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Simply Piano by JoyTunes [Education] App Description & Overview

Simply Piano is a fast and fun way to learn piano, from beginner to pro. Works with any piano or keyboard. Chosen as one of the best iPhone apps.

- Tons of fun songs like Imagine, Chandelier, All Of Me and Counting Stars, also J.S. Bach
- Includes courses for different musical tastes and playing levels
- Learn the basics step-by-step from reading sheet music to playing with both hands
- Slow down library songs to choose your own pace for easy learning
- Personalized 5-Min Workouts ensuring you progress fast and always succeed
- Suitable for all ages, no previous knowledge required to learn piano

No Piano? Try the Touch Courses with 3D Touch to turn your device into an on-screen keyboard!

How it works:
- Place your device (iPhone/iPad/iPod) on your acoustic/MIDI piano or keyboard and play; the app will immediately recognize what you are playing
- Get instant feedback on your playing to quickly learn and improve your piano skills
- Discover the magic of music with fun songs in the Library and complete courses to start sounding like a pro

How the Subscription Works:
- All app users can play two free courses. Upgrade to a premium subscription package at any time.
- Subscribers will receive full access to ALL courses. New courses and songs added every month!
- All recurring subscriptions will auto-renew unless auto-renewal is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, at the cost of the chosen package.
- Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.
- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase.
- Your subscription is for your iTunes account and can be used on your iOS device.
- Payments will be charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase.
- Subscriptions cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period.

Choose from one of the following subscription options:
- 3 months recurring subscription for $59.99 (USD)
- 6 months recurring subscription for $89.99 (USD)
- Yearly recurring subscription for $119.99 (USD)

Simply Piano is developed by JoyTunes, creators of award-winning apps Piano Maestro and Piano Dust Buster. Created by music educators, the apps are used by tens of thousands of music teachers worldwide with over 1 million songs learned every week. JoyTunes are experts in creating educational and fun music apps for learning piano quickly and easily.

Awards & Recognition -
- "EMI’s Innovation Challenge”
- "World Summit Award", by the United Nations
- “Best Tools for Beginners”, NAMM
- "Best Tablet Game", GameIS
- “Parents' Choice Award”
- “Golden App”, Apps for Homeschooling

Have questions, feedback or suggestions? Reach out to us at

Enjoy Playing!

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terms of use:

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Simply Piano by JoyTunes Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Just like a piano, the app needed some tuning. We fixed some pesky bugs so it should B sharp now. Keep your feedback coming! Write us at and one of our friendly bunch will get back to you.

Simply Piano by JoyTunes Comments & Reviews

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- No Regret At All (Really Great App)

Technically, I would just rated 4 stars for this app since there is always room for improvement. However, I rated it 5 stars for a very personal reason. I learned to play piano on and off throughout my childhood but gave it up during my mid teen. Thinking I will never be able to play perfectly, I even began to hate the instrument since it kept reminding me that I have no musical talent. I even tried to avoid anyone who can play like my friends and cousins (when they play). However, I have come to realise that nothing is actually stopping me from finding musical talent but myself. So now almost 28, I decided to start again through this app. I initially hesitated due to the price and that often times, subscriptions are hard to cancel. But surprisingly, I have come to love it. Now playing it almost everyday whenever I can, the house is filled with simple melodies. I don’t mind not becoming professional as long as I can play for my parents, especially my father. He has always hoped that one day, his children will touch the keys again. I recommend this to anyone who are struggling to reconcile with piano and music. Keep the app running for old iOS please!! Some of us still use old iPads. ❤️🙏🏻

- I like the app but doesn’t work sometimes..

The app is helpful and easy to understand. Which I do like, however, the app detects I’m playing a whole different key. It is hard to learn the piano on this app when it is saying you are playing a key wrong. I’ve learned a lot from this app but it is frustrating I have to play the key multiple times to move on. I’ve studied each key, to make sure it wasn’t me playing the wrong key, but it wasn’t. On the bottom of the screen it shows the keyboard, and when you play a key it shows which one you are playing, so when i play the key it wants me to play, it says I’m playing a different one. And to move on, I have to play a key that isn’t required. But on the bottom of the screen It says I’m playing the correct key. to play, I either, play the wrong key and it moves me on, or keep playing the right key over, and over, again and then it moves me on. Sometimes it doesn’t even move me on so I HAVE to play the incorrect key. So this will not help me become a better pianist by telling me the correct key is the wrong key, and the wrong key is the correct key. So I think they should fix that. But other than that it’s is a nice app. It is helpful other than the wrong key thing. It’s easy to understand which is great for young kids who want to learn by them self, like myself. But I really hope they fix that so I can give them a way better rating. If this wasn’t a problem I would give them a 5/5.

- I’m Disappointed.

When I got this game I was excited, super excited, but not long after that I got really disappointed, let me explain why. So I downloaded thinking, this is awesome, I’m gonna learn how to play piano and be able to read the music. I was super pumped about it so I got on right away, when you go in they have you creat a account which was super easy and I had no trouble with it at all, though It did ask if I wanted to go premium and of course I put no because I don’t have the money to spend on an app, I mean if I had the money for the app I would just go to an actual piano lesson, not to mention the prices are pretty high, but anyway I was on the app for about 5 minutes because that’s how long the app says I should practice for, and then I was done, super easy super fun so I got off the app and went on with my day. Later that evening I wasn’t doing anything so I did it for another 5 minutes and after that I finished the first whole lesson and I was like wow I really like this app, I learned a lot and it doesn’t take forever, little did I know that after you finish the first lesson you have to go premium to do anything else and that makes me very frustrated because there are a lot of teenagers and kids and some adults who can’t afford lessons and this app might as well cost the same as an actual lesson. But I’m sure it’s great for the people that can afford it. I just think that they should say before you download that you only get one lesson.

- Amazing app

So I just started playing this it’s really fine but at the same time a little bit hard but you should definitely try this app it is amazing I have it’s like a little bit ago but it was hard for me but now I’m seven and I was six when we first got it and I really love it now it’s amazing I had another one but then it start to not work so then I wanted to try this again and I’ve been playing for about 15 minutes now and I already love it so this is a very cool app you should definitely get it at first it will be a little bit frustrating but then you would actually be able to do a lot of stuff like it’s difficult and then you get used to it and then you will be able to do it so I recommend you to buy this app like it is amazing like when I first started I didn’t know how to play it but now I do so it’s really amazing is it home to me only in 15 minutes so you should deathly get this app and if you were kid reading this you should show your mom and you should deathly get it like it is amazing when I first started it was just difficult but then you’ll get used to it so you should get it this app is amazing🤪🤩

- An unforgivable frustration

I really like this app. It has taught me a lot, and I think it is a great tool for learning. However, there is a major flaw that drives me insane every time i use it. No matter how quiet the room, how loud my keyboard is, or how on tempo I am, it constantly does not pick up some notes (mostly eighth notes—specifically if they are in a sequence of eighths). I’ve been playing music for a while, so I know my beats and tempos. I’ve tried everything from making sure the room is silent when I play to turning my keyboard up to the max (deafening) volume. It seems to help a little bit when my keyboard is very loud, but the problem still persists. It’s just so frustrating when I just need one more star, but I can’t get it because the app won’t pick up notes that I know I’ve played correctly. Also, I’ve noticed that some songs seem to be a little off. I understand them from a musical point of view, but it may trouble a new learner. They might not be able to hear the medley and play something different during the first few lessons. I was a little long winded, I apologize. The pros do outweigh the cons with this app—as long as you’re okay with listening to (honestly) bad singers. I’ve been able to learn a lot and it has helped me with playing with both hands. I’d give 3.75 stars. 4.5 if the note thing gets fixed.

- Fun, but a bad teacher

I have several months experience playing piano as well as being taught piano, trumpet, drums, and 10 years singing in choirs. The techniques SimplyPiano uses are awesome when they work, however the Practice Mode reinforces bad playing and really really makes your work learning any specific piece of music impossibly harder than it should once you reach your learning curve. SimplyPiano will get you the techniques and skills to make you a passable player very quickly, but you will be extremely frustrated along the way if you aren’t careful. You won’t be able to use SimplyPiano to perfect any technique or phrase or song without external help or by restarting the entire song or level yet again like a game. It doesn’t even teach you how to practice outside the app so you are less frustrated inside it, and it does nothing to detect if you are advancing too quickly (because by default it does the tutorial only once!) It simply won’t let you repeat elements without mistakes enough times in a row for any brain to actually deeply learn it. If you learn something with mistakes it will advance you and cheer your success, but there’s no way to rehears that spot you always miss at the end except to waste another 5 minutes in the tutorial for phrases you already know. You will learn superficially extremely quickly, yet you will be quietly angry the whole time at your apparent lack of skill and consistent mistakes.

- So fun - lots of Christmas music

I honestly can’t believe I can play piano with two hands now. I’m nearly done with essentials 3 and it’s amazing how much I’ve learned. I really love being able to read and play regular sheet music (it’s included within the app), which was always my goal. My only hesitation on recommending this app to everyone are some of the music choices. I’m not religious but there are a lot of Christian songs to work through, carols especially. I don’t mind them, as I know them well and that makes them easier for me to learn, but if you’re not Christian or don’t know carols at all it might be a barrier to you. One more note, the further I get in the course the more I’m wanting a keyboard to plug into (I’m using a real piano). I feel like sometimes it can’t “hear” the notes when I’m playing 4 at a time for example. This is something that Simply Piano acknowledges but I feel like I got quite far without one. As for the expense, my whole family is using it and we’re now playing lots of sheet music. Other sites have sheet music for about $5-6 a song. I think for all of us using it and getting sheet music it’s a great deal.

- Good but why do you have to pay?

The simply piano app is good, but why do you have to pay? I know that sounds like a dumb question but why? I don’t know why you have to pay to learn piano. For example you want to learn piano but you just can’t effort it every month or you just don’t know how to pay it. Like, if you just want to learn piano you can just make it free. It’s just that I think it’s better to make it free so more people can learn piano without paying. But, what I do like about simply piano is at the start, when you download the app you get this guide and then you start learning piano but, when your done doing the piano stuff or the touch screen piano you get this guide about you can pay or get a free trial but, I just don’t get why. Like, if you want to learn piano and you do all the piano stuff and you feel like your ready to move on but you don’t want to pay or have your credit car information on the app. If you don’t want to pay or have your credit card information on the app you can’t learn piano and your just stuck there repeating the same stuff that you learned on Simply piano. I don’t get why you have to pay. But, that’s why I don’t think you should pay just to learn piano. But, if you don’t agree with me I understand.

- Thank You...

Played the Piano, and percussion from like 5-14 years old.. then nothing after that.. 42 now.. forgot all music reading and was always too intimidated to learn again.. didn’t have $25 to shell out a week for lessons nor the time with my career and two little kids.. stumbled across simply piano one weekend w my out of tune acoustic piano.. a week later I had the full digital set up w a Yamaha delivered so I could get the correct feedback from the app.. a week later.. life changing.. I’ve always had music in my head and wanted to be able to just play along with songs and read music... this app is amazing.. with patience and lots of repetition it’s all coming back to me.. I never would have got this with lessons because I don’t have the time.. going at my own speed at 5am before work 30 minutes... I couldn’t be happier now.. Piano is meditation.. if your not present when you are playing it can go south quick... lol... looking forward to the process... enjoying every moment of the journey back... thank you Simply Piano.. you’ve created pure magic into people’s lives...!! 💪🏽❤️🎹👍🏽

- This app is an absolute steal

I bought this app because Covid lockdowns forced a suspension of lessons with my kids’ piano teacher. We paid her $60/week. With this app, the kids are learning faster, they’re more engaged with practicing at home, and my wife and I have even picked up practicing our own rusty piano skills. It’s brought joy to the whole house during quarantine frustrations. At 1/20th the cost of in-person lessons, I’m not sure we’ll ever go back. There is one thing I really don’t like about the app. it’s not enough to warrant stripping off a star, but it is worth mentioning. A lot of the songs have an accompanying drumbeat track with a tempo that is completely mismatched with the music. This causes unnecessary frustration because you have to mentally block out the drum track rhythm and follow your own, because if you follow the rhythm, you’ll fail the lesson. In a way, it forces you to focus and tune out distractions which adds to the challenge, but it should be an option to turn it off. All in all, if you have a piano and want to improve your skills, this app is a no brainer and more than worth every penny.

- Motivation to learn piano

This app is simply a motivating tool to learn piano and it works pretty good. I had a little problem with recognition, not enough to complain. Choses of songs to practice are great and you feel like a rock star on Essentials 1st level, because you already got to play Imagine. The system is neat. Each chapter teaches you a new skill and very visual concept of it makes me motivated to get all notes right, so I get stuck hours playing same song until perfection. I also try to play sheet music for beginners and oh god, how boring those are, so I switch to the app. There are few minuses... Sometimes I feel that finger positions are odd, but you can go ahead and figure out the way you can play it more comfortably. I would like to be able to see songs as a sheet too, so it’s easier to learn them by heart. Otherwise, this app is great. It’s a bit expensive, but teacher would cost much more. I think if I ever get to a higher level in the app and then go to the classes it would be a perfect way to polish my knowledge, but at this point I do feel that I am growing with every lesson I take! Great job

- Good app but w/ a MAJOR issue

Giving this 2 stars (generously) for how great of an app it COULD be; if my issue were fixed it’d be 5 stars. The app showed its potential and was great until about halfway into the first lesson. My audio all registered fine at first, passed all their audio sync tests, no issues. Out of the blue it was no longer detecting that I was hitting notes. In the app when you fail a part of the song 3 times it sends you into a practice mode with a metronome. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice feature when needed. HOWEVER, I didn’t need it making it SO FRUSTRATING to keep having to repeat this painfully slow practice mode. I even had my mom who has been playing piano for decades sit and try to play the simple song and it did the same thing! There is nothing I could do at this point; if you can’t pass the song you can’t move forward in the app. The funny thing was on the practice mode it registered all the notes just fine, then it would go back into the regular song and would glitch again. I had to delete the app and start using Yousician which is good but limits you to only 10 minutes per day unless you pay. I don’t like it as much as I did this app which is a shame. Hopefully, this can get fixed as I saw a few other people mention similar issues.

- Key to my passion

I was really skeptical at first because I normally do not use apps to teach me. It was embedded in my mind that the only way to learn is by other people. When I was younger, I played piano from a lady who taught me but I gave up on it real fast because I thought it was stupid to play music despite how much I loved it. Now I am 20 years old and I couldn’t hold that passion down much longer. I am also deaf meaning I have nothing in my right and maybe 40% in my left which shouldn’t even be possible for me to play music or yet even listen to it but it speaks to me. So I took a long shot with this app. I already know the whole note spectrum in two days. It all makes so much sense! I wont lie thought, the constant repetition is a little annoying but in the end it becomes automatic for me to know where to put my hands on the piano. I always wanted to play for my grandma one day and this app will make it possible for me. I learned so much more in just a week then what I remembered in a whole month when I was younger. Thank you for creating this app.

- Good for learning but frustrating and oh my god the ads

I like the idea of the app but it could really be executed better. First I want to talk about the ads as a side note. I feel like it might be possible to grow fast but come on, not a five year old in less than a year with complete knowledge. I know a lot of little kids and none of them can sit down for long enough when they have a choice to play more than ten minutes each day on the piano. Tying into that, the app is frustrating. I swear, practice mode is nightmare fuel. And for a beginner it’s so hard to see which notes are which. I think it would be worth a feature that lets you see the letters corresponding to the placement on the staff if you choose to display it. Maybe the notes are just me but as a beginner I have trouble every time. Also having songs locked behind courses is frustrating. If I want to realize that I’m not ready or am ready I’ll do it before I finish a course. I like how you can slow songs down but the menu you can pull up is not ideal, especially if you are just pausing it to go do something. You have approximately two seconds to put you hands back in position. Good luck. Overall I’d say the app is kinda average.

