Tweetbot 5 for Twitter

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter [Social Networking] App Description & Overview

Tweetbot is an award-winning Twitter client for iOS and the Mac. Create lists and use them as curated timelines. Create and share powerful mute filters using keywords or regular expressions. Use timeline filters to quickly reveal tweets you want to see and hide the ones you don’t. Tweetbot lets you take over your timeline and view it your way.

What’s New in Version 5:

- GIF support in compose view (Powered by Giphy).
- Redesigned profiles.
- Redesigned tweet status details.
- New iconography and app icon.
- Optimized dark theme for OLED displays.
- Support for haptic feedback.
- Auto video playback in the timeline (which can be disabled in the settings).
- Ability to add descriptions to images when composing.

Why Choose Tweetbot:

- Create and use Twitter Lists as multiple timelines.
- Filter any timeline via keywords or predefined criteria (like tweets with media or links only) and save for future access.
- Second column on iPad to view other content like a list, mentions, search results, and etc at the same time.
- Sync your unread status and timeline position across all of your devices running Tweetbot (Mac, iPhone, iPad).
- No inline ads.

Notable Features:

Timeline Filters. Quickly filter a timeline to show only tweets with media, retweets, links, or create your own keyword or rules-based filter. Access these saved filters any time with two taps.

Mute Filters. Hide Tweets in your timelines by specific users, keywords, hashtags, or even the client that published the Tweet. Select the length of time to mute and use regular expressions for smarter muting.

Profile Notes. Ever forget why you followed someone or wanted to jot notes for future reference? Create private notes on a user’s profile that only you can see.

Custom Timelines. Create and manage public or private lists and then use them as curated timelines. Tweetbot allows you to quickly switch between lists and even use one as your main timeline.

iCloud Sync. Tweetbot syncs your read position and much more so your experience is seamless when switching from desktop to mobile and vice versa.

Tweet Topics. Start tweet topics to automatically chain together multiple Tweets (with the ability to append optional hashtags) and create tweet storms.

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Tweetbot 5 for Twitter Customer Service, Editor Notes:

- Support for new devices

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter Comments & Reviews

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- It was good while it lasted

Tweetbot has been a fantastic client for Twitter, and I've never experienced any glitches. Its GUI is intuitive and clean, and importantly lacks the ads that Twitter's app shows. However, Twitter has been ending support for various APIs that make third party apps like Tweetbot possible and useful. As a result and through no fault of the developers of Tweetbot, Tweetbot's usefulness and features are in decline. They have had to recently end features such as user statistics because that info is no longer being pushed by Twitter to third parties. It's a shame, and while the app still functions flawlessly, the increasing stripping of features is becoming an annoyance. It's not Tweetbot's fault, but it does mean that my otherwise heartfelt recommendation for the app has to be made with the important caveat that third party twitter clients are no longer really supported by Twitter and thus Tweetbot is not as useful as it should be. My experience with the app has been excellent otherwise, but I suspect that in the future Tweetbot might not really function properly at all if Twitter keeps scrapping support for their APIs. It's at that point that I will probably stop using Twitter though.

- 5.0 update is awesome

Don’t write reviews often, but just wanted to express my liking of the 5.0 update. Appreciate haptic feedback and also oled display support in dark mode. I always like a new refresh of things and appreciate change, so the updated profile view is nice and the iconography is simple but still easy to follow after the update. I like the “follows you” tag when swiping through to a tweet from someone. Also *love* video autoplay. Something I did like from the standard Twitter app. Couple pieces of feedback just for change, the startup of the app is still white, so it’s a bit jarring at night, and hope you change that to reflect dark mode options. And also, swiping through to a tweet, if someone has a verified badge, it doesn’t show in that swipe through view. Can be a bit confusing. But other than that, loving the update, and thank you for still supporting as much as possible even after Twitter removed support for api’s and haven’t added others like polls. I still prefer to use TweetBot over the standard app for timeline convenience especially.

- Now, always, and forever the best

Social media apps are generally made for the purpose of hooking their users, pulling them into a forever loop of stats and notifications. Tweetbot has always been good for getting out of that loop, with an interface that deemphasizes numbers and puts the things that actually matter in the forefront. Due to meddling from Twitter, they've had to remove a few features such as notifications for likes and retweets, and reply and message notifications have gotten slower. They've removed the page showing which tweets of yours are popular. That's sad for the devs who have to compete with the main app, but I turned off those features years ago. What's left is an experience full of what you want to use twitter for in the first place, without annoying things that you don't want. It's a social media app that you only pick up when you want it. There's no reason to use anything else. A twitter without tweetbot is not worth using. If twitter turns off support for apps like this I will leave the service entirely.

- Still the best, but...

Even after the newest update, Tweetbot continues to be thee best Twitter app in the App Store. Having said that, the only points of criticism i have are: the new icon; it’s...not good. maybe the devs aren’t happy about all the restrictions Twitter have placed on 3rd party apps, and the new aggressive looking icon is a way to show that. I can understand that, if that’s the case, but it’s such a deviation of what i’ve come to love about this app. Tweetbot 4’s icon was such a great evolution of the one before it; it was very unique and, to me at least, had an air of subtle confidence. It’s almost like the old icon was designed in a way that the devs knew they had an amazing app but didn’t have to prove it. The other point of criticism i have is offering the old grey dark mode as a third option. The pitch black dark mode is great, but it’d be nice to have the grey dark mode as kind of the medium setting in between the bright mode and the pitch black dark mode. Other than those two gripes, this app is and continues to be my favorite app on my dock.

- Bugs To Address

Thanks, Tapbots, for the updates and addressing the issues I’d reviewed in a previous post. Really appreciate your timely response. The app’s stability has improved quite a bit but I’m currently having an issue where my trending topics are stuck, regardless of the country I select. It’s been this way for about 3 days or so. I reset the cache and also logged out/in to no avail. Also, when I tap an embedded video link, the audio doubles (it starts playing over itself at the same time), if I try to manually drag the video button back to rewind and release, the video begins again but then with no sound. On a second attempt to rewind, it will play correctly. Lastly, I’ve had issue with video playback. The embedded clip will end and then I can’t swipe it away to continue scrolling, it’s as if its frozen. To address it, I have to escape Tweetbot by swiping up and then re-launching it. It used to happen a lot and it was very distracting. Thanks in advance, love this app.

- No Longer Supports Animated GIFS

Now, when you tap on a GIF, one of two things happen: 1) a little white dot starts moving left to right in the middle of the image. It seems like it’s indicating it’s preparing to open the animation, but it never does, OR 2) the whole screen goes black. This started happening for me on Oct. 18. Also, starting at the same time, the app randomly and repeatedly puts up a dialog box begging for money. So it has stopped working and they want you to pay them extra for that. It’s too bad. This was the best Twitter app there was. But now it’s broken. It would be better if they hadn’t broken it before starting to beg, but here’s more irony: the first time it begged, I clicked to give it more money and guess what? It didn’t work! Even their begging mechanism is broken! RIP Tweetbot…

- It’s time to move on and delete this useless app

I’ve been using tweetbot since it fist came out (good 8 or 7 years i think). I’ve paid for it several times since they keep changing the app. I really used to think that’s it even better than the original twitter app, but not anymore. It’s been a long time since we have seen improvements. As we all know notifications don’t show properly anymore which is a huge let down. And one of the worst things about tweetbot is there are no improvements whats so ever! They are not adapting to any new twitter feature whatsoever! I still can’t see if someone liked a tweet in my home feed (twitter shows), gifs don't work properly, and polls don't show what so ever!! So really what’s the point of paying and using this client? Nothing! This app would be great if it still was in 2012! Im currently using both tweetbot and twitter but why! I should just delete tweetbot and use twitter instead since it shows everything properly. It needs a lot of getting used to but there isn’t anything I can do anymore. And I know the developers won’t read this nor they would care. So I hate to say this but it’s time to say goodbye to this beloved app because I had enough.

- Slow innovation

I love Tweetbot, I've paid for it three times. Unfortunately, the developers seem slow to innovate or improve the app. The "create topic" feature seemed an exciting step in that direction, but we've seen nothing since. Loading replies on the tweet detail page still freezes the app. Tweets I've liked on the web or in the Twitter app display unliked in Tweetbot. When Twitter switched to showing link previews, people started tweeting links without describing them; on Tweetbot I have to load the webpage to see what headline made my friend say "omg this 👇." Tweets with polls don't appear properly, when they could at least show a link to the tweet in Safari. Now the Twitter app shows total replies, retweets, and likes within the timeline. Tweetbot misses out. My favorite features are the reverse chronological order and the lack of ads. They've kept me using the app for years. But the Twitter app is outpacing it.

- Torn About This Review

I know there’s a lot of buck-passing that goes on in the software/hardware industries, but on this one it really looks like Tapbots has got its hands tied. I do 90% of my computing for work, home and play, on mobile. I’m really distressed that Activity and Stats seems to be gone. (Yes, I will be being vocal about this on Twitter and where ever I can find ways to send feedback directly to Twitter.) I really like Tweetbot and it has been my exclusive go/to Twitter app since it began. I really do not want to lose this wonderful utility, which by the way, assists for both business and pleasure. Something I’m really curious about is: are the removed features available in Twitter’s own app, or other 3rd party apps? If so, I might have to revert to those options until Twitter pulls its collective heads out of its collective a$$es. The Activity and Stats features are actually quite important to me. If any of you are affected by these and other Twitter-imposed limitations please join me in making sure that Tapbots knows how important they are, and more importantly, join me in letting Twitter have it. (Please be civil, but direct.) P.S. This is actually a Six-Star app, but, thanks to Twitter this is all I can muster.

