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What is dq texas app? Earn great rewards with the DQ® Texas App, find the closest DQ® Texas location, and get great deals/offers - all from the app!

DQ® Texas Rewards Program!

• STOP 5 times to earn a $5 reward!

• Get an extra Spoon for referring DQ® Texas to your friends!

• Share your thoughts and review your experience with your friends through social channels.

• Send your ideas and feedback to DQ® Texas.

• Get special news and offers.

• Find a DQ® Texas near you.

• Map view- Uses your phone’s GPS to find the closest DQ® Texas location.

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App Name DQ Texas
Category Food & Drink
Updated 25 August 2023, Friday
File Size 46.81 MB

DQ Texas Comments & Reviews 2023

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Recording a purchase is confusing. I went through the drive through and asked the window operator how to redeem my purchase. She said I had to take a picture of the receipt and submit it. It took me 25 minutes to figure out how to accomplish this. Despite looking at every page and even going through the tutorial and googling it it was difficult to find where to navigate to. It should be a separate tab under rewards

Don’t waste your time. The app is completely useless. Tried using my Apple login. There is a DQ 5 miles from my home and the app let me set it as my favourite location. Then I try to place an order and I have to type my address in and the app tells me there isn’t a DQ close to me. Tried a new login and couldn’t find a DQ within 150 mile radius that had online ordering. Why in the world would they create an app that doesn’t let you get past setting up a login.

Disappointed. Went in to claim my birthday reward. Was told it had to be claimed thru the app or she couldn’t help me. App said I had NO rewards. Lady was unwilling to help me in any way. So I purchased my own blizzard! I felt like she should have helped me. I believe she was the mgr on duty…they were referring to her for help. Receipt said her name was Genesis. I got a birthday discount, but no treat!! I see no place on the app for help, so what use is this?

Great service. We were in for an early dinner and all the tables in the dining room were needing attention (cleaning). I could see that they were short staffed, so I asked for a towel to clean our table. One young lady was on break eating her dinner and she got up and was so apologetic. She helped get the table clean even though she was on break. All the workers here are very nice and doing the best they can while being understaffed. I was impressed that she didn’t say, “not my problem. I’m on break.” She just stepped in where needed. Wish I remembered her name! More young people need her attitude!

Wrong order. Ordered 2 snicker blizzards and got 2 m&m blizzards. Went back in and told them. They replaced them with m&m blizzards. Wrong again with the same thing. Third time was the charm. They were ok with it but taking 3 times to fix it seemed a little much. We like it there and go regularly and will continue to go. Just wish they’d pay a little bit more attention. We were the only ones there.

Where are the options?!. There’s not a way to customize options on certain items. For example, if I want to order a peanut buster parfait with extra peanuts, theres no way to select extra peanuts to add onto it. I could add a note to it, but when I do that, the restaurant never follows them. Another example is that you can’t select more than one topping or flavor for certain things, like an Ice Cream Sundae for example. If I want both hot fudge and caramel on it, the app only allows me to pick one or the other. I also get told that my curbside order will be ready within a certain amount of time, only to arrive by that time and kept waiting for almost 45 minutes for my order. The app needs a lot of fine tuning.

Angry. Today my husband called in our order, we usually we go and eat at the restaurant. And as always something is wrong with the order. Today when he got home with the order, the drink was supposed to a Diet Coke but they gave us a Dr. Pepper. Always at this place but since it’s only a few blocks away from our house that where we go. We are senior citizens and driving around can sometime be hard. There was another time we went there were about 4 people working in the front area and 2 people in the cooking area. We waited at the counter for 15 minutes and nobody came to take our order or even acknowledge that we were there so we walked out and so did the man waiting in line behind us.

Love the Convenience but....... We finally get a way to order ahead on my favorite fast food restaurant app but for some reason when I do, something always goes wrong! The first time I used it, it worked great! However, the next time, I ordered Tacos on Taco Tuesday and did not receive the discount. I was told that you can’t get the discount if you ordered from the app. Then on July 2, I ordered again on app ahead of time. When I get in drive thru line which is very long, I’m told that I have to come inside. I said that I ordered on the app to avoid coming inside. She said it was their policy that mobile orders come inside. I asked was the order ready and she said yes. However, when came inside, it was not!! I could have stayed in the drive thru line ! Because the line was long, by the time I would have gotten to the window, my order would have been ready. What’s the purpose of having the app if we have to go inside? I was trying to avoid being in contact with people because of COVID 19. I’m over 65 years of age!!