- Pretty Good

Simply piano is a pretty good app. It works in a simple way, and is great at teaching piano. The subscription is understandable, and the app is a lot cheaper than a piano teacher. Although I do wish you could play the song you picked at the end of the lesson and then have to pay the subscription to go farther, that is a minor detail and not worthy of a star deduction. However, there are some major issues that need to be fixed. One issue is that even when I’m playing the correct chords, the app doesn’t hear anything. This caused me to be stuck at “jingle bells” for a very long time, even though I was playing it correctly. The biggest issue is that, after I play for a few days, when I enter, I can’t do the lessons. I click, and nothing happens. I can’t do songs or practices either. The only thing I can do is sheet music. It stays like this for days at a time, and then goes back to normal (for a few days until the cycle repeats). Speaking of sheet music, this isn’t a glitch but I find it quite annoying. You have to scroll through them. They could just size it down and make it so it all fits on your screen at once, but no, you have to pause every few lines to scroll.

- Horrible note recognition problems

I’m currently on intermediate 2 and things have been pretty good so far. I feel like I’m learning lots and making progress. However, in some pieces, the app and note recognition is dragging me down to a screeching halt. I have a pretty old upright piano that was tuned pretty recently, but when I play songs with fast rhythms, even if I play it 99% perfectly, the app counts it more like 50% and puts me into practice mode EVERY SINGLE TIME! It is infuriating having to spend upwards of an hour on a piece that should only take 25 minutes because you have to sit there and try the same few measures over and over and over again until the app lets you through to next next part, with simpler rhythms until the song goes back to the melody of 8th note rhythms AND YOU HAVE TO DO THE WHOLE THING AGAIN. I think there should be some sort of feature to ignore practice mode or skip a part if you feel that you are playing it right to avoid this issue. I also think in songs where you are switching positions a lot, there should be some sort of indicators like the position letter name above the notes instead of a meaningless and generally unhelpful bolded number.

- Pay to play?

When you first download the app, you get a free lesson/course, and you learn how to play the first 5 notes with your right hand, which was great... Until I finished it 20 minutes later. Once you finish the first course it shows you what you have unlocked and what more you can do to learn, and I started getting excited! I clicked "next" and it showed how much you have to pay in order to keep learning. I was excited to learn to play because I know how to play guitar, ukulele, and viola, and wanted to learn how to play piano! I had seen this add and thought that I should at least try it! Don't get me wrong, I really like the app, but I know many people can't continue with the app because of the monthly pay ($10), and others I'm sure are hesitant to get it because they're not sure if they will continue with it. I know that there is a reason the creators had the pay, but I was disappointed when they told me I had to pay to continue. Other than that, I enjoyed it and would have given it 5 stars if not for the monthly pay. I might consider it though... It is cheaper than normal lessons.

- Sound good without actually being proficient

So this app is advertised as a platform to get beginners into learning piano and sound amazing. DO NOT USE THIS APP IF YOU ACTUALLY WANT TO BE PROFICIENT!!!! I can not stress this enough. This app throws you into playing and barely glosses over music theory which is the most essential part of being able to grow as a musician and grow on your own in the future. This app is aimed at keeping you reliant on it and keeping you paying the subscription fee. I personally lost almost a year of self learning time on this app, and I kept going because I thought I sounded good. But when I went to start learning on my own I was completely lost without this app holding my hand. If anyone reads this review I would highly recommend the book Alfred’s All in One Piano course which is a three book series starting from the basics of music theory and slowly working up to advanced pieces. This series doesn’t make you reliant on it but instead gives you the necessary tools to grow and learn yourself. In conclusion, if all you’re looking for is to be able to play a few popular tunes for some clout around your friends than this is your app. If you’re actually serious about learning the piano there are a plethora of sources out there that I recommend you search out.

- Great app, just doesn’t work all the time.

Hello! This is a great app, and I’m sure it’ll help me become a better pianist. But there’s problems; One, extra keys are playing and I’m not playing them. This may just be the music that it’s playing, but I thought I’d mention it anyway. Two; Sometimes, it plays the notes for me. I really want to be able to become a better pianist and it doesn’t help when something is playing the piano for me. Three; it is really hard for me and my family members to line up the blue line with the notes. I think, in my opinion, that the blue line is fast. And, I don’t know if you could disable this, but the practice mode comes in ALL THE TIME! And I just wanna play without all the stopping for practice mode. And, I think the practice mode is just the right speed for beginner pianists (me). Four; if my family members and me play the wrong key, for example, E. It’ll mark it as the right key. For example, C. And it doesn’t help me when I’m wrong but Simply Piano says I played the right note. Thank you so much for reading this and please consider fixing some of these or give me suggestions on how to fix it! Have a good day! ~Love your beginner pianist, Bombshel3

- Wonderful app! Just one thing I need

I am so glad that this app exists and I have enjoyed learning piano with you, Joy Tunes. I am thankful for all of the updates you put out with new songs. I just wish that those songs could also have a sheet music section so I could print them out. Look, the app itself is great but I’d like to get better at my rhythm. The practices for the song offer this sheet music aspect but what if I want to play the whole song like that? I would love to be able to print out some of the songs I can play so that I didn’t have to worry about battery life. The app is wonderful I just would love to see far more sheet music and preferably all of your songs having a sheet music counter part P.S Regardless of what many people who are doing reviews say I am glad you aren’t doing this as a free app. For those of you who don’t understand how businesses work you need to make money. Subscription based apps are waaaay better then frenium. Imagine having to pay for extra songs on the app? I’m glad it’s a payment. Also subscriptions force the devs to always be hard at work to keep you paying

- Avid user for half a year so far...

I have to say this product is absolutely fantastic. I’m a music major at a University, and this product has not only kept me up to speed with practice that pushes me in super modern way, but it has also but me ahead in certain aspects compared to my contemporaries. I have recommended this to everyone that has seen me play some piano, and my piano teacher absolutely loves the fact that I’ve added this app to my practice regimine. Is there room for growth? Absolutely. But as someone who somewhat lost touch with his piano playing, it’s definitely gotten me back up to speed and then some and continues to help me learn about different musical genres and improves my playing ability. It’s a bargain. Something like this would normally cost half a grand or more. And you are getting something that isn’t judging you are talking about you. It’s to the point and get’s it done. Can’t wait for it to continue updating and pushing the musical envelope. Now get one for sight singing too ;).

- Stress problems

It might be me, but this app is not good. It stresses me out, and puts me into major uncomfortable positions, even just using that right hand in the first place, plus, I started playing it just today and I did not do anything good. All it did was give me stress. The ads are just hooks that reel you in to getting this app! I like the idea, but at first, it would only let me play none of the songs I really liked, and in order to unlock both hand playing, MEMBERSHIP?! That’s just one thing wrong. Another thing about this “learning” app is that it stresses people, like me, and that ONE wrong note in practice basically means FAILURE. Another thing is that it made me feel like I did not matter, cause all I wanted to do was LEARN PIANO! I have one in my game room, dusting up! And I think that is pretty bad, so I wanted it to use. There is more things too! When you tap a key on the piano once, it plays it twice, and that makes you sometimes get a note wrong, which leads the app to say that you try again. Practice mode ticked me off a TOOOOOON, and I also thought about the ads that I saw, about in TWO WEEKS some kids learned to play piano, and in my opinion, two weeks of this would cause my household to be flooded with stress. Please believe me, before you are in CONSTANT stress. Thank you!

- Please Read

Overall I think the app is an amazing idea and has so much potential, I know despite some difficulties I have already learned so much, but at 120 dollars a year for a premium membership the app should be flawless when it comes to functionality and unfortunately this is not even close to the case. I have just recently gotten my standard everyday piano tuned and I have followed every suggestion the app has given toward improving note recognition; I have tried lowering the volume on my device for minimal interference, playing with no background noise again for no interference, flipped my device, moved it as close to the piano as possible while still being in view while playing, made sure the microphone was not blocked, and I have even tried removing my phone case, all have had no success in improving the app’s ability to recognize notes. I have noticed that the app has a particularly difficult time recognizing the first G note after middle C especially while being played simultaneously with a left hand chord. I am extremely motivated toward learning piano and the app has already helped me so much in this goal but this annoyance is really hindering my progress. Please fix this issue as soon as possible.

- No Custom music?

I have been useing simply piano for around 2/3 of a year and started unaware of how to even read a staff, after that time has passed I can play alot of the songs, but the app has trouble reading what notes I am playin, this is not that big of a problem for me sense it ussauly only happens once or twice. There is one key feature the app is missing and that is Song you can add to the collection. (notes to devs) to be able to put your own Songs into the apps album of playible songs. Under the Songs section you can create songs where you can place all the notes and such on the staff aswell as select the tempo. When you finish makeing the song you could save it to the song section aswell as give it its own display image. It would have the same mechanics as the rest of the songs, were it slides the staff across the screen to the speed you set it to. This could be a premuim feature and would allow people to learn songs they want aswell as create them. In all the app is 4/5 due to haveing great learning and paceing, but falling short when it comes to the songs you can play.

- High cost, poor performance

Developers of this app should read this: I have recently subscribed to this app for 2 three month periods of about $45, but I am shocked to know that there are so many issues! I paid $90 in total for this app, and I was surprised to learn that it STILL can't recognize the keys I'm playing! The keys I am playing are the correct keys. However, for some reason the app can't recognize or sense them and then marks them wrong, and I am constantly made to do the practice mode even though it was the app's fault for not recognizing my notes! It's really hard to make any progress in this app, because it can't even recognize the correct notes being played! How am I supposed to improve my piano skills if the app won't let me progress? I'm just wasting my money and NOT even learning how to play! Another thing is that once you have completed the course, you should be able to go back to them and replay them EVEN if your subscription has expired! I shouldn't have to be charged just to replay the courses I already completed before the subscription period ended! That's ridiculous! The developer of this app shouldn't be charging so much to subscribe if there are all of these issues! These are very big cons! It honestly should be way cheaper, if not free!

- Terrific app a couple of tweaks needed

Simply piano is by far the best piano app out there I very highly recommend it. He way it woks which I love is you can get on the app and you can start and see a little of what the app will offer you once you start your trial. I learned up to five keys before I had to start a trial to go any farther and I thought that was wonderful, it gives you a little taste of what you’ll be getting. This app is so amazing because even though it’s not a real teacher sitting next to you it sure feels like if you make a mistake simply piano provides feedback and little tips and tricks to help you out. One thing that was a small downsize was sometimes when your playing the right note the app says it’s wrong and you have to play the Sam note a couple of times again which is totally expected from an app. This app works like wonders I’ve only been playing for two days and I’ve memorized all the notes its taught me and I know how to play with two hands all ready 5 notes on each. Thanks for reading this and I hope it helped you make your decision, thank you

- PLS READ Perfect at first, now Regret

I have seen thousands of ads about this app and I decided to try this for myself when I got it I immediately fell in love with it . it was everything I expected and a better . It was perfection . But then I started learning chords on the piano . It taught me well but when I played it on the piano it kept saying I was wrong, even when I was playing it correctly . All 3 or 4 keys at the same time with the same amount of force and at the right keys and position. It even shows me where on the piano I'm supposed to play the chords . But no it kept saying I was wrong and it wouldn't let me move on . And when I was actually wrong it said I was right . this mainly happens when I'm using both my left and right hand to play chords . If I'm playing the right cords with my right hand but the wrong key with my left hand then it says I'm right . Now I purposely played the wrong chords to see if it says I'm right and it did . We payed a YEAR trial for this app and I have already sent a message about a month ago and never got an reply . I haven't been playing for longer than a month now, and I'm PAYING for this . If you can't fix this then at least give me my money back . Thank you .

- One tweak and you get five

This app is great; I’m an early 60’s piano learner and after numerous attempts at other apps finally found one that I can use.....for the most part. I wrote the developer sometime back and suggested that they allow for some of us ‘slower’ learners to utilize their ‘wait for me’ system while learning an entire song and got a great note was a great idea. You won’t get every key stroke correct the first time or every time. The app detects that and will stop and let you try again after a few missed keys. If you still don’t get it, it will send you back again, and finally revert to ‘wait for me’ mode as you peck your way through those few bars. Good, but sometimes I need to peck my way through the whole song!!! Having that ability would allow me to work through pieces of the song at my speed, not the app’s speed, and save endless hours cycling through speed drills I’m not ready for yet!! Again, this is a great app, and I really enjoy playing. One small tweak and I’ll sit at a piano all day practicing and training my hands, but I need the ability to slow things down from time to time.

- Fun way to learn but not helpful with rhythm

I like using the program and it’s great at detecting whether you’re getting the notes right. However, I think they could do a lot more with making it useful for learning rhythm. I don’t have a good natural sense of rhythm and when the exercises aren’t on any timing (when it’s just detecting notes) it doesn’t hold you to any rhythm. Then in the exercises where the staff is moving, it doesn’t provide any rhythm feedback other than telling you that you maybe got it wrong by sending you to practice mode. On some exercises it does chime out the rhythm for you in advance and that’s really helpful, but I think it should be more widespread, especially in practice mode. If I’m not understanding the rhythm and it just makes me do it over and over again with the metronome, it’s not really helping me understand how to break down the eighth notes and rests and etc. It would also be helpful if there was different color coding for timing being wrong versus the note being wrong. Sometimes I think I’m getting the wrong note when my timing is off instead, so more specific feedback would be helpful.

- The best app

I don’t normally write reviews, but I felt I really needed to for this one. About a year ago, we decided to go with this app instead of formal piano lessons for our now 8-year-old daughter. We thought it would be to just get her started, learning the notes, etc. and possibly save some money until we started “real” lessons. Well she has surpassed other children that we know who take traditional lessons AND she loves it! She loves that she recognizes a lot of the songs that they teach. The other day she went through the lessons to play a song, then I pulled up the corresponding sheet music (also in the app) and she was shocked to see how complicated it looked and that she could actually play it! (And honestly so was I!) This app has also reignited my love for piano as well, with their new sheet music section. I can choose my level and still have it teach me! If you are on the fence about the yearly subscription, I would highly recommend. Think about how much you pay for each individual piano lesson!

- Good and BAD

I enjoy this app but the cost. At first I saw it was free. But NO. IT Taught me stuff that I would need to know if I was starting fresh. I already am taking piano lessons so I know the basic things that the app teaches. Basically I got the app because in the add/commercial it mentioned nothing about paying but the main reason is because it said learn how to play MILLIONS of songs! Yeah no you need to pay. It would be better if they mentioned that you need to pay in the add. Most families like mine don’t have the money to pay TEN DOLLARS A MONTH. I understand that for some families this would not be a problem. For mine we don’t have the money to pay that much a month. Think about the food, clothes and taxes etc that we already pay for. I’m sure many people agree with me on this. If it was $5 a month that’s great!! I mean if they think RICH people are only buying this the makers of the cost are DUMB! Or for only 3 or the 6 month ones if you add the cost up that is A LOT OF MONEY! I hope that the makers will read this to understand that the cost is very high for lots of families like mine. I hope that this helps people who think about getting this piano app. Thank you so much for reading!

