Google Meet

Google Meet [Business] App Description & Overview

Securely connect, collaborate and celebrate from anywhere. With Google Meet, everyone can safely create and join high-quality video meetings up to 250 people.

Key features include:

Host unlimited high-definition video meetings
• Meet safely − video meetings are encrypted in transit and proactive anti-abuse measures help keep your meetings safe
• Easy access − just share a link and invited guests can join with one click across devices
• Share your screen to present documents, slides and more
• Follow along with real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology

Anyone can join a meeting on Meet via an invitation. However, some capabilities are available only to G Suite customers.

Permissions Notice

• Camera: Needed to allow others to see you during video meetings
• Microphone: Needed to allow others to hear you during meetings
• Photo library: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture

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Google Meet Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Any user with a Google account can create meetings via Google Meet. • Crash fixes.

Google Meet Comments & Reviews

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- good but improvements can be made.

google meet is a great way to socialize with friends, you can also use it for school, which is great. but like every other app there has to be something that's cutting it short for it to be PERFECT and i hate to say it. but the new update really wasn't it. all of my other google apps work awesome, and when i saw this one, i was like, no, that's not going to be a good app for school. but as soon as i saw "google" i was like YES YES YES, just to be shocked by how difficult it is to use, and the whole glitching thing, and the fact that you can't chat easily, for example, zoom is frickin awesome. and everything about it is just great. but sadly it's banned in a LOT of countries, so i knew i had to find something else like Google Meet. anyways, i would love for the developers of Google Meet to please please make the whole layout easy to use. and the whole lagging / glitching problem needs to be fixed asap. and also, i hate when there is a new "update" for bug fixes etc, just to open the app back again with the SAME ISSUES I HAVE WITH IT. but i have to give you guys's rights by saying everything else is amazing. and i truly apologize if i'm just saying all of this not knowing that you guys work hard everyday trying to fix bugs and make more improvements on it and me just complaining. i definitely appreciate your hard work. thanks for everything. all love from the middle east. ❤️

- Good but needs improvements

As a high school student, I use google meet for 8 hours each day, so I know a lot about the app and about what it can and can’t be used for. I think there are many things about this app that set it above the other meet softwares such as zoom, yet there can be improvements. Take it from someone who spends more time on this app each day then he spends sleeping each night. Sometimes a teacher or student may be too loud or too quiet and you cannot change the volume because it will also change the volume of whatever other audio you are listening to, such as a Vodcast or music or a helpful video in general. This has happened to me quite frequently, at least once a day, and I have grown quite annoyed with this issue. One thing I’ve thought of is adding the ability to change the volume of individual people, as this would allow me to listen to a tutorial video on significant figures while at the same time enduring the pain of my teacher talking with her mic down her throat. Anything added to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

- Works... Just needs some more work and attention

Hi. I am a student and have been using Google Meet for COVID-19 situation. It is a good app for classes and other stuff. I have been using this app for almost 6 months after my teachers decided to use Meet instead of Zoom. I spotted some problems during my time. But this new update fixed them all. And also made more issues...😒. But I expect that Google will detect them and fix them. I personally love this new update,but it made some more problems. 1. When I press the power button I automatically leave the meeting and everything just freezes up. 2. At the older version,I used to have the previous meeting links in the main menu. But here, there is nothing. 3.when I join a meeting the sound doesn’t come from the speaker of the iPhone. Instead it comes from the little speaker which is used for normal phone calls. 4. While using eardphones...(I have apple earphones) when I press the middle button of the earphones,I get out of the call. Instead of getting out of calls,the middle button should be used to turn on/off the microphone cuz that will be super handy. 5. In this update,the place where the name of all meeting members show I can't see whose camera is on or off. And I can't pin them by easily tapping at their ID 6. The option of chat should be aside the switch camera option. (It's the finest place of I can think of) 7. Add tile view. PLEASE!!! I hope Google sees this and makes the right changes to this useful app.

- It’s good but could be better

I’m a high-school student doing everything virtually and sometimes i have to use the same device to use google meet and assignments. So if someone uses the chat box, I can’t see what they’re saying. I’m thinking that you can add like a notification box. Like how we get notifications for text messages and everything else. It would benefit me a lot if that was added so i don’t have to use a device to be on a google meet and another for assignments and etc. It would help if you add the notification bar to also add that we can chat back through that notification bar. I know with an iPhone you can do that, you can message someone back through the notification bar while watching something on netflix. I think this would benefit a lot of students like me on the long run. I hope you do this!!

- Don’t like the new layout

I love this app, it’s great for online school. But recently you guys have updated the layout for mobile, and now it looks terrible. You’ve also made working the app more difficult. Before, you could see yourself fully before joining, with the option to mute or turn your camera off, and now you’ve made the screen in which you view yourself before entering the call smaller. Now I can’t look at myself fully and adjust my appearance if need be, because I can barely see myself. Also, I now have to go through a series of steps just to pin a person, or look at the chat. And now when I’m in the chat, I can’t see the person I have pinned anymore, because the chat takes up the whole screen. Also when I accidentally leave the call, there is no longer an option to rejoin the meeting, which is very frustrating. Please fix this, I had no issue before, so I don’t know why you guys had to change it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You guys have completely went downhill with this layout.

- Not very stable and useable.

The meet sometimes crashes and the sound of the meet mutes and I’ve rejoined more than 5 times on the computer and it still does the same thing. There is no way of turning off notifications on Catherine chat like zoom. When I get a reminder, the google meet mutes on mobile devices. The mic on the computer is horrible since it is fuzzy. The whole meet lags when someone presents. It’s impossible to see the meeting while chatting on iPad and iPhone. The meet kicks you out for no reason and says there is an error. Sometimes classmates get kicked and come back clueless of what we are doing. You can’t do webinars either. The lack of settings on the camera and mic is sometimes annoying. When plugging headphones, the meeting mutes too. This is honestly unusable and recommend to teachers that you don’t use this app if you want your students and pupils to be able to feel like they are in the classroom. Thanks for listening. Please fix these!

- Great App but you should be able to mute to meet

Google meets is a great app but you should be able to mute the meet. I know you can mute yourself but if you could mute the meet so you can’t hear what they’re saying. It would make it easier for students to watch videos without being distracted by the in person class. Like if someone would have to watch the video, but the teacher is talking, you would have to listen to the teacher and the video at the same time and it’s confusing. But if you were able to mute the meet then you could watch the video without the background noise and then when your done you can unmute it. Except for that fact it’s an amazing app and it’s really useful.

- Zoom is better

When I found out I was upset but I just tried meet because it was a google app I loved all the google apps I used... except this one. The first time I used it was math class that failed horribly, my camera was glitching on and off and I was mute. I found out how to use it the next day with help from my sis. So I was doing some work and the teacher was like make sure camera is on. So I was like ok and me and my teacher was the only one who’s camera was on but that wasn’t the problem THEIR CAMERA WAS ON I just couldn’t see it until they speak. Which was very annoying especially if someone was participating and I couldn’t see the teacher. Also I couldn’t use tiles like I can with zoom unless I’m on a computer. This app was very disappointing I liked zoom better. My sis uses zoom. This app does not deserve 4.2, 3.2 at the best I don’t understand why the DOE decided to use meet. I don’t recommend this app unless it is mandatory for school


THIS IS SO ANNOYING. PLUS I hate that I cannot monitor the chat box directly from the meet and I now have to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages.” Before the update, I was easily able to broadcast while in split screen mode which is perfect for teaching in the virtual classroom. But now, the broadcast gets interrupted whenever I try to enable split screen mode. This concern was also brought up in Meet support in this comment by R. Souza which got upvoted 28 times: “ Since the last iPadOS update 14.0.1, I am not allowed to split screen and show 2 apps at same time while broadcasting on Google Meet. It interrupts the screen broadcasting / recording and says that multitasking is resizing the app's windows. I teach art and drawing classes online through Meet and I used show the presentation and draw with Procreate at same time. It was very handful, and now I can only show one app at a time. “ Additionally, the chat box was a part of the old default screen, but now I need to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages” and it has become very challenging to actively monitor the chat box during my live lessons. I absolutely love all of the features of Google Meet, but if you could update the IPad version to include broadcasting while in split screen, and/or include a default view that seamlessly includes the in call messages, I would give this app 5 stars.