Always a good spot to Eat. I always come to Dairy Queen with the expectation of hot and fresh and seriously have never had an item I didn’t love. My favorite is definitely the variety of ice cream treats. Today a free mini blizzard from the app. You can’t beat the deals.

This is a problem. I love the app, it is great, it lets you order and all of that. The only problem is what happened to me. This has happened twice to me already, so you may be aware of the 5 spoon reward system, the first time I did it I got the spoons and all that, but it never let me redeem my reward, this is the second time this has happened, I clearly saw my reward, and a day later it would not let me redeem my reward, I do not know why this is happening but Fix It, it needs to be better

DQ. Enjoy going to #208. They are friendly and play Christian music!!!!! The cashier remembered what we ordered. Also enjoy the 2 locations in Paris Tx. They serve awesome picante sauce. Tastes fresh. They are always clean and friendly. Something needs to be done at the Clarksville location. This is we’re I live. The ownership changed and it isn’t worth going. #1, they took fried okra off the menu. It was the best!!! Of course it’s the new workers they hired. It’s usually a bad sign when a different takeover happens and the crew that was great leaves!!!!!!!!!

Visit. Wasn’t happy with the customer service we received. Walked in to the store front counter help turned looked at as I did not greet us acknowledge that she just kept on sleeping after standing at the counter for about five minutes nobody from the drive-through or anybody behind the front counter said anything to us I finally turned around and asked the front counter girl are you registered she said yes she said but let me finish sweeping yeah not what I think is a great customer service

Me and my kids. This is so real I was coming from getting my kids from school since the rain stopped and it got hotter I decided to stop here I saw the sign on the window and said let me try and see and I be darned a Free Blizzard just like that a photo of my receipt just like that it was that easy and the DQ I chosen wasted no time nice clean polite staff my kids are happy and so am I

Compliant. I love all the DQ’s that is in our area, but since this country was locked down for a year. And then everything started to reopen the quality of food that comes out of the kitchen is horrible and the customer service is not good.. it never used to be that way, I know it has been tough to get back on track and to get people to work, but down here in cedar creek lake word of mouth goes a long way, I know that you can fix this.. please..thank you

Not as convenient as it could be. Rewards are great, but I wish we could quickly order and pay directly through the app, as well as reload an electronic gift card. You could only only order online and have to get physical gift cards. Study these basic components in the Starbucks app and implement them, and that would be awesome!

Nederland TX Dairy Queen. I love this DQ, food is always great and the employees are always friendly and helpful. However the only way to get your food at this store now is thru the drive thru. I know that changes had to be made because of Covid. But for a brief period I was Able to get curbside delivery if I ordered online. Now you guys make me go thru the drive thru which usually is a long wait. Why can’t I pay over the phone and you guys bring my order right out the door instead of having to wait in line for 30 minutes. Please review your procedures and make it easier to do business with you guys.

Burrito deluxe. I always get a burrito deluxe but lately they hardly have any chili and cheese on them and when I pay for extra it's like they forget to add it. I always have to ask for it even after I pay for extra and they say that's all we put on it which is not true because you used to actually put more on it. Very disappointed.

Alaskan Cod Meal Deal - No Lemon or Lime. I’ve been wanting to try the Alaskan Cod Meal Deal, but why isn’t there lemon or limes available for the fish? It’s an important condiment. At least tater sauce is available, but the flavor won’t be complete without lemon or lime. My dining experience would have been more satisfactory otherwise!

Won’t be back. Staff was very unprofessional. Had to return my blizzard to the counter it was missing chocolate chunks.I asked them to add my chocolate chunks like I requested and the young man wanted to argue that he put some in the cup. I tilted the cup up and asked him where they were? He was clearly bothered by my request. That lady taking the order either didn’t understand or didn’t know how to ring 2 $.85 blizzards up. It wasn’t worth the hassle to explain so I just went with it. We frequent the DQ in Red Oak and never have issues. We won’t be back to the waxahachie location.

Unusual today. We usually are completely satisfied every visit. Tonight was the complete opposite. The steak finger basket had hardly any fries and the steak fingers were mostly bread. The taco was drenched with grease and had a wierd taste. I’m not giving up on DQ, but today was very disappointing. This store has been on point since they opened.

