on the Indiana Jones ride, and Star wars ride as well. Otherwise, you are out of luck and will most likely miss your chance. None of this is mentioned on your Also, we tried to explain this to one of the Managers, Dave, onsite, and he was not helpful or friendly AT ALL. Lastly, Because of all of this, we were not able to enjoy some of our favorites like Space mountain, Autotopia, Indiana Jones, or Haunted Mansion. Therefore, i give Disneyland a 3 star rating considering the costs ( Hopper x2) of the tickets, the frustration we experienced, and the lack of communication and unfriendly nature on Disneyland’s end.

- Entertainment Schedule Accuracy

I’ve been thrilled to have the app on this 4-day trip to Disneyland. It’s really made it easy to plan and make the most of our trip. I would have given it 4-5 stars except for one somewhat significant frustration. While the overall trip is planned for my two girls, my personal goal was to attend one live musical performance for each of the groups at Disneyland. We’re on our third day now, and I’ve seen 8 of them so far. Unfortunately, I’ve had 3 where I’ve shown up, waited for 15-30 minutes, but the band didn’t show up to perform. I was told by a cast member that this may happen on Main Street when there are conflicting performances with a marching band. It makes sense, but it would seem that the schedulers would know that for the app timings. Anyhow, it’s been a great trip, and I have one more day to try to track down a few more performances.

- ADA Issues

We love visiting Disneyland and Disney World, and we normally visit a couple times a year. My biggest problem with Disneyland is the requirement for a visible disability, in order to get an extra fast past. I’m not going to carry a cane. I probably need one, but it’s a personal issue, and I choose not too. I have an ADA card and license for my vehicle. For as busy as it is in Disneyland, I feel like I need more fast passes in order to not have to go back and forth from Tomorrow Land to the New Orleans area/Frontier/Adventure Land. I want to walk on my own, and I strongly take issue with Disney telling me otherwise. I would very much like it if Disney would ask me what I feel like I need help with, instead of requiring ridiculous things. Anyone can buy a cane...I choose to stop and rest when I need to, because I’m an adult. Not everyone with a mobility issue wants everyone else to know about it.

- Worst experience by far!

I have not encountered this issue before but today I was informed my pass has been placed on “hold” and to refer to the ticket booth office to resolve issue. Before arriving to the park, I confirmed my pass has been up to date, and to proceed onto the park. Once entering the front gate, we were then told to turn around and leave due to our cards to scanning. We had to get Donna involved, Manager, to help us and was then able to let us in. Upon entering the park, I remembered the parking structure attendant did not return our cards when informing of us of the issue. Overall, I spent 2 hours in lines trying to resolve and issue with our passes. We were beyond very disappointed, this will be the last year I wasted my money on Mr. Disney.

- Meltdown

Disney servers crapped out, charged my credit card twice and then told me that “the system could not process my request.” At the happiest place on Earth - but I was very unhappy that I had to drag my kids and family to guest relations and figure this mess out. Oh, and did I mention I called the number I was given and was on hold for 25 minutes. Finally my wife said forget it - we can’t spend our entire day trying to fix Disney’s mess. Let’s just deal with it later. Thanks Disney App!!! Supplemental review - after visiting guest relations, the crew were very gracious, apologized for the server meltdown, which they admitted to, and credited my account. Yes, I had to wait 15 minutes in line for guest relations at the end of the day (kids and wife went back to hotel). I understand computer error, though failsafes should be in place. And I agree that the the app should let you purchase tickets same day! Why does it say you can if no go?

- App caused a giant problem

I upgraded to an annual pass mid-day through the app. First of all it failed a few times and didn’t save my data for the annual pass but finally I made the purchase. Even though I purchased the MaxPass in the annual pass, it wouldn’t let me fastpass from the app. I went to guest services and spent 20 minutes before being sent back to the ticket kiosk outside of the park. There I stood in line for 25 minutes only to be told “unfortunately, it takes 24 hours for the annual pass to be active with fastpass.” Wow, spend $1600 and then that? They finally issued me a new ticket for the day with maxpass and gave me a fastpass voucher for any ride. Wow, thanks for that. I only spent 1+ hour standing in line and talking to solve this problem that all started when I upgraded to an Annual Pass through this app. Don’t do it. I am a lifelong fan of Disney, Disney Vacation Club member and have bought several annual passes. This was my worst Disney experience and has affected my loyalty.