- Thanks

I recently got a free piano, during this pandemic and being stuck inside I figured it would be good for me and my kids to learn. This was an ad that popped up and I just went for it. Honestly I’m so proud of myself. I’ve learned so many songs. I’m happy I’m able to print out sheets and practice. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to purchase at the end of the free trial. So I tried other apps, and those lessons sucked. I jumped to google to try to learn. EPIC FAIL!!! I was able to finally save the $60 to pay for this apps subscription. I truly recommend it for real beginners. I can play it anytime without paying an actual person who may not be as patient with me or even my schedule. My son played one of the songs he learned BY HEART. For his first day of virtual class. This warmed my heart so much. And I just want to thank whoever made this app possible. 5 stars for me!! The only thing i wish for.. is for us to be able to type in songs we want to learn. Nether the less.. it’s amazing for ANY age group!!

- Great to get going fast, but not for long-term learning

If you want to learn the absolute basics of piano playing—in terms of both reading music and accompanying other musicians—this is a great app to get you started. If you keep it at it, within a few weeks you will be astounded at how much you’ve learned and how “simple” and fun piano playing can be! This joyful, five-star experience lasts for about two months. But the next two months are not as great. (By the way, this app only has about four months of course content if you practice for a few hours every week.) As your knowledge grows, so will your frustration with the app, as you see its shortcomings: not giving you sheet music until you finish a whole course, sometimes being too easy, sometimes being way too hard, and not encouraging any ways to practice outside of the app. In a way, perhaps, it’s a blessing, because once you finish all the courses you’ll need to find a new way to keep practicing - so better to be happy to leave the app and eager to pursue new joyful paths of learning.

- I’m addicted to SimplyPiano

I’m 50 years old and I can’t believe I’m able to play the piano for the first time in my life. I always wanted to learn but wasn’t able to when I was younger, then as an adult life got busy and now at my age I really didn’t want to go to a traditional piano teacher every week just to have her tell me that I’m playing all the right notes, but my rhythm is all wrong and that I should’ve started when I was younger. SimplyPiano has really helped me to play in the right rhythm. My daughters are advanced players, but even they have enjoyed playing the songs in the Beta Version. The app isn’t perfect, it has a few issues with key recognition, but when it happens it’s usually just one or at the most two notes in one song, so it still allows me to pass off the song even if it thinks it’s wrong. I hope SimplyPiano will continue to improve it’s app, so I can also continue to improve. I simply would not be playing the piano without SimplyPiano. Than you!

- I am learning so fast!

I am so excited about this app! I just got a fantastic keyboard (Rockjam RJ-561) and I tried out this app. Fell in love with the app so I bought a year long subscription! I even have a free two month trial with TakeLessons to compare it to. TakeLessons is a live online piano lessons with an instructor. But this app is a million times better! I learn so much more and faster with this app. And it is fun! These guys are genius in how they put it all together. It is worth every penny. Try the app out before spending a dime on actual music lessons at a music shop. The app offers a decent amount of its introduction lessons for free to give you a solid idea whether or not it is for you. And by the time you finish those, you realize that an annual subscription is the price on only 2-3 in person the most. Yet you will learn so much more for the same amount and time. And you’ll be excited about getting back to your lesson! I have had so much fun that I’ve had to force myself to take breaks!

- Love this app but it needs improvement

I love the way this app teaches. I’ve tried Flowkey and Yousician and they just do not teach as well as Simply Piano does. It’s very clear and easy to follow. However, on my keyboard Simply Piano does not pick up on notes I’m playing. I have a quiet room and have tired turning the app down and the keyboard up. It seems to work in practice mode but not when the instruments and singers are playing. Also especially with eighth notes. Sometimes the only way for it to pick up on my notes is if I play it early. Which kind of throws me off. There’s no way to adjust the frequency on my keyboard as it’s kind of old. I have played violin for 12 years and teach it. I know my notes and my tempo. I will be trying connecting my phone via USB to see if that improves. Just a bummer because that’s an additional $40 to buy. The price is just right. Private lessons are $100 a month at least. And Simply Piano charges that for a year. Good price. Great customer service. Great app for learning piano, just has some issues with practicing. But I’m hoping hooking my phone to the USB will help.

- Do not recommend if you actually want to learn piano

I’ve been a pianist for 12+ years. I got this app out of curiosity and I’ve learned two things: firstly, I need to call a piano tuner because my middle C is a smidge high and secondly, this app is not a viable replacement for proper lessons. This app is okay if you want to brush up on your past knowledge or just want something to do for a few minutes but if you actually want to learn piano; don’t get this app. If you truly want to learn piano, do it the right way and hire a teacher; it may feel like this is the cheaper, more convenient option but if you learn wrong, you will have to spend countless more hours to fix that little mistake turned detrimental, bad habit. This is nothing against this app in particular, learning from a teacher is just the best and dare I say, only way to learn piano properly. If you don’t care about learning properly and are happy just plinking out a couple simple tunes here and there (a perfectly acceptable desire) then this is just the app for you and it will serve you well.

- Keeps getting better

This app has helped to fulfill a long standing wish to be able to play an instrument. I’ve gone slowly and started and stopped because sometimes life gets in the way. But it’s an app! So it’s happy to let me do that and suggests refreshers which I always need. The cool thing is that somehow I’ve made progress and now I’m playing real songs and I’m getting my fingering down. Best of all the app is really expanding genres and has the completely cool sheet music part where you can listen to the piece, or have it walk you through learning the piece or you can just have at it with the sheet music scrolling at the tempo you chose. I am particularly grateful during this covid time to have a fun challenge with points for playing light hearted stuff like three little birds. Impossible to be grumpy when you are playing three little birds. On a strange, plus side it has garnered me some unexpected points in my trivia league for knowing who sang a song.

- Best piano learning app BEFORE they added sheet music—now even better!

I tested the top few piano leaning apps and Simply Piano was my favorite. So I purchased a year subscription and LOVE IT. And a few weeks after my purchase they added SHEET MUSIC that follows as you play!!! It’s great!!! Love it. Love it. Love it! With this app I’ve discovered several new artists I like that I have never listened to before, plus numerous old favorites. The music is cover bands but I like most of them/-I assume The license doesn’t cover the original song plus the recorded cover songs are more “even” tempo that make it easier to play along. I don’t know if they also transpose them to easier keys but I assume they do for many songs. I can’t say enough good things about this app. Other than a recent 2-week vacation, I’ve played piano with this app for 13 weeks straight (usually 3-5 nights/week) and I have no intention to play less. It’s fun and the music is great and I’M PLAYING TOO! 🤗

- It’s expensive for me and there are problems

So I downloaded the app since I saw a couple adds about it and thought to get it. I did have a piano but I started playing a bit already but not a lot. The start helped me remember how the notes looked since I already knew them (How to play them and what fingers to use) But when I finished all the courses and it was the final one and I was so excited to finish it until it told me to get subscribed to continue. After that my dreams were broken since my parents can’t pay for it. I really thought that it was free since the adds didn't add it. So I would say its a good learning app but too expensive for me to continue (or maybe other people who cant pay it) and there is also an issue, while I was playing it took some background noise as notes and when I tried to do them they would either do it by them selves or it would say I'm wrong. It also sometimes can’t hear the notes (but most of the time it can). I really hope these issues will be resolved and that maybe just maybe the price will go down or maybe even free. (Like 3 months is HALF of 12 months)

- Very fun and educational

I’m a hip hop artist Lorenzo Breeze and I recently started learning how to produce beats and mix vocals. I learned that practicing instruments and learning music theory would overall improve my production. I can across simply piano to help me learn to play and I love it. It has very detailed step by step lessons on pretty much all there is to know about reading notes and understanding the fundamentals of the piano. I’m amazed at how much the app offers. The lessons are easy enough to grasp but tricky enough to keep you learning. I like how it picks up the on the audio from your piano that’s a really cool feature although sometimes it doesn’t read the notes your playing completely, sometimes it’ll think I’m playing notes that I’m not even playing, but for the most part I’ve been getting through the lessons smoothly. I highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to learn and is a complete beginner or even if your a seasoned player it’s a cool app to have some fun with and it offers lots of music to play.

- Great app and still improving

I’ve been learning with this app for more than a year and think it’s great! I’d like to take lessons from a real person at some point to see what it’s like, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised how much I’ve learned and how well I can play the piano just from using this app. You do need to use the cable option to connect the usb midi output to plug into your iPad / iPhone to get the best results (for the app to recognize the notes you’re playing well), especially once you get past the basic lessons. So, if you’re going to buy a piano keyboard make sure it has a usb-to-host midi port. I also recommend spending a bit more to have “weighted keys” on a keyboard so it feels more like a real piano. Not sure why, but I really enjoy playing and practicing more that way. I especially appreciate that the developers continue to add more songs, lessons, and sheet music. I’m happy to recommend this app to others.

- Great for beginners, less so for advanced students

I genuinely just need to learn how to read sheet music, I taught myself how to play when I was 10 by sheer force of will and memorized songs note by note instead of learning sheet music. When I was 15 I started suffering from depression and stopped playing for 6 years. I had some issues with my head and my memory during that time, and now I don’t remember how to play any full song that I used to know. This app is amazing for beginners and I wish it had been around when 10 year old me had to teach myself mostly by ear. However, for the advanced student just looking to fill in the gaps in their education, it can be repetitive and somewhat bothersome. Having to get through all the lessons about how to move your hands and how to position them. Maybe if the lessons were more customizable and perhaps if the student could have a free play mode to show off the skills they do have, the App would be more open and appealing to students like myself.

- Well worth a try, just be patient with note recognition

This app has a fantastic incremental approach to learning, and it delivers well on the promise of guided teaching with instant feedback and backing tracks. The only downside so far is the note recognition for an acoustic piano. Not only does the app do a poor job of isolating a single dominant pitch (it fires off false positives all up and down the staff for nearly every note played), but when not using headphones, it doesn't even seem to be able to completely ignore the sound the app itself is making. By and large, the app is still usable - I'm successfully using it still, and considering subscribing. But these issues are distracting at best, and result in a frustrating missed note here and there at worst. I'm sure these are known issues, as the in-app help calls out this issue and mitigations in depth, and offers a different note recognition engine (which is no improvement), but I'm sorry to say there still seems to be work till do.

- Works Well for Beginners, Expensive

I downloaded this after seeing an ad for it in the hopes that it would help me learn the skills necessary to play more difficult pieces such as those by Chopin. It is a very well constructed app and definitely great for beginners who are learning to read sheet music or starting on piano for the first time. For me, however, it is far too basic. I am a harpist of almost 13 years, a masters of music theory student, and an intermediate level pianist. The subscription service is also very, very expensive ($120 a year), which is not something the average grad student is generally willing to pay for. I feel this app could be significantly improved if the user could select their level of experience from the get-go and get started there. I also think that instead of a subscription, the user should be able to purchase a set of lessons (ideally for far less than $120) that matches that level. All in all, it is a good app that I would like to recommend to beginning pianists, but the price tag does make that difficult.

- Dear makers..

I allready know how to play piano pretty well and I was curious when I saw your app to see if it really did teach piano CORRECTLY sadly it doesn't.. I turned the microphone on slipped the totorial and it started with the first basic piano keys, so as I pressed middle C the app seemed promising but.. then came middle D.. so I was pressing the key right next to middle C which IS middle D, and the app kept saying I was pressing middle D sharp, I tried to ignore that and went on to the song part, and let me just tell you.. the song part is completely timed wrong, when you press the key it either tells you your delayed or went too fast, this confused me since I was playing it on the right beat but yet it said I was wrong.., over all the app needs ALOT of work, the app doesn't correctly identify when keys are played plus the beat timing is off by alot , it was such a bummer when I found out it really isn't the best way to learn or continue learning piano. If other piano players tested it out and had the same problem than you know what I mean, however if this problem just happened to me then it my have something to do with my phone, thank you for reading this if you did.

- Great but....also frustrating.

This app is simultaneously great but also frustrating. Great because I’ve learned a lot it it pushes you through the material - in that sense having a program like this is fantastic. The singularly frustrating thing is you can’t learn at your own pace. It’s all sequential. So I’m learning for instance chord patterns and want to just skip ahead to learn different chord patterns quickly. Well I can’t do that. I just spent 30 mins learning a chord pattern I didn’t want to because I have to get through the content to get to the next chord pattern that I may or may not be interested in learning....then if I didn’t want to learn that I’d have to get through that content...get the picture? This leads to a lot of wasted time and is demotivating because it takes me 10x longer to get through content that I’m not interested in. Let the user skip content or preselect parts of the lesson to learn so there’s not so much wasted time and allow me to learn at my own pace. Paid a chunk of change on this app only to be shackled gets frustrating.


This app is amazing! I’ve only been playing for about an hour out of my day and I’m already seeing myself grow a lot! The only experience I’ve had with pianos is just playing random notes hoping I could find the keys to a song, and I would usually only play with my thumb, pointer, and ring finger on my right hand. Now I’m able to play with all fingers on my right hand (and a good amount with my left hand), and I am getting a lot better every few minutes! P.S. I agree with the others telling you to keep up the subscription! Maybe it is a little bit of a money problem for them, but that is just how businesses work, plus it’s cheaper than normal piano lessons! It teaches you very well, and many things are perfect. The only thing I would like to be changed is maybe adding an exit button from the practice after someone has switched to the practice 1 or 2 times. Please read!

- Learn for free?

In my opinion, I think you should really change the price thing cause people wouldn’t wanna pay like $100 to play and learn piano. I still give 5 star for this app though cause it is very educational! Now back to my main fact. I’m just think that if the price wasn’t as much, most parents would agree to kids learning! And from what I hear, SimplyPiano in courages kids to learn piano. But if you made a huge price, most kids wouldn’t learn piano if their parents didn't wanna pay that amount. I mean 12 months is kinda a okay deal for $100 and over. I mean PlayStation does a PlayStation Plus and their deal, $60 for 12 months is worth it! So try something like that please! Honestly I’m a eleven year old kid myself and I would love to see the price go down or no price at all! You don’t have to have to do what I think of but it’s just my opinion and idea! But I do love this App indeed. Thank you for reading this.

- Simply the best

I bought the app and I’m almost done with all the courses! I have been playing about 10mo now and it’s just perfect if you have always wanted to learn piano. My family and friends are so impressed by it. I couldn’t recommend it more! As I said: simply the best! If you really wanna learn something, it will never be easy! But Simply piano makes it fun and easy some how haha.. Before I bought simply piano, I did my research with other apps too, I’m just glad I picked the best one out there! It’s worth every single cent 🤷🏽‍♀️ BTW, I have bought other apps and it’s always really convenient to charge you but it’s hard to reach them when you need them. Simply piano are so on point in getting back to you right away! And tbh, has been always me! Lol but they are so nice that anyways, they always walk me through haha. I love the reward songs after every lesson!! And I just love that I can play piano like I do 🙈

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- This am amazing app

This app is awesome. It teaches you amazing songs and the courses are are like actual piano lesson from my point of view.I take piano lessons but I should have got this app because it didn’t waste any of my time and I what I learnt in 1-2 years I could’ve learnt in not even a week. I am now learning more things that lessons would have waited a whole 6 more moths at a max. When you read you probably think that because it is faster it is not that effective but you are wrong if anything they are more effective. They don’t waste your time like I wrote before and they videos along the way to show what you need to do when you learn something new, you can hit pause at anytime when you need to and when you do they have options for instance if you wanted to hear what you are playing if you need to slow the tempo down and a whole lot of other things and this is just the courses. You can unlock sheet music play songs and when you go to play a song the app gives you an option to practice it as it helps you break it down.

- Okay...