- Way worse than the site

I recently switched from a laptop to an iPad for school and I am really disappointed with this app. Online, features such as polling, q&a, etc. are available, while on mobile there is no mention of these. What should a student do if a teacher expects them to respond using one of those features? Secondly, when the chat comes up it blocks the entire screen. There is no way to be able to ask questions while paying attention in class because, as I said earlier, the chat screen blocks everything. It would be better to have the chat on the side (For my purposes I wouldn’t mind it being permanently open, but I think it’s best to make it minimizable). Lastly, when I tried to submit this feedback the app crashed (this happened five times) so I had to resort to leaving a review and hoping the developers saw it. If they do, I hope that they change these things soon. Thank you!


This app is probably the worst app on planet earth. You do NOT have the tile grid or the icons. It is very glitchy and crashes during my school calls at least 3 times a call. I have trouble unmuting and muting myself. 99% of the time my camera doesn’t work even if I turn it on and off AND ON AGAIN!!!! Every time when I enter a call I have no audio. My teacher and classmates ALWAYS GET RANDOMLY KICKED OFF THE CALL!!!! The picture is always blurry and SOMETIMES is BLACK. I can only see 3 people. The chat only lets you type 10 sentences (witch isn’t that big off a deal but still) It crashes after to many people come on the call. THE CODES AND LINKS DON’T WORK MOST OF THE TIME!!!!!!! To NOT get all these problems my parents had to BUY me a chrome book cause not A SINGLE ONE of these bugs are on a chrome book, lab top, or computer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP if there was a 0 star that’s what I would rate it. Btw zoom is WAYYY BETTER THAN THIS APP!!!!!!!!


SCREAMING and SHOUTING - please bring back old UI! NEW UI is terrible: - InVideo Calls it is not possible to see In-call messages window without obstructing video/shared screen content! - mute/hang buttons re-arranged and made it worse! -InVideo calls you can not see participant list without obstructing video/shared content!! - no possibility to arrange different layouts to see either one main participant/shared screen or mosaic with multiple faces. This is similar r$$ish layout like the one that comes from Mail App, when call is initiated from Mail App. So it was tested on the Mail app but instead of recognising shortcomings and making improvement it was rolled-out to sand-alone app - WORST decision ever! NOT user friendly at all. Developers decided to use some “out of the box” functionality which is not helpful but went ahead anyway. For example - in-chat messages open new window that obstructs everything, instead of developing a side-partial window that allows to see messages alongside the Video/Shared screens. I’m advanced user with 30+ years of IT experience. Mostly working in software project environments with high level of collaboration where conferencing is essential. I know what I’m writing and understand the mistakes that have been made implementing new LESS-user-friendly layout compared to previous one. Best luck! K.

- Updates are awsome, but are hard to get used.

Meet is a good app to use for meetings. But theres a problem where the new updates are just soooooooooooo hard to get used to. Like for example, the latest update had changed some features of the app and supports night mode, but the problem is that if you are a teacher, and if you need to go and check the chat log, you have go back and forth( meaning go back to the screen and go back to the chat log and it goes on). Before you can open the chat log and then present the screen. But now, its so difficult that some schools has changed apps by going from meet to zoom. Please fix😾

- Good if used for personal calls, terrible for schools.

It does it’s job when used for personal calls, like friend to friend, and can handle a good amount of people in calls. The problem is that schools are trying to use this app as an alternative to Zoom, when they have just as easy if not even easier access to Zoom than this app, and Zoom is much more stable. It seems every class period I have with the teacher that uses this app, it crashes at least once, and we all have to scramble to get back into the call and resume, not once have I had yet to have this problem with Zoom. Meet simply can’t handle a classroom amount of people. If you’re a teacher or anyone in the education board, STICK TO ZOOM. It simply saves everyone time and effort. Other than that, decent app to use for personal purposes.

- I love it!

As a elementary student I use this app a lot for my meetings, yes work could be done but it’s really easy to use. There is a raise hand feature and even being able to change your background! The raise hand is my favorite as it means you don’t have to have your hand up for hours it feels and your teacher doesn’t even notice. Also, A lifesaver that it’s on iPhone as my computer died and I have a meet at 2:30! (It’s 2:22 right now while I am writing this. Anyways, I write actual truthful reviews and I just really love this app as it is easy to use and it doesn’t take someone from college to know how to use it.

- Good, but can be better with...

This app is extremely useful especially with the times we’re in and how schools use them. I have the app on my iPad Pro, and apple has a feature where you can have to apps open at once to multitask. However, when I do this my camera turns off and says it can only be on when it has the whole screen... which makes no sense. Then when I leave the app as a whole, without multitasking, it also turns the camera off and doesn’t bring it with me to the home menu or anything. I believe these are small things that can bring this app to be something capable of competing with zoom or those other big known platforms when it comes to convenience.

- Awesome! But there’s an issue

So I love this app honestly it’s the best calling app other then regular calling, but I just got a new update today on my phone when I came back on google meet. I went on a call with my friend and when we turn off our phones we instantly leave the call, when before the update when we would turn off our phones we would still be on the call. So creator if you see this comment please make it to where we can turn off our device without getting kicked out of the meet. Other than that this app is great!

- Just bad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Ok do NOT recommend this app for school it kicks me out of my classes and don’t let me back in I also saw that it caused a lot of internet problems and a lot of WiFi problems too I had to buy another laptop for school I’ve only had my old one for two weeks ! It always put viruses in my chrome book and my laptop I have now do not recommend this app crashes to much audio quality is HORRIBLE plus video quality is TRASH i have a clear camera and on the meet is looks like I have a pixilated filter on but I DON’t this app doesn’t work properly because I used to be on zoom and on zoom I had amazing quality for everything!! Zoom is wayyyyy better because it never crashed it never did anything wrong so please if you’re still reading this please rate this app one star

- Great app but I have suggestions!

Google meet is a great app to communicate, me and my friend often use it to share our screens,which i think is an amazing feature that I wish they had on Houseparty but other than that I have a suggestion if you could do something like Houseparty where you can play games and add a background that does not show what is behind you (it comes in handy when you are having a meeting with a coworker or friend and don’t want them to see you messy room!).Once again great app just needs these improvements that I think would people and attract them!!

- Nightmare redesign

Okay so like.. why redesign the app? It looked like the web version before. It was redesigned with little to no functionality improvements. Now I can’t see the chat while seeing video at the same time on iPad, which makes it useless for work as a teacher. Also, this app is now for some reason also built into Gmail? And there’s no setting anywhere to get things to open in this standalone app, which is also awful because I like to use my email while video chatting so I can privately email students if I need to. Also, what’s with the inability to have the camera on while multitasking? Is that just an iOS thing or is that a you thing? If it’s a you thing, fix it. I literally bought my iPad for my job and still have to use my laptop because Meet on iPad is so bad.