App compatibility. I have had trouble for quite a while with this app. Well, not the app. This app is great. The problem I have is that it is not compatible with the registers. They always have to adjust the price manually to get the deal on the app. Sometimes I have to pay a little more than te soo states because there is no button on the register to accommodate. Otherwise the app is good.

Locations & menu limited. Was very disappointed to see that the closest location in the app is more than a half an hour away, in a city that I never visit. Would love to see you add the Sherman & Denison locations. Also expand the menu options for ordering. For example, my favorite lunch is the Honey BBQ chicken basket but it’s not listed. There are also many Blizzard options that can’t be ordered in app. I would consider putting the app back on my phone if it had these useful additions.

Food Served HOT and Fresh. My hubby and I usually order the Baskets. Everything comes out with super hot temperatures which we appreciate. We also enjoy using the App. now to get the “Specials”. Ernest, the Manager in Helotes, TX, comes around to the tables asking if everything is OK. He sees many of us a lot so if he has a minute, he stops to chat.

Could be better. I have been going to Fairy Queen since I was six. I am 68 now. I’d go up to the counter and order my 5 cent cone and life was good. Then along came peanut buster parfaits that trumped the cone. The first time I tried one, I knew I would never order anything else. However, each DQ makes them differently. The Boerne DQ never puts enough peanuts and when I ask for more, they charge me even though I am getting what I thought was the normal serving. Makes me sad because that is my one joy during the coronavirus quarantine - patti

DQ App. Love love love the app! It's easy to use and easy to get the rewards. I think the best part is earning the rewards and the coupons received, they are valuable and well worth the use. By one get one free on treats and meals I eat. Generally, the coupons are not very limiting. The only complaint I have is at times the staff doesn't know how to apply the rewards and it can be somewhat frustrating to both them and me. Otherwise, it's great and I definitely encourage anyone and everyone who eats at DQ to get it and start saving and earning!!

What app are y’all using?. It’s 2023 and this app is mostly the same as it was 3 years ago and severely behind many other restaurant chain’s offerings in regards to apps. In 2023, I shouldn’t have to take pics of receipts for rewards and I should be able to order ahead thru the app. Furthermore, about 1/3 of the time my receipts uploaded for rewards get rejected - no reason outside of “invalid” - even though they’re over $5, clearly show the location, order with subtotal/total etc. Dishonest loyalty programs aren’t all that loyal is all I’m saying. Please modernize.

Order Was Wrong. I was very disappointed with the service at this location. I placed my order and everything on the receipt was correct once I got it and took it home it was very wrong. The buyer had No Cheese, bottom bun was dry no mayo was placed on it and to make it worst my lettuce was Brown. I called and asked for the manager and advised that I was not pleased with the service. I just wanted to know why brown lettuce was placed on the burger if your looking at the lettuce. I advised that sometimes think if this was a family member would you give them brown lettuce or the CEO brown lettuce. I was advised to bring the receipt and she will replace the order sometimes it not always a replacement so it right the first time and that way people would not have to come back to get a replacement. Just my opinion and thoughts.

First Job almost 40 Years Ago. My first job that lasted all through High School was at a Dairy Queen in Iowa about 40 yrs ago. I have continued going to DQ throughout my life, having moved to Texas almost 25 yrs ago, we look for that Texas Stop Sign and stop way too often! The people that work at DQs are just as friendly as we were back in the day. I find myself going through the motion of making a perfect DQ curl in my mind each time I order something at DQ. The flavor is still the same. Makes me feel like I’m young again, just as I was in the early 80s. Terrific memories of my past and even better enjoying the same taste today.

Staff Needs Training on Redemptions. The app itself is fine, however using the app to redeem items earned from usage is another story. Expect to wait an extra 20-30 minutes in the drive thru with angry customers behind you due to management and staff not being trained properly by the corporate team or having insufficient tools to complete transactions appropriately when the app is involved. On three separate occasions at three different locations I’ve experienced this. Every time it needs management approval, and causes mass confusion at the restaurant. I’ve stopped using the app for DQ because of this.

Love our local DQ. We love coming to the Whitehouse TX Location! They are always friendly and the food is top notch most always. (Sometimes the tacos are a bit to greasy, but most of the time they are great.) We eat there at least once a week. The manager is a good one—always smiling and interacting with the customers. We give it 5 stars and will see them again soon!