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- Australian Birthday at Disneyland

It has taken me until my 60th Birthday to make it to Disneyland but I couldn't have wished for a better experience. The attractions were everything I could have hoped for, the staff were friendly and the facilities spotless, and I got to meet Mickey! Having been a member of the Mickey Mouse Club prior to being school age I have always wished to come to Disneyland, so as Mickey said Dreams Really Do Come True 😘 Thank you, all staff were amazing and very quick to notice I was wearing a Birthday badge. I was even presented with a Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake after my meal. Kind Regards Debra Sumner

- Amazing, but needs work

This app is incredible at what it does. Being able to book a FastPass on the fly if you have the MaxPass option is almost a necessity with the park so busy. The app just needs to have better stability & less connection issues during busy times. Trying to redeem a FastPass in front of a surge of people & your app freezing is very frustrating. Also I couldn’t use the order food menu at all as it just never loaded. I would also recommend being able to redeem a FastPass directly from the map when you click on an attraction. Many times I had to use the map to locate a ride, only then to have to click back to the main menu & click through to the FastPass I was trying to use. Oh, and the amount of time it takes for you to get your linked photos just takes away the excitement of it. You want to be able to share them then & there with your friends...not 4 hours later!

- Your plus one companion

It’s as good as having Mickey himself give you a hand around both parks. Heaps of perks (maps, event/character picture times, fast pass purchases etc) and definitely makes it easier to plan out your day 🙌🏽

- Selfie sticks

Was very disappointed when I had to hand in my monopod + selfie stick costing $80+ just because I didn't study disney website. Are we really supposed to read it before we get here in a cab and get asked to drop it back in your car. And the lady at the ticket counter seemed so unhappy to seek a ticket. May be it was her first day. She had to make sure my prepaid MasterCard (which i use to avoid credit card fraud) was acceptable ( how dumb considering the amount of tourists that come here). All my excitement about coming to Disneyland all the way from Sydney was shattered in 15 mins. Guess Disney didn't care. Matt be selling all the confiscated selfie sticks. Some clever idea to increase revenge.

- Too much down time

Not enough staff... over priced monopoly on food & beverages... low productivity and poor processes hurt overall experience. Wait times on everything:essential (rides, food, shows) but of course NOT on selling merchandise or over priced souvenirs. Also a lot of the merchandise is of poor quality for its price range (e.g. $20 t-shirts are $5 quality) or just 100% higher mark up than it should be (Mickey ears at $26 are likely still containing 100% mark up at $13). Time to give management a shake up and processes/systems a decent rework. UNIVERSAL SMAHES DISNEY WITH LESS ON OFFER IN LESS SPACE.

- Poor app

Really annoying app to use. Saps your battery, constantly tries to log you in, crashes for no apparent reason, to check times for rides or get context on where you are in the park is almost impossible because icons are too large and take up too much map space, very little information about rides, really annoying FASTPASS system - great you can do it in your phone but very cumbersome and limiting. The app only barely made it better than the alternative... barely...

- App needs work

App is good for fast track tickets. Also has waiting times for rides which is handy. That’s it. Booking a table at any restaurant was impossible - pages never loaded - I was told the only way to book was via the app - ended up going via mobile site. Couldn’t order food in advance - the page never loaded. The map is temperamental- can’t zoom in too much. And every time I open the app it adjusts my screen brightness - weird and annoying.

- Not the greatest place on Earth

If waiting in extremely long queues for everything is your idea of fun then you’re in for a real treat. From the rides to the fast pass (every time booked out so no value there either) to waiting even in the food line where you are meant to skip the queue. Eventually got something to eat but wow was it bad. I saw a family sharing their own food from home and boy was I envious. And to top it off the DL app is pretty average and the wifi is 3rd world. Can’t wait to be out of here.

- Not happy Mate!!!