- Best Twitter App Ever

These developers are amazing! The new 5.0 update is awesome! And it was free. In the past you had to pay for every major update and you had to pay for the app on the iPad and MacBook as well. So it was nice to get it free. This time it just gave you a tip option. And I was so impressed by this update, I had to tip to show my gratitude. Hopefully they continue to update the app for free in the future. I rather have the option to donate than be charged every year or other year. One recommendation I would have is to have a better search option. It would be nice to recommend handles or hashtags when you start typing a search like the regular Twitter app. Thanks again for all the hard work you all put into updating this app.

- Worth the cost - just a few requests though

The best Twitter client I've used, and I try a lot. I even use the Mac version for when I'm on my laptop. I love the user of TweetMarker as well for this reason (though TM occasionally fails me, grr). It's a very intuitive, relatively uncluttered interface, and I've never regretted paying for it, and I can read my timeline in chronological order without problem. My only point of contention is I wish polls were visible in the client and that there was some way to create threads as well as read them. It can be cumbersome to try to read a thread when individual tweets have a lot of replies to them. Other than that, I'm loyal to Tweetbot. It would have to be pretty going revolutionary to draw me away.

- Nice to be back

I was a Tweetbot user for years, until the developers started charging again for upgrades. After that I moved to Twitterrific. It was nice, but something always felt wrong. After the iOS 14 update, I wanted to play around with my widgets and started checking updates. (Tweetbot never was uninstalled.) I was happy to see that the devs moved to a Tip system for payment. Having paid for the app in the past doesn’t change the fact that I’m happy to pay for quality when I can choose to do so freely. I wanted to leave a tip— so I opened the app, went straight to the tip jar, and did just that. That said, Tweetbot’s layout seems more intuitive to me. Maybe it’s years of muscle memory, but after years away I didn’t feel like a stranger or lost. (***ATTN DEVS: I still haven’t figured out how to edit a tweet without deleting it— Twitterrific still serves that purpose. Also, trying to leave a review from within the app caused a crash with a blank screen. I had to use the App Store app to write this.***) Regardless, the UI is clean and it even has features that Twitterrific lacks. Yeah, I’ve missed this place.

- Some improvements are needed

This is great app, I'd say better than the official one but not by far. What I like most is the ability to switch devices and the app seamlessly remembers where you left it, I'd say that's the single most important feature of Tweetbot. But where the app falls short is: (1) you can't see who liked other people's tweets (e.g. sometimes I want to know if a friend of mine did), (2) it takes one click to know how popular a tweet is (the official app shows small icons with the number of likes and retweets), and (3) voting is not supported yet. (4) on your activity tab, it would be nice that after clicking a liked tweet, Tweetbot showed you the tweet and not the person who liked it. For a $10 app (or $20 if you install it in your Mac as well), I think developers should work harder on at least delivering what the official app does.

- Great, but can learn a thing or two from Twitter

Tweetbot is overall great, and I’m happy that I can once again see my timeline in chronological order. But it could learn a thing or two from the official Twitter client’s user experience. It’s mentioned in some reviews, but pushing off to a website for some functionality is a bad experience. I want to see likes and retweets in app. A browser window should only open if I click a link myself. It would also be nice to have an option to enable inline media display as I scroll. Twitter is missing this too, but given the OLED displays on the new iPhones, it would be great to have a true black mode. It’d save battery life, and look much nicer than the ugly grey dark mode. Takeaway: Core functionality is great. UX lacks a bit, and true black mode and all functionality in the app proper would net a five star review from me.


I’ve been using Tweetbot since the original and it has been the most flawless Twitter client every release. Twitter has nerfed all third party apps, this is out of all the third party app developer’s control. Don’t leave bad reviews on Tweetbot because of the features that have been disabled, it is not their fault. Online you’ll find an internal email from Twitter staff reporting that they’re removing their APIs from these third party app developers. Tweebot nonetheless is still the best Twitter experience on the App Store in my opinion and I, for one, will not switch despite the changes. Again, these disabled/degraded features are not the Tweetbot developer’s doing, so do not run the reviews into the ground because of this.

- Disappointed to say the least

I went ahead and made the purchase because I had heard such great things about it and honestly from using previous versions on my friend’s devices, I liked it a lot. I found myself using twitter a bit more than before and pulled the trigger. But it doesn’t look like much has changed over the years. Quite honestly, the UI looks a bit worse with childish pastel-like color themes. Dark mode honestly isn’t even that dark. The layout is quite poor as well. It took me a solid 45 minutes to learn the app, 45 more than it should have and that shouldn’t be the case for someone who knows how to tweet, especially since there isn’t much to the app feature-wise anyways. No search suggestions, swipe to view conversation instead of just a simple click, and sometimes even within that I’m not seeing replies being loaded. Not impressed.

- Very dark background

I have been using this app for almost 5 years. It was really good and much better than the official one. but now the most of it’s features are available in the official app like translations and dark mode. What’s really make me feel disappointed in the new update the background is very dark just like the official app, i prefer the grey one. it’s WAY more comfortable for my eyes. Only twitter addicted people will notice that. I’m sad :( you were my favorite app. استخدم هذا التطبيق لأكثر من خمس سنين، كان أفضل من الرسمي بمراحل وبالأخص من ناحية الترجمة والوضع الليلي وحفظ آخر تغريدة تمت قرائتها. لكن حالياً أغلب المميزات اللي فيه أصبحت موجودة بالرسمي باستثناء الأخيرة وهي اللي جعلتني أستمر فيه. بالإضافة إلى أنه بالتحديث الأخير صارت الخلفية في الوضع الليلي جداً مظلمة(سوداء تقريباً) وهذا متعب للعين بعكس الرمادية القديمة كانت تقريبا اللون الأمثل بالنسبة لي كمستخدم مدمن تويت بوت. ولاأنسى أنني حتى الآن لاأعرف لماذا لم يدعموا الاستبيانات! على العموم كانت تجربة جميلة وأتمنى يرجعون لسابق عهدهم بالمميزات لأن الوضع زاد عن حده بصراحه :( سلام

- Best Twitter Client Ever 😊

After reading the reviews on the latest version of the main Twitter app (version 7), I'm glad I opted to use this client. Much better than the main app. And not that surprised there were issues w/the new version of the main Twitter app. If anyone is having issues w/the new version of Twitter, I would recommend this as an alternative. My experience is much better than the main app although some features like the polls and tagging people in photos are not available. But I seldom use those anyway so this is not a problem to me. My suggestion is once the API for the reply button is updated, I would really love it in this app. Much better than the current one.

- Tweetbot has reached the end of the line

I’ve used every version of Tweetbot and much prefer it to Twitter’s official app. However, the developer seems to have ended support for it. A couple of months ago, I contacted the developer about a bug in the interface and received a belated reply that they’re aware of it. But there hasn’t been any update for a long time. Twitter removed the availability of many features to third party developers a long time ago. But I still continued to use Tweetbot. This morning, trending topics returns a message that says “internal error.” This is also occurring with Tweetbot for Mac. I don’t know if this is a problem with Tweetbot, but the official Twitter app continues to show trending topics.

- The best. Period.

I’ve used this app since twitter bought and destroyed Tweetie on iOS years ago. I’ve bought ever iteration for iOS and I’ve come to the conclusion that tweetbot is twitter for me. Without this app, I wouldn’t even use the service. It’s design, layout, and functionality are how I’ve come to expect the service to behave for me. It’s one of my most used apps through my iPhone history and will continue to be best in class for viewing twitter for myself. If it hadn’t prompted me for a review today, I probably wouldn’t have left a review (if I ever even have), but this app is one of the few apps I expect will always be on any iOS device I own. Props to Tapbot for an amazing experience.

- GREAT, but there’s 2 things that should be considered

1. Who uses favstar anyway? It’s so annoying to see who liked a tweet because I have to go through the favstar website, and their website is even more confusing! There’s already a feature to see who liked YOUR OWN tweets inside the app, so why not screw favstar and use an in-app solution. 2. I love this app and it makes twitter so much better, but I get confused when I see tweets with odd captions; and then I find out later it was actually a poll. The app really needs the ability to show polls and be able to vote on them. At least show it has a poll so I don’t think that some famous celeb is on drugs. Great app, use it everyday. Would recommend, but I hope the developers see these recommendations.

- Twitter like it should be

Tweetbot gets a lot of praise and can seem overrated, but trust me, it’s all true. Tweetbot is Twitter like it should be. No frills, no ads, no “Moments”, and a chronological timeline that remembers your position and even syncs it across your devices! The dark mode is the best I’ve used in an app, it may seem to light at first, coming from completely black apps, but the lighter greys really help your eyes and reading is so much easier. The only things that can be frustrating with Tweetbot are: no polls natively (this is a twitter restriction, not a Tweetbot issue), and tweet chains can be frustrating to swipe through, but besides that the app is perfect. A fantastic app made by fantastic developers?