This app is great for beginners but there is a problem with it for people who already know the basics. I am explaining the problem hoping that the developers can fix it. “When I started using simply piano, it asked me if I was a beginner. I already knew the basics so I clicked on NO. Then, it made me start on the beginners course.” Developers, please fix this problem because the app is great but if you don’t fix it, it’s useless for most people. Also I hope that you can remove the payment because I really want don’t want to lose my practice of learning piano over these troubled times. But besides those 2 problems, the app is great and I would recommend it to anyone who is a beginner. Wait! I just realised there is another problem! After you have finished I think 6 courses, you have to pay to continue! You can’t even learn songs! Just the basics! Please do not get this app! If you want to learn piano, download Yousician! It’s the best! But you only get 15 minutes lesson time each day. You have to pay to unlock premium to play all the songs and get more than 15 minutes per day. You’ll be the best pianist ever in no time if you download Yousician!

- Best Piano App, Needs A Fix

This is the best piano learning app on the market, but the account section is completely broken and support assistance is lacking. App is worthy of 5 stars and I’ll change my review once the issues are fixed. To summarise the issue, the account fails to logout properly and will turn into an anonymous account if you logout on a device. Once the account becomes ‘anonymous’, you can’t log that account out because ‘anonymous’ does not exist in their system. You now have the only option of deleting and reinstalling the app, thus allowing you to login using the original email that you used or create a new account. This is also annoying if you have multiple devices logged into your one account. When my wife logged into my account on her phone, it wouldn’t show any of her progress on my device nor allow me to progress on my device until I deleted and reinstalled the app. We’ve gotten everything to work now, purely by deleting and reinstalling the app around 3 times each. But this definitely makes me worried about spending money on the premium version, when the account doesn’t properly work. Please fix this issue so that I can write a full 5 star review

- Best app ever

This app was good but when I first joined I had some glitches with vip. When I wanted the vip it didn’t give it to me and it had already taken my money. Then when I started to play I learnt my first song so fast this app is highly recommended to little kids and adults I am only 10 years old and I have been playing this app since I was 5 years old so 5 years now. I love this app so much it’s the best. The first song I played on simply piano was a classic all time favourite it was thunder. This song got me to learn the piano so fast. But again I had to sign up for some vip that happend 5 years ago and it is still telling me that. But luckily I have vip and have beenlpving this app. If you get this app make sure if you want to by vip wait a bit till you have done your tutorial and have played a few songs first then by the vip. And when I say vip I mean primiuem. So yeah this app is the beat. Thx so much for making it I hope you can make a app for the people who don’t have a piano but still wants to play it.

- Fantastic!

I love this app. I had some lessons over ten years ago but didn’t get very far. Been using Simply Piano for about 18 months and can actually play songs that are more than a few bars. Plus they’re modern ones, not the same ‘old’ stuff that you find in books. Also it gives you different course paths to take, you can go the ‘traditional piano’ route, or you can go down the pop keyboard road. Classical course are optional. I know some people have a problem with the price it really isn’t all that expensive. Yes $100 may seem like a lot at once but it is really a bargain. When I paid for lessons with a teacher, $10 per half hour lesson, $100 for 5 hours teaching. Here it is for the whole year and you can play as much as you want! Plus you have access to music for modern songs. Plus a whole library of sheet music to access through the app, and they’re constantly adding more. It is cheaper per month than a subscription to Netflix. As for not picking up notes sometimes, yes that happens to me. I use an electronic keyboard. I just change the “piano” I’m using to one with a stronger sound, only occurs on some songs, the rest of the time I do what I want. This really is a great app for someone learning. Truly lots of variety, and it’s constantly expanding. Though yes I agree, more Australian artists please.

- Fantastic app - a few suggestions

I’ve had a really fun time learning piano for the first time using this app, so thank you to the developers on an amazing product! It’s hands down the best premium app out right now and I think it’s worth the cost (considering how expensive actual piano lessons are). I only have 2 suggestions/small criticisms: - You really do need to use a USB/Lightning cable camera adapter otherwise the app will confuse some keys it hears (usually one octave higher). I only discovered this by doing a google search - so maybe you could put this information somewhere in your app? It seems a lot of people are having this issue as well. - This might be a personal preference, but after a couple of courses, the finger numbers above the notes started to really confuse me, and I would have much rather preferred the notes themselves above the keys from the start so I could learn properly. Maybe this could be a setting to change according to preference? Other than that, perfect app. I’ve recommended to family and friends :)

- Just plain horrible

Let’s start. My kids have tried to learn with simply piano and they hated the app. My son wouldn’t bother to learn because of the terrible experience and he would just spam keys. Also my son plays on a digital piano and the app wouldn't listen at all because it’s digital. You can’t even play some courses on a digital piano! The experience was the same when my son played a real piano at the shops. The average notes it picks up more than a digital piano is about 2. I tried it as well and it was terrible. We tried this app for 6 months and my son was frustrated. He wanted to play fur Elise but he said they didn’t teach him properly and they didn’t teach the entire piece. I just can’t stand my son being upset because of a terrible learning app. We tried a different app and it was much better. It picked up the notes better, and also we could play every course there is! My son learned Turkish March in 2 weeks thanks to that other app. I don’t see how people are enjoying it and I think most of them are bots made by a fan person that somehow finds it good. I deleted the app and I promised my son never to download it again.

- I love this app

One of my 2020 goals was to learn the piano. I started using this app at the end of last year. Now I am playing and singing songs! And I’ve finally been able to learn and remember the notes on the bass clef!!! The lessons are well structured and scaffold your learning to build up your ability and confidence. I LOVE the beta section. Great selection of songs across many genres. I love that they are displayed in sheet music form, but you have the option to learn each section separately before going back to playing using the sheet music which helps you develop your skills reading sheet music. I also love the Facebook community. Great way to get support when stuck or share your successes. Impressed that the developers are regular contributors in the group, too. They listen to feedback and I love their video tutorials. I highly recommend this app. Well worth the $$.

- Love this app! Pls add these below if you can

Love this app, take my money as it’s so easy and simple to learn piano! Love the list of songs and the function to actually read the real script! But as I need audio to learn, may I please ask if you can add in the music note that you expect me to play in those songs (even before all those exercises/ training 1&2 before playing a real song) I just need to listen to get it...I keep playing the wrong note and can’t relate the song. And if possible, can you add in the function that I can drag back to the part I played wrong, instead of playing the whole song. I want to keep practicing the part I played not as good before playing the whole one again...if that make sense. I will keep playing :) thank you so much.

- I don’t have any money...

Seriously I downloaded the app finished all the lessons that are for free and all I get is a good job and if you want to continue you have to pay. Then later I asked my mum but that’s because I didn’t have the money to continue so what I asked her was I am I really enjoy this game but it says to pay money and it’s very annoying that it is money but my mum replied and said oh I’m sorry but I don’t have a Enough of money either so we both were poor.... to be honest I actually really enjoyed the app but can you just do all the lessons for free because I really enjoy it and even when I downloaded the app of the ads and it’s really annoying how the ads annoy me when I still have the app and I bet a lot of people relate to that so please simply piano creators developers can you please just stop giving me your ads and let me have a free trial of zero dollars or something please okay that’s it but I give this three stars it’s not bad not good but it’s right in the middle.

- Ummm

First I just want to say, I love this app and it taught me so much but the problem is that whenever I hit a note in a song, it says it's wrong but it isn't. It happens all the time and it's then very hard to make any progress. I should know that I AM hitting the right note because I do Piano lessons and I know how to play Fur Elisa. I hope you can fix the problem because If you can then I will make this 5 Stars. Thanks. Just saying, my piano is tuned and I looked at people in the critical section and they are over reacting and think stupidly. Don't listen to them! It takes a lot of money to make a quality app like this and they are not being grateful for the people who take hours to make this. Simply piano, I give you my full confidence and I predict that soon enough, this will be one of the best apps in the world and all the hate rs are going to be feeling guilty. Sincerely yours, CoolgamerAlex

- Great App, 5 star Quality, Complaint Reasons! 😶

Some people complain about the money, others complain about when you click the right thing but it says wrong, people complain about glitches, BUT I know the reason for these, The app is for pay, because if it was all free then the creators won't have made any money by making this app, that's why people make apps. And it's optional if you don't wanna pay then don't play, because they made this app to provide learning, and to make some moolah. The sound problem is the sound in your house, I found out about this when I was singing to the song and accidentally forgot to play a note, it counted as right, or when I played a note correct my brother was yelling (for no apparent reason) so it drowned out the sound and I got the note "wrong", they use this with recording so that the app can hear if you got it right or wrong, that's why it's there. And dude, stop complaining about "glitches" it's your internet, I've been playing this for almost 6 months and ZERO glitches ZERO bugs so stop complaining it's your internet get it fixed for God's sake. So this is a great app, and now you have reasons for them, not the game's fault.

- Team Work makes the Dream work

I Personally Believe Simply Piano is Spectacular! It is a fun way of learning some exotic songs and learn some helpful tips and tricks along the way. The only thing that disappointed me is it doesn’t always read the note I played and I have 4 years of experience with a piano so they say you learn how to play in a couple of days but I found it took a little longer to gain experience. Thank you soooooooooo much Simply Piano! This past few months I have improved immensely! This app intrigues me, Inspires me and encourages me to play more. I have achieved a SPECTACULAR Goal, of being able to play “Over the Rainbow” I have always wanted to have sharp skills and be able to play authentic songs! I Love this app!!! #SimplyPiano

- Very good app but problems are driving me crazy

I started playing piano for two years and a half and I have a teacher that comes to my house but because of the Coronavirus she can’t come and a few weeks later my mum told me too try simply piano I have seen dozens of different ads but I knew the app was for beginners but when she gave me this app I chose the right section for me. This is a great game but the problem is I go bonkers when it doesn’t work that well because sometimes when I do chords it only gets one note from the chord sometimes and also it misses some notes that I play and because of the frustration I sometimes slam my hands of the piano and iPad and start winging but other than all this I think it is a great app and I recommend it too lots of friends and family. Good job :)

- Good for learning piano, but...

I like SimplyPiano because it is a fun and easy way to learn the piano. The only problem is how expensive the premium is. I would pay for premium, but it is expensive. If you guys could please make it just a tad more affordable? That would turn this into a 5 star review. It is really easy to use, but like i said, please decrease the prices. Also, you don’t get a lot of songs. Sure, with premium you have several and several songs at your fingertips, but not everyone can afford to pay it. Without paying for premium, you only get one spreadsheet with the notes on it and the basic starter lessons. It's not that much to play, and you get bored really quickly. If you’re willing to pay that much for premium, then go ahead. Though, I for one, wouldn’t waste my money. It’s not that the app isn’t good, it’s just pricey.

- OMG! Obsessed! Perfect for adult beginners!

I can’t speak highly enough of this app. The lesson plans are so perfectly assembled for beginners and make progress so attainable. Everything is ordered so well that I constantly feel challenged, but not overwhelmed. Anyone who has wanted to learn the piano, but never been able to make it happen this is absolutely the app for you. I’m using it with a 90 year old acoustic piano and (so long as your piano is concert pitch) the note recognition works great. The subscription did seem a little steep at first glance, but after getting hooked during the free trial I realised the value included. So I asked my family to gift the subscription for my birthday. Loving it, and driving my husband crazy. 😜

- Ummmmmmmmm

I got it one time and I just couldn’t do it and now I’ve gotten it again but I still can’t work I can’t actually have accurate level skil input cause you have to basic and some experience and I can only play my own songs and they sound rlly good but I can’t read sheet music all tho I can read the first three notes I can’t play them on touch keyboard barely can and on a real piano it would prob be harder I prefer to play with full piano different notes to make music without needing to know also another review recommended yousision so I’m trying that than I shall compare 2 stars cause it can teach you sheet music or how to read it otherwise it would be 1 but I mean zero so your lucky u get 2 also don’t get this app if u just wanna play piano and for the devs you should also add free play so you can just play k bai edit:I tried yousician and it also has problems sooooooo............k bai

- Read before you purchase app!

I think it’s good to warn people that whilst this app is awesome and is fantastic at teaching piano, that sometimes the app does not recognise notes accurately. The solution to this for many people has been to buy a midi adapter and connect it to their keyboard (as said in this Facebook community). This is something the app developers should work on and fix so people with pianos (not keyboards) can still use the app for every song and trust that the app will work effectively. However besides this bug, this app truly is fantastic. I used to play piano for 7 years as a kid and always struggled at sight reading and now as an adult have picked up the hobby again and am loving it. The app is training me to sight read - something I loathed and struggled with as a kid with an awesome teacher.

- Amazing, but I’m unable to play more.

This app is great for beginners and I highly recommend it, however if you’re not wiling to pay money you won’t be able to even finish the basics course. To engage in the last session of the first course and anything after that you must the premium/a member. The first few sessions are very helpful but everything after that is payed members only meaning once you complete the last free session you have to pay for the rest. You should definitely download this app! If you’re willing to pay yearly or monthly, feel free to do so. If not, just try it out and see if you like it. If you still don’t want to pay, you might have to search for any other app, unfortunately. Sorry for making this sort of long

- Amazing, but I’m unable to play more.

This app is great for beginners and I highly recommend it, however if you’re not wiling to pay money you won’t be able to even finish the basics course. To engage in the last session of the first course and anything after that you must the premium/a member. The first few sessions are very helpful but everything after that is payed members only meaning once you complete the last free session you have to pay for the rest. You should definitely download this app! If you’re willing to pay yearly or monthly, feel free to do so. If not, just try it out and see if you like it. If you still don’t want to pay, you might have to search for any other app, unfortunately. Sorry for making this sort of long

- Error

Sometimes I just press the right note in the right time but it says it’s wrong however it isn’t. Like I played Turkish March when I hit the note it says wrong but it wasn’t the right time and the right rhythm and also to right notes. This even happens to Fur Elise just when I hit the note E it says it’s wrong even though I said it in the right time. Plus can you also make the music clean so it’s easy to read? Please let me see A major key signature as you just seen in Pre-Advanced. That is all I need. 2nd sugestion: I have completed 20 courses but all these courses are so easy. Can you add more complicated courses so I can try? That’s because it’s Simply Piano, it’s allows us to listen to the music we try but all of these are so easy. If you add some it would be useful for people. Also I sometimes see that it won’t recognise your note. If the beaming is on there if one of the notes were red. The beaming quavers and semiquavers Also some people say right hand always plays octaves. I can’t stretch that much. Get rid of all the octaves please or some unstretchy people can’t play. I finally need to tell you something. Why things happen one day after it The strange thing was the no key signature version. From Anh Minh

- Awesome fun

I have played the piano from an early age but taught myself. I started this app from the basic level and have loved every moment. I just want to go on and on playing. Lessons are simple and intuitive and really fun. Love the way it is set out. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn the piano. Side note: I am dumbfounded when I read some of the negative reviews where people have complained about having to pay. Do you think this is a charity? Do you complain when you have to pay a tutor? This company is charging rightly for a service! Why would you expect to pay nothing when the company has invested time and money to provide an excellent product? Seriously ridiculous.

- Absolutely Fantastic

My partner bought me a piano a couple of years ago... he’s a music teacher and can play any instrument, he’s totally gifted and amazing. He’s my inspiration, but when he tried to teach me for a whole 2 minutes I rejected his help and wanted to teach myself. He found this APP for me and I’ve never looked back. It doesn’t come naturally to me, I have to work at it...I’ve had times when I’ve wanted to throw the whole thing out the window...but I’ve persisted and truly love it. It’s my ‘me time’... I reward myself with playing the piano. It lifts me up when I’m down and I can’t believe the songs that I can play now. I have a very long way to go but I am loving the journey. Thankyou SP team !!

- Amazing App....But....

This is an amazing app to learn the basics but you have to pay for premium to get most courses and sheet music. The premium price is way too high, it’s like $200 a year!! (there is monthly and weekly prices as well). If you want to learn the first 5 notes (C, D, E, F & G) then this is a great app for you but if you don’t want to pay $200 a year just so that you can play some more songs then it’s not worth it. You’re better off just getting real life lessons which cost way less. This is a good app though, so if you have the money to spend, it will be worth it. Can you please make the prices for premium cheaper, I think you will get a lot more customers which will give you more money, but $200 a month?? That’s way too much. Please change this to a more reasonable and affordable price if you can.

