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What is google meet app? Securely connect, collaborate, and celebrate from anywhere. With Google Meet, everyone can safely create and join high-quality video meetings for groups of up to 250 people.

• Meet safely - video meetings are encrypted in transit and our array of safety measures are continuously updated for added protection
• Host large meetings - invite up to 250 participants to a meeting, whether they’re in the same team or outside of your organization
• Engage in meetings - engage on meetings without interrupting, through Q&A, Polls, and Hand Raise
• Easy access on any device - share a link and invited guests can join with one click across devices
• Share your screen - present documents, slides, and more during your conference call.
• Follow along - live, real-time captions powered by Google speech-to-text technology

**Not all features available for non-paying users.

Anyone can join a meeting on Meet via an invitation. However, some capabilities are available only to Google Workspace customers.

With Google Workspace, you and your team can:
• Enjoy helpful features like live captions, breakout rooms, and noise cancellation* to make meetings more productive.
• Attend meetings on the go. Meetings organized by Google Workspace users also create a dial-in phone number for each meeting, so every guest can join – without wifi or data.

* Not available in all Workspace plans.

Permissions Notice
• Camera: Needed to allow others to see you during video meetings
• Microphone: Needed to allow others to hear you during meetings
• Photo library: Needed to allow you to select your account profile picture
• Notifications: Allow you to receive helpful in-call notifications

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Google Meet Customer Service, Editor Notes:

Google Meet Version 92.0.027 June 2022

Take collaboration to the next level by connecting over video with Google Meet, part of Google Workspace..

Google Meet Version 87.0.018 April 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Meet Version 83.0.022 February 2022

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Google Meet Comments & Reviews 2022

- Awesome

I find myself using Google meets a lot and I would definitely rate it five stars because it is so awesome and I really like it and I’m glad that you can screen share and I also am so glad that when you leave thatWeb browser or page you your video turns off and I am so glad for that there are a few things I would like for you to improve and that is probably more than 250 people because what if someone finds their self with 500 people and they can’t have all 250 people and two I think that there should be more options than just chatting pinning and all of that stuff because it may just be fun to do more stuff on there so that is my review and that is it thank you

- good but improvements can be made.

google meet is a great way to socialize with friends, you can also use it for school, which is great. but like every other app there has to be something that's cutting it short for it to be PERFECT and i hate to say it. but the new update really wasn't it. all of my other google apps work awesome, and when i saw this one, i was like, no, that's not going to be a good app for school. but as soon as i saw "google" i was like YES YES YES, just to be shocked by how difficult it is to use, and the whole glitching thing, and the fact that you can't chat easily, for example, zoom is frickin awesome. and everything about it is just great. but sadly it's banned in a LOT of countries, so i knew i had to find something else like Google Meet. anyways, i would love for the developers of Google Meet to please please make the whole layout easy to use. and the whole lagging / glitching problem needs to be fixed asap. and also, i hate when there is a new "update" for bug fixes etc, just to open the app back again with the SAME ISSUES I HAVE WITH IT. but i have to give you guys's rights by saying everything else is amazing. and i truly apologize if i'm just saying all of this not knowing that you guys work hard everyday trying to fix bugs and make more improvements on it and me just complaining. i definitely appreciate your hard work. thanks for everything. all love from the middle east. ❤️

- Good but needs improvements

As a high school student, I use google meet for 8 hours each day, so I know a lot about the app and about what it can and can’t be used for. I think there are many things about this app that set it above the other meet softwares such as zoom, yet there can be improvements. Take it from someone who spends more time on this app each day then he spends sleeping each night. Sometimes a teacher or student may be too loud or too quiet and you cannot change the volume because it will also change the volume of whatever other audio you are listening to, such as a Vodcast or music or a helpful video in general. This has happened to me quite frequently, at least once a day, and I have grown quite annoyed with this issue. One thing I’ve thought of is adding the ability to change the volume of individual people, as this would allow me to listen to a tutorial video on significant figures while at the same time enduring the pain of my teacher talking with her mic down her throat. Anything added to help with this would be greatly appreciated.