Most of the attraction we want to see was either temporarily closed or closed!!! Take note we paid US$315 for 1 day entrance for 2 adults and a toddler. Honestly, if my daughter wasn't really looking forward in coming to the wonderful place in Earth, we wouldn't be here!!! Customer guest relations named Lauren from Eastvale wasn't a big help at all. On top of it all the Disneyland website showed that the Fantasmic is available until the 31 August 2017, we only found it out when we were seated at a pre-booked restaurant that's it's not actually running except Friday to Sunday what a load of BS!!! Anyway, hopefully our day will get a lot better after I find that City Hall as Lauren from Eatsvale said to raise it to them!!! Oh just in the queue with Winnie the Poo --- paid the Max Pass for photographer. They don't frickin' have one here!!!

- Bad wifi and fast pass

The wifi and fast pass is pathetic. I’ve wasted so much time with a three day ticket while people walk past and are going to rides and enjoying your park... this trip of a life time is ruined by wifi and fast pass. Your IT tram should be shot! Not the happiest place on earth for the Summers family from Australia!!! I alone went to Knotts Berry farm and the crowds were less, and fast pass a wrist band. I could go on any ride when I liked, as many times as I liked!

- First timer

So far so good.. we were a little nervous in doing the wrong thing - but honestly we have found just by asking anyone who works at the park anything - they are only too willing to help. So it’s been amazingly wonderful 💖

- Great App

I have used the Disneyland App and it is very easy to use. The photos and max pass are great what a break through. Compared to years ago it is so easy. I would recommend it to everyone.

- Pretty much a necessity

This app is nice and easy to navigate, and is pretty much essential for a day at Disneyland. I love how it shows you the ride wait times, places to eat and attractions nearby. It does use battery quickly, which isn’t ideal for being at the park all day. Overall a good app.

- Fast pass

Got maxipass it is not great universal studios had better system where you either pay extra extra for faspass and wait times were much better as had one line for fastpass and one for regular I know Disney extremely busy this time of year but also app wasn’t the greatest to use

- Brilliant!

Making things so easy! Would love to be able to “find my friends” on the app!! Would be perfect if you could connect with them.

- Great time. Highly recommended.

We took our daughter, who has an intellectual disability. We were wonderfully accommodated so we all had a fabulous experience.

- Great App

Love that you can get Max Pass. Wish there were more wifi coverage through out the park so that international visitors can make full use of this wonderful App & Max Pass

- Best day ever

Disney land app is so helpful and tells you every before you go, Disney land itself was amazing I loved it, def will go again and will use this app more ❤️

- About having to pay

I think it all should be free but besides that everything is so helpful like the times of the rides and how long we have to wait

- Simply the best!

Just day one of our 10 day pass! Everything is simply outstanding and soooooo fun!

- Need data

Kept getting signed out. Difficult if you don’t have enough data because WiFi’s doesn’t go to every part of the park. Fast pass was awesome we got to enjoy so much more for our time here.

- Cannot buy tickets on the day at the park

Been trying all week to buy tickets online and through the app. the park has limitations on how many people they allow in. Sadly they are turning away revenue. Obviously they don’t need the $$ after a pandemic… try another theme park

- Love Disney

For feedback, how cool would it be if you could tick off the places you have visited.

- Slow

The app is very slow. Times are not up to date. When arriving the times are completely different.

- Max pass

It takes a while for the max pass to load up on your phone.

- Fast pass not working

What happens when fast pass stops working???? Not good for the family on a once in a lifetime trip with 2 days to see the park and go on rides

- Too slow

Whilst the app in principle is good unfortunately it is just too slow to react making it unreliable. Still need the paper copies until it speeds up!

- Fast pass not worth it

Fast pass is not worth it! You can’t book rides around the same time. You still have to wait. Not worth the extra money! Doesn’t include all rides no point in it. You spend all your day waiting around anyway

- Never works!

Left stranded outside the park because my paper ticket was in the park with the rest of my party and the app would not work. In the 2 days I have been in the park so far I have not yet been able to make it work so can’t utilize the Max pass I paid extra for.

- Issue at entrance

Twice already at the entrance our tickets have said they are invalid and we have had to wait for a supervisor so we can enter. I hope this is not the case every time we go in.