Well made app, order got lost. I thought the app was neat, not cluttered, easy to find the restaurant you want and place an order. Received a text message right away that order was received by the restaurant. Electrons must have taken a left turn at Albuquerque. 10 minutes after scheduled pick up time and the order had not gone through yet. The manager and staff were great people. I showed them the text, email, and charge on my bank app. So the food was made for me. Total time waiting from the time the order was placed to walking out the door was 45 minutes. I recommend using a map app to find the store and just go there.

DQ in Mansfield, TX. I recently went to the Dairy Queen in my town. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. I know this will not be my last visit. When you are welcomed into their store as friendly as they treated me, you know you will want to go back to see them.

Puppy cones are awesome!. Both my hubby and I enjoy DQ. We have 2 dogs that are spoiled rotten and the fact the our DQ does free puppy cones is definitely a plus in our book when deciding where to grab some fast food from! Of course the app with coupons is a great feature as well! We can get a dinner we enjoy and a treat for our pups all at the same time!!

True & Faithful. This app is truly a rewards system. Unlike most other apps where you have to spend a ton of money just to get a little bit back, this one ain’t like that. All the locations (near me at least) are very friendly and down to earth. It might just be that I love ice cream and ice cream benefits. Lol

Location. The only thing I’m disappointed about is that I have to go to madisonville in order to redeem any coupons. I actually live between buffalo (9miles) and Centerville (15 miles) but neither do the coupon redemptions, so I have to go 22 miles further to redeem anything. Other than that I love my DQ (especially the tacos)

Blizzard. We go there mainly when we want ice cream after a hot day at work. Love the chocolate type blizzards and buster bar. Wish you would bring back the Salted Caramel Blizzard that was my Favorite. Some stores made them. Also for the peanut butter lovers. A peanut butter with chocolate would be great. Have not seen that one your list of selections. Tacos and the Dude are our go to foods. And thank you for the rewards!

DQ #1. Hi! We love our local Flint TX Dairy Queen. Food is great! Love Taco Tuesday and your employees are the greatest hard working people. Your Managers really care about making sure you have what you ordered and know how to apply the discount when presented. Also, you do have good rewards that make our experience the best!!! Keep up the great work and service to all who stop by. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020

Great restaurants - the app needs work. Navigating this app is very frustrating. I have many issues with it. First it offers deals as you enter the app but assumes you are at the counter ordering which is not the primary way I use an app. I have not found a way to apply a deal to the order. Second, the screen navigation is poorly labeled and placed. Multiple orders have been erased by people trying to add items only to be thrown back up to finding a location and starting over. Third why when I am supposedly in the app do I have so much screen real estate trying to get me to download the app? When checking out I have one button to proceed as guest; does that mean it doesn’t know I am a rewards member? Finally, the rewards should be based on spend, not visits; a reward that requires me to spend several hundreds of dollars for family dinner to earn a $5 reward is not very incentivizing.

Love the App...Wish Tacos Had More Toppings!!!. I love the app and the rewards. It does not take you long/many visits to earn a reward. I check my phone each Monday for the new coupons for the week, too. The one thing I am disappointed about is the fact that the tacos are rather skimpy on toppings. My son does not like cheese...so I asked that the cheese from his tacos be put on my tacos. My tacos still had the regular amount of cheese. I know they are just $1 on Tuesdays, but don’t skimp on the toppings.

Customer. Anette Jones is the best DQ has. She takes pride in her job! She can do it all and she has never got our order wrong! I also can say I enjoy when she is the cook. The food she serves is nicely done and fresh. She goes above and beyond! She is destined for greater things but I’m glad she works for DQ because our family spends lots of money there. I will admit, I quit coming for a while because I rarely had a good experience when she worked mostly days and I worked evening! She is awesome!