- Works... Just needs some more work and attention

Hi. I am a student and have been using Google Meet for COVID-19 situation. It is a good app for classes and other stuff. I have been using this app for almost 6 months after my teachers decided to use Meet instead of Zoom. I spotted some problems during my time. But this new update fixed them all. And also made more issues...😒. But I expect that Google will detect them and fix them. I personally love this new update,but it made some more problems. 1. When I press the power button I automatically leave the meeting and everything just freezes up. 2. At the older version,I used to have the previous meeting links in the main menu. But here, there is nothing. 3.when I join a meeting the sound doesn’t come from the speaker of the iPhone. Instead it comes from the little speaker which is used for normal phone calls. 4. While using eardphones...(I have apple earphones) when I press the middle button of the earphones,I get out of the call. Instead of getting out of calls,the middle button should be used to turn on/off the microphone cuz that will be super handy. 5. In this update,the place where the name of all meeting members show I can't see whose camera is on or off. And I can't pin them by easily tapping at their ID 6. The option of chat should be aside the switch camera option. (It's the finest place of I can think of) 7. Add tile view. PLEASE!!! I hope Google sees this and makes the right changes to this useful app.

- A Useful Review that you should read

I use google meets both on my phone and on my chromebook for school. On my chromebook, it’s great; the audio is a bit choppy on occasion, but other than that it’s pretty much perfect on my chromebook. On my phone however (I have an iPhoneXR if that has anything to do with it), the screen will just randomly go black while I’m in a google meet. It doesn’t do this when I’m on any other app alone, (when you’re in a google meet you can go onto other apps and still hear the audio from the google meet while you go on whatever other apps, just like FaceTime.) but when I’m in a google meet, my screen randomly goes black for about 4-6 seconds about 4 times every 30 seconds. I can still hear the audio, and the phone doesn’t turn off because when it comes back on again it’s on the same screen it was before and I don’t have to enter my password again. While the screen is black, even if I tap on, say, a keyboard, when the screen comes back on, it didn’t/doesn’t register that I pressed any buttons. This is quite frustrating, as I am currently in a google meet and it has taken me nearly thirty minutes to write this review.

- Fix your privacy issues.

𝗨𝗣𝗗𝗔𝗧𝗘 Restarting and clearing the cache won’t help, Google. This isn’t a bug either. It’s on all my devices, Mac to my phone (MacBook 12-inch, iPhone 12/XR, and iPad mini 5). On my computer it’ll ask “are you talking” because it’s continuously listening and I don’t know if this is a feature or something, but I don’t see who needs this. Just please remove this feature or whatever this is supposed to be, I’m really uncomfortable seeing the orange dot and my mic is off… and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, there is a new feature in iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS 11 Big Sur, where a orange and green dot appears to let you know that your microphone or camera is in use. And you guys haven’t launched an update in 2 months, so don’t you think that pretty much everyone is on version 51.5.0? Oh and also, every time I use my phone for a meet, my screen turns black every time something is over my Proximity sensor, for example, a pencil or something, it screen turns black! 𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗩𝗜𝗢𝗨𝗦 what I mean meet in certain places. But when I want my microphone turned off, I want my microphone off. Why does it still show an orange dot when my mic is off? I was in a meeting and I got told “turn off your mic” and mic was already off! No, like seriously no joke. Please remove whatever feature this is supposed to be because why is the microphone still enabled in the background when you tabbed disable?

- Don’t like the new layout

I love this app, it’s great for online school. But recently you guys have updated the layout for mobile, and now it looks terrible. You’ve also made working the app more difficult. Before, you could see yourself fully before joining, with the option to mute or turn your camera off, and now you’ve made the screen in which you view yourself before entering the call smaller. Now I can’t look at myself fully and adjust my appearance if need be, because I can barely see myself. Also, I now have to go through a series of steps just to pin a person, or look at the chat. And now when I’m in the chat, I can’t see the person I have pinned anymore, because the chat takes up the whole screen. Also when I accidentally leave the call, there is no longer an option to rejoin the meeting, which is very frustrating. Please fix this, I had no issue before, so I don’t know why you guys had to change it. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. You guys have completely went downhill with this layout.

- Not very stable and useable.