- I just got the app and within a 20 secs keeps asking to rate

Annoying! As it keeps asking to rate when I haven’t had the proper time to functionally use it.

- Why bother

Why bother with an app where certain features are only available to US or Japanese residents only. Not only is that somewhat racist; you want to be a global company; you want global money into your pocket but you only offer certain services to certain countries. Riiiiight

- Very disappointed

Very disappointed in our Disneyland experience ride wait was anything from 1.30 mins to 2 hours the Disneyland app is quit hard to use. We were very excited to explore Disneyland and Disney California but all our experience was very underwhelming.

- The times quoted for rides are a complete lie

The sign for dumbos ride said 25 mins. We have been in the queue for well over an hour. My daughter has nearly passed out. Very poor crowd management. All they have to do is tell the truth. Why lie?

- Rick Maxwell

Great way to work the rides non stop. We rode 16 yesterday some 2 times and space mountain three.

- Do yourselves a favor, get a map inside

Worst ever app. Shows rides and events that don’t exist or under maintenance, or doesn’t show the ones that are active. Doesn’t scan your ticket so that you can link to fastpass. Hey developers, pull your fingers out and fix the app.

- Rip off

We booked a fast pass, and waited one hour to be able to use it, when we went to use it the road was closed, so we waited around for another hour until we could use it again.

- Has some issues

Has locked up several times. Otherwise good.

- Awesome

It awesome and it tells you everything

- UX was horrible - I expected so much more from Disney

App took forever to load or refresh - often when I was trying to figure out where I was on the map or accessing my Maxpasses. It’s like they completely overlooked User Testing or what park patrons need from an App. What’s the point of having an App with Maxpass times when you can’t plan out a route with a plan around the park? All this App did was prompt me to buy more - so if you want to be sold to, this is the app for you.

- Useless app

Maps are incredibly slow and do not follow your location. Takes a long time to a update. Not user friendly at all.

- Haunted Castle

Stood in the queue for an hour and a half for the haunted Castle only to be told it has been temporarily closed. No announcement or any notification to everyone waiting. It has been closed for half an hour and we’ve only just realised.

- Disney digital consumer nightmare

Everything from the website to app is a digital disaster. They should scrap the whole lot and start again from scratch . Far too complex, and more external links and additional downloads than Microsoft!

- Max Pass

Instruction on how to maximise the app, was very poor. Ticket sales person had little knowledge of the actual way to use the app.

- Internet access

Terrible internet access throughout the park makes using this AP very difficult and inconsistent. Seems like minimum 30 minutes plus delays for uploads to translate to tickets. Might as well wait in line!

- Great app

Easy to up grade our one day pass ticket

- Thank you

Thank you so much to TREVOR FROM OLYMPIA WA for explaining how the max pass works and how to link it to our app

- What a ripoff

If you enjoy paying lots of money to stand in a dark line, listening to the same recorded message over and over and over again, then this is the place for you.

- Excited

I’m not there yet but what I can see is amazing!

- Wifi

No wifi in certain places

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- I love Disneyland

First of all, the app is not useless. It's reasonable to not be able to purchase PARK TICKETS on an app. I love the new FastPass Max Pass system, and also it's fantastic to be able to see where the characters are at at all times. The ride wait times are constantly updated, and I love being able to see what FastPasses are available for when. If you're going to Disneyland anytime soon, this app is a gift from the heavens, and a new necessity for any Disneyland trip. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

- Photo pass

I bought the photo pass for the day and places like The Mickey Mouse house where it was indicating there was photo pass, no photographers were there. I remember when photo pass was so much more expensive they were everywhere, now with max pass you can't find even if the app indicates otherwise. Waste of time and money.

- Could not complete registration

Would not allow me to enter a city. No matter what we did.

- Tired of being forced to use the app

Would be nice if you were not pushed to use the app to function at the park. Some of us are from out of country and to use the app without Disney offering free wifi is not fair. Very expensive! If they want us to use the app then wifi should be supplied.

- Needs better filters

The app itself works as you’d expect and has everything you need. The only drawback I see is you can’t sort the wait times from lowest to highest. One can do the sorting on the “My Disney Experience App” for Walt Disney World in Florida. Why doesn’t this one work the same?