- One Star Reviewers Must Be Confused

I have owned every version of Tweetbot from Day 1. Consistently the best twitter client for me, hands down. Complaints about the Apple Watch functionality seem silly, as who wants to read their entire feed on their wrist? Isn’t the whole point of the watch to minimize your interactions with your phone? Maybe I’m not understanding their complaint correctly? Anyway, the timeline sync across devices is almost like magic, and the design of the app is far and away better than the dumpster fire that is the Twitter app. Keep up the good work, and come out with another version I can give you money for!

- A crying shame

It's too bad that one of the only alternatives to the Twitter company's own app is so far behind in implementing features like polls and group DMs, but that's the price we pay to keep our timelines in sync across multiple devices. Well, now this app has become utterly useless. I'm still on iOS 9.3.5 and even though I keep this app updated (despite numerous prior instances when the VERY LAZY DEVELOPER broke it completely) I can't log in AT ALL! Any time I try, I get a useless "Authorization error: Please update your version of Tweetbot" message. Plus it opens a Safari tab with an equally unhelpful message about using version 4.7. HELLO, I ALREADY AM USING VERSION 4.7 How is Tapbots so dumb? How do they not know the version of their own app when it spawns an error message? Maybe someday the Twitter company will figure out how to keep timelines in sync across multiple computer and mobile devices. That seems more likely than the execrable ding dongs at Tapbots pulling their heads out and getting on board with the new (well, new for 2014) Twitter features... Tapbots can't even get the login process right. This app isn't worth your money, nor is it worth the time I've wasted writing this review. But it made me feel better to roast Tapbots, so we're almost even. I hope no one else buys this app.

- Great client for a terrible service

If you use twitter, this is the premier app. Worth every penny. Unfortunately, Twitter has decided to cut 3rd party clients like Tweetbot off at the knees with severe limits on their API. The lovely watch app, activity screen, and many more great features of Tweetbot are now gone because Twitter wants to push users tho their 1st party client. Tweetbot is an incredible app. I can honestly say I wouldn’t be a Twitter user without it. I know this because I’ve used Twitter significantly less since they made these awful changes to their API. I hope the leadership at Twitter get their act together, but as it stands I have little reason to use this wonderful app.

- Hands-down the best

Edit: still great, best twitter app 5ish years standing! I've been using Tweetbot since version 1.0, and every release just gets better. Got a feature that isn't there? Let the developers know. They're constantly working to tweak the app and their support is unparalleled. Updated with 3D Touch and Swipeback from Safari view within a week. No one else is that fast. Do you complain when you have to pay to replace your brakes? Don't complain about paying for a new app once every other year. Especially with the amount of effort they put in to make this app perfect. Kudos Tapbots!

- Sadly Disappointed

I really want to love Tweetbot. I do. I love the approach to innovation and improving on a company’s missteps. But Tweetbot is just not that for me. And the main problem? Things that should be simple, are not simple. Swiping into a thread, having to choose between a search bar or a liked tweets bar, clicking a tweet to interact with it - it shouldn’t add extra steps where they’re unneeded. I know their hands are tied with Twitter’s terms of service sometimes, but I feel like the main downfalls of the app have nothing to do with that. It’s just too cluttered. Needless to say, I love chronological order, I love customization, but this interface just doesn’t justify the $4 price point. If you really just want a chronological feed this is for you.

- The only way to tweet

After twitter’s recent (terrible, as usual) decision to depreciate the APIs third party apps such as Tweetbot have depended on for much of their functionality, I figured I’d just stop using twitter soon. But a funny thing happened; Tweetbot updated their app for free with fun, exciting new features that I didn’t even know I’d been wanting, and so, at least for now, I continue to be a participant in the hellworld that is twitter. Tweetbot makes me want to keep posting somehow, and I sincerely appreciate their continued commitment to one of the few apps that make me want to pick up my phone over and over again every day.

- Loved the app. Then Twitter pulled the rug out.

I’m giving 5 stars, because whatever deficiencies this app has are not the developers’ fault. But not getting feedback for likes and retweets etc. changes the experience. You don’t know if you’re tweeting into a black hole or people are engaged with your thoughts. Which of course Twitter knows, and knows that no longer exposing those APIs to devs causes users to migrate to those apps _with_ those features (*cough*twitter*cough*). It’s a shame, but it’s another lesson for developers that when you build on somebody else’s platform you are subject to their whims.

- Look elsewhere

This might’ve been great app once, but after Twitter API changes last year so much functionality is broken. I understand there is nothing developer can do about it, but I don’t understand why they are still advertising those features and charging for them. But the biggest disappointment was when I reached to their support – they did not even bother trying to answer my question. Instead I received one-line response – “We do the best we can given the limits of the Twitter public search API.”

- Thanks Tapbots! *Update*

I like this app a lot, I bought every version. Am rarely disappointed. This app is very easy to use and doesn't have all that unnecessary stuff like ad's, suggested users to follow etc,. popping up everywhere. A+ Tweetbot 4 is a fun and practical way to enjoy Twitter. You get your notifications instantaneous faster than you would the regular Twitter app. Tweetbot is Crisp. Clean & never has let me down! On the other hand it needs an update it's looking a bit outdated. I wish you can bring the tapping/ click sounds back, those were unique. And you can't readily see who likes a tweet. Other than that superb.

- Limited functionality makes this a piece of junk app!

Since Twitter is cutting back on the functionality of third party apps, this app has become way too expensive for what it does. I made the mistake of recently purchasing it, and now find that Apple will not refund its purchase price. I know WHY they aren’t allowing refunds. Everyone who has made the mistake of purchasing this train wreck of an app, would want their money back! If you’re looking for a Twitter client that works, and is not nearly as expensive as Tweetbot, check out Friendly+. It works for Facebook, Twitter, instagram and a few others, and it’s storage requirement is very small. My advice is to pass on Tweetbot. I’ve purchased hundreds of apps from the iTunes Store, and can honestly say that this is the WORST app I’ve ever purchased!

- Constant refreshing and bugs

Sadly the latest version has hit a few rocks. All PMs were marked as unread, scrolling back through them to mark them individually as read (as there’s no mark all option) results in twitter having a breakdown and requiring you to reauthenticate constantly, even just being scrolled down results in this after a short while. In addition it now auto refreshes the feed constantly which is incredibly annoying. I much preferred the old system which would only refresh when you were at the top of the feed, manually. I have a fast moving feed and this makes this app unusable as by the time I’m done checking a few tweets it’s at the bottom and about to be lost for good. I have a feeling the constant refreshing is also part of the reason being scrolled down on the pms page results in frequent reauthentication notices. This app needs fixing, it was very good before and I’m sure with these fixed it’ll be great again, but right now it’s messier than it should be.

- Support only for the rich folks.

Don't waste your money, I buy this app because of its features, however this company only cares about making money not support for all users on all iOS platforms. 280 character support is only for the fancy folks that push you out to buy new iPhones to keep there pockets filled with lots and lots of money. I now use Twitter that supports the limit 280. Goodbye tweetbot I'll not upgrade to make you or apple and there fan boys happy. The game is over for spending anymore money for your future updates.

- Used To Be My Favorite Twitter App

Tweetbot has been my favorite Twitter app since Tweetbot 2. But it’s getting a little stale. Kind of getting disappointed with the lack of updates and improvements. There used to be a brand new Tweetbot each year when the new iOS came out but there hasn’t been one for years. I did not mind buying a new app every year since it was always full of updates and features. I would just like to see either a new app or a huge update pack with improvements and new features.

- Much better than the official client

Considering the superior UI/UX design, the CHRONOLOGICAL timeline, the syncing between iOS and macOS clients, the lack of ads, and a few other things I’m forgetting, this app has been my main twitter experience for years. There are only two drawbacks (and therefore a reason to keep the official client around, or use the web client): 1) it can’t do multi-person DMs, and 2) it can’t do Twitter polls. Neither of these things are the developers fault, Twitter just won’t make them available in the API.

- Fix back button

I love Tweetbot, and I have for years. My only issue right now that started with the recent update is with the back (to timeline, to previous tweet, etc.) button. It used to be that you could tap any part of the ◀️Timeline button, but now if you tap on anything but the arrow, you have to tap again on the arrow in order for the button to function as it should. The word Timeline or Back is much more reachable than the arrow, and you should be able to tap on that and have it function as it should.

- The Best App on the App Store

Not only is this the best Twitter client that you can get, it’s one of the best apps on the App Store. Twitterbot is very functional and polished, the app works well and rarely gives me problems. I just wish they’d offer a little more granularity when it comes to some of the options. Such as media auto-play, there is no way to enable auto-play for wi-fi only. You can only have it enabled or disabled entirely. Edit: As of 10/31 they have made it possible to do what I referred to above. 5 stars it is now!

- Use Tweetbot even with the Twitter API changes

I love this app because it’s kept Twitter working for me in the mode I prefer, without so much of the extra junk that’s been added to the Twitter service. Even though Twitter’s API changes have taken some functionality away, I just use the official app for those notifications or other features, but my daily tweeting is still in Tweetbot. Thanks for staying the course, Tapbots! I’ll happily pay for a new version each year if that helps keep this app updated.

- Great App, Terrible Eyestrain

I use this Tweetbot every day, and while I’m sad about Twitter’s API discontinuations, I can’t hold that against this app. It’s the best twitter client I’ve used on the iPhone. I like the new 5.0 redesign, but with one big exception: night mode is now too dark and it gives me eyestrain. I exclusively use night mode because the regular interface doesn’t have enough text contrast - and now neither mode is workable for me. I can barely use the app for more than a minute at a time. I understand the technical reasons for this on OLED phones, but I wish that the old gray motif were still an option, even if it’s not the default.

