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Tracking your shifts has never been easier!

With Shift Days, you can see at a glance when you’re working. Suitable for your iPhone and/or iPad, the clear, easily readable calendar allows you to track your working days and hours with minimal effort – you can add or remove a shift with a single tap.

Designed with shift workers in mind, Shift Days enables you to see a full month of shifts on the screen, making it easier than ever to manage your working life.

Key features:

- Color-code your shifts and assign short-names for at-a-glance insights
- Intuitive rota interface for quick rotation application
- Add multiple memos for quick reminders of each day’s events
- Shift widget enables you to see upcoming shifts without even opening the app
- Share your schedule easily with friends and family
- Sync with iCloud for real-time updates across your iPad and iPhone

Additional benefits:

- See up to two shifts per day.
- Add unlimited shifts to your calendar.
- Change your shift schedule just by tapping on the calendar.
- Copy and paste shifts for rapid diary updates.
- Add your rotation and automatically fill the calendar in a few simple steps.
- Get push notifications for shift events.
- Week number with four different patterns (1-2, 2-1, 1-52, 0-51).
- Set the start day of your week to any day.
- Email your shift events.
- Share your monthly shift view (via email/SMS/print/photo album)

The intuitive shift managing interface makes Shift Days suitable for anyone who wants to take the pain out of their diary management. The app is perfect for those working random hours and days, as well as individuals working fixed shifts on rotation.

People already benefitting from Shift Days include:

- Nurses
- Doctors
- Emergency workers
- Police
- Firefighters
- Military
- Paramedics
- Security Guards
- Cleaners
- Bartenders
- Reporters
- Students and part timers
- Taxi or Uber drivers
- Waiters and waitresses
- Truckers
- Construction workers
- Men of the Night’s Watch

Shift Days - Work Tracker App Description & Overview

The applications Shift Days - Work Tracker was published in the category Productivity on 2015-07-16 and was developed by PIXO Incorporation. The file size is 21.28 MB. The current version is 1.81.5 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

• Bug Fix for Purchase & Restore
• Minor Improvements

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Shift Days - Work Tracker Reviews


Don’t waste your time  AngryFornicator  1 star

I have the free version. After using it, no way in hell I would waste money on the full.


New schedule  SinfulCherry  5 star

Life saver!! As a single mom and this new schedule that is way weird but I still love.. I needed something to let me see in advance what days I had available for appts. Thank you!


Needs work  Ocoolone  3 star

Overall this works great but the badly need to add the ability to share to someone’s external calendar. Or have a login ability that allows my wife to download the app and see my schedule

Nurse Bretty

So helpful  Nurse Bretty  5 star

Only change I would like to see, is if they could keep the format, but somehow incorporate utilizing it for a day to day calendar... but, keep the simple format it is now...


Needs a few improvements  ChelsVS  4 star

Only thing I really hated about switching from Android to IPhone is that I was losing my awesome shift calendar app. This one is working great for me but I wish I could have automatic payday overlays. I look forward to the upcoming $ on my calendar.


Quick, simple, easy to use.  LukaDuke69  5 star

Quick, simple, easy to use.


Phenomenal  TheBuddo  5 star

A scheduler so good, I was even able to schedule this stunning review, revealing to you just how impressive this app is!


Awesome shift work scheduling app.  Djejdjjsjd  4 star

My only complaint is the lack of the ability to indicate whether an overnight shift will show up on a particular day based on the beginning of the shift or the end of the shift.


I love this app  dreniel  5 star

It really helps especially for working at night 12 hours shift.


👍🏻  AlbertZman123  5 star

Easy to use and very user friendly.


A very systematic application  migzgap  5 star



Great app!  Pandyxxxx  5 star



Mr.Jay Emm  Jayarkayemm  4 star

Great n very helpful.👌


Great app!!  Ywizz09  5 star

Best shift work app I have found so far!! My shifts are pretty erratic but repeat every few weeks, so once I had the pattern set up, it was easy to just repeat the saved pattern again and again. Also the colour coding is very useful for quickly glancing at the upcoming week.


Good  Sharathmorin  4 star

Not great .. still ok

Kranky Diver

Pricey but very good  Kranky Diver  5 star

This App is a bit pricey but honestly it is very good. Colour coding shifts makes it very easy to check. It makes my life so much easier.

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