The meet sometimes crashes and the sound of the meet mutes and I’ve rejoined more than 5 times on the computer and it still does the same thing. There is no way of turning off notifications on Catherine chat like zoom. When I get a reminder, the google meet mutes on mobile devices. The mic on the computer is horrible since it is fuzzy. The whole meet lags when someone presents. It’s impossible to see the meeting while chatting on iPad and iPhone. The meet kicks you out for no reason and says there is an error. Sometimes classmates get kicked and come back clueless of what we are doing. You can’t do webinars either. The lack of settings on the camera and mic is sometimes annoying. When plugging headphones, the meeting mutes too. This is honestly unusable and recommend to teachers that you don’t use this app if you want your students and pupils to be able to feel like they are in the classroom. Thanks for listening. Please fix these!

- It’s good but could be better

I’m a high-school student doing everything virtually and sometimes i have to use the same device to use google meet and assignments. So if someone uses the chat box, I can’t see what they’re saying. I’m thinking that you can add like a notification box. Like how we get notifications for text messages and everything else. It would benefit me a lot if that was added so i don’t have to use a device to be on a google meet and another for assignments and etc. It would help if you add the notification bar to also add that we can chat back through that notification bar. I know with an iPhone you can do that, you can message someone back through the notification bar while watching something on netflix. I think this would benefit a lot of students like me on the long run. I hope you do this!!

- Zoom is better

When I found out I was upset but I just tried meet because it was a google app I loved all the google apps I used... except this one. The first time I used it was math class that failed horribly, my camera was glitching on and off and I was mute. I found out how to use it the next day with help from my sis. So I was doing some work and the teacher was like make sure camera is on. So I was like ok and me and my teacher was the only one who’s camera was on but that wasn’t the problem THEIR CAMERA WAS ON I just couldn’t see it until they speak. Which was very annoying especially if someone was participating and I couldn’t see the teacher. Also I couldn’t use tiles like I can with zoom unless I’m on a computer. This app was very disappointing I liked zoom better. My sis uses zoom. This app does not deserve 4.2, 3.2 at the best I don’t understand why the DOE decided to use meet. I don’t recommend this app unless it is mandatory for school


THIS IS SO ANNOYING. PLUS I hate that I cannot monitor the chat box directly from the meet and I now have to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages.” Before the update, I was easily able to broadcast while in split screen mode which is perfect for teaching in the virtual classroom. But now, the broadcast gets interrupted whenever I try to enable split screen mode. This concern was also brought up in Meet support in this comment by R. Souza which got upvoted 28 times: “ Since the last iPadOS update 14.0.1, I am not allowed to split screen and show 2 apps at same time while broadcasting on Google Meet. It interrupts the screen broadcasting / recording and says that multitasking is resizing the app's windows. I teach art and drawing classes online through Meet and I used show the presentation and draw with Procreate at same time. It was very handful, and now I can only show one app at a time. “ Additionally, the chat box was a part of the old default screen, but now I need to navigate to it by clicking “In call messages” and it has become very challenging to actively monitor the chat box during my live lessons. I absolutely love all of the features of Google Meet, but if you could update the IPad version to include broadcasting while in split screen, and/or include a default view that seamlessly includes the in call messages, I would give this app 5 stars.

- I love it!

As a elementary student I use this app a lot for my meetings, yes work could be done but it’s really easy to use. There is a raise hand feature and even being able to change your background! The raise hand is my favorite as it means you don’t have to have your hand up for hours it feels and your teacher doesn’t even notice. Also, A lifesaver that it’s on iPhone as my computer died and I have a meet at 2:30! (It’s 2:22 right now while I am writing this. Anyways, I write actual truthful reviews and I just really love this app as it is easy to use and it doesn’t take someone from college to know how to use it.


This app is probably the worst app on planet earth. You do NOT have the tile grid or the icons. It is very glitchy and crashes during my school calls at least 3 times a call. I have trouble unmuting and muting myself. 99% of the time my camera doesn’t work even if I turn it on and off AND ON AGAIN!!!! Every time when I enter a call I have no audio. My teacher and classmates ALWAYS GET RANDOMLY KICKED OFF THE CALL!!!! The picture is always blurry and SOMETIMES is BLACK. I can only see 3 people. The chat only lets you type 10 sentences (witch isn’t that big off a deal but still) It crashes after to many people come on the call. THE CODES AND LINKS DON’T WORK MOST OF THE TIME!!!!!!! To NOT get all these problems my parents had to BUY me a chrome book cause not A SINGLE ONE of these bugs are on a chrome book, lab top, or computer. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS APP if there was a 0 star that’s what I would rate it. Btw zoom is WAYYY BETTER THAN THIS APP!!!!!!!!