- App set up is looping

I have tried to “get started” 6 times and I’ve gone through all the set up questions. The app says “all set” and then brings me back to the beginning :( 😩

- So disappointed

3 of the major rides were “temporarily closed” - 2 closed after waiting for 1+ hours - not worth coming here ever again

- Unable to complete ticket purchase

Unable to complete ticket purchase

- Good but not great

Helpful but not a very user friendly app

- Slow service and response time

Not easy at all to book reservations. No parks were available unless I paid the higher price for a Park hopper which felt like a rip off cash grab. Changing dates I had no service no response for long delays. Disappointed in Disney now.

- Ride not working - rise of the resistance

We already waited an extra hour in-line waiting for it to be fixed. Disney personal not offering some kind of fast pass or anything for people waiting all this long. They just say that you are welcome to leave.

- Disney

2 B honest this place sucked

- Matterhorn not open at 8:00

We decided to do the Matterhorn for our first run of the day but the ride wasn’t open at 8:00. Could have used our time to get in line for a different ride

- Disney app

Difficult to navigate and quickly understand what is required. Signing in with Disney plus account does not work. Need to get code each time Nickname process sucks too

- Boooo Disney

Probably more of a Disney review than the app, but super disappointed that for a “magical” family vacation, Mom has to be glued to her phone at every waking minute to ATTEMPT an enjoyable park experience… Literally constantly refreshing/booking/planning in between and ON each attraction. AND good luck keeping a charged phone if you intend on using it for pictures and videos as well. Disney missed the mark on this one…

- Frustrating

Can’t purchase lightening pass app is blank

- Weather

You should add the local weather and forecast to help with planning your day. Maybe this is less important in California compared to Orlando?

- Food service

Hi, Unfortunately during this visit (we’ve been here a half dozen times in the last 13 years), the food service has been very slow. There does not seem to be enough staff working at the different food/beverage/snack stations. In addition, dedicating so much attention to mobile orders really slows it down for those guests waiting in line. I don’t understand why “system is down” means I cannot pay with cash (using exact amount) to pay for an item. We were unable to purchase coffees this morning at the kiosk on the Pier in California Adventure. Overall, we’ve been incredibly disappointed in the amount of time it takes to purchase and receive food. We’ll be eating off site and packing more of our own snacks for the future. It’s too much hassle to eat here. It does seem rather convenient to purchase alcohol, however. There are lots of people consuming it and carrying it through the park. Either that is easier to obtain or those guests have found ways to maximize the mobile order system.

- Reply time’s ridiculous

Takes way to long to get a reply from customer service. Emailed them mid November and never heard anything back until the end of January. When I did hear back they were unwilling to help. For a big family attraction they are not willing to help

- Dining Reservations

I have tried to make dining reservations for 59-60 days ahead. We were able to make one reservation for 58 days ahead but the app would not load for the other days. After trying for over 12 hours (even during the middle of the night), when the app finally loaded for those days, there was nothing available for what we were interested in. I don’t think your app is able to handle the volume of people. Not a good start.

- Very Poorly Run Park

We arrived at approximately 9:30 AM I tried downloading the app from 9:30 AM until it finally downloaded at 11:30. Every restaurant between 930 and 1130 had a lineup of about 50 people deep. We were coming off West Coast time so my children wanted to eat lunch. We ate ice cream for breakfast. We are here on spring break and you would think that they would open up more restaurants to accommodate for the overflow. I finally downloaded the app at 11:30 as noted. When we walked up to the coke van to get a single drink, they told me I had to order the drink from the mobile app rather than just pay the person directly. What an absolute waste of time! You would think this whole operation would be better managed.

- Long waits

This is the second line we wasted over an hour in and the ride shut down. It is almost 2:30 pm and we have been able to ride one ride.

- Nothing works

Totally confusing absolute garbage

- I expect better from Disney

App crashes a fair bit. I get more accurate wait times from a free app. The loading screen is the same ad over and over for the Food and Wine Festival. Lots of people in the park complaining about this crashing.

