Planoly: Planner & Scheduler for Instagram

Planoly is the first visual planner and scheduler for Instagram. We're the end to end visual management platform for Instagram.

Manage your Instagram’s marketing campaigns and content visually before pushing it live. View your data and engagement rates for each post. Track and reply back to comments directly on the app. Please be aware that we do not automatically post for you. We are 100% approved by Instagram and follow their terms of service.

• The complete end to end platform for your Instagram account.
• Visually see how your Instagram profile feed will look like with our drag and drop feature.
• Effectively manage all your content on our web dashboard or phone app.
• Schedule your Instagram posts days, weeks, or months in advance.
• Upload all your photos and videos directly from your computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, or phone.
• Upload multiple photos at once.
• Upload videos and gifs.
• Splitter feature to splice up a photo to create mini campaigns.
• Discover user generated content.
• Auto-populate #hashtags and @Instagram handles.
• Manage multiple Instagram accounts.
• Add team members to help manage.
• View your engagements for each post.
• Track and reply to your comments.
• Plan your Instagram Stories.
• Create multiple Draft grids to play with the layout.
• Plan your Carousel multiple media posts.

• Drag and drop photos to arrange your feed before posting.
• Upload up to 9 photos at once to visually plan and schedule your Instagram posts.
• Upload videos and gifs.
• Upload directly from Dropbox and Google Drive.
• Split up an image to create connecting Instagram posts.
• Auto populate hashtags and Instagram handles when typing out comments.
• Schedule your posts days, weeks, or even months in advance.
• Visually see on the calendar what scheduled posts you have coming up.
• Push notifications are sent directly to your phone when it’s time to post.
• Manage multiple Instagram accounts.
• Discover user generated content.
• Plan your Instagram Stories.
• Create multiple Draft grids to play with the layout.
• Plan your Carousel multiple media posts.

• All functionality of the iOS app.
• Add multiple and assign team members.



All accounts will start off on the FREE plan. You can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

FREE plan features:
• 1 Instagram account
• 30/mo upload limit
• 1 month of Metrics and Analytics
• 5 latest posts for Comment Inbox

SOLO Plan features:
• 1 Instagram account
• Unlimited uploads
• 1 year of Metrics and Analytics
• 15 latest posts for Comment Inbox
• Subscriptions are available at a rate of $8.99 monthly or $22.99 for 3 months.

DUO Plan features:
• Manage 2 Instagram account
• Add 1 additional Team member
• Unlimited uploads
• 3 year of Metrics and Analytics
• 30 latest posts for Comment Inbox
• Subscriptions are available at a rate of $18.99 monthly or $48.99 for 3 months.

Payments will be charged to your iTunes account after confirmation of purchase. Your subscription will automatically renew unless canceled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Subscriptions cannot be canceled for the current active period. Any unused portion of your free trial period will be forfeited when you purchase a subscription. Your subscription can be managed in your iTunes account settings after purchase.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

More questions?
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @planoly
Twitter: @planoly

Planoly: Planner & Scheduler for Instagram App Description & Overview

The applications Planoly: Planner & Scheduler for Instagram was published in the category Photo & Video on 2015-08-03 and was developed by Planogram, Inc. The file size is 65.59 MB. The current version is 2.9.1 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

You can now move images and videos from your plan Grid to your Drafts!

Thanks for using Planoly! Every update of our App includes stability and speed enhancements. We will highlight new features as they become available.

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This app doesn't work right  annetheadventurer  1 star

Immediately upon opening this app for the first time, it was already not working. I went to my profile page, and it had populated the number of posts I've posted (1,248) as the number of followers I have (wrong). It also said that I've had 17,000 likes on my photos in the last month, which is absurdly wrong. Try 200 or so. And then I went to try and contact a support line, and there is none. Just an FAQ that doesn't include this problem. I'm deleting my account.

Super Cte!!!

Does not work  Super Cte!!!  1 star

I read from a blog that this was a great app to use, I wanted it to work so, I created an account and attempted to link my IG pg several times with no success. The app kept stating my PW was incorrect however I signed out of my IG & signed back in with the PW I know it's mine and it worked so it's definitely this app not working properly.


So close to 5 stars but one huge downside  SamanthaMack  3 star

I really like this app and would have given it 5 stars but the fact that you have a limit to how many photos you can preview in your feed (monthly) before it prompts you to upgrade is lame. It doesn't make me want to upgrade it made me delete the app and download a different one.