- Where’s the real update?

I’ve been using Tweetbot since version 2. Let me just say that these yearly “updates” that are put out to compensate for the newest version of iOS are ridiculous. This app needs to be revamped completely, it wasn’t that much different from version 3 to begin with. It’s been 2 years of the same thing, at least let us know when or if Tweetbot 5 is coming out. I’ve started to use the original Twitter app again which is sad to say.

- Overall great but a few annoyances

Specifically, it makes it hard to tell if someone has written a thread when looking at a single post. It shows the replies by other people to that post before the author’s own replies, even if there are dozens of replies and you have to scroll past all of them to see that there’s a thread. This continues even when you’ve navigated to an author’s follow up and tried to follow the thread from there. I find myself just going to the twitter web app the second time I have to scroll, because it’s easier.

- Just Why

I’ve used the regular Twitter client for years, and yes there were times when third party applications were miles ahead. But, given the massive updates visually and functionally for the official app, I don’t understand why anyone would use anything else. Tweetbot is not visually pleasing (I don’t appreciate the absolute black or white with nothing in between, and so much of its interface is chunky outdated blocks) and it lacks so many other conveniences. It’s just worse. Now, maybe you want some of the inconveniences. I can tell that if you have a Twitter addiction and you want to get rid of it, this app removes a lot of those dopamine hits. However, if you don’t struggle with a sever Twitter addiction, this app is all around worse.

- Horrible & No Customer Support

I purchased this cause saw good reviews. I hate that my profile page with overview of all my tweets has no images just text and a link. I hate that I have to click in a very specific area of tweet to open a drawer and then drop down menu has the like button. This is way too much work to like a tweet. Half the time I clicked on wrong area so it opened the tweet in another window so I had slide that out and then go back and try again. I tried contacting them to ask if there was something wrong with the app. This couldn’t possibly be the way it this works normally. Who has the time to deal with this. They never responded. I’m trying to get a refund. Save your money- DONT BUY!

- Drag and drop is a great drag

This is my preferred Twitter client. It syncs timeline location, has chronological timeline, dark mode, and a good interface. There are problems though: 1. Drag and drop on the iPad is a minefield of mistaken actions. When just trying to scroll the timeline I constantly drag a tweet and engage multitasking, opening that tweet in the official twitter app and leaving Tweetbot. Please make an option to disable drag and drop. 2. Having lots of mute filters causes problems. Adding a new mute filter freezes the iPad (a mini 4) for about 20 seconds. Adding a mute filter on the list of all filters requires scrolling to find the add filter button for the appropriate section. Why this isn’t on top of the page for all 3 sections is baffling. 3. Likes from phone don’t show up on iPad and vise versa or are delayed. 4. Syncing timeline can take a long time. 5. Back button such as < Timeline takes 2 taps to go back. First one just removed work timeline then you must tap again on the < to actually go back.

- Needs better use of screen real estate on 12.9" iPad Pro

It's a great looking app with nice touches, but on the 12.9" iPad pro, I wish I could have more than just two columns. The main column of tweets takes up more than half the screen in landscape mode making the tweets have more space than needed. The right side column is a good size--I wish I could get more of these columns. I would love to be able to see all the tweets of a single person in a column also. Thank you.

- Expensive and Not Worth It

For an app that costs so much flipping money you would think that you'd get all of the features of Twitter and then some. Unfortunately that's not the case. I was apparently part of a group DM for a few days before logging in on my computer and seeing it there. You cannot see or participate in polls. The unfortunate thing is that the design is nicer than the Twitter app, and I don't have to worry about the unnecessary things such as "Incase you missed it..." or "You Might Like..." or ads shoved in my face every three tweets. So for those reasons alone I'll keep using it. But I also have to have the twitter app downloaded as well to access those other features. Don't get sucked in like I did.

- Getting old

It's been a long time since Tweetbot has done a real update. I understand that some things (poles, group DMs) will never come to third party twitter clients but the lack of updates in other areas is inexcusable. The search is awful, the video player still uses the iOS 9 interface, changing the volume obscures the video, if you touch the video while playing it takes you back to the main page (timeline), and for Instagram links by default it doesn't show you likes or comments, you have to know to hold the photo after you open it to see more options. It's time Tweetbot got another overhaul.

- Option to see more information without going to discussion

Tweetbot is a great app and I enjoy using it very much. One thing I wish it had was the ability to see the number of likes, retweets, and comments for a certain tweet when scrolling though the timeline without having to enter the discussion view like on the native twitter app. I think that with this addition tweetbot would be complete. Also if you could add an auto play feature for tweets with video content like on the native twitter app.

- Ehhh

I’m not sure that I like Tweetbot more than the official app, except in regards to ads. Tweetbot hides essential functions (like Retweet and Like) begins swipes, and even makes viewing the comments on any particular tweet cumbersome (instead of tapping on a tweet to view comments, you have to long swipe to the left). Essential functions should never be hidden in this manner. I also think the official app is, finally, more visually appealing. Tweetbot looks clunky by comparison nowadays. Not happy that I spent $5 for this. I’ll keep using it in the hopes that the developer will continue refining the UI and UX of the app.

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- Disappointed.

This used to be 100%, unquestionably, undoubtably my favourite twitter client, hands down and was also a 5 star review. Recently, around the time of the Twitter ridiculousness I stopped getting notifications. I hadn’t changed a single setting and all of a sudden I stopped getting noise, timeline and bubble notifications. I hadn’t changed phones, accounts, providers, networks, anything. I held out for a long time, I logged out and back in, I deleted and reinstalled the app, thinking it was just a glitch, but as of now, it’s still not working. I tweeted support at least 3 times and was first asked which notifications, I replied with all, and a screen shot of my settings and then heard nothing from them. Today I added the original twitter app and another 3rd party app and notifications worked fine. I have no idea what’s happened, I use an iPhone X and every single other notification works fine.

- It’s goodbye to Tweetbot

I’ve been using this app for years and find it to be the very best of what I’ve tried. I have no complaints with the app, my problem is with twitter itself. Along with other Tech giants they are becoming the arbiter of their twisted version of morality and are deleting or suspending accounts, not of hate mongers or terrorists, but those with conservative views, including the likes of Katie Hopkins. So I have moved to Parler, where free speech is still allowed. This is not a complaint against Tweetbot, but Twitter, who join the ranks of Facebook in their absence from my devices.

- Fantastic twitter experience

I have been using Tweetbot for a few years now and I absolutely love it. The content is the main focus allowing me to easily browse through the relentless quagmire that is social media. For those days where the world is overbearing it has filters to keep me sane and for those nights where I want to subject myself to Twitter right before I fall asleep it has night mode to keep me from going blind. What more could a man ask for.

- Thank you!

Thanks a million for letting me scroll back when I inevitably accidentally scroll to the top of my timeline. I have literally never once done this on purpose and yet it happens regularly across a lineage of iPhones. Being able to quickly undo it rather than scrolling back looking for familiar images is literally the best feature you’ve ever introduced.

- A long time favourite, but...

I've used Tweetbot for many years (since back when Weightbot was a thing) and used to recommend it to everyone. But the continued refusal to include accessibility features, especially alt text, is getting difficult to defend. Every time I post an image I have to go to the Twitter web interface so I can add alts for my friends and colleagues because I don't want anyone to be left out. It's a terrible experience, and I could be using another 3rd party Twitter app which does alts. It's getting harder to come back to Tweetbot.

- Tweetbot Rulz Ok?

Close your eyes and imagine if Twitter was good. Now open them and imagine no longer, for Tweetbot exists. It has all the list and muting and multiple account and timeline control functions you’ll ever need to navigate the hellscape that is being online. It’s more expensive than deleting your account but it’s a decent second place option.

- The only client I ever want to use with Twitter

My favourite Twitter client keeps getting better, despite Twitter’s misguided attempts to effectively shutdown 3rd party clients. I shudder to think of a world where I wouldn’t be able to use Tweetbot and would be forced to use Twitter’s own 1st party app. If you’re looking for a well thought, beautifully designed, functional Twitter client, look no further

- Pretty good but could use some improvements

I find having to push full screen media away very slow and cumbersome, a feature to be able to switch it off or make the animation a lot quicker is needed. It would also be great to be able to have the images in the timeline the entire width of the screen and to be able to not have the time bar on videos in the timeline over the video.

- Scroll to reading position

You guys are truly amazing!! Can’t believe that my biggest issue (by my fault of course) is solved in this version! Can’t say how much I enjoy using your app. I don’t care a bit about twitter features like polls because this app is waaaaay better then the others. Thanks and keep up 😉

- Better than Twitter

This is the best twitter app hands down! Beautifully designed, beautifully built. It’s simple but also has a ton of power features when you want them. It’s updated regularly to support all this twitter and all things apple. Has a really great iPad app and Mac app. Best feeling when using the app is flick to dismiss images or videos. Feels so natural that I get disappointed when other apps can’t replicate this behaviour. Probably the number one reason I really enjoy my Tweetbot experience - no ads! It’s a beautiful thing and worth every cent.