- Great potential, bad new change

I’ll start by saying I’m a teacher and required to use Meets by my educational institution. I do like it a lot because it’s quite easy to navigate. The one thing I’m not keen on is the new change on the iPad that takes the chat out of the main screen because as a teacher I am trying to both monitor the screens at the same time as the chat and now I am forced to only be able to see one or the other. That’s a big bummer and a major change to my ability to manage my online classroom environment. I wish it was an option to continue to have the chat be open on the side of the screens so I can see both. Thanks!

- United

I am enjoying Google meet with my class. Each student has an opportunity to talk and share what’s going on and answer questions that we are working on that day. There’s been very little problems. I am thankful for google meet to keep all our special needs students United. It gives them an outlet to see their fellow classmates when they cannot meet in person during this Covid 19 quarantine. It puts a smile on their faces and lets them know that they are not alone and they still have their friends from school.

- Waiting Room

I think this app is very easy to navigate and is great for students doing distance learning, but I definitely think there should be a waiting room feature for classrooms. Every day I have to click the meet link many times in order to see when my teacher has joined the meet, which is when it allows you to enter the meeting. I feel as though a waiting room sort of feature would allow teachers to let the students into the meet once they join themselves instead of having to click the link/meet button several times hoping their teachers are there.

- Update?

Google meet is fine but since apple just got a new picture in picture feature for its devices can you try to incorporate that into google meet? And make more of the features that work on the computers at least work on an iPad? Like the poll feature and i would like to go off the google meet screen without it turning off my camera so i can get my work done and my teachers have problems when they don’t see me so i have to try and do my class work on my phone and it’s a lot. I’m sure you are aware of people using google meet for virtual school and it would make it a whole lot easier on everyone.

- Good app but I have suggestions

I have been using Google Meet on my Ipad since quarantine started. I use it for all of my classes, so it’s a pretty big part of my life. Anyways, I like this app enough, but I do have an issue. When I have two tabs/apps open on my Ipad, I can’t turn on the camera on my Google Meet. You can only have your camera on when the only app open is Google Meet. I think if you “fixed” this, you could make classes more efficient for students (my school prefers that we have our camera on.) Thank you 😊

- Layout harder to use

I enjoy this app as I use it for school, but the new app update changes the layout in a more difficult way, instead of easily being able to click and see the class on each person there’s a few more extra steps to do this, it is also annoying how there is still no grid view option on the iPad. When I saw this update I was excited as I thought maybe they added this feature, but now I regret updating, I could see people more easily with the previous update, and it seems with this update there is a lot of useless space. Can’t wait to go back to in person school so I don’t have to use this :/

- Better on other platforms, not great for iPad

I really think this app has improved recently, but the iPad experience is a bit frustrating. There’s no option for a gallery/grid-view of meeting participants, only the full window of the active speaker with TINY thumbnails of everyone else. On desktop platforms the gallery view is possible, so it really needs to be an option here. We should all get an equal experience. It’s necessary because in some meetings it’s important to be able to see everyone’s reactions at the same time, not just the last person to speak. Video and audio quality are decent, but the interface needs serious work.

- terrible app

i have to use google meets for school and i have so many problems with it. first whenever i turn OFF my camera it turns off and turns right back on without me pressing anything. this is a HUGE problem as it can lead to privacy issues. if someone turns off their camera it should stay OFF, not turn back on right away. another thing, google meet should be able to hold meetings with large amounts of people, but whenever my class does a meeting with just over 30 people, the whole meet lags, crashes, and boots people out. we can’t hear anyone, present, or do anything else on our device. please fix these issues as they make everything so much harder and more stressful.

- Really good but..

So i was playing pretend with my little sister, so we downloaded this app and thought it would be funny to play that i am the teacher in online school! So i created a meeting, she joined, and then we started playing. is the thing; When i try to share my screen, it works, but when i go to a video that i wanted to share and play it, i go back to the meeting to check on my little sister, who is the student, and the shared screen was duplicating on my screen. Even the sound was duplicating! Overall great app and i hope you can fix this. Thank you for reading!

- Great app.. but a suggestion to developers

Hey gmeet is a great app , I’ve been using it for all my classes and lectures . It’s secure and works pretty fine . Just a couple suggestion from my side to include in your next UPDATE - - enable an option to send photos or screenshots in the chat box of gmeet because in some of my classes I can’t verbally explain the question . So being able to send photos would really improve my experience . - show the history of my earlier meetings and meetings I’ve attended so if I ever get out of the meeting the app will remember the link at least for a short period of time . Also I don’t like the current layout much because the chat box is less accessible than the earlier versions, and I need to be able to open the chat box quickly because most of us don’t turn on our mics in class . Yeah , so I hope this reaches the developer and I get a response soon .

- suggestionsss!!

So some teachers make us show our faces on camera. But some people don’t want to show other kids. It would be SO GREAT if you could make it an option of just showing your face to people you select. that way if we don’t think we look our best than we can just show the teacher and friends and not everyone in class. same with the audio^^ Also an option to have a private chat with someone, i would want to ask teachers questions privately and not in-front of everyone.

- It’s pretty good 😀

I am a student who either needs to use zoom or google meets because of COVID-19 situation but I find that google meets does not always work for me it can sometimes lag or it won’t let me in and I’m pretty sure that that happens with other students in my class also sometimes we can’t hear each other so when I speak sometimes my classmates can hear me again I am unsure if this is just because of my device or because well I am not sure but other than that it is a pretty good app!


hello american. my name is Jamal I am from Indian I need you to make app better I want more to get more. on top of more I like to see more fetures and plz send for my me and I. let me know if your mom is to call you as well call my mom. now my mom is to call but I never call her because of covid virus. I miss he dear but she never will come over here. I donnt feal as i can trust google with my mom. Pleas cal l back with response and don’t heretic and love mom and dad and run from google and hide. cookies are readu. Jamal out

- I miss the old meet layout/features

Meet updated a few months ago, which completely changed the layout and look of the app, but it removed some of the best things of it, such as chat that doesn’t block the whole screen (like now) and rejoining meeting. I frequently miss the camera button and log out, but instead of getting a message at the bottom to rejoin, I have to enter in the code/click the link again. And pinning people who aren’t on the side is a nightmare, so many steps. And the new logo is odd, but the app works fine I guess so it is 3 stars.

- Good! New update though

I’d like to say the update on google meets is Very modern I like it but some things I don’t like are 1. the buttons to leave and Turn camera off and on When it’s Ready to Unmute I always leave on accident..the buttons are quite Small 2. This is a Adding Idea, Maybe , like zoom can you guys over at the google meet tech area Could you guys add emojis? Like how on zoom, they have 👍 👎 😃 Ect. my class Would enjoy it a lot! Thank you for reading Stay safe

- Very Helpful

Considering the situation that most students are in, this app is extremely helpful. My school laptop is a piece of crap, so being able to use my phone for Google Meets at class time, is veryyyy convenient and helpful. I have had no issues considering Wifi, glitching, or sound cutting out. I can see all of the chats, and I have had no problems with seeing my teacher’s and peer’s presentations. Thank you Google for providing this wonderful app!!!

- Good but could do better

Google meet is good but I honestly think that zoom is more easier to use. Google meet is hard to manage, it is hard to get inside these meets when you have a nickname now. And you are not able to put a meeting pass code/word which is not very good, someone could just go into your meet and ruin a class or a meeting. I personally like zoom better but my school is a big google fan so I am forced to use the app but all flaws aside. Google meet does not have a good connection no matter how good the Internet, so I recommend to use zoom or a different app even FaceTime should work. Apps to do other conferences, meetings or classes: Discord, FaceTime, normal phone call... etc.