- Addictive and fun!

I have always wanted to learn to play the piano and decided to give this App a go. After I had done the free part I was hooked. It’s brilliant. It has a huge library of really fun songs and teaches you from the basics in a very enjoyable way. You can go at your own pace and there is always plenty to try out so you never get bored. I’ve been using it for two months now and I have learned a lot. Obviously there is still a very long way to go towards being proficient but I am pleased with my progress so far. Considering the cost of this app for a year would not even pay for two hours with a piano teacher I think it is well worth the money.


HI I'm ant, and I have always been in love with piano. I went to the shopping centre once and saw someone playing Believer from Imagine Dragons That was when I fell in love. So I bought a piano and started to play...but there was a problem, I didn't know how to play piano. Then I thought it was a wast of money so I left in a corner to pick up dust. A year later this wonderful app came out teaching you how to play piano so a downloaded this wonderful app called simply piano. A few months later I'm a piano wizard. This app is really awesome for young beginners to adults that don't have a clue what a treble clef is (you learn about those to in this app.) So I really recommend this app! 😀😄😊😌🙂🙃😃👌👍:)

- Important info you need to read?!

Well you see I am using their app and if it is going to be for kids then at the end of each of there lessons they should have a reward system so it would be way more fun for adults and kids And the rewards could be like a cute sticker or maybe you could even put (in app coins) and then when u collect enough you can get like a item from the store if you guys can create a store. To me i think you guys should make it way more fun. Because i want something to get as a reward so you or the people using the app get a reward cause I don’t want to pay 112 Dollars and get mad at this app and NOT getting any credit or even a something that i and everyone can collect and so it would make the app way more fun. Thx plz try and improve

- Amazing but...

This app was a blast I just got a piano and wants to learn so I downloaded the app. I was really liking it then..... it said I had to pay to do more now I wanted to do piano for a year or more but.... unlimited was 150 dollars and I year was around 100 dollars now I was very disappointed and I asked my mother to by it but she sadly said no. I still ask her this day but she says no... so please simply Piano make it more affordable for kid like me who want to learn the piano. Here is a suggestion please make it 50 dollars for unlimited for all the kids who can’t afford it. My mother said I would hove to play if I wanted the app but I only have about 50 dollars and can’t afford 150 dollars just for limited time on the app so please make it more affordable.😃😃

- Simply piano 🎹

This game is so fun and it is really good 😊 but there are some fixes that could be added: I got this app a couple of days ago because I want to learn how to play the piano ( it's been my dream since I was young) I thought I could learn the piano but it hasn't worked for me I would try one session of it then the next wouldn't hear my piano and the app would freeze!!!!! I was so excited to get the app but now I'm disappointed 😔!!!!! And I want to delete the app!!!! I can only play one session everyday instead of doing them all at once because that's what I want to do!!!! But the good thing about this game is that I learnt what the notes represent I just have to wait awhile to do the next session!!!!!!! P.s I hope you can make this game updated because that would be great 👍🏻

- Make them free!!!

At first I thought this app would be a really fun, easy and reliable app that could help people learn how to play the piano. It is! But the only problem that not only I’m having, is that it costs a lot of money! I do understand that if we want to use something that is very high quality, you’re going to have to pay something else in return. But sometimes that is not the case. A lot of people around the world want to use this app so it can improve their way of playing piano. This can be life changing. To all those poor families, they can’t have that decision if you don’t let them. This is not only towards this app, but more so to everything that does cost a big price to achieve. All that I am asking, to everyone, is to make them free for everyone to enjoy. This is ‘Simply’ piano after all. I’m only 9.

- Like a video game!

I used to have a teacher but I didnt enjoy it. Later I decided to get this because the ads looked interesting. IT IS AWESOME. I loved the first week and bought the yearly subscription. It feels exactly like a video game. To the way you play it to the satisfying sounds and animations. An awesome mix of classical and pop songs of all genres. After the first few courses there's tonnes of choices. Heaps of courses and stuff is still getting added. The only downside really is you need a piano which might be expensive for some people. But the two touch courses are still pretty good and it is probably worth at least checking out the free one.

- Simply Failed

Sorry to say but having bought a new keyboard as a result of thinking this would be a great help in learning to play piano the app has been useless! To begin, the acoustic recognition didn’t work at all with my iPad Pro. I then purchased at more expense midi connection cabling costing a total of $65. I thought that would make it work but then all I could do was tap the notes on the iPad screen. The app said midi was connected but it wasn’t working. 2 days ago I sent an email to the support team and I’m still waiting for a response. I signed up for premium membership but unless a resolution is found I’ll have to cancel in the 7 day window. You say in the help section that acoustic recognition issues can be resolved by connecting via midi to the iPad. In my case it doesn’t. I am bitterly disappointed and feel all the advertising I’ve watched raving about this app is a huge con.

- I can’t activate premium

So i used to have this app and used it a lot. Then my phone broke so I got a new one. Now whenever I go get the premium a message Pops up saying something like “you already bought premium, go into iTunes to see the subscription or cancel it” I tried cancelling and renewing it and it says “subscription successfully purchased” but nothing happens. Also the app crashes whenever I try to get premium or when I exit out of the app to check something. I don’t understand why this is happening, this is a Great app for learning piano and I’ve learnt so much but this is annoying. Also you devs should add some My chemical romance and twenty one pilots. These radio hits are boring to play.

- Joy tunes. Simply piano :-)

Joy tunes is the creator of simply piano which I recommend getting due to its teaching abilities it was able to teach me much I learnt some of my favourite songs. I recommendDownloading it’s app it is worth the tap. It is in app purchases but for very small prices for its good quality teachings. I learnt how to read sheet music my first five notes and along with great company I was reached out to buy the workers of this app and if I had any problems they will talk to me about it. There is also a community on online I recommend buying this app. I would give it five stars or even 11 stars out ten.

- Not what it’s hyped up to be

There were heaps of reviews saying it was fantastic so I thought I would try it. I have played the piano for years, although I use synthesia tutorials. This app was good for learning sheet music, but it doesn’t show your next key on the keyboard below. It is painfully precise with you timing, sometimes it won’t register a key and other times it will perfectly. Sometimes it will restart your song if you just miss the final key which is a pain. I found the most annoying thing is the practice mode and how long it takes for the chords to appear on screen, though I understand that it would help inexperienced pianists to stay in rhythm. Overall, it’s pretty decent but I reckon it needs some fine tuning; ESPECIALLY with how precise the timing of notes must be.

- Can you add plz

Wow I have premium membership and it’s so amazing though can you make something that’s billed every month but it’s a whole year? And if your on a different device, is there a way you can keep your progress and stuff? I’ve tried doing it but it doesn’t work. Although this is a great app. Also, once when I was playing correct notes on there, it wasn’t working! Nothing was blocking it. And in the good vibes challenge, it doesn’t let me get in “full song”. Can you Joytunes fix this? It’s frustrating. Well the other parts are great. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK JOYTUNES!!!!!!😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

- Amazing app

I’ve always wanted to play piano but lessons are expensive and you play very simple songs in the beginning, not feeling like you’re achieving a lot. The best thing about this app is how you listen to beautiful music or lyrics that accompany you with your playing, whilst learning notes and how to play at the same time, it gives you joy of achieving and progression as well as taking you into a musical bubble whilst you practice. This app is so cost effective compared to lessons. So worth it, thank you for bringing the joy of playing piano to me, all in the comfort of my own home.

- A piano tutor in my own home at a fraction of the cost of private lessons!!

I have this week downloaded and paid for a year's subscription! The varied content available in this app in my opinion is incredible! I subscribed to refresh my knowledge and build my piano skills. So far the App has exceeded my expectations. Unfortunately, I believe some people don’t realise the complexity and dedication (practice) required to achieve a high standard. I sincerely thank the developers and tutors behind the scenes who have created such a wonderful tool for learning to play the piano.

- Bad piano app

It’s just wasting money on some useless app. It doesn’t actually “teach” you anything. I never get to play the actual song and end up just pressing random notes to pass the level. They don’t let you practice enough and “practice mode” is basically just a simpler version of the song, and you can’t get any better at it. They let you slide with so many mistakes, which we will never learn to actually play. This is just making people think they’re good when they are really not. Which is why it’s worth spending actual time playing alongside a REAL piano teacher. Not some trash app.

- Pretty decent game

I like it but I don’t have any money to buy premium stuff for it it. I JUST WANT TO FINISH THE FREAKING COURSE!!!! Seriously, is that to hard to realise. Couldn’t we just pay for the game and then we can play piano and stuff. You didn’t think of that. Instead of having to have a premium thing and not being able to finish the first course and have people delete this app, people could BUY the game for $5.99 or something like that and actually become pianist and make a band and get rich and famous, so this premium crud wouldn’t crush people’s dreams. BOOM. nailed it. P.s I was gonna play the game now, but I decided to put it in my “useless folder”. Seriously people. Change it.

- Not good at syncing your notes

I have been playing piano for 25 years and was looking at this app for my son to practise when I’m busy... it’s fantastic until you have to play with music then it doesn’t register 90% of the notes you play... wouldn’t recommend it... it makes you think you’re wrong when you’re actually playing something correctly... might be better if you don’t select play your own piano option... I don’t know... other than that it’s a great idea and fun way to learn so that’s why I’m somewhere in the middle about this one... certainly not sure it’s worth paying $100+ a year... but do the 7 day trial and see how you feel...

- What A Great App! 👍🏻

You absolutely HAVE to get this app. It may cost some money but it is worth it! You get to learn how to play songs and you even learn the lyrics to some songs just by listening to it! You get to learn your right hand, left hand and even both hands together! There are challenges, for example the Summer Festival Challenge and you get to read sheet music which is pretty cool! I have had a lot of instruments I have wanted to play including guitar, drums and piano. Simply Piano is PERFECT for anyone who is wanting to learn the piano! 😁😁😄😄

- Great but not enough…

This app is amazing but for people like me who have been learning piano might think this doesn’t help… I tried this app and it didn’t help, it doesn’t tell you how to curve your fingers and play with emotion. If you aren’t planning to be a professional then this app is fine but not fine enough… I’m concerned it does not help you at all but do the opposite! Children who don’t curve their fingers while playing the piano might get a straight finger for life! If you want to try this app I recommend still learning with a teacher is still essential. I hope this helps and it really isn’t the best way to get a child to be interested in music

- Very good for beginners.

I have been playing piano since I was three, and this is a great app! But, my mum will not let me go on with this app. You see my family’s on a budget and my mum already pays for me to to piano lessons with someone, but I feel like I’m struggling with piano. So I tried to convince her but she’s not gonna budge. It’s kinda frustrating how you have to pay to go on with simply piano. I mean, there’s only one song that’s free to play (ode to joy) So I suggest if Mabey you let us have a few free songs? Like Mabey we can choose 5 free songs for us to focus on for like 10 weeks? Mabey start with missions! Thank you.

- Bad...

Reason why I’m saying this is because non of this is good I’ll tell you why when I started playing I was exited but this is the baddest part. Why would anyone just have to pay money for over a piano game?!? I know it’s all a good game but bro you need the fix that even when you pay once for the basics you still have to pay for the songs!? Why? You use to much of people’s money and wastes people’s time. I’m going to practice on a different game. And also I did one review that’s because I like ONLY the design This app will take a long time until it actually get better probably take years for this app is good no offence for the fans of SimplyPiano. I never really do hate comments or something I did something like this but... fix a lot of stuff...


I downloaded this app, keen to learn atleast the basics of piano but was drawn into not only the fact that it makes learning piano fun but also that it makes learning piano so incredibly easy. I downloaded Simply Piano last night and in approximately ten minutes had nailed the basics of piano... I could even play ode to joy using sheet music! I reccommend this app for beginners or people who have forgotten how to play because if I, being only twelve years old, can learn so quickly, I believe others will find it just as fun and easy as I do.

- Great if you own your own keyboard

At the beginning it was a little frustrating. You can only learn 4 notes using the on screen keyboard. Then it’s buy a key board or go away! I would like a few more lessons to see if I will stick to it before having to buy a keyboard. Especially, given it’s over a $100 to subscribe to the program. It’s just a lot of cash to spend based on 4 notes. But the 4 notes were great to learn. So I bought the key board and again it’s a small taste and then pay or go away. A bigger taste would be better, but I paid the money and am enjoying the program. It’s easy to use and you can learn at your own speed. Which brings me to a suggestion... I would like a log of when I practice and how long I practice for. Just something to show me when I am putting effort in and when I am sliding by on short tries. Maybe even, how many exercises I did on a day, but at least how long I practiced. Thanks. Enjoy.


I love how SimplyPiano helped me learn piano in just 2 days!! It is funtastic! When I started without SimplyPiano I was totally lost! I didn’t know were to start or when things happen. BUT when I found SimplyPiano I thought I would go CRAZY! I have a concert on ZOOM and I am going to try perform my fav song that I learned from SimplyPiano!(faded). I am also shocked that I could it at a piano for more than one hour and not wriggle around! SimplyPiano is AMAZING and I can’t wait to go on! P.S. I am thinking to maybe add some more songs for kids?🧁🍬🍩🍭🌈

- Piano

iNo This app is great until you have yo pay the bill if$150 dollars for 3 months like if your thinking what I'm thinking it is a complete ripoff this game will ho down soon and no one will want to play it because of the prices so think twice. No one is just going pull $150 dollars out there pocket for 3 months to pay to play piano you just instead go to a piano teacher and pay $300 for the whole year that is a Bergen but for three months paying $150. Think twice to much money no one wants to pay.

- Needs to be changed

This is a great app but, the only problem is you have to pay to learn new things and learn songs you want to learn! It’s crazy. I only got to do barley anything! It’s really sad for such a great app to have to be paid for please change the app it made me really sad when I realised I had to pay I was really enjoying the app so it’s really sad for us that we have to pay to do anything really so please change it!! 😭😭. I was enjoying this app and I really wanted to learn certain songs I also was having such a good time 😩 please change the app I beg you ! All of us shouldn’t have to pay for this app 😠 😤 😡

Payoneer 💰

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- Awesome

Super awesome app!! Very helpful and fun! The only thing I would say is that it can be a bit too fast when you in the beginning of a level and you get to the point where you have to play with the music and voice for the first time because some songs are pretty fast. Other than that I love this app!

- Think before you get it

All they want to do is teach you a little bit so you want to keep going then they charge you... don't be fooled this app isn't even close to free

- Suzie

Love this system. Like the rapid progression. I don't want to procrastinate just keep moving forwards. With in 2 months I was able to play simple arrangements that I have never seen before. I'm 8 months along and still loving the program. Well done Joy Tunes.

- Amazing

This app is amazing and is perfect for beginners. it's amazing practise and makes the piano easy to learn

- Not very good

I said I had a lot Ed experience with piano, still put me in the category of learning C and D position. Horrible. When I was playing the tutorial just to see what was next, it took FOREVER! The app is so sensitive and I was pressing C and D but it never picked up the sound even thought it was RIGHT beside the piano. Not recommended.

- Amazing app to learn Piano!!

You can get the 7 Day Trial for free and then it’s $120 for the whole year. Just cancel the day before the subscription starts so you don’t pay. Remember, piano teachers charge up to $30/hour. I’ve already played for 3 hours. You’re saving a TON of money getting this app. If you want free lessons, go on YouTube. This app has a ton of lessons. Someone had to put all their time and effort creating this for us so of course they’re going to want compensation for that. $120 a year is $10/month for all the lessons, so get over it and do it! It’s simple to use, a wide variety of songs and great teaching technique. Best one hands down. I’ve tried Yousician and as easy as it was to use, you don’t learn the notes like you do in this app. The song variety and leveling structure for this app is fantastic.

