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“Not enough time” is no longer a valid excuse! Put your body into ultimate fat burning mode in just 7 minutes! Made by the same people who created the #1 C25K® (Couch to 5K) app on iTunes!

◉ Based on the scientifically proven program published in ACSM’s Health & Fitness Journal.
◉ These 12 high-intensity exercises requires no equipment, which means you can do it anywhere!
◉ 7 Minute Workout is perfect for all fitness levels, whether you’re just starting out or a workout veteran.
◉ Earn and unlock fun achievements as you perform each workout! Clear instructional videos help you perform each exercise correctly and safely.

≈ Features ≈
◉ Easy intuitive stunning design.
◉ Helpful instructional videos for all exercises.
◉ Voice coach so you don’t have to keep an eye on the screen, and can focus all your energy on the exercise.
◉ Countdown voice cues so you know how much time is left!
◉ Awards and fun achievements to keep you motivated!
◉ Optional additional workouts to change up the routine and keep things fresh and exciting.
◉ There is even a specific workout created and tailored for runners, that helps with flexibility, injury prevention, and core strengthening.

≈ PRO Settings Features ≈
◉ See your Workout Log so you can look back on all your progress.
◉ Adjust rest time and workout length for added difficulty!
◉ Add more circuits for the extra burn!

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Legal Disclaimer

This app and any information given by it or by Zen Labs LLC are for educational purposes only. They are not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. You should always consult your healthcare provider before beginning any fitness program.

7 Minute Workout Fat Burner App Description & Overview

The applications 7 Minute Workout Fat Burner was published in the category Health & Fitness on 2015-10-16 and was developed by Zen Labs. The file size is 69.07 MB. The current version is 2.0.4 and works well on 10.0 and high ios versions.

◎ optimizations

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7 Minute Workout Fat Burner Reviews

Marina Cullen 1227

Can’t hear sound queue and ads remain after purchase  Marina Cullen 1227  2 star

I like the workouts. They are fun and unique. However even after I purchased workouts I still got ads when I watched the exercise tutorial. Also I have the volume all the way up and I can’t hear the voice cues to tell me the next exercise. There is nothing in the setting about volume so i really just wasted my money


Get your sweat on  BigTunaApps  5 star

Great addition to my weekly routine and perfect for those of us that don’t have gym memberships or travel routinely.


Zen labs works for me  Nicky*in*durham  4 star

I tried a few work out apps. I come back to zen labs because the apps have a pleasant voice and gives me data during 7 minute the workout. I have done the C25K and ran a 5K and now I am using the 7 minute work out. I will also start the plank challenge. I wish the apps connected to my health app and watch. Maybe it is a privacy issue IDK. I wear glasses and had trouble seeing the sit up count but no biggie in the end. Thanks for making a well thought out app the design is good.


Works great  PatonC  5 star

This app works great. The instructions are clear, there are videos if you need to learn the exercises. The app is a great way to get in some quick exercise whenever and wherever you are.

workout Soozie Q

Is easier than you think  workout Soozie Q  5 star

It goes by so quickly hat you can do a hint for 30 sec. love how quickly I’m done.


Effective if you use it right  OCDAngel  5 star

I started out with one round twice a day. Then I upped it to two then three. I have to say it does work. I started in November and by December I had to buy new pants. I love the fact that I can hold a squat. Don’t start out rough take it easy and build up and you will see results.

Blue equinox

Beautiful app  Blue equinox  5 star

I really love the look of this app, the videos come from reliable sources which makes me like it even more.


Not worth the download  Halvgrimr  1 star

The app is almost useless thanks to constant pop up adds. I had planned to use it in conjunction with C25K but uninstalled it the night I downloaded it. I couldn’t even explore the app without constant pop up adds. It only gets one star because I can not leave a 0 Star review.


Apple Health integration?  stclair77  4 star

I like the app so far - paid for the Ultimate Warrior upgrade - but would love two things: 1) Apple Health integration - currently does not register as a workout 2) Better use of Apple Watch functionality - currently no voice/timer prompts on watch nor does watch sync with phone app


Great apps  GamingTheirSystem  5 star

I review fitness apps on YouTube and have found that this is a solid buy. In our reviews we focus on specific items within the app and this one hit almost all of the things we are looking for. It would be great if it was free but the care would have been taken and the app wouldn't have been created if they were just giving it away. I truly appreciate that the ads that are run are out of sight of the workout, as in they don't get in the way of the workout.


Great quick & convenient  jessiemlt  5 star

Love this app. HIIT without any equipment and can do anywhere! Thanks!


Short and sweet  PrincessClark16  5 star

Perfect exercise times for busy mums!


A good quick workout  Kgordo1  5 star

I love that I can pause the workout to see instructions for each exercise. The structure of the workout is great although it would be good to know that you need to have a chair ready nearby for the step up and triceps dips. The 7 minutes goes by very quickly!

I lazo

Great workout  I lazo  4 star

I like the simplicity and timer. Would like to have audio as well doesn't work on my phone. Great for a short effective workout without equipment.


Mummy's little personal trainer  FitFam2020  5 star

This app is great! As a busy Mum of three young boys under four I need to be able to do quick effective workouts in between nappy changes and making food. This seriously does the job! The video demonstrations and written explanations make each exercise easy to understand. The types of exercises are well chosen to make sure you're getting a well rounded workout. I can't recommend this enough, I get to work out in my time, in my own environment. The kids cheer me on and even join in themselves (they love Jumping Jacks) What are you waiting for? It's only 7 minutes!


Effective for newbies  Mia80  4 star

This app alone will not improve a persons lifestyle, nor is it effective for a person who is used to advanced, intense workouts. That said it is a great app for someone starting out on their health and lifestyle journey. It's also good at just getting the blood pumping in the mornings.


So far so good  NatYW  4 star

Only early days in my plan to improve my fitness, but works up a sweat, gets the body moving and lungs working. Something must be happening!


Another great motivator!  Blew$2  4 star

Great pacing, easy to follow. Just using the free version but still good workout. Great backup to the C25K app!


Quick workout  Ajay2011.....  4 star

Great little quick workout - great for motivation.

Super unfit beginner

Good basic app  Super unfit beginner  4 star

I only have the free version, so obviously the workouts are limited and you can't choose your own activities, although if there is something I don't want to do, I simply do another exercise and still listen to the timer function. Works great as a motivator because each exercise is only 39 seconds long with 10 second breaks inbetween which makes it seem really easy in my head. It also counts you in and tells you 15, 10, 3 seconds left which is great. Also the workouts may be short but it really does get your heart pumping, and even made me sweat a little (or I might just be unfit), great for beginners as it explains properly how to do each exercise. Overall, 4/5 for the basic version


Fantastic  Hel1845  5 star

Very quick but effective workout. You feel the difference after workout one!!! It fits everyone's schedule so no excuses not to exercise. Range of exercises in free app is great too.


Great app  Library_girl  4 star

Oh boy! Hard work! I like it. It took longer than 7 minutes but only because I watched the instruction video for each exercise to avoid injury. Should be quicker tomorrow. Really catches every bit of the body and mixes strengthening and a bit of cardio.


Good but...  Pollief  3 star

It's a good app but more suitable for people who are fit rather than folks getting back into exercise.

7 Minute Workout Fat Burner Comments

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