Everything about the app Is fantastic, but there’s a bug where playing a video will result in the video having two audio tracks, making them unwatchable. This is the only reason I don’t give this a perfect score. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD FIX THE BUG

- Best Twitter Client for iOS & macOS

Tweetbot continues to be the best Twitter client for both iOS and macOS but I would like to thank the developers for their extremely quick response to recent issues with iOS. They are a small team, as I understand, but their response was quick and positive. It shows they care about their app’s users. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

- I’m all a twitter about Tweetbot

I’ve been using Tweetbot a lot, on my iPad at home, and about 50/50 on my iPhone/iPad when I’m out and about. I’m not a tweeter, but love to soak up the info tweeted by the 40 or so people/orgs that I follow. I haven’t tried any other twitter Apps in the last couple of years as Tweetbot is perfect for my needs. 5 out of 5.

- Getting a bit stale.

Yes, there’s no ads, and it can sync your timeline. These are good features. But the rest of the Twitter experience is lacking and really starting to age. And much of it is things that are fixable. Double-tapping an image zooms too much and doesn’t center on the zoom point. The video player stutters and has terrible controls. You can’t see counts for conversation, likes and retweets without viewing a tweet’s detail. And then there’s the bits that it can never support (due to Twitter policy): Real-time notifications Group DMs Polls I’m not sure this app has a future, but it’s sure gonna need some serious love, and soon, if it’s to be anything but dead to me soon.

- It just keeps on getting better

Thank you for the iOS 11 sharing extension The is app more complete. As a long time user, I couldn't be happier with the app. It beats the others hands down, including the official Twitter app.

- Tweebot

This really is a great client. Tweetbot has everything I want, other than a pin to top feature. I understand things have changed but other clients have found a way to do it. I wish Tweetbot would.

- By far the best Twitter App!

Cannot recommend this highly enough. Brilliant, full of very useful information and functionality which I’ve not seen in other similar apps. Highly recommended!

- Stick with the STD app or buy Twitterific

With the exception of the chronological timeline this app doesn't really do anything better than the standard app. The lack of a display of likes and retweets is frustrating. Twitterific is better and cheaper!

- Old fan

I have been using tweetbot since 1979, back when we had to send faxes to twitter. Still gutted they dropped ICQ but support them with 5 stars nonetheless so I can get the free champagne they send me for giving them 5 stars.

- Missing Hashtag Recommendations

Best client by far just wish it gave you hashtag recommendations as you write something like twitterrific does. Sick of having to write out the tweet in that app to then post using this one

- Disappointed

Bought it and quite liked it at first. Then, after a couple of days I realised something was wrong - people were liking or commenting on my tweets but, not o it wasn’t I notified, I couldn’t even see who they were on the tweet. Sorry, but what’s the point if you can’t actually interact with people who are engaging with your tweets?

- Used this app for about 7 years now. Still good

Apparently twitter shows ads in the timeline but I have never seen one when using this app.

- Love it!

I love this app. It is so user friendly. I particularly appreciate it having had to recently go into the dog’s breakfast that is the official twitter app. Thank goodness Tweetbot is in touch with user needs.

- Love the new icon!

New icon looks better than the older round beak! But I’m holding on to my older version for Apple Watch notifications...

- Great app; functional and gorgeous

Love this new app! It’s design is far above Twitter’s own and despite Twitter severely hindering this app’s progression, they still produce an app that’s gorgeous and functions much better.

- Worth it

I’ve paid for each version and it’s so worth it for an app I use daily. Well designed and a pleasure to use

- Dark Mode is darker than Black Mirror

The updated Dark Mode in Tweetbot 5 is pretty darn dark. If I had to rank it on a scale of 0 to 5, I’d rate it “Black Mirror”. I’d even go so far as to say there are black holes in the galaxy that aren’t as black as this. The refreshed iconography is very pleasing, but please, oh so pretty please, can we have a choice about just how dark the app gets?!

- Best Twitter client by far!

The best Twitter client by far. Sure it doesn’t have polls (but that’s Twitter’s fault for not allowing 3rd party devs to access the full API), but I’ll take a true timeline, timeline sync and no ads anyday!

- Chronological order!

So much more control on how you want to see/use Twitter than any other app.

- Has lost functionality from Tweetbot2

I finally upgraded from Tweetbot2 to Tweetbot4. I don't feel it was worth the exhorbitant $15 app fee and some of the functionality from the earlier addition is missing. It seems clunky and I'm not noticing much different from the (free) Twitter app. Disappointing.

- Best twitter app ever

I have handled multiple accounts for large media organisations and Tweetbot has never let me down. Keep it up Tapbots!

- Terrific Tweetbot

Love this slim app, and hope the ad-blocker makes Twitter’s Jack D weep in his stupid breathing cave. Only drawback is limited notifications, but like enabling Nazis, that’s also Twitter’s fault.

- Superb app

Tweetbot is such a well-crafted, truly beautiful, and convenient to use app. It is so much better than Twitter’s website or their free app. Worth every cent!

- 5 Stars - great app

5 stars for the simple reason of using the official AppStore method to leave reviews and not bugging me very 5 minutes. It’s a great app too...

- It’s perfect

I wish this app came built in with every iPad and iPhone. It’s the way Twitter should work.

- Tweetbot

The best app for Twitter ever! You read your timeline in timely order, no advertising, no "someone liked something". Thanks to creators

- Dark and light mode glitch

It uses dark mode in the day and uses light mode in the night.

- The very best

Seriously. If I had to use the official Twitter client instead of Tweetbot, I simply wouldn’t use Twitter anymore. Fact.

- Problems

We cant see who liked out tweets and the activity of our tweets and the voting is not appearing in the time line like the original Twitter app so I’m disappointed of installing this app

- The best

The best Twitter client on the iPhone and iPad. I mean, really, don’t even bother with anything else. Just buy it already.

- Notifications are off by default

See title.

- There is no better Twitter client

If you have an Apple device and use Twitter you need this app. STOP READING!! DOWNLOAD THIS APP!!

- V4 was better

I honestly can’t grok any improvement in V5 over V4. In fact, Tweetbot 4 used to load images much more easily than 5 can. Seems like simple functionality now struggles.

- True Black Dark Mode

Almost perfect twitter client. I just wish the night mode was a true black on the iPhone X.

- Leaps and bounds ahead of Twitter

Easy and simple. Twitter app is awful to use, Tweetbot is a star!

- Night mode

Please bring back an option to change dark mode to what is was like before the update because the new dark mode is like the depths of space.

- Hashtag bug

I appreciate your efforts but why when I scroll in a hashtag it stops after few tweets? When I use another app it scrolls endlessly.

- Downgraded

I bought this app recently and now all of he useful features are gone! I liked the stats pages, now this app is pretty much useless. A refund would be appreciated

- App runs smoothly. App icon is extremely ugly

Consider changing your icon it’s quite ugly!

- Videos don’t play.

You get some kind of knight rider deal. 🤣

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- Great app, saving twitter from itself.

It is a little more complex than the stock client but much more powerful. Great for any person trying to fill the void in their life with Twitter.

- Great but needs more features

I’ve used Tweetbot since 2011, due to changes to twitter api’s, tweetbot has actually lost features. I’ve bought the new app and have even donated a coffee. I expect more

- Hands down best twitter client

Excellent notification support, frequent updates, chronological timeline, available on all platforms and synced timeline! Official twitter apps aren't even close to the quality of Tweetbot.

- Really not worth the price

UI is nice but it’s missing a TON of twitter features. Not worth the price and you’d be better sticking with the ad supported stock twitter app. The thing even hounds you for donations afterward which is just disgusting. I’m not impressed and uninstalled after a few days of trying it.

- Not worth it

Wish I could get a refund. You can’t see who retweets you. Links to tweets from messages don’t open automatically in the link. Just bad.

- Keep up

Been using Tweetbot for ten years now. As Twitter evolves, you don’t. Twitter polls have been here for five years now and you still don’t support it. There’s too many features that Twitter has and you don’t support. I’m done, sorry.

- J’adore!

Cette application est fabuleuse! Je l’utilise depuis longtemps. Je suis les développeurs et elle s’améliore sans cesse. Elle est vraiment bien! Dommage que les statistiques aient disparu.

- Banned and blocked :)

Enjoy being banned if you don’t agree with the developers. Not able to get a refund and be prepared to be blocked by the developers on Twitter. I’ve been more than glad to support you guys, but this is just nonsense.

- What’s happened to TweetBot?

I have used this app for years and paid their high premiums to do so, and I loved it. No more! I’m not getting all my feeds, and lists no longer work properly. I’m switching back to plain old Twitter app.

- Excellent app, needs a lighter night mode

I love this app. It does almost everything I want out of a Twitter app, but I wish the background was a bit lighter. The option for a dark grey or blue instead of solid black would be easier on the eyes.

- Beautiful, simple tweet app

I love Tweetbot. It’s got an elegant interface, allows the handling of multiple accounts easily, and works seamlessly on iOS and desktop. It’s the best all-round Twitter app out there

- Borderline unusable

Missing so many key features that it’s basically unusable for me. No indication that there are replies to a tweet, no grouping or threading of replies, it’s basically impossible to follow any conversation. Save your money and avoid this app.

- Awesome Twitter client

This app just keeps getting better and better. Looks and feels far superior to the Twitter app with lots of customizations available. Love the sync to all my iOS devices and Mac.

- Better then stock Twitter!