- I hate it

I could not stand this app whenever I played it correctly because I have some experience it would not read the notes I finished I have some experience and it wouldn’t help me because the things it was telling me I already knew I definitely don’t recommend this app

- Great App!

This is a very good app! Yes you have to pay, but still it is worth it! I learned very fast with this app I would definitely recommend it. It explains clearly and it teaches you new things! It’s cool how it actually listens to the device and understands if you get the wrong note or not. Again great app keep it up 👍

- This is the way to learn piano!

Why? Because it’s super fun and it’s easy to learn! U can learn so many popular songs like dance monkey or a classical song like fur Elise. That’s why it’s AWESOME! And people are making so much of a big deal about price, well I think it’s totally worth the money. It’s a lot faster than a tutor. Well I spent a little to long on the piano everyday but it’s fun!😄😄

- Listening problems

The app told everyone it will listen to their piano but that doesn’t work. I played the right keys but it didnt want to register. I Had bigger expectations.

- Awesome

Awesome but you have to pay Totally worth it though

- Yay then noooooo!

I just got a piano I was so exited I learned a little song online then I saw simply piano I downloaded it. Then I opened it I had to pay 💰 50 bucks for one month! What a bad game. Don’t get it!

- Not worth your time very BAD

Very bad and is not worth your time, after a week you have to start to pay. I said I had learned piano before but they made me play the note c. the microphone didn’t work either even if it was right beside my piano. VERY BAD

- Glitchy and doesn’t listen

I was playing “Pop Chords” and I went to the training for the song “Knocking On Heaven’s Door”, so then I played the chords. It all went well until I got to the part where you play the lower part of these chords. The app listened to the “G”, but when I tried to play the rest, it wouldn’t listen to the note “D” and “C”. I am so disappointed in this apps listening skills.

- I like it.

It goes a little fast but that might just be me.

- It makes me learn a little bit

I don’t know but the plans are expensive

- Prix

Je trouve que ceci est très cher

- I don’t understand how to play on this app!

In my opinion I think it’s really hard to play this like I take piano lessons and this is harder than them because whenever I try to play it doesn’t count and then I basically all I have to do is sing the note and it will count I have to constantly play the note and I don’t enjoy it I don’t know if it’s just mine.

- Tf

Not even free they charge you after letting you learn just a little bit

- It’s not very good

I finished the practice for a song and then it would not let me go any further on less I paid for the subscription

- Simply piano is awesome

I love this app before I did not know how to play piano and now I am pretty good

- Bad😡🤬🥵

I’m a really good piano player I wanted to see how they did it. It’s horrible I tried to do it all the notes it wouldn’t let me play the notes it’s like it was doing its own thing it was horrible and got me frustrated so don’t buy this and I’ll just let you do some notes and then you have to buy the app i’d rather get a piano just do it by myself and look it up on YouTube how to play piano it’s really bad so don’t waste your money please don’t waste your money I just can’t stand this app in the commercials please they show you on the piano commercial so fine so don’t buy APP 🥵🤬😡😭😢😤

- This app is not even CLOSE to free

Rip off

- Hungry for money

This is bad. I can’t play my songs cause I need to pay. The ad was a lie. This is horrible

- Horse love

Super jeu mais pour apprendre des chansons il faut payer TRÈS cher

- If I could give it zero stars, I would.

This app is terrible. I would press the correct note and it would still tell me that I was doing it wrong even though my phone was right beside my piano. Terrible app. I don’t recommend.

- I just started and I already know so much

Works so good

- Stupid

Just horrible

- Ad

stop promoting your app on YouTube Every time there is a stupid ad on piano music about your app is so annoying.

- Okay

I downloaded simply piano yesterday and I was thrilled to know it was free, or so I thought, they teach you the basics for free and after if you wanna continue you have to pay, and my family isn’t rich and we just moved and so we spent a lot of money so I don’t want to bother them with my problem so I beg simply piano to make it free

- BAD😡😡😡🤬🤬😤😤

I wanted to play a song for my cousins birthday but then I had to pay a 100 bucks to learn it but I was smart enough to not get pay and delete this app. DO NOT GET THIS APP IT IS TERRIBLE 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

- He


- Amazing!!

This app teaches me how to learn songs after every note faster and easier than my real piano teacher dead

- Very expensive

When I got the app i did free trial and then i was one day late to not pay. i HAD to pay 100$ to buy the app just bc i was one day late and it charged me more money then it was supposed to bc i was late. And It was also very hard to learn what im doing in most of my courses. I dont even use the app a lot. I'm starting pop chords and my subscription ends in 3 months i wish there were monthly payments so we could see if we would use the app often or not and pay for when we are gonna use the app or not.

- Sorry but this is trash

I learn piano already but I still got it for my baby sister I saw what she did and the song is not even real so she sings songs that are not real one of them is called poop diaper pee toilet ew what’s wrong with you 😭😭😤😭😭😫😫😫😖

- Not bad

So far so good. Played my first Robbie Roberson song.😝 What eves, better than sitting home and doing nothing.

- Love it

I played piano when I was younger and I’ve been wanting to start again so I thought I’d try this app out. I have a keyboard. I love it a lot actually, it’s helping me remember a lot of things. The only downside is sometimes the app doesn’t hear the note properly and makes me keep playing it (even though I’m playing it correctly). I know it asks you in the beginning if you’re playing with a piano and a keyboard but maybe because I have a keyboard that’s why? Other then that it’s amazing.

- Good for beginners

I hadn’t played piano since I was about 10 so I had to relearn just about everything and this app explains most things pretty well. There is a steep learning curve once you get further along and the notes may have a hard time registering but I started plugging my headphones into my tablet as I played and it made a noticeable difference. Still not perfect but better than listening through your speakers and playing along. I think it’s a good app so far and I’ve been playing about a month now and I’m just practicing essentials III to try and train my fingers.


I love this app this app is the best for young players and for people with no experience it is very easy to play and I love the song selection ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

- Awsome

I am only 11 and I have this app on my iPad. It is amazing how you can learn piano that quickly! I had no experience with piano, but with simply piano I could play my favourite songs! Even without the full year you can still learn lots with the first lesson!

- Excellent

Excellent, easy to use, helps with timing, easy short segments, a little practice several times a day and you’ll be good in no time!

- Amazing app!

Teaching the foundations of piano in an interesting and engaging way. Highly recommend!

- SimplyPiano

Hi When I started SimplyPiano It looked ok but after the third level I was impressed of myself thank you simply piano

- Love it

Probably one of the best way to learn the piano

- Wow

J’adore cette appli c’est juste qu’il faut payer pour jouer les chansons sinon on apprend vite et on progresse jaime❣️❣️❣️

- Progressing Quickly

Seeing fast progression. Practising at least 15 minutes every day.

- Must download it

Literally the best piano learning app you can find! Can’t remember how I got to know about this app but I’m glad I have it!

- Amazing

I don’t know how to read music until I started this game and I learned how to play the piano and I learned how to read music now I’m really good

- Nice

Simply piano really helps me learn piano. All the adds did not lie about it helping

- Practice

Practice mode could be improve but rest is very good

Coursera 💡

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- I love the piano lessons app

I love the piano lessons app it helps a lot I have an app idea can you guys make a singing lesson app and make all the lessons free and don’t do vip on the app because I don’t have any money but I wanna learn to sing your piano app helped learn piano but I couldn’t get vip because I don’t have any money and in the app can you do like where you can read about singing before you do exercises and warm ups give instructions on them on the app because I always wanted to be a majestic singer but never had lessons but want singing lessons and if you could make the warm ups and exercises and breathing exercises and breathing lessons easy fun and entertaining that would be awesome also teach us how to sing from the diaphragm I always wanted to learn how to sing from my diaphragm and teach us how to do vocal runs and vocal riffs I always wanted to learn how to do that anyway I hope you guys do a singing lesson app thank you


I think this app would be fine if it wasn’t so expensive, 100$ for an app? That’s too much, I was SO excited when I got this app, because I wanted to learn how to play my favorite songs, it’s probably so expensive because they have to pay for the actual versions of the songs I thought. At first it was good, I was having fun learning how to play piano, but when I started doing actual songs I realized: 1. The people singing the songs are not the OG artists 2. A lot of the time it will make you do a certain combination of notes so many times, I wish there was a skip button because it was usually combinations that were very easy 3. Once you passed a certain point the learning part wasn’t helpful and the songs were very hard. I found it boring to practice and I stopped wanting to do it. Luckily I got a refund and I realized that these “Music Learning Apps” are horrible and overpriced. There are SO many better was to spend your money, not to mention the fact that it doesn’t teach you how to read sheet music, if you want to play something outside the app you’re going to have to learn how to do that. PLEASE do not buy this app!


This app is truly terrible I got it because it looked really cool and it’s a really good idea for an app. But when I opened I found out all the people that are trying to learn it for free and not for like 600 dollars a month could play wait for it, oh yes 3 notes. Thank you very much but I think I already know how to play middle c!!! And even though that’s a HUGE disclaimer, there was still even something worse than that, I tried to play the c and when I played it on my GRAND PIANO the thing didn’t even register so literally I tried everything to get it to work so I could give this app a chance. But even when I put my phone right up to the chord and took the phone case of, turned my volume down ect. It still wouldn’t register on the app I would really like it if this bug was fixed because u can’t do anything on this app and I am going to delete it right about now. But you know thanks for getting my hopes up about a piano app that actually works. And anyways if you’re going to charge for everything but the free trial why don’t you just charge for the app that would be a whole lot less depressing for the poor ppl like me in the world.

- Crap 💩

The first couple minutes of using the app I thought it was amazing and I was going to learn to play in no time, but that isnt true. The problem is you don’t even get to finish the first course without paying. You can only play 2 songs and after you play the songs for a while they start to get boring. All the songs except those two are required to be played when premium is used. My parents don’t let me buy anything app-related to I’m practically doomed. Honestly you could so much better if you’d have at least 5 free songs, but not 2. When I got premium, I was really excited! However, when I started playing songs, the cords we TOTALLY OFF. I was pressing the note D, but it went up an octave and recorded the note F. Later on the issue was worse, to the point where I couldn’t handle it. I then tried putting my piano to A4=440hz but that didn’t help. This app is so expensive, but bad. Really I would say don’t waste your time and money, but some people’s phones and gadgets can actually record the right note, so really the idea is fine but the way it works is just crap.

- It was amazing but not for that price

They are the fastest way to learn piano and it’s good if you don’t have one because you can play it with your phone and you can learn really fast, BUT HOWEVER the premium is to pricey you only get to learn five keys for free and the rest you have to pay for and it was 114 dollars for the year and that’s just to pricey for my singles mothers of three kids and the worst during this Covid 19 there can do there jobs to make the money the highest should be athletes be 10-15 dollars the lowest should be 5 but if it were up to me I wouldn’t let them be priced I would let you have to be at a good level to some songs and not be priced I’m just saying because my mom is not going to pay that much and now we can’t use this app anymore because of the price and have to go to go to a different app because we can’t afford it but there is no other app that can teach me as good but if they don’t change the price I will not be using SimplyPiano

- Loving It

Been using the app for probably a total of 6-8 hours over the course of a week. Absolutely loving it. It’s fun to use, and you’re actually learning a skill, instead of playing Guitar Hero or Beat Saber which basically scratches a similar itch. Part of the gamified design of the program is what makes it so great. I’m actually getting decent, and it’s all from this app. Love finding chords online I can play instantly because of what I learned. Had a little trouble with key recognition, but nothing serious. Went into settings and tried some alternative (beta?) key reading setting and have had 0 problems since. Well worth the price considering a teacher would be many times as much over the course of the same time, and I think actually less helpful. The direct feedback and structure of lessons, tests, songs, is actually quite perfect and the designers deserve a lot of praise. Thanks for this!

- Frustrating but a decent learning tool

This app is great, when it recognizes the notes you’re playing. It is incredibly frustrating to be constantly stuck repeating the practice mode because it didn’t recognize a note even when the correct note was played. They offer many solutions, but it doesn’t improve the experience. I can easily turn the volume up on my keyboard far enough for the app to (finally) hear the notes, but I’m afraid it upsets my neighbors. Also, I highly recommend regularly returning to the previous lessons to review because the app goes too quickly if just following along. I think this would be best as a aid to someone already receiving lessons; I don’t believe this is a good enough tool to learn playing by itself. Update: They sent me a free MIDI cord, and it is SO much better! Lessons are still a bit quick, but I don’t have the problems with the note recognition anymore!

- I was skeptical at first...

my first impression of this app was that it was everything i wanted it to be and it was so helpful!! i loved it so i signed up for the free trial and 1 year payments in order to force myself to remain dedicated.. after using the app for awhile, i noticed that when it came time to play the songs it wasn’t recognizing my notes and i had to play everything 10 times in order to move on. i’m not a beginner to music, i played the clarinet for 4 years and the violin for 3. i knew i was playing the right notes. when i went to the settings and clicked on the troubleshooting for fixing that issue, it told me to turn my phone down because it can cause interference, so i did and.... VOILA! the problem was gone and i was able to speed through the next few lessons. i highly recommend this app to anyone who can’t afford to pay a professional to teach them. 10/10!

- Not free. But less than real lessons.

It seems like it’ll be great way to learn the piano for free, and advertisements make it seem it’s “so easy” and free. But this is just blatantly lying. Why would I want to pay so much to learn how to play the piano? Maybe if I can get some stable income and some money to spare to learn how to play the piano. But no! It’s just an instrument and I can get lessons elsewhere or even teach myself. It’s been going well so far! Anyways, the main point is that.. why is it it “premium” membership. I can’t do anything after the first basic lesson, all it’s telling me to do is buy the premium membership! ?? So this isn’t free at all, can’t even learn a little more basic lessons. Just your first 5 notes. What the hell? Am I doing something wrong? Don’t get this app if your not willing to pay... EDIT: I added one more star because this does seem like a great learning tool, and they do need to make money somehow.. real life lessons cost much more, so I guess it’s not as bad as it seems. But for a broke guy I still don’t like it.

- You expect me to pay 150 dollars for a stupid piano app!?!

So when I first got it I’m not going to lie it got me all pumped up it asked what’s songs I like why I want to learn all that stuff. I knew that you had to pay for parts but I thought you didn’t have to pay for EVERYTHING. So it kinda taught me how to play like 5 keys and then I taught me ode to joy but I already know that sooo yeah. In the beginning it asked what song I wanted to learn first I chose baby shark so I can annoy my friends with it (lol) and when I finally got to the point where I could play it... it told me to pay 150 dollars A year. Excuse me what?!?! There is no way I’m going to 150 dollars for some app when I could teach my self! FOR FREE. Why can’t you just make some of the stuff for free like 40% of the stuff at least! If not that then make the price lower maybe like 6 dollars a month that would still give you 72 dollars a year! And more people will probably get the membership thing. Not everyone is rich! I’m sad because I would’ve have so much fun with this app. The way it hears your notes is cool! But 150 is a big no no.

- Doesn’t register notes properly.