Good app.  Life-Rocks  4 star

It's useful if you have a consistent style for your Instagram and are picky about what you post.

basically legal

Just what I need  basically legal  5 star

UPDATE: Thanks for adding the Drafts feature! Now all it needs is to make it possible to move posts already uploaded to the grid to your drafts. --- I've been using this app for about a year now and I practically live on it for all my Instagram account planning. I appreciate the new updates they keep adding with new features! I'm fine with paying the monthly payment because I use this app about as much as I watch Netflix, so... :) It would be super helpful if there was a way to store some folders in a separate Planoly "folder" or "album" that you want to use but not yet. That way I don't have to dig through my phone photos to find something from a while ago. And maybe an option to "download" your Planoly feed to use it offline, similar to a Spotify playlist. And a way to crop photos to IG dimensions when importing them to Planoly would be helpful to see what you photo will actually crop to when posting. Overall, great app and I love using it.

cara lynne

comments features!  cara lynne  4 star

I LOVE planoly. It's pretty perfect for social media professionals, and well worth the cost if you need it for business. My only complaint right now is that I wish you could "heart" comments like you can in Instagram, so the commenter can get notified when we fave it. Currently you can "star" them but I think that's only for our reference.


Pretty good planner for IG  Michal909  4 star

I've been using this app for over 6 months and I like being able to plan out my post when I have time and have it ready to go later when it's a good time to post. I don't mind so much that it's a reminder, not auto posting. There are a few problems. 1) Sometimes I've messed up because I've tried something during the post, then my post disappears, and I have to start over. You should have a backup available for a short time and ask if you want to try to repost or delete. 2) there is no way to use the new slideshow feature with planoly. I hope yall are working on it. I can't even add the second picture as I'm trying to post. In fact that's one thing I was trying to do when I lost my whole post after working on it for half an hour😣.


App keeps crashing  mgloren1554  1 star

The app and their website keeps crashing and erases my most recent work. I pay 8.99 per month for this service, so it's disappointing it's so unstable. Of course, they can't be contacted by phone either.


AWESOME  Jopbn  5 star

I love this app! I use ALL the time! Most apps like this usually cost money like SNUG, or are really bad. This is best of two worlds, it's free and it's really good! Thanks!

PVP Fan!!! Saaan🍪

i love it  PVP Fan!!! Saaan🍪  5 star

this is truly a amazing app,it is a great way to plan your feed for Instagram before you actually post your pictures!! Definitely recommend it!!


Dude!!!!  Faqtmutsc  5 star

This app is so nice it's just like Vscocam minus the filters!! It helps me plan my feed so well so I can have a nice theme😊😋 10/10 recommend this app


Monthly subscription??!  Hdhdbdydbdbd  2 star

Decent app but after a 14 day trial you need to sign up for a $8.99 a month subscription. Not worth that much in my opinion.. You can find and use a combo of other apps to do exactly what this app does... For free.

Dao Pham

Great app!  Dao Pham  5 star

If you're a serious brand, business, or blogger that uses Instagram -- this is a no brainer. Yes, you have to pay monthly but it's definitely worth it because it's pennies a day. If you're making $1000s a month and complaining about $9 for something that saves hours a day, then something is wrong with you. This app is a life saver!


Photographer  Dave_Photog123  1 star

Terrible app! Would make more sense at $1/month.


Game changer  Jl1027  5 star

This is seriously the best Instagram planner out there. I never thought of planning out my feed like this until now. So addicting!


Not worth the monthly cost.  Daixmfmrmdncnfnrcc  1 star

It's an ok app. Nice format but it needs fixing. A lot. Of fixing. It's hard to upload photos constantly with a lag. There aren't a lot of options. Your monthly cost is utterly stupid and pathetic. No one wants to pay $9 a MONTH, for an app like this. Come on, I might as well just use the VSCO or Phonto. Both those apps are free. I suggest you save your money. It's ridiculous. Your trial dates should be expanded. There's a lot you need to do, but most importantly, it's the cost of this dumb so you say "upgrade." You're not going to become a well known app if you think it's decent to charge $9 for a simple basic app like this. The only thing that's nice is that you can move photos around. Yeah, totally worth $9.

Lorina Daiana

Totally changed the way I post  Lorina Daiana  5 star

Earlier I left a review saying it was great but had glitches and was to expensive. After a few rounds of updates I am really impressed with it. The photos upload alot faster and I am getting less crashes. It is still on the pricey side but it did completely change my instagram. Look at both of mine; @gracebelle and @Lorina_Daiana and see how the last set of photos match well perfectly where the before it was broken. It's easy to see the difference. :)


Awful  Beadsnbags828  1 star

This app won't stop crashing I haven't been able to keep it open for more than thirty seconds yet!


Love planning out my feed!  JLyons92  3 star

This app is great and definitely has a lot of potential. There are some glitches, however. When the image is formatted, sometimes it adds a thin white line to the right of the image. Also it doesn't give you pricing until you've used the app for 14 days, also strange that they don't tell you up front. It would also be really nice to schedule a post without having to copy and paste to Instagram yourself. Another nice feature would be dragging images around once uploaded so you can order it visually.


Love!!  Chillyjilly86  5 star

Totally changed the way I plan my Instagram feed!

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