- Lightning Lane/Disney Genie not worth it for Star Wars

If you’re going for Star Wars attractions, don’t bother with Lighting Lane! We used the Lightning Lane/Disney Genie to book an entry time for Smuggler’s Run. The standby line was just 60 minutes, so we could have easily stood in line. The wait for Rise of the Resistance attraction was 100 minutes most of the day, so I kept checking the app to see when I could book an entry time. The app kept telling me Lighting Lane was not available for the attraction, so we eventually just decided to get in the standby line since we didn’t want to miss it. We assumed that Lightning Lane was not available at all for Rise of the Resistance, but when we got to the attraction we found out that the Lighting Lane bookings sold out very early in the day. So we really didn’t need to spend the extra money on the Lighting Lane when we bought the tickets.

- No response.

I cannot get ANYONE to respond to my live chat. It’s been 3 hours. Not great.

- Love


- On Line Chat

This is useless, I spent 8 hours on here yesterday and no one responded

- User friendly

Not very user friendly. Don’t like how it sends me back and forth from the app to the website (which I have to log into each time). I’m trying to adjust my reservation and I’m having a difficult time figuring out how to do so. I’ve had to call (which told me they can’t adjust over the phone) and email ( told me to message on the app which I also can’t figure out). I’m sure I’ll figure it out but the fact it’s taken as long as it has (the fact I’m even writing this message) means it’s not that easy. A company the size of Disney with the amount of resources available, it’s actually quite surprising to see an app this sub-average.

- Pathetic website and order processing system

Trying for two days and my order is not being processed. Have been in touch through chat and it says 24hours wait time.

- Wait time for food

Almost impossible to eat

- Contact

I have tried calling Disney Land and every time I am asked to message via the app. I have tried but had no response. I am at a loss

- Best app

One of the best app i ever used, you see the waiting time, your pictures, the map, purchase food, anything you need!


I had amazing help with a problem that has been going on for a week. I jumped on the phone with several people but only one help me, JENNIFER! She was very helpful and patient. Thankyou Jennifer -Sincerely Fraser

- Live Chat has more than 24 hours response time

I tried to live chat. Sent my message. 24 hours later, agent responded but if you don’t constantly check the app, you won’t know they’ve responded. Trish responded 23 hours later. I checked the app an hour later and replied but 48 hours later still no reply. Terrible live chat experience.

- Disneyland App ❤️

Love this app! Find anything and everything with the happiest place on earth. Make dinner reservations etc....love, love, love.


After endless amount of waiting in virtual queues. We were not able to book any rides or restaurant. At the price we pay for this, its just unacceptable

- On hold in messaging for over 24 hours. Ridiculous

I have messaged and waited for a reply only to have worker say it was resolved because I didn’t answer

- Terrible experience

We tried to get in the virtual line for both the Rise of the Resistance and the Spider-Man Show and were able to make a boarding group but did not get the time so we didn’t get to see anything. Very difficult to understand the site and extremely frustrating and disappointing!!!!!!!

- Malpass not working

Paid extra to have the benefit of Maxpass access using the app. The app won’t allow me to make any reservations. What a waste of money. The cast member shrugged her shoulders and basically said “too bad “.

- California adventures

Excellent rides that are open... Disappointed that premium rides are closed for days

- No Response to emails about ordering off shopdisney.

I miss I’

- I love the Disneyland App

This app is great well your outside and inside the parks. You can check out what the wait times for attractions, you can even find out where Disney photographers, Characters and more are. You can pre-order your food on the app too! All and all this is a great app.

- Love this app!

I love using this app to help pre-plan my Disney trips. I’m currently 2 weeks out from my next trip, and the app is a wonderful way to show my son what we’re going to do and who we’re going to meet.


Disneyland truly is the most magical place on earth! I’m looking forward to coming back as often as I possibly can!💗

- Should rate ride intensity

As abv

- Max Pass rip off

I am extremely outraged and disappointed for selling me a Max pass at the both ticket and not being able to use it for more than one ride. I paid $90 extra for nothing. The lady at the both said it would be a good idea to purchase it and I trusted her recommendation and we were able to use it only once and when we wanted to use it for second ride, we were told that fast passes ran out for all the rides. I am extremely upset for this huge rip off. I have been saving for one year to make this trip to Disney land and bring our kids. I worked hard for this money and Disney land took $90 unlawfully from us and your employee deceived us and sold us a max pass which we could not use more than once.