There aren't enough good things I can say about this app. It’s faster than stock Twitter, more functional then it, and in so many aspects a better app than Twitter has put out. Only thing to be wary about is this app (through no fault of their own) won't let you see like notifications because of Twitter's stupid API update. One thing that does annoy me about this app is the exit picture animation. It's just so long and drawn out and way to slow. Is rather have a regular quicker animation when editing a photo, do if that's something that could be added it would make the app so much better to use

- Hands Down The Best

Really fantastic. Clean interface. Every gesture makes it frictionless. Even after the API depreciation I won’t go back to the official client. Hoping Tapbots build a Mastodon app next 🤞

- Quick reply?

Why is their no quick reply?

- Great twitter app

This is a very good app for accessing a very bad platform. You will be surprised and delighted while you interact with the UI, and at the same time depressed and saddened by the content you are seeing.

- No group DMs

App is worthless without group DMs

- Repeated “tip” pop up

If you want a subscription based model. Then do it and lose a customer but your “tip” pop up should be disallowed the same as internal review pop ups. You’re upgrade model and future releases are flawed because you built a platform on a free product and Twitter screwed you over. So now it’s Nickle and Dimes on your “customers” I would have gladly paid for a new release, being allowed like this however has me turned off for good.

- Not impressed by the donation nag

I’ve supported Tweetbot for a long time and paid for several licenses. I stopped using it when Twitter cut 3rd party developers out of a lot of functions. Yesterday, I tried it again (after using and hating Twitters own client). Apple’s auto update had, unbeknownst to me, upgraded Tweetbot to the latest version. Repeated crashes on iPhone XS. The very first time it loads my tweet stream I got the donation screen. Version 5 doesn’t appear to offer any greater functionality than version 4, if you don’t need Gliphy (I don’t). I don’t want nag screens. Charge or don’t charge but going to a donation nag is a great way to annoy long-term users that had previously supported you through all the Twitter shenanigans.

- Love the App

Only feedback for improvement I have, can you please add widgets with recent news for selected channels. And an option to hide left panel for toolbar. This app has huge potential. Thank you.

- Interrupted me

I love the app but it interrupted what I was doing to ask me to rate it on the App Store.

- Scary logo

Good lord, who thought that this was a good idea? It’s terrifyingly ugly!

- New icon is weak

The old app icon was way better. This one is terrible. The beak is a crappy shape and I hate looking at it. Bring back the old trumpet/horn one. It’s like the longer Tapbots is around, the less they get right. They’re becoming more and more generic. Their old apps were so great and they just keep removing more and more of what made the originals great.

- Bug!

For some reason I can’t see all Tweets on a profile from search any more. Going to have to switch back to Twitter app, sigh.

- One of the best app on iOS

Tweetbot has been my most used app on iOS since 2012. It remains one of my favorite app ever. Worth every cent.

- Twitter app is better

Why we have to scroll to the right to read a thread like on the regular app ? Why just don’t click on the tweet ?

- The only way Twitter is even useable

Twitter without all of the Twitter garbage. No promotions, trends/stuff you don’t care about, etc

- Great app, best twitter client out there!

Been using Tweetbot for many years, this is the best client out there for using Twitter. Keep up the great work!

- New Twitter API?

When will you be implementing the new Twitter API? Normally would give this app 5 stars, but no word on when the app will be updated is bumming me out. This app is pretty much required to use Twitter, but if there’s no plan for an update I’ll have to find a new app to use.

- Great App, But!

I’ve been using this app when it was in it’s infancy, years back when it launched. It has everything, including reliability and reputation, but it needs to add to some flash. Some widgets would be nice.

- No reason to use

Bought for Apple Watch integration which was removed. Doesn’t show all embedded images as native app does. I see no value native app.

- Best UI and use of gestures

Why use Tweetbot? It still has the best UI, especially on the iPad, and it makes great use of gestures. Lists are buried in the Twitter app, they are useful and easily accessible in Tweetbot. I use lists all the time to easily read curated lists. I don’t miss polls, in fact, I prefer not seeing them and Tweetbot does a great job with treads.

- Best Twitter Client

TwitterBot is the one of the best Twitter client for the macOS & iOS on the market.

- Why can’t I sign in.

After trying to sign in, I get a message saying waiting on tokens?? At this point I would like my money back.

- need to show poll

everything is ok except it cannot display polls on Twitter.

- Best Twitter client

Hands down one of the best iOS apps.

- Handicapped by API

Can’t see who likes tweets, doesn’t deliver all mentions, can’t see all threaded replies. Twitter changed their API and so Tweetbot has now just existed instead of improving.

- Hands down the best

This is the best Twitter client. Period. Do yourself a favour. Don't waste your time on any other Twitter app. This is the one for you.

- Just switched back!

Due to certain limitations of these 3rd party clients - thanks to idiots @twitter - I switched to official twitter client for a few months! But, I’ve had enough of crappy promotions / ads, forced tweets from people / companies I never heard of and etc etc - in my timeline!! If you’re NOT a person who “lives” in twitter world and just want to stay in touch with the latest and most important headlines, then I highly recommend this app. If you think about it, twitter is designed for Ads and companies / influencers to spam people! Nothing more - nothing less! But you can still be part of social network (!!), use this or any other 3rd party app and feed your thirst for real news only!! And with recent twitter announcement that they have authorized themselves to share users’ data with advertisers, this little app has become PRICELESS and HIGHLY recommended!

- Does everything Twitter should

Promoted tweets? Trends? App-generated tweets? Algorithmic timeline? All of these changes to the Twitter experience have detracted from its base function: to give you a chronological stream of what your friends are saying. Tweetbot allows you to focus on what you want to see out of Twitter, in a customizable manner. And it does so in an elegant UI. Also, business owners should know that it has an excellent capability to switch between accounts. I can’t recommend this app highly enough.

- The best twitter client.

The best twitter client I have used.

- Add Polls

Noticed my friends use polls sometimes and this doesn’t have support for it. Please add!

- Don’t like

No landscape mode

- Fairly good app

This app is fairly good, I like some of the differences between this and the main twitter app but it’s embarrassingly slow at saving pictures so you guys need to fix that or I can’t use this app anymore, on the other app it saves it immediately but on this one it takes minutes sometimes and I don’t have time for that so please look into it

- Best Feature Yet

Obnoxious program interrupted me from writing an angry political tweet so that it could pester me to write a review. Well, here you go, people who think your self-promotion is more important than how a paying customer wants to use the product. One star. I hope this review is everything you dreamed of.

- Still no landscape support ☹️

The Plus phones used to have landscape support. The new version still doesn’t have that for the Max

- Can’t access DMs

I can’t seem to access DMs like other clients. I want to like this client.

- It’s ok but very basic

It’s a neutered version of the real Twitter app. I wish I had known all that was missing before I purchased. Only upside is no ads and always remembers last read position. Don’t recommend.

- less functionality than the old version

Finally gave in and paid the $$ for the new version of this app even though I had paid for the first version l, but it wouldn’t update or even function. However the new version is different and doesn’t even allow you to see your own tweets l, RT’s like the earlier version

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- Amazing, but artificially limited

Tweetbot has been the best Twitter client forever in my opinion. It is clean, feature-packed, and well maintained. Unfortunately, Twitter has decided to artificially limit access to its third party apis, throwing the very users it gained popularity with under the bus. If Twitter allowed Tweetbot access to the same internal apis it uses like Polls, Group DMs, Streaming/Push nitifications, and more, I'm certain Tweetbot would implement them and as always do it better than the official client.

- Clumsy

The description says there’s a way to make multiple timelines, but I haven’t found it. You can create lists that function as timelines, but the process of adding names to the list is cumbersome and time consuming. Also, the gray text on the black background makes the tweet stand out from the name but can be hard to read in some light. Finally, I prefer a retweeter’s name at the top of the tweet so I know right away whether it is worth reading; at the bottom of the tweet is awkward. So for those reasons, I don’t see this as an improvement over the Twitter app.

- Usually 5 Star but share menu bug is hurting

I’ve loved Tweetbot since 2.0. Until recently the only complains I would have ever had are related to The Twitter API and not the app itself. But as of at least the last update any changes you make in the IOS Share Actions Favorites are not saved. So if you want to have Copy Link to Tweet, Copy Tweet and Save to Pocket. You can set the order but it never saves. I haven’t seen this bug elsewhere with any other iOS apps and since submitted a quick feedback and video explanation to the developers last week.

- Blame Twitter’s API restrictions for reduced functionality!

Do not blame this app folks! Read your tech news. It’s Twitter trying to force everyone onto the official app and reneging on work with developers. I would boycott Twitter if I didn’t use it more than Facebook. But developers can’t trust Twitter. I would be very upset if I worked hard on an app just to have the rug pulled out from under me. Thank you for doing the best you can with Twitter’s API restrictions! I’m sorry this happened.

- They Let Themselves Go

Man this app used to be great. If had everything you ever wanted from your twitter app and then some. All the updates were always on point and exactly what people wanted. Man did things change quick with the latest update. They complete drove dark mode into the ground, to the point you can’t even use it anymore. Any time you try to load more than 1 reply in a few seconds your app crashes. About half the time the tweets in my timeload don’t load. Now the trending hasn’t worked for 2 weeks. I wish I could get my money back. You expect so much more when you pay $5 to replace an app that is free on a site that is free.