SCREAMING and SHOUTING - please bring back old UI! NEW UI is terrible: - InVideo Calls it is not possible to see In-call messages window without obstructing video/shared screen content! - mute/hang buttons re-arranged and made it worse! -InVideo calls you can not see participant list without obstructing video/shared content!! - no possibility to arrange different layouts to see either one main participant/shared screen or mosaic with multiple faces. This is similar r$$ish layout like the one that comes from Mail App, when call is initiated from Mail App. So it was tested on the Mail app but instead of recognising shortcomings and making improvement it was rolled-out to sand-alone app - WORST decision ever! NOT user friendly at all. Developers decided to use some “out of the box” functionality which is not helpful but went ahead anyway. For example - in-chat messages open new window that obstructs everything, instead of developing a side-partial window that allows to see messages alongside the Video/Shared screens. I’m advanced user with 30+ years of IT experience. Mostly working in software project environments with high level of collaboration where conferencing is essential. I know what I’m writing and understand the mistakes that have been made implementing new LESS-user-friendly layout compared to previous one. Best luck! K.


I am a student who is required to use this app by my school. It’s so irritating that we don’t have control over such a simple function. You know how in the browser version, you can just mute the tab? We need something like that for the app. My phone is my primary device for work since I no longer have a working computer. When I am required to watch a video for class or I wanna listen to music during independent working time, I cannot because I'm forced to listen key clicking and static from teachers who have unmuted mics. I am also forced to be listening to teacher-student conversations that do not involve me. I really do NOT care, and that extra noise hinders my work progress! And of course the only way to shut the call’s volume off is to mute my phone completely, thus taking away my ability to watch educational videos or listen to music. Please fix that. Thank you.

- Way worse than the site

I recently switched from a laptop to an iPad for school and I am really disappointed with this app. Online, features such as polling, q&a, etc. are available, while on mobile there is no mention of these. What should a student do if a teacher expects them to respond using one of those features? Secondly, when the chat comes up it blocks the entire screen. There is no way to be able to ask questions while paying attention in class because, as I said earlier, the chat screen blocks everything. It would be better to have the chat on the side (For my purposes I wouldn’t mind it being permanently open, but I think it’s best to make it minimizable). Lastly, when I tried to submit this feedback the app crashed (this happened five times) so I had to resort to leaving a review and hoping the developers saw it. If they do, I hope that they change these things soon. Thank you!

- Good if used for personal calls, terrible for schools.

It does it’s job when used for personal calls, like friend to friend, and can handle a good amount of people in calls. The problem is that schools are trying to use this app as an alternative to Zoom, when they have just as easy if not even easier access to Zoom than this app, and Zoom is much more stable. It seems every class period I have with the teacher that uses this app, it crashes at least once, and we all have to scramble to get back into the call and resume, not once have I had yet to have this problem with Zoom. Meet simply can’t handle a classroom amount of people. If you’re a teacher or anyone in the education board, STICK TO ZOOM. It simply saves everyone time and effort. Other than that, decent app to use for personal purposes.

- Great App but you should be able to mute to meet

Google meets is a great app but you should be able to mute the meet. I know you can mute yourself but if you could mute the meet so you can’t hear what they’re saying. It would make it easier for students to watch videos without being distracted by the in person class. Like if someone would have to watch the video, but the teacher is talking, you would have to listen to the teacher and the video at the same time and it’s confusing. But if you were able to mute the meet then you could watch the video without the background noise and then when your done you can unmute it. Except for that fact it’s an amazing app and it’s really useful.

- Good, but can be better with...

This app is extremely useful especially with the times we’re in and how schools use them. I have the app on my iPad Pro, and apple has a feature where you can have to apps open at once to multitask. However, when I do this my camera turns off and says it can only be on when it has the whole screen... which makes no sense. Then when I leave the app as a whole, without multitasking, it also turns the camera off and doesn’t bring it with me to the home menu or anything. I believe these are small things that can bring this app to be something capable of competing with zoom or those other big known platforms when it comes to convenience.