- Extensions not being available on mobile

i’m a high school student currently using google meets for online classes during the pandemic. we use google meets and it’s been great so far, not many bugs or issues that i’ve personally come across. however i give this 3 stars because i use an ipad for my classes and when teachers want to use google meets extensions like breakout rooms and reactions, i cannot participate and i get in trouble. zoom has all these things and it works on mobile. if the app had extensions available to add onto the app freely i would give 5 stars

- Scheduled meetings now open in the Gmail app, not the Google Meet app

The Google Meet app itself works great. But here’s my beef: I get that Google wants to make Meet meetings available in Gmail, that makes sense, I mean, everyone has Gmail. But I like having the 2 apps separate. But now if you go into Google Calendar and click a Google Meet link, it opens in the Gmail app, not the Google Meet app. I prefer an app that’s dedicated to meetings (which is to say, the Google Meet app), I don’t want to use a single app for both email and meetings.

- Turning device screen off will end the call now

On iOS before I was able to stay in the call and listen while I turned off my phone screen (like while being on commute for example). I can’t do that now, the meet is ended immediately and I can’t properly commute while making sure I keep my phone screen on and also not touch the screen when I don’t mean to touch it. This also affects battery life since I have to keep my phone screen on, opposed to being able to turn screen off and place the phone in my pocket.

- Annoyed customer

First, this is a terrible app. Ever wondered how google makes money? They get your search questions and sell them. Same as your personal data, and house and voice!!!!!!!! Not cool. Next, it is so bad on the ipad!!! Like, really? Can you do one good thing to help people google? I have to click the three dots and i didn’t have to do that before!! i know it sounds like I’m a Karen, but they changed it for no reason!! I cant even have the background thing and i cant see my teacher when chat is turned on! If your a teacher reading this, USE ZOOM! Like seriously, his app is trash plz give it a one star if you agree -_- also ty for reading :) plz sub to the krew (star Funneh)

- Needs lots more please!

It’s a good app, but it really needs some work. I’m a student and some of these issue are really frustrating. - Tile mode on iPad. That’s a no brainer. - On large calls (15 ish or more), my peer’s video feeds don’t come up until I pin them. I can only see the person talking unless I pin someone else I want to see, otherwise their feed is just their profile photo. - Glitches and camera functionality turns off when multitasking on iPad. This makes it really hard to take notes or do research at the same time. - Video, audio, and presentation quality can all be significantly improved.

- Horrible UX Update Is Harder to Use

The latest version (45) changed the user interface and made this app worse in almost every way. You used to be able to see the chat while watching the screen & participants. Now switching to chat takes over the entire screen. The VIDEO is the point! Why is it now hidden from view?! Getting to meeting info, participant lists and chat used to be a single tap. Now they’re at least two taps. You cannot see who else is dialed in with video anymore - it’s just a bunch of names with no video thumbnails; pinning someone’s video takes 3 taps instead of 1. The mute & video buttons are now side by side instead of on opposite sides of the end-call button, making it easier to confuse them. Accidentally pressing the phone’s power button hangs up the entire call instead of just dimming the screen. This is a massive leap backwards in terms of usability and ease of navigation. Google’s been struggling with their video & chat apps, and this is not helping the cause.

- Good app, just needs some adjustments for IOS

The app is actually decent for virtual learning; I think the only downside for me on my iPad is that you can’t view everyone in a tile grid format compared to Zoom. It only allows you to see one person (mainly the teacher) on the big screen, and probably one or two of your classmates on the side who are in tiny boxes, so you can BARELY see them. I wish the format is similar to Zoom where we can have the option to view all of the people in a grid view or just see the presenter.

- Needs improvement

For school i use an iPad because i don’t have a laptop. I have been on the website to see the differences. On the website you can change the layout and see everyone in the call, meanwhile on the app u can only see one person u pin and at last 5 people on the side. also on laptops i have heard that there is background blur. I feel like on the app we need the same cool features that laptops have. Please take this for the next update. THank you.

- Pretty good, just needs a few things

I like the Meet app. But I'd especially like to have tiled view support (especially on iPad) like on the web in order for my kid to see classmates all at once (ditto me for my business meetings). I'd also like to have the ability to have my video stream at a landscape ratio so it looks like the other web-based participants irrespective of device orientation. Finally, a means to have chat and tiled video showing up all in one screen cleanly would be excellent.

- Easy to navigate, but one major issue.

I’ve been using google meets for almost four months now and just recently got it on my phone, I have the same issue as user Nukem4747. My screen randomly turns off whenever I tilt or move it, this also happens if I have the meet on whilst active in another app, such as google or twitter. I’m using the latest updated version of iOS, and am using an iPhone 11 Pro. I’ve already tried using the troubleshooting page but have gotten 0 results. Please help me if you are able to.

- Pretty good, but one grievance

Hi, you probably won’t see this, but I’m a highschool student and need to be using this app a lot for school. It’s great in most regards, but there is the one problem that whenever I leave the app my camera turns off. This is problematic because I would like to do my work and be on the zoom at the same time (we are required to keep our cameras on). Is there anyway that this problem can be fixed? Or is that something on Apple’s end?

- Great but please let me do more fun things from the iPad?!?!?!?!?!?!

I think it was really mean what the other people said about it, it's great!!! I like the backgrounds in the newest update. The only thing I'd like to be better is some of the best things on my Chromebook, which I don't use that much because I can't use my good account on it, so I'd really really really really really really like to be able to do things like use backgrounds or the cool tiles you can pin yourself in on the iPad?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

- Option to change participant name order

I am a high school teacher using Meet for lessons. I have to take roll everyday. The list of students in Meet is alphabetically by first name. The list of students in my SIS is alphabetically by last name. This creates an inefficient toggle of my Meet list where I am scrolling up and down to find my students as I take roll. This could be alleviated with an option in Meet to organize by first or last name. Thanks for helping us teachers out.

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- Google meet

I love this app, it gives me good quality and ability to look at everyone. This was very easy for school meetings. Thx-Rishi

- Awesome but a few issues

We use this everyday in our daily school Google Meets and Webinars during Covid so this is a great app to connect with friends and family. There is just a few issues though. So the last version you could literally press ONE button to get to the chat but now in the new update you have to press TWO buttons just to get to chat, and you can’t even see your face and others while you type in chat. You can’t edit or delete your messages, or private chat with other people. When you share screen, for example, it says “John Doe joined the meeting.” Then when you don’t want to share, it says “John Doe left the meeting”. Please fix this error, but other than that, the style and the concept is nice. 👍🏻😃😁

- The new update is horrible.

In the old one you could have had the screen as the camera and the chat on the other half but now you can only ever be on the video, taking up the whole screen or you can be on the chat which takes up the whole screen. You also cant just click one button up the top to get to the chat anymore, you have to go through all these other buttons to get there. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE LAST UPDATE.

- Get back to the last version plz

The last version was way better at least I could see that chat and the teacher at the same time it was easier to use than this one it’s just a pint to not be able to see what the teacher is doing and not being able to write in the chat is worse. you would have to go through a whole lot of a proses to see that chat, plz fix this problem

- New update is terrible

I can’t present!!! I have no issues with the desktop version in presenting and until I updated my iPad, no issues presenting. I presented yesterday morning, then update the app last night and now can’t present. I can handle the chat in another window - it’s less than ideal, but tolerable, however the inability to present defeats the purpose of using the app.