- Awesome

I live by Tweetbot. Of course, there is always a wishlist of features that one wishes they would add (like the ability to bookmark tweets in order to return to them later, without having to favorite them). But the app is already jammed packed with amazing features (and without some of the idiosyncrasies of the official Twitter app). Try it (and make sure to hand them your hard-earned cash, so that they can continue iterating and improving).

- Unlike Twitter, Tweetbot actually cares about its users

I gave up on the official Twitter app after the one hundredth time it purposefully lost my place in the timeline. Tweetbot is excellent in comparison, with only a few missing features, most of which I know Twitter does not allow third-party apps to have. I would love to see more options to customize the bottom bar. Also, the fullscreen image workflow is a bit weird. Why can’t it show the preview version of an image at fullscreen before the full resolution version loads? And dismissing a fullscreen image directionally via gesture is cute, but the animation takes more time to complete and get you back to the main UI. These minor annoyances are really nothing compared to the fundamental user hostility seen in the official Twitter app. I’m glad I made this purchase and I hope I get a lot of use out of it.

- Some news outlet links do not work the same

Certain news organizations post news articles that are normally subscriber only (The Wall Street Journal comes to mind). Accessing these links via official social media websites and apps allows one to read full articles without being a subscriber. Unfortunately, accessing these links via Tweet Bot does not give access to full articles. I'm assuming it is due to Tweet Bot not being an official app. I use twitter mainly for news, so this is disappointing. I really enjoy the other upgrades Tweet Bot offers over the official Twitter app, but this one issue is really a deal breaker for me. Bummed.


There is a horrid crashing bug that causes the app to crash 60-90% of the time when used on an iPad. The developers have apologized but said they can’t reproduce the problem. Do NOT buy this (otherwise excellent) app if you intend to use it on an iPad because the developers don’t care about ipad users, despite the importance to their user base. I will update this review if and when they fix the problem.

- The App That Keeps Me On Twitter

As Twitter continues to try and become a Facebook clone for the masses, Tweetbot saves the day. A reverse chronological TL and a regex capable mute filter to keep my TL only displaying 140 char tweets makes this app the only reason that I still use Twitter. This version has a few bugs. Search area is a little wonky and occasionally displays a blank screen where keywords should be. Other misc bugs too. Still better than official Twitter though.

- Continues to be glorious

Tweetbot is the most awesome, glorious, beautiful, magnificent, and noble Twitter client in existence. It keeps me from leaving the service all together honestly. I switch between my phone and iPad Pro throughout the day and I’m able to pick up right where I left off. If I ever see Paul, Mark, or Todd I will give them the beat high five that has ever been given. TLDR; give Tapbots a few dollars for their apps and you will be better for it.

- Fantastic Update To The Best Twitter Client On iOS

Tweetbot has been my go-to twitter client for years, and I’ve stuck with it even with Twitter’s updates a few months ago. This update really brings Tweetbot into the iOS 12 aesthetic nicely, and the “night” theme having deep blacks to support OLED displays is amazing! If you want the best possible twitter experience, despite delays on @ replys and some other minor gripes that all fall on the Twitter team, this is the app for you!

- The best, gets better!

Love the update! Even better is I tipped a $4.99 to Tapbots on the dialogue box that pops up, then I got access to a few more themes that wasn’t there. Nice touch there Tapbots! The only problem I’m having is sometimes I can’t swipe to go back, I need to tap on the done at the top left of screen. Wish that would be fixed, but that could be a Apple problem though. Keep up great work Tapbots!

- Still can’t read likes on tweets

The only thing I never liked about Tweetbot was the integration of Favstar, which meant you had to log into that program in order to see tweet likes. Very frustrating. So I was quite happy to get the latest update, which ends Favstar integration, although I am sad to see people lose their jobs. But there still is a problem: when I click on “likes” I still can’t read them; I just get a blue bar. Please fix this.

- I LOVED this app

I have been a big proponent of Tweetbot for years but had to stop using it because of a specific use case. In a recent update, the took away the functionality of leaving the phone plugged in with tweets streaming and the display not shutting off. I contacted support and they said this was because of the iPhone X. I have the 8 plus. I said why not give a toggle for that. They did not reply so I’m on Twitterrific now because they can accommodate my use case. I still am hoping that they will change their minds in this but the lack of response to me says otherwise.

- Great app ruined by twitter

So long all the years of of using tweetbot since the original release however that has now come to end. With many parts of this app which made it a premium app now defunct I can no longer recommend this as a paid app if it goes free (which it should at this point) then give it a try but don’t spend money for it. Good bye tweetbot thanks for all the great years of using twitter.

- Missing features

So many missing features that makes reading tweets a bit confusing. Like polls, they don't show, so the tweet looks like a question or an incomplete sentence. Also the GIFs option. The only good thing about tweetbot is that it shows the timeline in a clean way without "in case you missed it" or with irrelevant likes of people you follow. But it needs a lot of features to be complete.

- A serious flaw in the new release

A very nice set of changes in the new version making this a nice update. But there’s a serious side effect with the new feature in which GIFs play in the Timeline mode. As a GIF is scrolled into the view window, and if that GIF has a soundtrack, Tweetbot “takes over” the audio channel. Thus results in any other app currently using the audio channel to suspend its audio output. The problem is that I often scroll through my Timeline while listening to a call on WebEx or Skype, and I lose that audio when such a GIF scrolls onto the screen. I apparently can only recover the audio from that app by closing Tweetbot. Not a killer but a definite bummer. Means I can’t really use the app when I’m on a call.

- Best Twitter client

I’ve been using Tweetbot for quite some time now and I have to say it blows the original twitter client out the water. There are somethings I wish they can implement from twitter like the notifications of people’s tweets when they post something but know they can only do so much with what’s available through twitters api. The themes are great as well personally love the oceanic theme hopefully more themes are to come.

- Even with API limitations..

Tweetbot is STILL the best Twitter client and, let’s be honest, Twitter only price gouged the hell out of developers because they knew they couldn’t compete with Tapbots awesomeness 😎. I’ve been using Tweetbot since the beginning and while many gripe about paid upgrades, Paul and the other developers deliver every. single. time! If you’re looking for fluid, no nonsense, CHRONOLOGICAL order of your timeline with a beautiful, intuitive interface then look no further! Yes Twitter’s API limitations have crippled the app with syncing/notifications issues, but even with these limitations Tweetbot still reigns supreme. And it’s even more awesome that the developers delivered the Tweetbot 5 update as a free upgrade to boot. TL;DR BUY THIS APP! It’s even better than Twitter’s official app.

- Colors off

The recent dark theme on iPhone X causes the gray bars on your profile to bug out when you scroll up and down on your profile page. Personally, the dark theme before was better, and there should be an option to switch back. The current dark theme has very sharp contrast that’s not so visually accessibility-friendly that hurts my eyes when I scroll fast. I also wish the original icon was brought back. The newer one strays away too much from the original icon theme.

- Really horrible update

I used to love Tweetbot. Unfortunately not any longer. Besides the fact that the tweet and cancel button on the 10S Max are still super hard to tap. Along with that comes the horrific "murder bird" icon and a new black theme that is much less attractive than the great theme they had previously. It's also difficult to tell individual tweets apart on dark mode. BTW light mode isn't that great either.

- I hate when developers needlessly update apps.

Every single time Tweetbot gets updated it’s freakin better than the existing version. How do they keep making things better when most other developers can’t get their stuff together? It’s amazing and I want to thank you for not screwing things up even when it seems everyone is fighting against you. I love you, Tapbots.

- Making Twitter Make Sense

Over the years, Twitter’s official app and website have become increasingly confusing, with inline threads, random ads, and other distractions. Tweetbot provides what I want in a twitter client: a chronological list of tweets (with my location in the timeline always saved), with threads just a tap or swipe away, and clever advanced features when I need them. Without Tweetbot, I wouldn’t use Twitter.

- Still going

Still love this app. Experience is far superior to the normal Twitter app. Unfortunately the experience has been diminished due to decisions made by Twitter, nothing the Tapbots people could do about it. Very unfortunate. I’ll continue to use it for as long as the basic functionality remains. The features that had to be cut weren’t so important to me, but may be to others.

- Works for me w/one complaint

Tweetbot does everything I need a mobile Twitter app to do, and I find the aesthetic more pleasing than Twitter itself. My only beef is that it still transmits notifications for people I've blocked. If I look at my phone fast enough, I can even see the offensive tweet. This partially defeats the purpose of blocking someone in my opinion. I would love to see them update the app so if you block someone, they're well and truly BLOCKED.

- Almost Perfect

I use this app 90% of the time and have been since 2011. The only thing that would make this app perfect is improving the search feature. Creating a search feature that allows you to type partial names and see live suggestions populate based on your followers would help me a lotttt. It’s the only thing I use the native twitter app for when I need to search a page quickly.

- Great App, Non-black dark theme?

Great app. Feature rich. Fast. Feels lightweight which I always seek with software. My biggest gripe at the moment though is that with TB5 we lost the dark theme from TB4. I know lots of people wanted a true black theme, but I don’t know why that wasn’t added to supplement the already existing dark theme that we had before. I’m an iPhone X user who doesn’t drool too much over black themes so the loss of the previous dark theme is disappointing.