- Great app but I have suggestions!

Google meet is a great app to communicate, me and my friend often use it to share our screens,which i think is an amazing feature that I wish they had on Houseparty but other than that I have a suggestion if you could do something like Houseparty where you can play games and add a background that does not show what is behind you (it comes in handy when you are having a meeting with a coworker or friend and don’t want them to see you messy room!).Once again great app just needs these improvements that I think would people and attract them!!

- Updates are awsome, but are hard to get used.

Meet is a good app to use for meetings. But theres a problem where the new updates are just soooooooooooo hard to get used to. Like for example, the latest update had changed some features of the app and supports night mode, but the problem is that if you are a teacher, and if you need to go and check the chat log, you have go back and forth( meaning go back to the screen and go back to the chat log and it goes on). Before you can open the chat log and then present the screen. But now, its so difficult that some schools has changed apps by going from meet to zoom. Please fix😾

- United

I am enjoying Google meet with my class. Each student has an opportunity to talk and share what’s going on and answer questions that we are working on that day. There’s been very little problems. I am thankful for google meet to keep all our special needs students United. It gives them an outlet to see their fellow classmates when they cannot meet in person during this Covid 19 quarantine. It puts a smile on their faces and lets them know that they are not alone and they still have their friends from school.

- Screen Share with Audio Thru iPad

It’d be awesome if y’all could make the audio available when screen sharing on an iPad. I understand it’s available on a computer, but I don’t have one, and I got this presentation I’m doing tmrw that I will have to screen share, and one of the parts of the presentation is Kanye West rapping his song “Flashing Lights”. Unfortunately, my audience on Google Meet won’t be able to hear the eloquence of Kanye’s voice, which is very unfortunate. So as I said earlier, if y’all could find a way to make audio available for screen sharing thru IOS devices (in this case, the iPad), that’d be fantastic cuz I’d no longer have to deal with this problem.

- Nightmare redesign

Okay so like.. why redesign the app? It looked like the web version before. It was redesigned with little to no functionality improvements. Now I can’t see the chat while seeing video at the same time on iPad, which makes it useless for work as a teacher. Also, this app is now for some reason also built into Gmail? And there’s no setting anywhere to get things to open in this standalone app, which is also awful because I like to use my email while video chatting so I can privately email students if I need to. Also, what’s with the inability to have the camera on while multitasking? Is that just an iOS thing or is that a you thing? If it’s a you thing, fix it. I literally bought my iPad for my job and still have to use my laptop because Meet on iPad is so bad.

- Just bad😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

Ok do NOT recommend this app for school it kicks me out of my classes and don’t let me back in I also saw that it caused a lot of internet problems and a lot of WiFi problems too I had to buy another laptop for school I’ve only had my old one for two weeks ! It always put viruses in my chrome book and my laptop I have now do not recommend this app crashes to much audio quality is HORRIBLE plus video quality is TRASH i have a clear camera and on the meet is looks like I have a pixilated filter on but I DON’t this app doesn’t work properly because I used to be on zoom and on zoom I had amazing quality for everything!! Zoom is wayyyyy better because it never crashed it never did anything wrong so please if you’re still reading this please rate this app one star

- Great potential, bad new change

I’ll start by saying I’m a teacher and required to use Meets by my educational institution. I do like it a lot because it’s quite easy to navigate. The one thing I’m not keen on is the new change on the iPad that takes the chat out of the main screen because as a teacher I am trying to both monitor the screens at the same time as the chat and now I am forced to only be able to see one or the other. That’s a big bummer and a major change to my ability to manage my online classroom environment. I wish it was an option to continue to have the chat be open on the side of the screens so I can see both. Thanks!

- So it is useful but really bad with glitching out

So we have been using this app for a long time this year and it hasn’t been the best considering about 7 people are gone every class of 20 people (20 so we don’t just have a lag fest) especially on mobile I think it has more capacity on computer on a computer you can buy an add on to have 500 people in at once now I always misclick the tiny buttons on my phone and I’m just raising my hand all the time (and the worst feature for me is whenever something hovers over the microphone on the top of my phone the screen goes black but when I move my hand it goes back after like 10 seconds, like what???)