- New update is terrible

It looks and feels worse, features like chat especially have taken a huge step back. Instead of making the meet app more like the gmail version, you should of made the gmail version more like the meet version. Meet used to be a good alternative to Zoom but the team at google has taken a huge step back

- Updates are getting worse

Well every update u bring u make it kinda bad The old version was much much better like 5 months old one Also pls allow us to see the chat as well as the video and pls reduce the size of the app , it takes unnecessary space

- Honest Feedback

Great audio video quality. Easy to use. There’s really no competition if your company is on G suite. A couple of items of feedback. 1. The icon is horrible. When you’re quickly trying to jump on a call and you search spotlight for the right google app they all look the same slowing your entry. 2. Stop asking for quality feedback after every call. It just adds unnecessary friction. Can’t your quantity this data in some other way? How about asking every 10th time?

- Pretty good, could be better

I like Google meets, it is good for meetings for school, but it would be better if i-pad could have grid view. It can be a little bit glitchy sometimes, but overall it is good 👍

- Was good until this update

Google meet was good until this update where you can’t have the chat next to the call. Now it’s just a pain when your trying to look at what the teacher is presenting and the answers you are giving in the chat.

- Video quality good, lack of grid for iPad bad

Easy to use and share links for family catchups but the lack of grid view makes your head spin when you have 6 people all talking at once.

- Great! But suggestion

Every works good but please make google meet visual a thing for mobile as well :(

- the new mobile update.

this update has ruined the google meet experience on your phone, the chat isn’t as accessible which makes lessons harder also it literally turns your phone of and on now unexpectedly which has just ruined all my online lessons, this needs to be fixed immediately because everyone that gets online school and does it on their phone will struggle 50x more thanks to your new update.

- Bring back chat message!

The new update makes meet the worst online meeting app of all compared to zoom and Microsoft teams even worse! Ok, you can’t change background, ok you can’t view all participants together on iPad version. Now you can’t even view the chat together with the camera!


Whenever I’m in an important school meet, the app always crashes! I always send feedback but you don’t fix it! And I suppose you won’t read this of course >:/ Get the old version back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

- Quick and easy


- it’s worse then zoom

ok just face it you might as well use free zooms then google meets. i have good internet connection and it is still crappy. there’s no grid view which makes it super hard. and teachers STILL use it 🙄

- New update is no good

Can’t have chat open and see the video so it’s a pain to write and see what is happening other wise it’s good other than no grid view

- Good

This is a great app although there needs to be a fix.... On iPads there is no grid mode and it is super hard to see so please make a grid mode on ipad :)

- Why add it with gmail!?

Last time I gave Meet 4 stars. It was pretty good with some minor issues but now, Meet links open in Gmail and the inbuilt Google Meet in Gmail is horrible. Accessing chats is now a long task. The audio often breaks The phone gets very hot and battery drains quickly (this problem was there in meet too but with every update it got better but Gmail made it worse) Please give us an option to open Meet links in Gmail

- Update

Hope there is google meet grid for iphone in the next update.

- New Ugly logo

The new Meet logo looks like a fish, it’s so confusing

- Screen Broadcasting is down!

The latest update has seemed to have broken screen broadcasting! I can’t share my iPad screen with my class now. The iPad shows that screen broadcasting is on but it is simply not feeding into the meet.

- Crashes when joining the meeting

Until the last update it worked but now when joining a meeting it opens and then closes the meeting automatically, does not work

- Horrible

We use it for school and the video is always blurry, the presentation never works, it’s slow, people can’t hear others, audio breaks up but for some reason the teachers still use it

- I use it everyday but it does alot of probs for me, i would rather zoom..

I hope this review will be helpful..

- Grid view please!

Please give us a grid view, soon! After 6 months of this I’m fed up of seeing only one person at a time!

- Disconnects call when pressing power button

It should just turn off the screen instead of hanging up the conversation

- Hddgbjgcf

It’s a pain to sign into and it’s video and auto quality is very glitchy

- It’s so good

It really good I always do my school meeting in it!

- Boom this is very good!

I love it!?.

- Old version better

It was a 5 star but after this new update its just horrible now, I don’t know what the developers were thinking.

- Good

But needs a tiny fix with iPad please fix it

- New update

New update is laggy and confusing the old version was way better.

- Grid format??

Won’t allow all joining parties to be viewed in a grid format on my iPad. So can only see one person at a time.

- Annoying

Should not be a thing.

- New update is Terrible

250 people used to join bit now only 60 people can

- external microphone

When can an external microphone be supported, such as shure mv88

- Non functional with multiple attendees

Please please release a grid view for iPad!

- Ok but..

It’s ok but I don’t like doing the feedback on the app

- Only giving it 1 star because

I hate online school lol

- Hate the new update

I can’t chat properly

- Bad

The app close whit no reason always idk IS TERRIBLE

- Worst app

Terrible logged me out 13 times no joke don’t get this app

- No grid view

Great but needs grid view! Major flaw.

- It’s great! Functional, easy & free

You cannot beat Google Meet for value, ease and simplicity. It just work with minimal tech requirements or setup. If you’re web browser is up to date, it just works with no downloads or mucking around. It’s easy to invite people (I have a chat now button on my business website). It works on my phone with no problem (depending on internet signal). Screen sharing and presenting is easy too. I’ve used Skype and Zoom but Meet has my vote. It’s just easy, secure and free, can’t beat that. Highly recommend!

- Audio


- Doing school meetings


- Weird glitch

For some reason, when I’m off call and doing something else, the volume just increases to full volume without warning. This never happened until I got google meet. It seems like it controls my volume settings. Overall, it’s great but I need you to fix this glitch that happens to my iPad. I am blaming google meet because the volume is lower when you are on call but higher when you are off call. It never happened when I didn’t have this but when we went into lockdown, I had to download this and it’s adjusting my volume settings automatically

- Improvement suggestions

During call, touching the screen would bring up the mute, video and end call button, but the way they roll up from the bottom makes them really hard to aim, the buttons also disappear again too quickly from the screen. Please can you also allow an option to pin down the column of participants menu on the right? Could you please make it possible to relocating the small screen during call? Being able to reposition the small screen closer to the device’s camera can give a better audience appearance as in keeping eye contact.

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- Ignore bad reviews

Why do people say it's stinky? It's great!

- It’s awesome

I do online school so it’s great for me

- bad bad bad bad

it hUrTs mY bRaIn. 🧎‍♀️ these teachers pets are too nice 🤠👍🏻

- Don’t get this stupid app

If you get kicked out of the app they will never let you get back in like I have school and you have the audacity to kick me out when I have school I knew I should’ve zoom

- I can’t join a meeting even with the right code

Dear developers, I have been having trouble joining meetings even with the right code entered and all it would say is “You will join in a moment” and then returns me back to the main screen! Please update and fix app!!!😡

- Add Poll Feature for iPad

All my teachers are using the poll feature, however I cannot participate because I am on an iPad. Please add this feature!! Also, the old layout was so much better. Please bring it back! It made the app easier.

- Used all my data, while I was home on my wifi

I’m pretty annoyed. I was at home on my wifi and was on a video call. I hadn’t turned off cellular data yet, bc I had just downloaded this app before the call. I was intentionally in the part of our house that has the best internet connection. And while on the call I got notifications that I had used 90% & the 100% of my data for the month. I got my 50% notification on Sunday. Now I have no data for the next week+ and am going camping. So frustrated!

- Excellent audio and visuals!

The audio was clear as well as the video!

- Rick roll

Ima rick roll my whole class

- Why

Every time I log in my account I can’t speak or do anything and sometimes the meet is muted and I have to put the terrible subtitles this app is garbage

- Really needs grid view

I use this app and service for work on a daily basis, but on iPad, it’s really hard to work with when there is no grid view in large meetings. The auto switching between speakers in a large group is really disturbing. Dropping my rating down coz they advertising tile view on YouTube with their tutorial videos, but they dont have it for iOS or iPadOS. To the google response, your links don’t address grid view

- Too loud

Why are there no in app sound settings, I can’t lower the audio at all and the default is way too loud.