Add Bluetooth keyboard support if you want to properly register the notes I’m playing. As is, it doesn’t work well at all. Even on the beginner levels, it doesn’t register notes correctly. Tried all of the above for making it work and it still is frustratingly inaccurate. Kindly stop serving me your ads because the product is mediocre at best. A good test of your software’s ability to detect notation is to create a test in which the listening algorithm writes out what is played. Test the accuracy and don’t release the app until the accuracy is better. That being said, even if the app did work, it seems to really waste your time with spoon feeding the basics. If you’re gonna have your app ask my experience level, make sure it actually uses that information. Leave out bits like “how to find middle c” and “how to sit on a bench” for people who claim to have experience with the piano. I wasn’t able to progress far enough in the app to determine its utility for an intermediate player. For a beginner (think like, never played any instrument before) this app touches all those “grade 4 music class” bases.

- It legit works.

Been on and off with it for a bit over a year now. May not be ready for Carnegie hall but I can read music and if I sit with a piece for a few minutes I can play something I’ve never heard before from the sheet music. You have to work it, but it won’t make you dependent on the format. I find re doing old lessons after having a while is really encouraging. Things that frustrated me don’t even seem difficult enough to count as a warm up anymore. FYI I started at age 37 and before this I could bang out a few cords at best. I had no real experience to speak of. The Beta access is brilliant. I love working off straight sheet music now even more than the lessons, but I’m determined to continue with them as. I’m frugal and cautious by nature, and I’m so happy I committed to this. I did for a bit try Yousician, but I found this far superior for piano. So much I just got rid of the Yousician l

- Seriously Mad Rn

Hello before you start hating me, I have played the piano since I was 4 or 5, so give me a break. This app is great for people who don’t know how to play the piano (at least that’s what the reviews say) but I know how to play it and it made me go through all the basics when I could’ve been doing other things 😡. Please add something that asks if you know how to play the piano so we can skip that stuff. TO ADD ONTO THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY MONEY JUST TO PLAY THE SONGS YOU WANT TO PLAY 😡😡😡. THE WHOLE REASON I DOWNLOADED THIS APP WAS TO PLAY MY FAVORITE SONGS BUT I HAVE TO PAY FOR IT, AND I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO. I don’t have a job I’m still in school, so I don’t have a lot of money. I also (like other kids) can’t have my parents pay for it because they don’t like spending money on apps. I can go online, find music sheets for free or almost nothing, or I can watch tutorials FOR FREE, which I prefer to do. I am very disappointed and dissatisfied with this app although I thought different at first. If you know how to play the piano DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IT IS A WASTE OF TIME. If you want to play your favorite songs, well, get ready to pay for the subscription. This app is aggravating 😤😤😤

- 3 Stars

I loved the app. BEFORE I found out about premium. At first, before I knew about premium, I used the app and thought that soon I would be a master! Then I finished the first course and wanted to move on to the second course. The second course needs premium. I should have known better before I got the app to see if there were in app purchases but I didn’t. And then I raged over it. I decided to look up sheet music that was simple. I tried and got as far as about the 2nd or 3rd measure and then couldn’t find out what to do bc there were all these wired symbols and letters on top of the measures and was confused. I can’t buy premium bc my parents won’t let me unless I have the money. And I am not yet 14, which means I am not able to get a job yet which means no money except for my 1 dollar a week allowance. Not enough to pay for premium. Don’t get me wrong tho, I love Simply piano but, I would love it more if there were just maybe 2 or 3 more FREE courses. Idc about the songs, I just want to know how to play the piano!

- Great app, worth the $

Definitely a great app for a beginner/someone who casually wants to learn piano. I see a lot of hostile complaints about note recognition issues. 1. Make sure your piano is in tune. 2. Just get the MIDI cable for your keyboard if still having issues. Additionally there other tips listed in the app if having trouble. My note recognition has worked just fine without any cables, and I’m actually very impressed with how well it works during more complex sections (I use a keyboard which likely helps) I also see people complaints about the cost, and it seems they are very out of touch with reality. Developing and continuing to improve something like this app certainly takes time and money; why should they just release it for free? (I suppose it could be cheaper, but you would undoubtedly have to deal with bombardments of pop up ads. The App never claimed to be free; It offers a free trial period. Try it for yourself; if you don’t like it, don’t upgrade. Additionally, do these people have any idea what piano lessons would cost?? Google the prices quick (hint: they’re not free) I’m not implying that this app is equivalent to professional lessons, and shouldn’t be viewed as such. However, for someone who casually wants to learn some piano and have fun with it, I feel that it’s a great alternative at very small fraction of the cost.

- Wow

This game is awesome I left it a rating of five because I think this game is incredible for kids and easy way of doing the piano it really gives a good definition to what you are doing what you can do is you can play the piano you can play songs you can pack that you can print out sheets with the notes on it and this song I’ve been doing this for so long I don’t even know it also does where you can do it on the go instead of a real piano you can just go on your tablet or phone whatever you have an electronica and you can just not really type like actually push the piano buttons so when you’re in the car something you can play but this game really is good for headphones though it’s not very loud without headphones if you got a new headphones and a really loud headphones then it would really work so if I were you I download this game because it is incredible

- I feel duped

I was gifted a digital piano for Christmas and thought the trial period for this app was a week. I wrote it in my calendar, set a reminder, but had already been charged $89!! Apparently it was only 3 days? I think that’s a lot of money to take from someone without checking that they indeed want to continue. They offer 3 payment tiers of membership. By default they choose the year one? The most expensive one? It would not hurt as bad if they had charged me for the 3 month one but this has been a shock. I was not able to finish the trial because too many things hit at once after Christmas so I went to cancel it thinking that I would sign up for the 3 month membership by feb once things calmed down.. I wanted to fully be able to commit to the practices. Now, I feel I have to drag the piano back out before I gotten a handle on things which was my goal for January, to free up time by feb to practice. I will say that the few days I did the trial, I liked the way the lessons were presented, but now having been charged the most expensive membership they offer, Im feeling less then confident in this company.

- Amazing App- I’m learning to play the piano!

I love this app. My grandchildren found the app and showed it to me. I’m using it to give my grandchildren piano lessons😀. I love that the app allows 4 different profiles. That is worth paying for this app alone! Here are some of the things I love about this app; 1- Multiple profiles, 2-Teaches the left hand and right hand together, 3- Teaches timing. 4- Provides practice mode when timing is off. 5- Progressively challenges the learner, and gives review of previous things learned. 6- Provides a real life experience of playing the piano as accompaniment with singers. 7- Rewards with new songs to play. 8- Allows the learner to play and learn on a real keyboard. 9- Provides sheet music that the learner can print out, thereby allowing the learner to actually play as a pianist would. 10- This app provides for a fun and challenging means to learn the piano!

- I like this app but...

I really do like the app but Simply Piano gets me very frustrated. I know it’s probably just me but every time I get this app I end up deleting it an hour later (exaggeration). I try to take a break, for A WHOLE DAY, then play it again but I still get this very unpleasant feeling that just washes over me. If I’m in a happy mood to play the piano, open Simply Piano, and somehow I get very unhappy, and lost all my confidence of my piano playing. It keeps saying I am playing the wrong key which even though I’m not. I keep trying and trying but failing.... I’d suggest maybe getting another app. But everyone is different. After playing this just now, I deleted the app and am now in a very depressed state because I’ve lost all my confidence at my ability to play my piano. REMEMBER this is me and my feelings for this app. I’m not saying everyone is going to dislike this app. It’s just not my favorite. I really want to like Simply Piano and get better at playing the piano, but this app isn’t the one for me. Thank you if you’re here and read this paragraph.

- Great app but missing features

I’ve been using the app for about three months now and it’s great. Starting as a complete beginner I can now play several songs comfortably. The courses challenge you enough to learn and want to progress. Towards the final levels there’s a huge jump in difficulty but I thought it was fun. The app does glitch sometimes and fails you even if you hit all the correct notes but it doesn’t happen often enough to be an issue. The one major problem I have with the app is the navigation of different levels and songs. There’s a ton of content so I go back and forth often between courses and songs and it’s a pain to do. You can favorite certain songs to a unique folder but that’s it. Otherwise you have to just scroll through hundreds of songs and courses which is awful. PLEASE add a list function or something considering how much your customers are paying for access.

- Note recognition and transitioning

I don’t know? Like when I turn up the piano or even plug the mic in it keeps saying I get notes wrong when I don’t; and notes right when I’m not. Also I don’t know if this is how it works since it’s my third week but on the upper or lower staff when it says to switch and I do, I’m not actually supposed to switch and I keep trying to remind myself to look at the notes, which is on me, but seeing the bold number makes me switch my hand just on instinct I guess. And same thing with my left hand, I was learning a song and it said to switch my hand and go from the f note to lower c but I still had to keep my hand on f and?? it’s really frustrating to deal with and I don’t know if this is just happening to me and maybe it’s just my iPad, but we tried (like I said before) to connect it to a mic and I also tried turning up the volume of the piano, but it still misheard the notes. But the switching thing is probably not my iPad sorry I don’t know

- No way to contact the company with any issues

I tried the 7 day free trial for my 5 year old son, he loves the app and it’s great. The only issue is, when I went to upgrade to the premium, I was under the impression that it would be a monthly subscription, instead I was charged the annual amount. I didn’t want to do the annual option, so I went to contact the company and there is no way of speaking to a representative. Not a phone number or email - no way of connecting. Thankful I found through that I could contact apple support and they are processing the communication of a refund. Suggestion - please make it more clear that people are signing up for a yearly subscription that takes the full payment and that it’s not a monthly bill. Also maybe have a way for people to connect to the company, the company may still have had my business, but now I just want my refund. If you don’t mind paying the full year - then I will say this is a great app for learning.

- Everything needs a subscription!!

I came to this app, because I’ve see so many ads for it so I decided to give it a try. I have been playing the piano for 10 years, and it asked me if I was new, had played the piano, or do currently play the piano. I selected play the piano, yet it still had me go through all the basic note practice. Additionally, it kept sensing different notes that were like an octave higher. I wasted my time and went through the lessons, just to find out that the song I was working towards WAS NOT FREE. This entire app is a subscription, you can’t do anything without it. Piano lessons make more sense, because they cost around the same as the subscription and you get a teacher to teach you. Simply piano can only teach you up til a certain level, because eventually you will need someone to interact with as a teacher. I gave this app 1 star, because essentially this is a way for you to pay for a subscription. All in all, the ads are complete lies, and if you are passionate about learning the piano, take lessons, it will save you money and you will learn more!

- I don't like this

Ok, so this rating might be very personal, but I know a lot of people who share my view. This app is so fixed. It doesn't give a variety of types of music. If you like Pop, then this is the place for you. I, for one, thought there would be a variety of music. But in my experience, I only found pop. The only piece of classical music, which is what I enjoy most, is Für Elise, by Beethoven. Why doesn't it have other greats, like Debussy's Arabseque, Mozart's Turkish March, Satie's Gymnopedie No. 1, etc. And fyi, the tempo you put Für Elise at is dreadful. Put it at the least of Quaver=155. That is a reasonably acceptable tempo for me. And also, this doesn't make you that good. It teaches you the basics, and moves on to songs. But you know what? This is like it for EVERY piano learning app. If you want to learn the piano, don't use an app, go to an actual teacher, they will improve you much more. I bet that whoever actually used this to learn to play the piano has 0 chance of being proffesional, and probably has excruciatingly bad technique. Just get a private tutor.

- Well, it’s locked up

So, I know some piano and was a little frustrated that I couldn’t jump ahead to where I struggle. There is no skill check at the beginning to place you at your level. This app will assume you know absolutely nothing and make you go through everything. Also I would love to just pick the songs I want to learn, no I’m not interested in Ode to Joy again. Still I signed up for the free trial and went through the first course anyway. It did eventually get to the left hand and I liked working on that. Normally, I have to transpose the bass cleft to treble, but I was reading some of it with this app going through it. Thank you. Then I started working on chords, gcd chords specifically. I can play those. And then the app locked up. It’s currently stuck on a blank music staff, not scrolling or anything. Time to uninstall. If it worked perfectly, then it still would have been somewhat frustrating due to not being able to control what songs I wanted to play and what skills I wanted to work on. Not horrible though, until it locked up and became unusable.

- Note for developers to read;

Hello developers of JoyTunes! Your app has taught me the five fist basic keys so well. I've had no trouble with my microphone too! It's been a long dream of mine sense I was around 8 or 7. I took classes, but they were too complicated, and the teachers expected too much of me. I quit after a couple months, and years later I found this app. I want to continue learning, but these prices are too high for me! If you could lower the prices just by 10 or less dollars for payment for any membership, me and many other people here would purchase it. I bet there are many people like me that would buy the memberships if they were cheaper, so you'd still get money. I am sorry if this is asking to much of you. I am sure you need your money just like everyone else does. But I know you made this app so people could learn how to be a pianist. And if you really care about that you could lower some of the memberships. Thank you for reading, and please response!

- Thanks for helping me learn!

I had a keyboard in my room that my grandma got me for Christmas I was young when I got it and I simply had no intention and no interest in playing or learning it,now I am 13 and I wanted to Learn I was fascinated with how people played this instrument with their hands and how it sounded amazing, I will admit I have seen this ad and I was skeptical at first 🤔 because I thought with apps like these you saw the payment plan the first 10 seconds in opening the app but I was wrong you get a sample version and I love it I learned 5 notes (middle C,D,E,F,G) and you learn what the notes are as well! I love it and I am thinking of paying to learn more! It’s a decent sample because you get to learn more than 1 note and 1 free sheet music! And even practice when you have the free version! Thanks soo much I would recommend this app for anyone who want to play piano! ❤️🥰💓

- (Pls read) I’m sorry, I have to pay?

I have seen, let’s say, over a million ads about this app. I really wanted to try it, and thinking it was completely free (which the ads said so) I downloaded it. Quickly enough, I finished the first few lessons up to this video that told you everything that you would do next. I got so exited, I immediately fell I love with this and wanted to get into it right away. So I continued, but this is where I give up on this thing: I have to pay to keep going. Pay a whole ton, like 120 dollars for a premium membership? This is ridiculous! Seriously, I make a subscription, ask my parents to use this, got a keyboard, and now I have to PAY? I seriously feel like this is waste, just letting someone use twenty minutes of the app to then make them pay, which will eventually get to the point in which the developers only care about money, and then the app falls apart. No one uses it. I really recommend making the app free, and maybe making a few things to pay, like workout or worksheets. If you are not willing to do this, then to all out there interested in getting this app, do not get your hopes up. Thank you! (By the way, if you feel somehow offended, please don’t be. I’m just saying that games and apps like this within the first twenty minutes never have an amazing success. It’s an amazing app, really, it has a lot of potential. I just think it’s really irritating to have to pay.) 🙂

- It’s great, but..

I’m in love with this app. I payed money for it, and I think it was totally worth it, I’ve learned so much with it! But, there is a little bug. When I play what it tells me to, it says it’s wrong. Yes, I’ve checked that I was playing the right key because of the piano on the bottom of the app. The piano’s key (in the app) turns yellow, and then I look on my keyboard, and I am playing the right note. It’s quite frustrating because when I’m learning, I have to repeat playing the certain note. And then when it teaches me songs I have to repeat, and repeat, and repeat the notes, even though I am playing it right. It gets annoying because it goes in practice mode, and I can’t even pass it! I know it’s not because of the tuning because I have a keyboard, not a piano. I would love to give this game a 5/5 rating, but this bug ruins everything. Creator of simply piano, please fix this bug. If it’s not a bug, please tell me what to do to my piano to fix this. Thank you!

- Awesome, But a Problem

I rate this a 4 for a couple reasons. This is a great learning app and never taught me more, it has helped me plays songs I’ve always wanted and new keynotes. Anytime I think of the piano, I think of this app and always go for the practice. Over the year, I have gotten better and know songs that I love. But the problem is that when I press a key it sometimes gets marked wrong when it was the right key. This really get in the way and sometimes doesn’t get people the 3 stars that they want. Also, while practicing the separate parts of the song, when I press a key(s) that’s the same as the next key(s), it already marked the key(s), then when I redo the keys that were already marked, I have to start over again and the same thing repeats. This may not be a problem for other people so this may not be helpful much, I’m just stating some problems that really get in my way a lot.