Chicken and dumplings!. My hometown Dairy Queen in Sulphur Springs, Texas deserves 100 plus infinity star rating! The manager goes above and beyond her duties. The wait staff and kitchen crew on every shift are always very polite and extremely friendly! They recognize me and my family as soon as we walk in! Guess that’s a testament in itself how much we love our DQ! Now about the food! It is soo good! The chicken and dumplings are right up there close to my now Heavenly Angel Grandmother’s. I have never tasted any remotely close to hers! Another testament in itself! My only complaint is that they don’t come in bigger sizes!! My biggest weakness is the TACOS! They are awesomely awesome! Always fresh lettuce and tomato’s, and the shell is so crunchy! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for TACO TUESDAYS!! 🙋🏼‍♀️💙🌮

Continually disappointed. Grand Prairie TX location-staff uninterested in customer service and accuracy. Have to pull forward and wait for food, and when it eventually comes and there is a problem...which there usually is (error with order, missing items, missing condiments, etc. ) you have to drive all the way BACK THROUGH THE DRIVE THROUGH LINE to get assistance, or go inside. Mansfield TX store is so completely dysfunctional and incompetent that I will waste no more words in the description. Area manager PROMISED to contact me to discuss locations...surprise! NEVER called. Used to be our favorite place back in the day.

Love this app!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️. I have used this app and got a $5 reward recently. The food is so good and now I'm getting rewarded for eating it. How could it get any better?? Also, the app works great and is simple to use. Go!! Dairy Queen!!! I really love this app. I recommend it to everyone because it is so easy to use. 😀❤️🥰🌈🙏🏻

Why is it NOT SAVING MY POINTS?!😡. At first I didn’t have a problem with this app but all of a sudden it won’t save my points (THE SPOONS) so EVERYTIME I take a picture of my receipt it says you have EARNED ONE SPOON WHEN IM SUPPOSED TO HAVE 4 but when I go back on the app after I left it and it’s SHOWING I DONT HAVE ANY SPOONS (Points) so what I’m the HELL IS UP WITH THAT?! YALL NEED TO FIX THAT PROBLEM CAUSE THATS NOT RIGHT AT ALL!!!!!

Food review. I ordered a Hungerbuster combo. Thinking that there was no one else in the store, it would be made fresh and hot. Too my surprise, the hamburger was cold and the bun not fresh. My wife’s Dude CFS sandwich was hot. This is the second time in a row that I have not been happy eating at this Dairy Queen and it may be my last. Also there scanner for rewards never works, so why do they leave it on the counter?

Please add on-line ordering. I’ll review this app since there are better places like Yelp to review the restaurants themselves. The app has continued to get better. I have had no problems with it in a long time. When I submit a photo to earn a reward, it gets approved very promptly. The major improvement I would like to see is on-line ordering so I can order & pay in advance. Of the national and regional chains in my area, DQ is the only one without ordering capability. In this time of social distancing and minimizing interactions and contact time, it’s almost a necessity. I would think customer generated prepaid orders would reduce order errors and free up labor for other tasks or customers. It would also reduce cash handling.

Opening hours are incorrect. No nutritional breakfast info. They show four taquitos bofe the taquito combo but you only get one. Online ordering is missing a lot of useful info. Overall the app is okay. The scan to earn points (spoons) works. The “write a review” is sort of broken. All the review text is white on white so you can’t see what you type. Probably not tested well with real users.

Great atmosphere. We came in yesterday after a very long back to school stuff. We came inside this time and everyone is so friendly and it was quite peaceful. The staff brought everything we needed. We were able to relax and eat. So, we came back today! Now we will be back and sit inside from now on! Thank you for being so kind

Treats and eats. We were very disappointed when we arrived home to find out that the burgers we had ordered had no meat patty, so my husband called the restaurant to let them of the situation. My husband spoke with the manager and she told us that we could return and she would make it right. We returned to the restaurant and burgers and fries were ready for us. This has never happened to us ever before.

DQ at Hewitt tx. This is a very nice clean DQ. The cooks are great. Employees are polite and friendly and makes you feel welcome. One employee want to give recognition: Katie is very helpful and polite to my husband and me every time we come In restaurant. The location is easy to get in and out. Great place to eat and everyone is told hello and come back.

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Great food..great customer service!. Even though they are short staffed, they still had exceptional service(the young teenager girl is super friendly!!) & as always they delivered with delicious food!

Training issue. I stopped yesterday and got a taco salad. I had an reward for a $1 off a shake or malt. The girl at the window said they were not accepting any reward discounts. So I didn’t get the shake I was hoping for. It was 95 degrees out and the shake would have been mighty tasty!

Speed. These people working working hard and as a team! I am a supervisor and I am always watching, they were friendly and fast!