- Depression


- B+

It is easy to use but it also sometimes its crashes.

- Pls change

I liked the old one when the chat was on the side and I can see the screen more clearly but overall it’s pretty good

- Lame

Can’t even create a reunion

- Just horrible

Needs to be shut down

- Google meet

It works very smoothly and I am very happy with it but on a phone it easily gets crowded up with things.

- Worst app

This app sucks cause it lags too much and takes too much battery


Our class got hacked :/ not happy

- Poor battery management

Optimizing the app to avoid completely draining the battery of an iPad Pro 2020 after 2h of meetings would be greatly appreciated

- K, I guess

It’s a good app, but it kind of has its glitches and stuff.

- School

It’s good for school but we want real school

- Bruh

Google meets lags at 2fps for me, why do people like it

- Perfect App

I have been using this for 3 months in school straight and I have no complains what so ever about this app besides the slight problem of looking at the chat and the class at the same time on mobile devices.

- Good but

Add a grid view for mobile most of the time I don’t know if I’m the only one with a camera on or off cause only two people show up what the

- Terrible

I am a student and these Karens telling us to stop leaving bad reviews are bothering me. This app is garbage. I have had MANY kids who are not part of my class or even school, join our classes. Google needs to change it so that the host has to allow students to enter the meeting. It also needs to allow the host to permanently mute and unmute students. Overall VERY bad.

- Google Hangouts Connection

It was completely unnecessary to have the video chat in google hangouts just spew out a link to a google meet it defeats the purpose of having a video chat button there in the first place. Why get google hangouts when you can just get google meet? Its bull. Change it back

- Blurry and poor quality

Google must throttle the connection because the quality of the picture is terrible... get Zoom even if you have to pay it nearly as bad.,

- Request

its a good app but can you add backgrounds on mobile

- Disgusted


- Doesn’t work


- Almost Perfect

This has helped me through school so much. Thank you so much. Here’s what needs some improvement: BREAKOUT ROOMS- Instead of leaving a giant call to do group work, allow the call creator to put us in breakout rooms. We would still be in the main call and the breakout call. ECHOING- I hate how sometimes when the leader of the call will mute for a few minutes to show a video and then unmute and hear that annoying echo. PLEASE FIX!!!! Make these improvements and this video call platform will be way better!

- Great app!

Its a great app

- not that bad

idk why there are a bunch of mf middle schoolers trynna be quarky and saying “sTiNkY” but its really not bad- my internet is not the best so I find it really annoying when it kicks me out but thats mostly on me.

- It’s better than zoom

It was way easier for me to use this then zoom for gay online classes

- Stop believing the bad comments

This app is GREAT! Don’t believe the bad comments!

- To many bugs glitches

Please fix

- Says I can make a meeting if I have an account but ya

I can’t find the “make meeting thing”

- Frustrated

It’s so great for just usual lessons with students but you can’t share videos or sounds without it glitching. Maybe time to make the switch over to Zoom. There is no problem sharing videos there!

- Background change and updates

Some meets have the raise hand option but others don’t. The options like changing back ground are also only on laptop and not on the phone app.

- It’s great

It’s great I do it for school... and sometimes I have fun with my FREINDDS

- Pretty Good

Pretty good app, some bugs, would be cool to have digital background come to mobile

- Google mets

Je voulais juste vous dire que quand j’utilise Google mets , l’écran de mon prof fige , mon sons coupe et je n’entends plus mes prof et le sons de mes prof coupe . Pouvez-vous faire quelques chose puisque j’ai commencé à prendre du retard

- Great but just one problem

Hi Google,, I love the overall meet features and stuff. But when I go to another app or multitask during a meet my camera turns off automatically. Can you please fix this as this is a big problem for me? Sincerely, Your Loyal user

- Micro

L’application utilise le microphone qu’il soit activé ou pas dans les visioconférence. Je lais remarqué avec IOS 14, le point orange s’allume même si le microphone est activé

- ehh

sometimes it won’t let me start a new meeting 😡😡😡 UGH

- Idk

Uhhhh I feel frustrated because I’m just struggling with doing a green screen. Pls just add it on all devices. Make a update. And I can’t join my meet. I’ve tried to join like 20 times and it keeps saying “Your not allowed to join this meet.” And remember this is my CLASS. So pls just fix this.

- Bruh this was made on khan academy

Bruh whenever I hold my phone straight the screen turns black so you have to hold it sideways so your screen isn’t black. It happens when your in a meeting but on a different app to please fix this it’s sooo ✨annoying.✨🙃😡 also I hate this because it is something related to 🤢school🤢

- It’s of has problems

It wont let me change background

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- Help a depressed girl out

I love this so much I first used it to talk to my boyfriend and this was the only thing available to talk on at the time so since then I now use it to talk to my exes little brother to hang out and sometimes I use it to talk to my friends but my parents are rely strict they put screen times on everything and now this?!i have a apple phone so if y’all have a mode to turn off the possibility of screen time on this app that would be great!

- Not good.

I have posted many reviews and you have updated like 7 or 8 times and it still does not work. I have reported the problem while in google meet numerous times. I think this app is not good when you will not make it work with iOS 14 on iPad. I have called apple numerous times and they say the app developers will just have to make it work with our iOS 14 and 3 months later still nothing. Just make it work where you can present something in google meet and on the iPad you can multi task . Right now presenting stops if you multitask and before it did work on iPad. Hopefully you actually read this.

- Five Stars!!!!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It's a really great app. I used it a lot for school and even used it during summer school!!! It really helped, it had great features and although it took a while for me to figure out how it worked😂 Definitely helped during these strange times of uncertainty. The only think that I would suggest is that they added a beauty enhancer filter similar to the one on zoom!!!! I would definitely love that!!!:)

- More settings

I would love if google meet could have the same settings that we have when we are in our computer because phone users would love to have the background setup option including the blur background and touch up setting for important meetings or early classes. This would really help to improve the quality of the app on the phone because right now it’s too simple.

- Need more

Hello, im a student using google meet for classes due to COVID-19. I’ve been in classes for 3 weeks now and in the computer, it lags a lot. It won’t let me go to any other slide because if i do, it starts lagging. And yes you might think it’s my home wifi but no it’s not. Theres times i have many tabs open and everything runs smoothly, but AS SOON as i get into a google meet it all starts lagging. Im not much of a complainer but this just frustrates me much more for online classes and doesn’t help. Please fix it, thank you

- Needs to be more faster

Google meet is amazing it’s easy to work with and has many new features and updates that’s makes it even better, but I wish that it was faster sometimes it takes so much time to load and I have to reload a lot I wish this didn’t happen much but overall google meet is really good for online school

- Good but needs work

For the most part the app works fine but there are 2 big problems for me. 1. There will sometimes be times where I can’t see anything happening on the shared screen when everyone else can see it fine. 2. If I go into portrait mode out of landscape my screen will turn black for a while and when the screen is normal again it goes back to the black screen and it keeps repeating until I give up and stay in landscape mode.

- Layout

I’m a student in quarantine but still attending online schooling. I use google meet to attend my classes but now, with the (mobile) update, the whole layout seems choppy and difficult. Before, you saw yourself on screen and had to choice to mute/not show your face and once you were in a call, the call would take up your entire screen. Another thing that was easy was that the chat was accessible. Now, you have to go through 2 windows just to be in the call. It was so easy then I don’t know why its been changed.