- This app actually helped me a lot. (Please read)

Since I was five I went to pricy piano teachers, but I barely got any better for 4 and a half years, I found SimplyPiano and tried it out, I honestly really liked it. I asked my mom to get it and she saw how it was cheaper than sending me to a private teacher, so she got me it. After a few days she canceled the piano teacher's teachings, I was seeing a better results on simply piano in a month than getting in 4 and a half years of work at just a normal piano teacher. My only concern is my teacher usually taught me the hand posters, how to memorize the notes, and sitting postures. I really wish simply piano would help you more with that. Overall I highly suggest getting simply piano, it cheered up my day, helped me get better and better fast, and is a great way to spend your extra time. 😁

- In progress review - overall good

Giving this a review after three days of use. The application is being used by myself and two of my children. I played piano for approximately 3 to 4 years as a kid. The good - 1. From a basic perspective the learning and overall visual presentation are quite good. 2. My younger child seems to thrive and enjoys the visual and audio interaction. Surprisingly he’s picking it up any better than expected rate. 3. The lessons seem to build up at a reasonable pace and they have a good amount of explanations provided along the way. 4. Piano learning is fun for my kids The not so good- 1. The actual device does not seem to synchronize well with our piano. To be transparent we have a 1912 antique piano that has been tuned about a week ago and sounds relatively pretty good considering it age. I’ve noticed that several chords do NOT pick up (F & G at -1 octave) never works. 2. Have seen other people with reviews that said the app shows ghost notes being hit. Can validate that I see this all the time and it’s a bit frustrating especially for missing notes. 3. Have also noticed that notes seem to double tap and this upsets my kids when they miss notes. * kids have a basic keyboard and have noticed to a lesser extent that the synchronization of notes is not great but overall this is a good product and will try this out!

- Great app! But...

This is an AMAZING APP! The courses and song choice is phenomenal! But, there is one problem I ran into. If your decide to learn songs in this app, like me, beware of the faster songs, like “Safe And Sound”. In the faster song it doesn’t sense what your playing as well as a normal speed song. Since I’m a perfectionist, I was working to get 3 stars on most and eventually all the songs. Eventually I came across “Safe and Sound”, and it was a fast song. First time after practice I got 2 and 1/2 stars. Tried about 5 more times and was at an average of 2 and 4/5 of a star. I don’t know if it’s just my skill, or it was the app, because in my opinion, it was counting notes on the opposite side of the keyboard in my silent bedroom (besides the keyboard & app) AND it was missing about 4-5 notes each try. I decided to give up after some time, but it really stressed me out. Overall this is a good game, but getting 3 stars on a fast song is a bit rigged in my opinion.


This app is amazing! I’m in grade school, and I love this app. I started out just being able to play a few songs by ear, and with a few months of this app, I can play chords, sharps+flats, C and F position with both hands, I can read actual music, and have access to an amazing amount of songs! I have learned SO MUCH!!! For those of you saying that the app is too expensive, think about this: The average piano lesson with a teacher costs $20-$30, not including books. You have to drive there and back, and you have to work on the same songs for a long time. With this app, you can learn for 24 hours a day if you wanted to, and play as many of the songs as you want without paying extra once you get the membership. That seems like a pretty good deal to me. Get this app! You will learn so much if you put in the time!

- Helpful, but a few problems

This is a great and creative app! I just found it to be not what I had expected. First of all, when I said I had played as a child, ( this also could’ve been my fault not say I have more experience) it teaches me pretty much like I had just started. So I deleted the app and reinstalled it to say I had more experience, but all that did was make it really difficult! If you could find a way for there to be a course in between those, I would greatly appreciate it. Second, there was a slight problem I noticed. When u was playing it, it kept saying that I had the wrong note or playing at the wrong time. I thought it was because my piano was untuned so I spent AN HOUR tuning it to still have the problem. Finally, all I have to say is, it is a helpful app, I just encountered a few problems.

- Pretty good but some improvements needed

I am reviewing this app from the perspective of somebody familiar with playing other instruments. I decided to learn piano and tried this app on the trail. Ended up subscribing because it is pretty good for beginner and gives you a couple different learning paths so you can learn how you want, chords songs or technique or both. I am doing all of the paths because I would like to be well rounded and read music well. So far I am not disappointed. That being said the couple things I would improve are pretty important for somebody trying to practice regularly. Number one is when you play practice songs you must play the whole song all the way through, you are not able to rewind during difficult parts to focus on the part you’re struggling with. This in my opinion slows down the process of learning. The second thing I would improve is related to technique, there is not a section that has practice scales are exercises. That would be very helpful. The last thing I would improve on is adding the ability to toggle note names on and off and/or chord names on and off during both lessons and practice songs. That would be helpful to learning chord names and reading notes from the scale. In general I recommend the app, I think it will be useful for me for the year, I have a feeling I may be moving on at some point, but I am hopeful the lessons keep me going.

- SIMPLY learn

I think this app is the simplest learning the piano can get. If you’re just looking for a hobby and something to impress at a party GET THIS APP! I’ve only had it for two weeks but I just started the classical music course and I love everything about it. Yes, maybe there are bugs and stuff, and yes, it doesn’t teach everything about piano and reading sheet music, but if you already learned how to read sheet music, this app is a breeze. I would totally stick to this instead of paying 50 bucks for 30 minutes at a music lesson. Not only is it cheap, it’s fun! I’m writing this review during the coronavirus pandemic, and the challenge they put in for you to play while it’s happening is great! The app just gives any person with time on their hands to go to a separate universe of their own and forget the rush of our lives!

- Too much money

This app is awesome if you want to learn the piano, especially for young kids like myself. The problem is that its way too much money, if you lower the $10 a month too $5 a month then my parents could probably buy it. Even if this app doesn't work for me then I could just get lessons, right? Well I can't because of the money, and time you have to spend on them. Maybe if I didn't play the two sports I do I could sign up for lessons but I love the sports I do. I love music and want to learn more instruments but don't have the money or time. This app is for people with this problem (in my opinion), but you have to pay an expensive amount. I am very upset because I was playing on the new keyboard I got and was so excited, I then got to the point where it mentioned the payment. I really hope the payment will go down because other than that this app is really great.

- Great, but a sellout

This is a great app for learning piano, but there are a couple of bugs I noticed. Firstly, when I play certain notes it detects completely different notes, and secondly, half of the time when I’m playing along to the songs at the end of the levels/courses, it bugs out and doesn’t progress unless I reset it a random amount of times. Now, this app would be great (not considering said bugs), but you can’t even finish the tutorial without paying $60 every 3 months, or $120 every year, and so on. It seems pretty overpriced just for this, and I was promised to play the song I chose by the end of the tutorial, but it was blocked by a paywall. I have used some piano apps where you can play a select amount of songs, while others require some sort of subscription, but this app is pretty over the top with it’s subscription. I was pretty exited, as I have wanted to learn piano, but haven’t found any good lessons, but this was a bit of a letdown. No way I’m paying for this. :/

- Great teaching too for great value!

I'm a musician that plays a lot of instruments, but the piano wasn't one. I know a lot of people complain that the price isn't fair, but paying the full year subscription is about 3 lessons from a piano teacher in real life. That's a great value. The app teaches me at a good place and will switch to practice mode when I make too many mistakes. Sometimes it turns on too quickly because it couldn't "hear" the notes I was playing despite they being correct. I understand you can turn off the feature, but I find it better to keep it on. More practice. I found myself unable to relate notes on a sheet of paper to the position on a piano to playing Imagine within a week. It has a 5-minute workout for the days where you're busy, but want to remember how to play so you don't forget.

- Learning FAST!!!!

I am honestly learning so fast from this app. It is helping me so much. I used many apps to try and play piano. If people think this app is terrible, they’re not paying attention to anything the app tells you. Or maybe some people have trouble understanding. But in my opinion, it’s very easy to understand. Playing the notes may be hard, but if you keep practicing, you’ll get better. I practice this everyday. Morning and evening. My stepsister takes lessons, and I’m pretty sure I’m on a higher level. I’ve only started and been practicing like this for a few days, almost a week. JUST A WEEK! While she’s been taking the lessons and practicing. In conclusion I would totally recommend this app. If you don’t understand it, you’re probably out of luck because this is the best app for learning piano.

- I don’t enjoy the game at all.

I was just playing the game on the keyboard. First of all, I realize on lesson 4/5 the person showing you how to play actually let’s you go crazy on the notes and not put down the specific ones. The notes were so confusing, that I really had to write it down. Do you realize there’s now at least 10 pieces on the floor in my basement from that lesson? Also, by what you’re saying, I don’t think it’s true to customers like me. I give this app, a 1 Star because the people teaching you are complete robots, and they let you literally do whatever you do with the notes, and when you’re playing it in real life, it’s like you’re going to opposite-of-compliment-land. I hope this isn’t the way you satisfy others, because it’s complete disturbing how you’re letting 6 year olds and up being able to play a piano that they actually really can’t play, all because of the stupid system which allows kids to be able to go crazy on a piano. If someone can get me back, and update the system, that will be wonderful. Thank you.

- Pricing is Unreasonable!

Developers, it is clear you have a fantastic app! I’ve done my research and it is very obviously one of the best! So for this, I understand your wish for charging some money for access, however I think you should consider charging “per item”. For example, .99¢ for a new popular song, or $3 for a more advanced lesson. Myself and my family and friends have even discussed that we are more likely to pay for apps when it is in amounts like these! Or, perhaps just charge $5 for the app itself and thus give full access! The subscription fee you are asking for is downright unreasonable, and something that I can not afford. The whole reason I downloaded the app was so that I had a easy, cheap option to learn as I am a nursing student in college with minimal time or money to spend in true piano lessons. But with the price you are asking, I might as well get “real” lessons. ☹️ Please consider this! It seems you have many other players who feel the same way. And thus, many NEW players that would hop on board with (mostly) free access!

- Improvements 😇 pls read HAS NEW EDIT!

Hello I have been playing this piano game for a while and keep on giving it chances to keep trying to be patient with this game, but it always ends up in a frustrated scene. So whenever I play I click the right key but it says on the bottom I’m hitting a different key, which is not true. So that’s when I have to click a multiple amount of keys to get past it, which is annoying. The next thing is that the keys expect the piano and me to play almost exactly like it sounds, so when I do that and press the right key it just shows those blue dots and then it make the key gold then afterwards I start the lesson all over again. And the keys on my piano don’t sound like the notes on the pad and it makes it start over. So please fix this. Edit: I tried a recommendation but it did not help nor did the other ones because I don’t know how to do the other recommendations please help!!!!!

- Really bad note & rhythm identification + too much money. Good app nevertheless.

Note recognition isn’t really that good (I even have the, “New and improved MusicSense™️ engine” on but it still doesn’t help) which causes you to either have to replay the song or get a bad score causing you not be able to go on and having to replay it. The rhythm identification also isn’t that good. This also causes you to get a bad score and have to play it again. No matter how well I play something the timing is never above 50%. The price is also kind of steep so I hope to see it go down. It’s a good app but these things make it hard to use. I hope to see it get better. 2 stars. If it doesn’t get better then it’s going down to one star. And dev, don’t respond with that, “Here are 5 tips for better note recognition!” none of that helps me. I turned on, “New and improved MusicSense™️ engine,” and tried the other things but nothing helped. I also can’t connect my piano via midi because it only has one port.

- Dear makers.

I gave this app a three star rating because The issue with this app is money and I know you probably make the users of this app pay for more lessons because you need a way to keep on funding this app or adding new things to the app and that cost money. I know you guys most likely are not going to look at this and this is going to be buried under other reviews but my suggestion would be, instead of making users pay for lessons make them pay for songs because you only get the basics free and that’s kinda stupid because then you have to pay for everything after that like the essential 1. I think you guys should add popular songs and have people pay for those instead of having to pay to learn it. I’ve looked at other app’s that claim to teach you piano and they still make you pay and I think that if you guys would want to be the number one used piano app then make people only pay for songs and not the basics or essentials. -Kasey

- A beginners perspective

I’ve been playing music for six years now but picked up piano yesterday. I’ve already put five hours into it, three of which came from this app. From a purely musical point of view, this app is great for beginners, and explains the notes, their notation and time signatures really well. The exercises are fun and get you playing and that’s all that really matters. From a more piano focused POV, I’m not an expert yet, but it seems to do what it wants to do very well. Like I said it makes me want to practice, and has helped me grow comfortable with the keyboard. I’m about 80% through the Essentials 1 course, and I’ve learned most of everything that originally prevented me from picking piano up, like playing with two hands, and the chords. I don’t ever rate my apps, much less review them, but outside the few issues that apps like this always have, I’d say this is perfect for beginners!

- The beginning is great but...

Okay. I really want to learn piano and gain full access to this app. But the plans are really expensive! And I get that you need to pay for all of the features of your app, I really do. But, maybe just maybe could you make the plans 5 bucks a month? I love music and would love to learn piano. I can’t find any videos to learn left hand or any specific thing I need to learn! Simply piano is the only app that will let me do this! But I need to pay money to do so...Maybe consider changing the price to a cheaper consent. A lot of users use this app and if you were to make the subscription cheaper. A lot more would join and pay for it, including me and my family. The starting is free and very helpful but I would very much like to learn more on your app. Please take the time to read through this and help me and a lot others wanting to use the app but the prices being to expensive. Thank you, this is the only problem I have encountered with this app.


At the beginning of this frickin app they asked me to choose a song I wanted to know how to play, it didn’t say that I had to play for it, all it said that at the end you will be able to play it and it will let me ACTUALLY play the song. But it keeps asking me to buy a stupid thing to unlock more stuff. Until I realized, after I pasted all the stupid levels that were too easy for me since I know how to play piano already...I can’t even play that song. I have been playing the piano and know how to play the piano already, all I wanted to do was find a easier way to play a song I liked... And the songs they use aren’t even the real songs, they sound extremely different. At the beginning, it sounds really interesting and fun but sooner, it just doesn’t let you play any more unless you pay. And I wonder why in all the stupid ads...WHY THEY DIDN'T MENTION THE FACT THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THIS DUMB APP... I am sorry if I lost my temper there...but I DO NOT recommend this app a tiny bit...I gave this app one star but I WOULD GIVE IT A ZERO STAR IF I COULD...

- Only ok...

So I got this game bc all the good reviews and ads said people learned piano in only a few months... well I started noticing that when I hit the notes during a song at the right time it didn’t work it kept telling me that I got it wrong when I got the note right! But besides that it’s only ok for me. What I mean is at the end of the basics you have to pay $5 a month. I don’t know if it’s $5 but I know you have to pay every month! So that was disappointing! But all the other things where... only ok! It’s very slow and my sis was trying to play a different note (that sounded the same) just a higher pitch at the same time and that made us fail even though at the beginning it said ‘’do your family members want to learn piano too?’’ And also since that will make you fail if your fam want to play they either download the game or make a profile on yours or your family’s device! So overall in my opinion this app isn’t my fav even though most people like it! Sorry!

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Simply Piano by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Piano by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Piano by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Piano by JoyTunes iphone images
Simply Piano by JoyTunes iphone images

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The applications Simply Piano by JoyTunes was published in the category Education on 2015-09-02 and was developed by JoyTunes [Developer ID: 492065449]. This application file size is 392.3 MB. Simply Piano by JoyTunes - Education app posted on 2020-12-28 current version is 8.5.3 and works well on IOS 10.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.joytunes.asla

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