Always Great Service. Our Dairy Queen is about a mile from our house and we always love seeing Tiffany when we visit. Tiffany and the rest of the staff are always so pleasant when we are here. Great service and always great treats. 🙌🏻

Not getting DQ rewards. In February and March, I earned 5 spoons, but cannot find them to get my $5 reward. When I went to redeem them today, I couldn’t. The cashier tried to help me, but she couldn’t find the rewards either. So I paid for my meal today. On April 8, and April 22, I got double Spoons again, giving me 4. Paying today gave me another one-making 5. I now have $10 in rewards, but can’t find them???? Can someone help me get the rewards????

Tacos. Not sure when or why taco Tuesday tacos are now only 20 cents off. They were $1.00 just a couple of weeks ago. At all other places you get at least 50 cents off a taco. I will not be coming back on Tuesdays anymore for the tacos. Their not even the same size anymore.

Livingston TX. DQ. Always clean. Friendly employees. Food has always been fresh. Jaelithe Schiele is certainly an asset to the store and company. She is always friendly and goes above and beyond to serve us when we eat there.

Not much of an app at all!!!!!. First of all why does Texas have to have their own DQ app? The other app for the rest of the country has all kinds of daily deals that change each month. This one only will give you a deal after you have bought something from them every 5 times. Then you don’t have any way to use the app to order ahead. What good does this app really do? Not much of an app at all!!!!!

Baytown. DQ-Garth Rd.. The young lady that took my order through drive they was very sweet, accommodating and professional!! When I got to the window to pay, was also very sweet. I had a bad day at work and just these two young ladies being so sweet made my entire day better!!

Taking my spoons away.. The app has gotten better. But, lately I’ve done the rewards and added a spoon. Then, when I go back to add another. The previous one has disappeared. Example; 2 days ago I earned a spoon, giving me 3. Today, I go to the app and there are only 2. Twice this has happened in the last week. Please, fix this bug.

Long time fan. I have been going to Dairy Queen since I was a kid back in Kansas. We used to drive 32 miles to get Dairy Queen. I am now 72 years old and I still love Dairy Queen and was very happy that they finally built one close to me, less than 2 miles in fact!

NOT RELIABLE. Not a very reliable app. Several times it said I had a five dollar reward I would’ve used it and it was not a valid couple of times it took like over two weeks to get a reward after scanning more than five spoons so the app is not reliable and most Siri queens get upset when you try to use the offers like my Dairy Queen will not use the free blizzard that upload it on the app so over all this app is probably a waste of time.

Love Food Apps. I wasn’t aware DQ in Texas had an app until a week ago seen a older gentleman in the restaurant and he was raving about it and I knew I had to get it and I’m enjoying it thus far!!!! DQ that’s what I like about TEXAS!!!!!

Love DQ!!!. I love DQ and the Texas app is awesome!!! I travel for a living and I always try to stop at DQ when I’m in Texas. I have never had an issue with the app. It keeps all my receipts and gives me all the coupons I need. The design is easy to understand & use.

Location is missing!. I know this Westworth Village location is new, but put it on the map, please. Put it under Fort Worth. They are a great location and the staff is cheerful and works hard to earn customers’ respect and loyalty.

Pathetic garbage app. App was written by the learning disabled. As horrible as McDonald's app. It’s 2022, plenty of other fast food places have perfectly functioning apps. No excuse. Rule #1, your app doesn’t work I go somewhere else. I created my account w/ Apple on my iPhone. I’m already signed in. I put together my order, try to place it. It wants me to sign in. I’m already signed in w/ Apple. Wants a password. I didn’t create a password, that’s the point of signing in w/ Apple, and now that it wants me to sign in again to place order it doesn’t give Apple option. Spend some money and call Bottle Rockets app development in Dallas, they do this stuff in their sleep and it’s perfect. App doesn’t work, same as McDonalds, I’m gone, deleted app & won’t be back.

Not pleased. Apps like the Chick-fil-A One put this one to shame. There is no barcode to scan automatically at purchase, and a photo of your receipt must be submitted within three days of purchase along with selecting the restaurant from a location-populated list. I spent and submitted my last receipt of $49 in time and it was still marked “invalid.” Trying to get to 5 DQ Stops just save $5 seems abysmal when a purchase point system rewards users faster.

Cleanliness (Hgn vs San Benito)hgn beats the battle of the clean toilets. Nothing compares to my DQ on 77 in Hgn n the friendliness of employees to the others around. I’m being Honest. Handle to door seemed unclean n floors were wet with Air Con Condensation by soft drink area. Just my opinion. Food otherwise was great.