- Drawbacks compare to previous version

Hi , Sorry to say. This version has many issues. Some of it I can say. Iam using iPhone 8 Plus. 1) In previous version ,when I was in a meeting , And if i get a normal incoming call , I can lift and meeting will be going on in background. But after I update , if I get a call , or if a do a call , Meet is ending. and I need to join again. 2) And in previous version, If I left the meeting, It will show the meeting id and an option to rejoin.. This facility I can’t see in current version . 3 ) And in previous version , when I press my lock button , iPhone will be locked but meeting will be going on in the background. But after update , meeting is ending.(Iam automatically leaving the meeting). Please fix these.. Thank you

- It’s fine but...

Could u please make it an option to mute people while not being the admin, not for the whole group but maybe just listen to one member - like when u pin one member so u can’t see the rest..? Would be great to be able to listen to only the teacher, for example.. or maybe adjust the volumes bc everyone else seems to be louder than the teacher!

- Just a suggestion

Is there a way that the app can notify people when a certain person sets up a call? In school it’s annoying to join the same link like 20 times until the teacher opens one and It’s annoying. Like maybe a system where you can have your teachers kind of like a contact and whenever they go live you get a notification kinda like social media

- GOOGLE! Please

Hey! i love this app! however you know how on gmail you added the option to have gifs as your profile picture? CAN YOU PLEASEEE add the option so they will animate when you join a class, its just a still image. same for google classroom :(! i really want it to animate, and i would be willing to pay for it too! so when my little profile picture pops up in the google meet it will animate. if you say why u cant to it, or even reply, i will be sure to give a 5 star rating and a 5 star rating on my other account on my ipad. please do this for me! im not the only one who wants this feature.

- My opinion of this app

What they have done with this app is incredible! The programming is perfect and there’s no lag or glitches that have showed up so far. This app is the perfect place to have meetings and talk to friends and family. I haven’t experienced any problems and I never get disconnected or anything while I’m with my group. I believe this app is a 5 star for that reason.

- RE changes to user interface | chat

In version 45, there was a change to the user interface whereas, the link for getting into the chat changed entirely to a different place. It would have been helpful if the person posting the release notes to the app store would have appropriately described this particular change to the user interface. I ended up spending 1/2 day trying to figure out why chat stopped "appearing" and that the chat function moved to another place on the interface.

- ok but still needs to improve

ok so sometimes i’m in a meeting and i leave, i’d like if there was a menu where i could REJOIN that meeting, a menu where i can see previous meetings and options to rejoin them. i’d also like better options for microphone and camera like double tap to activate because i live in constant fear of accidentally opening my mic or camera lol this is serious

- Seriously, no grid view even on iPad???

This app is a mess without it. I see about 4 tiles for a few seconds then they disappear. Then when someone speaks the entire screen changes to their face. If two people are talking it switches back and forth constantly. The screen view just continually jumps from person to person. I’m surprised people haven’t complained about seizures with the amount of screen flashing. Then when a person comes on screen, it is a pixelated mess for a couple seconds before it kinda clears up. What a mess. Seriously Google DO BETTER or this app is history.

- I don’t like it

As a high school student who uses this app for 17 hours a day, everyday, for the past 8 months now i can say without a doubt it’s not good. I think there should be a mode where you can leave your guy on the meet so you can shut off your computer or phone and they still think you’re listening. It would literally be amazing. There should also be a mode were you can share memes with people and have it pop up on the main screen, and anyone could do it. Other than my professional opinion, i truly believe this app is, Complete, Utter, GARBAGE.

- Great app

Overall I would recommend this app to anyone who needs a virtual meeting the only thing that bugs me is that if I cover the camera of my phone then the screen turns off that is my only problem and also I don’t know if that is just an iPhone thing or if google meet decided to do that but that is my review so far it’s a great app

- Idea? Extensions.

I’ve noticed that on mobile you cannot use extensions, this is a downside for me because I find extensions to be EXTREMELY useful when in meetings or classes. I hope that extensions can be brought to mobile devices so that I can work the same on mobile than Desktop. Anyone else finding this to be a problem for themselves?

- Good app, but needs bug fixes

I’ve been using this app for a while, but there is just one issue that is frustrating and makes it nearly impossible to work sometimes. My screen will randomly go black for no reason, and I usually have to re-turn my phone on to get it to work. Sometimes my screen flickers on and off, and sometimes clicking the power button turns off the meet. Hope you can fix this!

- Cool but bugs out

I have to use this a lot for online classes at school. When on a meet the phone screen will randomly turn off and I can’t do anything but wait till it decides to turn back on again. I can still hear what’s going on but when I’m in a math class it’s frustrating cause I will miss steps and have to ask to go back. The chat is also hard to navigate on mobile since you have to pull up a different screen to see it and you can’t see what’s going on on the main screen

- Needs updates to make student friendly

Google Meet on the iPad needs the same updates that were made in chrome: grid view is essential for a classroom experience. It currently isn’t available on an iPad. Also turning the video off on split screen is also not a good. This should be left up to user. Many classroom teachers want the video on while the student is working in another app. Please update the app to make it more school friendly.

- This isn’t a bad app

This app has a lot of use to it first off the app works perfectly and it’s a little laggy sometimes but it’s fine the app has a lot more features like backgrounds and blur you can raise a meet hand during the call but a lot of kids spam and it getters pretty annoying overall I like the app 5 stars for the app!!

- Audio and Video are fine. The new Chat interface...nope

I am a teacher and use this app to meet with my students often. Many don’t like to speak, they type instead. This used to be on the side of the screen and could be monitored while seeing others/presenting. Now the chat takes up the middle of the screen and only recent items are viewable otherwise. Please go back to the old version here, it was so much more useful.

- Camera not working

I am using meet for school on my Apple iPad, my iPad is a year old and does not have major issues. I tried to go in meet and turn my camera on but it said my camera was on even though I could see nothing. I had this problem last year and it’s very stressful and annoying since we all have to keep our cameras on. I have been using my phone for meets but in not very good. My phones a 11 and my iPads and iPad Air (newest one) please try to fix this problem thank you. Gabriella

- Bugged

Meet links do not open in Meet. Basic application stuff guys, come on. Oh wait you just want to market your next failed chat app from Gmail... and annoy everyone in the process. Got it. Hahaha and they reply to tell me that it’s by design. More bad design by Google and they are proud. Nailed it guys. I never ever want to open a Meet in Gmail. Should be against App Store rules to intercept links. Google’s response is that they’ve made Meet links harder to open up in Google Meet, and it was by design. Brilliant. Update: Gmail will now forward Meet links to Meet. It still intercepts Meet links first, for no reason other than to slow you down (and probably to track you across accounts/apps). Raising to 3 stars as it makes it usable again, albeit in a relatively flawed and roundabout way.

- Pretty good, quick suggestion though

This is a very solid app, that rarely ever disappoints. On suggestion though would be the polls feature on a computer. With a poll is made, it can only be used and seen with a computer, it would be great if mobile devices could also see and use this feature.

- The functions changed for the worse

I use the app for online classes and the interphase was great until recently the app was modified. I don’t understand the change but now it is terrible. I use it on my iPhone, new messages no longer update on the screen, the screen is now narrow, unlike before it now uses my gmail to connect and it no longer runs perfectly in the background. Worse when I receive a call because it would log out. I think this app should be downgraded to what it used to be initially from about April, may, June

- Zoom is better

So your guessing that I am writing this review so this app can be gone from the App Store no. I am writing it because zoom is much better! My first reason it the audio is terrible! My second reason is because the video quality is terrible!! My third reason is that is it when I put on a green secreen it is terrible!! And when I join meetings with a mobile device the features on the computer are not the mobile devices and I do not think that is fair! Those are the reason that I don’t like google meet and zoom it is better!

