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Cleaner is the perfect tool to unfollow, remove ghost or inactive followers, mass delete posts and unlike previously liked photos or videos.

* Bulk unfollow users
* Bulk block users
* Bulk unblock users
* Bulk delete posts
* Bulk unlike posts
* Cloud automatic execution
* Night Mode automatic execution
* Whitelist Manager
* Help Center
* Support for user search, filters, undo, multiple accounts, relationship indicator
* Quick selection and crop tools
* Advanced quick selection: Ghost users, Inactive users, No profile photo users
* Full profile and post previews
* Activity log with undo
* Activity statistics

'Cleaner' is a third party app for Instagram not affiliated with Instagram/Facebook Inc.

Cleaner for IG App Description & Overview

The applications Cleaner for IG was published in the category Utilities on 2015-07-28 and was developed by Novasoft Cloud Services. The file size is 7.38 MB. The current version is 5.3 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

Fixed a bug causing the app to crash.

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Cleaner for IG Reviews


Waste of time  ALLanEbb  1 star

Didn’t do anything it said it would. I have 20K followers many of whom are ghost accounts. I tried using their ‘remove ghost followers’ option 4-5 times and it dud nothing but waste my time. Didn’t work once.


Cool app  poolman7.3  5 star

Works great for me, it’s even smart enough to not allow you to move too fast👌🏻

Devin I

Don’t bother  Devin I  1 star

I downloaded the app used the trial then purchased it and it hasn’t worked at all I would love if I could get a refund because I’m so frustrated right now!


The app not responding it crashing pls fix this bs  sillybonezzz  3 star

This app not working and I payed pls fix


Great app  G10814579  5 star

It helped me so much


Never works  larealtia  1 star

Doesn't load all Users always deactivates cloud never got to use it after paying 5.99


Not worth it  Kualakai  1 star

Paid for the upgrade and constantly gets the “Instagram rejected your last action” and prompts you to pay for another upgrade. Save your money.


It would be 5 stars for what it is .... but  SteamTrainNamey  4 star

This app has helped me a-lot amassing many followers. Although recently I have been unable to login do to no support with Two Factor Authentication. Add this feature that supports it and it would be 5 stars for me.


Horrible  KiraCccccS  1 star

It’s sad that you always have to pay for things just to get what you want. I have over 60k followers and I needed help removing some of them because they are inactive and I’m losing followers. I thought this app would help but it didn’t. You always got to pay this and pay that. Lame all y’all want is money and it’s disgusting at this point.


So disappointing  SweetTP1908  1 star

I requested a refund. The app only works once a day. I can delete 50 posts a day on my own.


Can’t login  symanthepieman  1 star

When u try to login and verify your account it just redirects u to Instagram and when u go back to the app nothings changed.


To expensive for how bad it is  hsiaobsbf  1 star

Didn’t even get my 50 free actions before I had to purchase it ..... after it allowed me to go through all my followers and select a heap to delete .... waste of half an hour!!!


Piece of garbage  yegfssh  1 star

Stay away from this app they will take all your money on upgrades then Instagram will restrict and block the app from there platform so nothing actually gets fixed on your Instagram. Its a full blown scam.


Stay away  Mk18976  1 star

Paid for a pro licence which when purchased later tells you to pay for a cloud upgrade to clear users. SCAMMERS


amazing  BellaMooMooIszzi  5 star

i mean i payed for it but it’s really good?? actually works and does it fast.


Crashes on login every time  d28000  1 star

Will not stop crashing


Good but keeps crashing  Joahsuwhsjwj  5 star

Can’t even click into it without crashing. Uninstalled and re installed. Still crashing


Was happy...  snowlove19  3 star

Use to work wonderfully. I’ve been using Instagram since it was popular amongst the photographer community (before Facebook purchased it) I had followed many amazing people but with the release and social media platform and owner ship rights changed many left and have been stagnant in the background. This was perfect to tidy up users that have been inactive for over 5 years on my account. Unfortunately I’ve tried to login a few times recently only for it to continually shut down. Would love this to be fixed ASAP as it has gone from brilliant to zero....

Play Forest

Perfect  Play Forest  5 star

Does exactly what I wanted it to do, which was delete posts so I could ‘reset’ several accounts to start again.


Waste of money  kirraa_92  1 star

Great concept too bad it doesn’t work


Wow this is bad  spider_boe  1 star

This was the biggest waste of money and time I’ve recently had the dishonor of being part of!(:

Skyway Traffic

Wow  Skyway Traffic  1 star

Sending out a push notification to iPhone users to tell my friends on Android to download the app there is an absolutely WILD move. Forgot I had this app on my phone but that notification made it an easy delete. What a decision.


Wish I could archive  ravynwthecoins  3 star

Would love this if I had the option to archive pics and not just delete 😕☹️🤧


App crashes on launch  drums4life24  1 star

App crashes on launch.


Pro version issue  Branwiz  1 star

I purchased the pro version and the money went through and it said purchase successful and then it said that the verification was incorrect and I don’t know what to do.


Great app  Luhh_fun.size  5 star

It really works yooo


2019: Does. Not. Work.  Sunnie1ee  1 star

This app is a SCAM. I spent over an hour trying to batch edit my photos and for nowhere, even after paying for the “upgrade” and then “pro” versions. What BS.


FIX  Cutellai  1 star

HELP!!! Nothing will display.


Do not get this app  fonwjdb  1 star

Terrible. I had to remove MOST of my followers for MYSELF. I definitely would not recommend this app. I need my money back!


Hi  Rumatchali  5 star

Unblock all block and unfollow all friends plz help me


Ghost followers  DanyDandelly  1 star

I’ve purchased the pro and so disappointed straight way when I clicked on the ghost followers the app picked a lot of followers that actually engage with my page :(

hyu y. o

Terrible  hyu y. o  1 star

I did 1 thing which was to unfollow 3 people, then went to unfollow inactive followers, and it said I had “used up” my 50 free uses. Absolute joke


Nope  De087434556  1 star

The option to delete ghost followers etc doesn't come up,can't see it anywhere,I assume you have to pay for it to get that,would have liked to try it first,don't know why apps trick you into downloading a free crap version

Amy 👑❤️🐝

amazing  Amy 👑❤️🐝  5 star

i love this app😭😍


Great app  nuuuucccceee  5 star

Does excalty what it says


Yes  HelloHeart123  5 star


Kitti Kovacs

+++++  Kitti Kovacs  5 star


Kcd 88888888

Really good  Kcd 88888888  5 star

Does exactly what the description says it does


review  xixi61  5 star

really good


Works well!  Iiiyhfdhsff  5 star

It does exactly what i says it does and it great!

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