Great app. I wish you could get more then one spoon on the same day. You can only get one spoon each visit. I love the coupons in the app. It helps save money.

Fix the spoon rewards. Please fix the spoon rewards! Everytime I scan my receipt to earn a spoon it will be there and then 24hrs it’s gone! Why is that? I should have 3 spoons now no matter if I get a receipt for redeeming a free item or not stop taking my spoons away! Other than that the app is decent!

Busy. Store is usually so busy it’s hard to get in and out but that’s not a problem bad to have for them just if you’re in a hurry sometimes you just have to bypass them so you can be on time for your appointment.

Good but missing key function. One of the key features is collecting the spoons from your visits to the stores. However when you order from the app you do not get credit for the purchase. In my mind when you order & pay via the app it should register as a purchase thusly awarding you the spoon for the visit.

Lacking. Apparently ordering through the app doesn’t connect with the rewards/spoons. It also seems to be cheaper to order over the phone or at the store (no combos on the app). I didn’t see any way to check-in in the app once at the store so I had to call to tell them I was there. So many other food apps don’t have these problems.

Pure garbage. Every moment that was spent coding this was time that could have been better spent getting a root canal. This app is completely garbage. There is no ability to order and attempting to do so sends you to the App Store to download the app that you’re trying to use at that time. This app would be better if it never existed and the mother’s of everyone involved in creating this abomination are ashamed of their children for what they’ve done.

Best south Austin service. The team at the South awesome location were just great super friendly really enjoyed talking to them and they’ve just made our order so easy and efficient and on time

Best staff ever!. My DQ on 29th St in Bryan, TX is the best! The staff are friendly efficient Kind funny. It is always clean and well maintained. You can tell that they all take pride in their work and workplace. I couldn’t tell you who the manager is because they all act like they are responsible.

Is it open?. We were just leaving because we thought the place was closed when two cars pulled up to an old washed out sign with no obvious signs it was there to take an order. We got our order placed and lined up to get to the window we had just left when we were ignored and decided to leave. The chicken sandwich was a disappointment too.

Slow service. I, plus the 5 people behind me, were asked to pull around and park to wait for our orders. The 4 behind me got their orders and left at least 15 minutes before my order came out. I did not have s large order—only 3 items, and I was given the milkshake st the time I ordered. Needless to say, the shake was melted before my ordered was delivered.

Great customer service. Young lady by the name of Dawn at your Levelland location went above and beyond in customer service. She asked if I had the app and she then went on to help me get it set up and explained everything to me. She was wonderful

Order. When I use the app I can’t order food when I click on the food it’s just says the name of the food and what quality how can I order food on the app I might be stupid and it’s in plain sight but can’t seem to order but only order cakes. By the way y’all should put a dq here in spring tx close to Kroger near postwood

Love this app!!. I absolutely love this app! It’s the most user-friendly restaurant one I have. I love getting rewards to redeem. I also love that you can take a photo of the receipt. That helps when I forget to tell the cashier or when I don’t have my phone with me. I love DQ anyway but I go a lot more now 😊

Bad service. Order was not correct, completely left off 1 meal. Drink machine not working, but intended on charging us for drinks anyway. Had to ask for the drinks to be removed. Asked about the 85 cent blizzard and no one knew anything about it, not even the “manager” although she never spoke to us! One server was very kind and accommodating! Bryly was friendly and understanding! Jenyih, on the other hand, the manager, was rude and did not apologize for anything they messed up!

Dairy Queen. Luv coming here. Friendly service. Lots of different menu items. We always get a Mini Blizzard. Only complaint is they keep going up on prices. We may have to stop getting Blizzards, as they cost over $7 now for 2 Mini’s.

Worthless. The app can’t even choose a location near me. I can see them on the map in the app but you can’t pick them. When I scroll through all the locations I still can’t pick them. When I search by location it gives me locations over 20 miles away. Can’t even order. Utter fail. Oh and the Help function doesn’t work. Another fail. This app is a joke. And they won’t let you leave a 1 star review by rejecting every nickname you try.

Curb side pick up is not curb side. I placed an order last week on this app and it let me pick up the order without getting out of my car. The app still has the option but it isn’t curb side. You need to go into the store now. I sill like DQ but the app is pointless. Especially since I went up to the store in clothes I didn’t expect to get out of my car with. Now I will just do drive through unless another place lets me do curb side pick up.