- Still love it, can you please consider option for:

Seems there is a slight adjustment to the UI where the text is darker in dark mode now. Would you please consider the option to change the text color back slightly lighter like how it was months ago in dark mode? I find it less “absorbing” to read now, for lack of a better word.


I will never understand why any company calls a product an "upgrade" when that upgrade makes the product worse. The most recent update took away the feature showing the stats for how many people like/retweet any of your tweets. One of the reasons I paid for this app was to have that feature and inexplicably it was taken away. That should be the number one thing the developers are working on for the next upgrade because without it I've started to use other apps for Twitter.

- 10 stars

Been using tweetbot for twitter since the beginning and i cant switch to the official app even tho they limited so many things in here, but im fine with it, i dont need that much of notifications honestly. Comparing this to any other application, this one has a smooth UX/UI and make using Twitter fun and organized at the same time.. big 5 stars all the time

- Great Twitter client syncs well with Mac App too

Love Tweetbot! Probably the only reason I still twitter. Dark mode UI is great for late night reading. Easy to keep up with your feed. If developers are reading I would do a fee minor tweaks. Draft Tweets are hidden! Make the New Post Gear Icon a different color if you have new drafts. It drove me crazy til I found it (w/16 tweets I thought you had lost). Thanks for a great app!

- Why "Delete" is the 1st option?

I wonder why when clicking the settings of a tweet "Delete" is the 1st option? in the same location of "View Details" in the retweet! I deleted several of my tweets unintentionally when I mistakenly click on "Delete" instead of "View Details". Please rearrange the location, and include a confirmation message that double check that the user surely wants to delete his tweet!!

- Great Alternate Twitter app!

This is miles better than Twitter’s own app. However, one thing that bugs me a lot is the swipe feature where you swipe to either like or retweet. It’s not refined, as I keep finding myself opting to reply rather than like (short swipe = like/retweet, long swipe = reply to tweet). The Apollo app for Reddit has the same swipe feature that works fantastically. Hopefully Tweetbot can improve on it. Other than that, it’s a great app for Twitter!

- Needs more features and fixes

• Can’t add more than 15 Twitter accounts (making it useless for social media managers who maintain many companies and products) • Nobody wants FavStar to see likes on tweets. Just show us who liked it. • No way to read full text of Instagram posts because clicking the photo link just shows you the photo and not the full Instagram post. • Get a new phone and installed a backup of your old iPhone? You need to log into all your accounts again. (Other apps like Echofon don’t do this and make it seamless.) • If you get a notification and open the app, it’s not obvious which account triggered it. • Watching a video link and adjusting the volume gives you TWO volume indicators. • Have an iPhone X? The home bar indicator will stay on screen forever...even covering video.

- Is this a paid testing/beta app for Twitter?

Is this app a joke? I am genuinely asking this question. Seriously, I wish to be refunded my money. I could go into a long rant about what I really dislike about this app. I will just say the negatives definitely outnumber the positives by a very wide gap. I can’t emphasize enough that Tweetbot 5 is not worth the money they are asking for it. The user loses at least a handful of features going from the native Twitter app to this one. I can’t/will not recommend this app. If it were possible, I wouldn’t leave negative stars. I would just leave no stars and this review.

- The Best Twitter App : Still

Tweetbot is simply the best Twitter client. It has the best user interface for reviewing tweets. It’s syncing feature works perfectly and allows me to keep track of read tweets between devices. Don’t be worried about Twitter reducing the API functionality for Tweetbot. It still works perfectly well. You just don’t get as many annoying notifications!

- App works, but not perfectly

I’m still encountering issues with Tweetbot on the iPhone X. Tapping the top of the screen to scroll to the top takes about 2-3 tries before actually getting there. And the UI glitches occasionally when sending replies/DMs. The most irritating is having a deleted tweet still appear on your timeline no matter how much you refresh. My push notifications also seem to not be working. It works and is great, but it’s not perfect.

- Can’t see tweets in context *UPDATED*

I really like this app, but you can’t click on a tweet with a mention and see the thread in context. It’s like answering blind. I can see what’s been tweeted to me, but it’s useless if I can’t see what the original tweet was. Maybe it’s in a setting I haven’t found? If that were fixed, 5 stars. -I found the “detail” button. All is good. Great app! ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

- Still my favorite Twitter App

Despite all attempts of Twitter to hinder the experience on third-party apps, Tweetbot is still my favorite way to browse Twitter, but the lack of access to some features like polls and notifications to likes is an annoying hindrance. Love the UI, and the lack of sponsored content. I have noticed some graphical issues lately with the profile icon on the top left disappearing from time to time.

- Nice!! No ads, linear timeline

The best app for twitter. I prefer it more than the 1st party app. It used to be better but it’s twitters fault for removing APIs for some things (like polls and for other minor things) For the devs, I was wondering if there was a way to be able to show when someone creates a thread in order on the timeline. Or replies to a tweet from two people I follow inline with each other

- I'm not fully sold on the price I paid!

Not being cheap, but I believe the app hasn't set a superior standard then free twitter. I tip my hat to the few developers that created the app!! (No Easy Task to make it this far). My biggest reason for purchasing the app is I was looking for the functionality to save gif like saving images. Another twitter client (un-named) has had these capabilities for a while, there platforms just not stable. This feature is my gem to you!! Please pay attention!!

- incredible twitter client

tweetbot is the best twitter client i have used on any platform. i use it both on my iphone and on my mac. some things that tweetbot could improve upon are notifications and the UX. notifications are currently semi-rich, so we can see the full text of a tweet. it would be nice to see fully rich notifications, so we can see things like maybe the avi of the user interacting with us, and maybe the previews of any accompanying media also. as for the UX, it's overall pretty spot-on. the auto-theme setting is weird in that it depends on the brightness of your screen and not the time of day. also there is no haptic feedback in the app whatsoever, which makes tweetbot feel kind of out of place on the iphone 7 series.

- Notifications and landscape mode.

Been with Tweetbot since the beginning, so I remember its greatness. I also understand what Twitter did to Tweetbot recently. But can I really not get back being able to tweet in landscape mode? Also, with the notifications… When they are on and I see it outside the app, must I see the same notification inside the app as well? It’s a bit redundant and annoying.

- Bought out of solidarity. Solid app though. Very solid.

I used an old version of Tweetbot back in the day. I then decided to just use the web version rather than pay for the new Tweetbot. But based on the API screwiness going on at Twitter I bought this third party app out of solidarity. And honestly I really should have bought it already, this thing is amazing.

- Great app!

I’ve been using Tweetbot for years and I think it’s worth the price you pay to download it. Unlike the Twitter app, I don’t see any ads or the tweets favorited by people I follow. The only reason I gave it four stars was because lately I’ve been having issues with notifications. I haven’t been receiving them. I have a friend that also uses Tweetbot and she’s having the same problem.

- Better than the Twitter App

Being able to *temporarily* mute people or keywords is an absolutely indispensable feature. The ability to save your spot in the stream between desktop and mobile apps is also something that I could not live without. I absolutely love this Twitter client. I wish it was a little better with notifications, but hey.

- Sorry for doubting

You all came back with latest update and knocked it out of the park. Twitter HQ changes be damned... thanks for making the best of it and still providing the best ad free Twitter experience. Thanks for the multiple themes after tip! Any chance themes can also apply to the in app browser pages? Download or buy this app. You won’t regret it!

- That icon, though

Love the app, but wow that new icon. Maybe do what PCalc does and let us pay money to unlock other/classic icons? I actually used the Shortcuts app to make a shortcut to open Tweetbot, have it the old Tweetbot icon, and put it on my home screen where the actual Tweetbot app used to be. That works for me since I only use Twitter for consumption and not anything that would make a badge show up on the icon.

- Used to be the best. Awful now

This is a decent app, sometimes. It used to be great, but lately it has been terrible, especially on the iPad. The problem is the behavior is so ridiculously inconsistent. Example: Open a user’s twitter profile. Tap on one of their tweets. Small view opens showing tweet/retweet/favorite/etc. Long Press. Share sheet pops up. On the iPad there is no 3D Touch, so you can’t open the conversation thread. Tap the “Show all tweets” button on a user’s profile and do the same thing... Tap on one of the tweets. Conversation thread opens Long Press. Share sheet opens. So again, the big issue is that the behavior changes from view to view to view and no matter what you end up losing some options. It’s the most unintuitive and frustrating experience ever. This app used to be great, but I’m just going to switch to another client because I cannot stand this anymore.

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J Dziak

Based on all the Fleet outrage I’m assuming people aren’t aware they can use Twitter via client app and bypass a lot of the noise. My favorite

World Series Champions

@LL_Blackmore Little pricey, but I’ve been using it ever since Twitter abandoned reverse chronological. Best app. No ads, no “so and so liked this tweet”, just Twitter as it was originally intended.


@_Ro11Tide Here is the link

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter 5.3.2 Screenshots & Images

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone images
Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone images
Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone images
Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone images
Tweetbot 5 for Twitter iphone images

Tweetbot 5 for Twitter (Version 5.3.2) Install & Download

The applications Tweetbot 5 for Twitter was published in the category Social Networking on 2015-10-01 and was developed by Tapbots [Developer ID: 293642940]. This application file size is 12.69 MB. Tweetbot 5 for Twitter - Social Networking app posted on 2020-11-17 current version is 5.3.2 and works well on IOS 12.4 and high versions. Google Play ID: com.tapbots.Tweetbot4

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