- Ok but

Does not tell you how to operate

- Wait time not accurate

Was saying 40min for a ride, we waiting 100! What. Waste

- It use to be Disney now it’s Di$ney

Hello I’m going to give you a nice lengthy review of how bad this app honestly is. I come from Canada so to have a data package in the states already costs a fortune, this is for emergencies at home and not to waste data sitting on my phone. This company makes billions of dollars daily I'm sure and their entire park isn’t covered in wifi so to get fast passes or get advantage of it is near impossible! This app is riddled with bugs and glitches constantly signing me out, never loading, the only things that worked like a charm were of course booking reservation or canceling them which makes sense because that’s them getting money. In Disney world the parks are covered in wifi that this issue never happened on my iPod touch when I was much younger and couldn’t afford to pay for my data plans. Hell even universal California has wifi in its entire park right outside the gate, I had wifi in the park the entire day and even in city walk so no issues at all in that park at least for wifi for the rest of the park thats a different review. If you plan to go to California adventure don’t even bother. trying to get fast passes with no wifi on that side of the park you’ll be so mad that you spent extra money for this crap that you won’t use! It makes it tough when you also try to load up your tickets to redeem fast passes. On our second last day a cast member finally told us that our physical tickets can be redeemed to use fast passes if we got them through the mobile app, would of been nice to know about that way in advanced after a few members saw us struggle to get the app to load before. We were also suggested to screenshot our photo linker to scan a barcode to add photos if we got shots done by the Disney photographers, while its an alright suggestion riddle me this one batman when I’ve got 500 pictures to scroll through to find it, I’d rather the bloody internet be covered in the park so I can just load the barcode, universal California had wifi in the entire park everywhere! The park is honestly too crammed to enjoy anything anymore star wars is a big joke with one ride that isn’t all that spectacular especially if you get stuck with people who do nothing during the ride. Cantina at this time is 2 limit drink and 45 mins max staying in there, drinks range 17+ and up. All meet and greets seem to last about 10 mins before they peace out and return sometime later. They also now close rides while parades are going either they have been doing it since the dawn of time and I’ve been lucky to avoid going on the rides they shut down during those times or it’s just a stupid new rule to make me not want to come back. The company went from being all about the magic and the guest to straight lets get the max amount of money from a guest and screw them. Di$ney! This trip has impacted our ways of loving this park we have vowed we’d never return to California now and I’d honestly suggest to anyone who reads this take my advice and go to Orlando. Save a little bit extra and just go there you’ll have such a better time plus they have much better rides, the exclusive ones in California couldn’t bring me back ever again I’d rather drink bleach. Would give an easily 0/5 stars I’m sure Walt Disney himself is rolling in his grave in mad disgust this place has become. Happiest place my bum.

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we should genuinely just put a bunch of bleeding edge machine learning stuff into a disneyland animatronic, somehow get the programs to interact and transfer info between each other, and just see what happens

pavlić 🇰🇵 🎷| IQ in bio

@ultrac00led i probably would never go to disneyland for logistical and financial reasons but if i did i would do so exclusively for the ghosts

Sir Drip MBE

This guy is living in Disneyland lmao

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Disneyland Paris at Christmas 2021 -

Coaster Generator

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Josep Ferrer

@Miquel_R @Defensagob @polsolet Disneyland Pedralbes? 🤦🏻‍♂️


They say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Clearly, they haven’t been next to you before. #AuramexZeexYoon

Walt Disney_bot

When we opened Disneyland, a lot of people got the impressions that it was a get-rich-quick thing, but they didn't realize that behind Disneyland was this great organization that I built here at the Studio, and they all got into it and we were doing it because we loved to do it.

Anya Portus

@s0phs0phs0ph I think Disneyland is a more appropriate analogy because the actors there have their own version of ‘keyfabe’

Kha Verna🐱

@ultrac00led The nearest Disneyland to me is in Hong Kong lol

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