Fan. I really enjoy DQ for the ice cream and tacos. I wish you carried more of the things that are advertised. I wanted to try the pretzels with cheese sauce but you don’t have them and I wanted a grilled chicken sandwich and you didn’t have that other. Limited menu is frustrating if you don’t want fried food.

Doesn’t Work Well. I scan my receipts and am given credit only to have it disappear the next day. When I look at my history it shows many visits but almost all are disqualified.

Love the Food! Not the App. I like that I can order online then pick up my food. However, the DQ Texas app has no place to order drinks or seasonal Blizzards. So, I have to order my drinks when I pick up my food. I think the app menu needs to be updated to include drinks and the seasonal Blizzards. It would make ordering and pick up much easier!

Thank you Jose. Food is always hot and order is usually correct but if not just a quick call to the manager and he squared us away

My Stops Disappeared. Two of my stops were taken from me & they don’t want to give them back to me. I followed the rules too. I was just about to have my 2nd $5 reward...1 stop away! I’m very unhappy. As long as I been using this app I never had this issue before. Please give me my 2 stops back & my rating will go back to 5 stars.

In Texas not enough restaurants on app. It’s frustrating that most DQ’s in north Texas are not on the app. Scanning receipts to get credit is not convenient if you can’t even use your rewards at a non app store. I’ve scanned a couple receipts that were rejected without reason—I guess scamming DQ is a big problem. Deleted the app as it’s pointless for me. Will come back when you get more restaurants added.

Love this app!!!. I have used this app since it started and I will continue using it as long as it is available. It is simple and easy to use and very helpful when it comes to saving money.

I kept going to get my “5 spoons” = $5 off NOTTT. I even reached out to the apps dq loyalty customer service all to be told “ We checked your app and you’ve not received 5 spoons, Sorry. “ the good thing is I was able to send them my history of earning my 5 spoons down to the dates down to never having getting my reward and said well I have proof here. Never received helped or any feedback. Super whack. Lucky I’m not on level 10 Karen.

So far so good. We have had good experiences overall. There has only been once that we came in and weren’t greeted and the place was a bit of a mess but usually we are greeted and always treated well.

DQ APP AND MY FREDERICKSBURG DQ. I absolutely love my local DQ, the staff are the most friendly and helpful people; they treat me like family and always have a smile for you. In today’s world, that is rare. I also love the app because it is so easy to work!!!! I get excited when I am able to get a reward !!!! SGREAK

Great Service. Young lady at the register when dining in was extremely courteous. She also helped me with the app. Establishment is very clean every time we dine in. Disappointed that you molones offer the crispy chicken salad.

New Employees is not always better.. I have bought the same drink at least three times in the last two months now. This was the first time in a while that I got what I ordered. The problem I had with the service is the attitude. She was not very understanding and she questioned me about the simple order. I ordered a mocha caramel moolate. The girl that took my order really didn’t understand that I wanted.

Jim. My hometown Dairy Queen in Atlanta is the best! I would rather eat there than any of the other “fast food” places, the food at DQ is better quality and the service is better - like I make a difference when I come in!

Too many locations won’t accept the app.. The app itself works pretty well, and there are decent rewards at times. The fact that you can save $5 after 5 visits is real nice. The problem is I can never redeem my reward(s) because way too many locations won’t honor the app or rewards. Very disappointing.

App needs to handle order and pay. App needs to be able to handle order and payment. It’s 2022 and everywhere else, you can order and pay for your items all online; Diary Queen should be able to do this by now. T Minor

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Language English
Price Free
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 2.3
Play Store com.punchh.dqtexas
Compatibility iOS 10.0 or later

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The application DQ Texas was published in the category Food & Drink on 15 September 2015, Tuesday and was developed by Texas Dairy Queen [Developer ID: 1408685140]. This program file size is 46.81 MB. This app has been rated by 29,062 users and has a rating of 4.8 out of 5. DQ Texas - Food & Drink app posted on 25 August 2023, Friday current version is 2.3 and works well on iOS 10.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: com.punchh.dqtexas. Languages supported by the app:

EN Download & Install Now!
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DQ Texas App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Improved customer online ordering accessibility and minor bug fixes.

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Find on this site the customer service details of DQ Texas. Besides contact details, the page also offers a brief overview of the digital toy company.

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