- It’s okay....

I use google meet all the time, and its relatively good. There are a few things that they would need to add to satisfy me though. whenever i leave the app, it turns my camera off, it annoys me a lot, and i can tell it annoys others. That is the main thing that they NEED to fix. Also screen sharing is really glitchy and laggy, unless I’m on my computer. this app is good an all, just think there are a few things they need to fix

- Please bring back these features

I am a teacher who has been using google meet on my iPad Pro. Using my iPad as a 2nd device during class was a lifesaver. Something changed this week. I can no longer see the chat option on the side of the screen. The breakout rooms and polls are no longer available. I liked being able to use/control these features while presenting to my class on my main device (MacBook). I don’t know why you did this update but it is horrible.

- Blacks Out too much

Google meets is pretty decent for a free zoom-like service. Offering all the basics and makes it easy to connect. But on my phone it keeps blacking out and making my screen go black for a few minutes before going back to the meet. Sometimes several times during a meet or for a long period of time. My phone’s screen never turns black except for when I use this app even in the background.


My school is using this app for distance learning. It works just fine, but things would work so much better if there was an attendance feature where students could check a box saying they are “present” and if they don’t check-in it would count as “absent”. This would make things much easier for both the teacher and the students.

- iOS/Android Problem

Since the new update for google meet, I can’t see everyone’s faces and if an administrator needs to see a student’s face, you can’t really do that. And it’s hard. Can there be an option for a grid view and a pin to pin the person’s head and see them while also seeing everyone else?

- Latest keeps dropping the screen share and session

This latest version keeps dropping the screen share when you switch to another app on an ipad. Not only does it drop the screen share, but it makes you leave the meet if you stay switched on another app for too long. If you split screen with other apps, it maintains the screenshare, but the previous versions of meet used to maintain the session no problem, making meet a very useful too for collaborations. This new version has completely broken that. please fix.

- Doesn’t work in background after new update

This app was good for a long time. It seems it may have updated, and now it immediately leaves the meeting when the phone screen is turned off. Hopefully they can fix it in the next update! I really liked that the app would work in the background or with the screen off.

- Important feature missing

It’s dumb how there’s no attendance check-in feature included in the app considering how many people have to use this app for distance learning. Taking roll call takes too much valuable time out of lessons that are already shortened. We know you have this technology available, so just stop being lazy and implement it already. Don’t make the district download a separate app for this simple feature.


I have a strong feeling that this comment will get lost in the abyss of other comments/reviews, but I have to say this in the hopes that the Google Meet team is reading this: Please allow iOS devices (at least iPadOS) to allow grid (tiled) view of cameras. I am an Elementary music teacher, and I need to be able to see all of my students performing and participating. If you are able to do this on Chromebooks/Laptops/Computers, you should be able to add this function of iOS devices too.

- Since the new update.

My daughter use google meet for school and recently she’s unable to use the camera feature it will appear either black or her icon. I checked the settings to ensure the camera was not blocked or turned off but everything seems to be working fine. I am not sure if this issue happened after a new iOS update or the app update but this issue started happening since Friday and I am unable to resolve this issue. It is a inconvenience for my daughter as the teachers require the students to be on camera.

- Great app but..

This is a great app for school, all my teachers use it but the new update it’s too similar to zoom, it’s harder to access the chat and I can’t see the screen while on the chat. Also, it’s hard to see everyone and the screen. I think the old version way better, it’s less complicated and much more efficient. Hopefully there’s a change

- Not about school

For a Google app, this is seriously disappointing. The video is always glitching, audio cuts out, and can’t seem to handle more than 8-12 video cameras at a time. Consistently crashes my gaming pc when I run it there, crashes on my iOS as well. Audio cuts out completely at times, I get kicked out of meetings if google deems them overcrowded. Very frustrated, I don’t know why this is the default for schools. Update: Fix your app! I wrote this review more than 6 months ago, this app is still awful and has all the same issues!

- The browser version works better for me

This is one of the rare cases for me where the app is not as “current” or enhanced as the browser version. IF I enter a google meeting via safari I have the ability to use tile view all works very nice. But if I enter via the app (chrome browser hands off to the app too) then I DO NOT have the tile view or the option to change layout. Sad but it seems the browser version on the iPad is more functional then the updated app.

- Updated Response...

Update: After restarting my device, google meets worked great. (Below is my old response) Everyday I have to use the see my class and hear directions, however the lag of this app is ruining my learning experience. My grades are dropping because I don’t get the assignments and assistance I need. Use another product like Zoom, that really works.

- That update though

I liked it before the new update but now I can’t see who’s talking and the chat at the same time, which makes things harder. Also I have to replay in my earbuds every time so sound doesn’t go through the speak of my phone. Can y’all make it so I can see the chat and people speaking at the same time. Also don’t make it to where all the messages delete if you leave the call because sometimes I have to leave and come back so it can reconnect and then I can’t see the stuff that was there before.

- Christmas alone

You guys have helped me connect with my girlfriend who lives in California thank you guys so so so much but me being in Ohio I can’t see her and it’s Christmas coming up but I don’t have enough money to go see her I’m working really hard and google meets makes it easier for me to talk to her care free thank you guys Sincerely: August🍁

- Google Meet Polls, Breakout Rooms and Q&A

I love Google Meet, but I usually use google meet on a computer and it’s so much easier. But, I am on a trip (car ride) and my teacher has just set up a poll. I can not participate in it because There either is no poll option through this app, or I don’t know how to find the poll option to respond. If I could, that would be awesome! Thank you!!

- Use google duo or another app!!

So, today me and my friend tried to use this app. I honestly wish I used Google Duo or Zoom or something else that wasn’t this hard. First of all my friend didn’t have a texting area/chat box. I told her where it was but she didn’t find it. Another thing is that the audio is bad. My friend couldn’t hear me so I didn’t know what to do. And, the app had something weird where I saw 2 screens of me & my friend. As soon as I hung up, my friend deleted the app, and I did as well. Use another app. Don’t use it this is too hard!!!!

- School meeting

I think it’s really fun meeting will not need to see my teachers and friends because sometimes I get lonely and sad when I’m by myself because my mom works my dad works and my sister and brother is at Laura babysitter while I’m at home and so it’s fun seeing my teacher in class needs to give it a five star rating

- The new update is disappointing

I liked how they tried to make the app more modern, but it seems like they’re going backwards In a lot of ways. - You can’t have a meeting with the chat by your side anymore. You have to chose one or the other. - It’s now harder to get to settings you have to go to change, or just popping the chat out. - Now when you pin someone, the others HAVE to stay there. You can’t hide them. Please bring the features we had back. It’s okay to keep the modern style, but don’t go backwards on things.

- It’s Fine, But that is about as far as it goes.

I just feel like although I may have bias due to me using this upwards of 7 hours a day it feels like it has missing features compared to zoom. It has the basics and that is about as far as it goes. In terms of call quality it consistently doesn’t work and isn’t reliable. At least the interface is pleasing though and is snappy.

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TechRepublic: 7 ways to access Google Meet

Mark S Hurst

TechRepublic: 7 tips for using Google Meet on a Chromebook

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I do eveything i usually do, scroll Instagram, tweet, eat, call and text EVEN WHEN I AM ON A GOOGLE MEET CLASS. Gonna flex my audacity, brb


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someone needs to stream NYEL on google meet its Very stable there

Google Meet 51.5.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Meet iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images

Google Meet (Version 51.5.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Meet was published in the category Business on 2017-02-27 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 168.3 MB. Google Meet - Business app posted on 2020-12-07 current version is 51.5.0 and works well on IOS 12.0 and high versions. Google Play ID:

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