- I love meet

It is nice and when you share your screen it has nice features. I hate the new icon it’s fishy and unappealing the camera has a hole in the center and it kind of scares me it looks like it is copying zoom and the size of the camera is too big the icon has no green in it. Meet is very cool and your meetings are safe from strangers. On an iPad do not use a web browser for this. On a computer use a browser. And do not rate this app a 1 star 2star 3star do 4 star or 5 star. I miss when it says you left the meeting.

- Waiting Room

I think this app is very easy to navigate and is great for students doing distance learning, but I definitely think there should be a waiting room feature for classrooms. Every day I have to click the meet link many times in order to see when my teacher has joined the meet, which is when it allows you to enter the meeting. I feel as though a waiting room sort of feature would allow teachers to let the students into the meet once they join themselves instead of having to click the link/meet button several times hoping their teachers are there.

- This app is great normally but PLEASE FIX THE SCREEN INACTIVITY FUNCTION!

The screen inactivity function where Google Meet will turn off your screen if you are not tapping your phone or tablet every half second. Google, please get rid of this function when the user is not in low power mode. I normally give 4-star reviews for one issue applications but this issue is just so frustrating! Edit: I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, and it is still coming up with this issue. I will try to list the “symptoms” as accurately as I can. 1. When in a Meet, unless I am actively doing something (talking, typing quickly, or moving tiles) the screen goes black. 2. Sometimes when the screen comes back, it comes on brighter than before, then resets back to the original brightness. 3. I have to use the home button to get the screen back on, and when it does come back I noticed that if I tapped twice, it allowed to swipe through my current applications (meaning that the app was still OPEN but may have been in some sort of standby state). 4. My phone was not on low power mode this time, and I don’t have auto lock enabled.

- Awesome! But there’s an issue

So I love this app honestly it’s the best calling app other then regular calling, but I just got a new update today on my phone when I came back on google meet. I went on a call with my friend and when we turn off our phones we instantly leave the call, when before the update when we would turn off our phones we would still be on the call. So creator if you see this comment please make it to where we can turn off our device without getting kicked out of the meet. Other than that this app is great!

- Layout harder to use

I enjoy this app as I use it for school, but the new app update changes the layout in a more difficult way, instead of easily being able to click and see the class on each person there’s a few more extra steps to do this, it is also annoying how there is still no grid view option on the iPad. When I saw this update I was excited as I thought maybe they added this feature, but now I regret updating, I could see people more easily with the previous update, and it seems with this update there is a lot of useless space. Can’t wait to go back to in person school so I don’t have to use this :/

- Absolute trash

Do you want to constantly be in and out of class because of trash connection? Do you want to not understand any of your classes? Do you want constant freezing and broken sentences? Well then congratulations Google Meet is a perfect fit for you. My school uses this garbage sorry excuse of a program and I’ve never felt more disconnected from learning than now. Like common it takes 20 minutes for me to unmute my mic and by then the conversation has shifted. You would think google would have come up with something better but clearly I am mistaken. Don’t even try to say “It’s your connection.” I guess my entire school district had bad connection then. I’ve tried to do my work elsewhere with the same results. I’m just feed up.

- Update?

Google meet is fine but since apple just got a new picture in picture feature for its devices can you try to incorporate that into google meet? And make more of the features that work on the computers at least work on an iPad? Like the poll feature and i would like to go off the google meet screen without it turning off my camera so i can get my work done and my teachers have problems when they don’t see me so i have to try and do my class work on my phone and it’s a lot. I’m sure you are aware of people using google meet for virtual school and it would make it a whole lot easier on everyone.

- It's alright but there are cons

I've been using Google Meets for school and i've continuously had this problem, I lower my volume down almost all the way yet the audio is blasting in my ear or through my speakers (phone speaker, pc speaker). This is a big problem for me since I have very sensitive hearing, and i've had my family ask me why I have the volume all the way up when I have the volume as low as possible. Google Meets also has a glitch where it for whatever reason kicks me out of the meet randomly and my internet is not the problem since i've always checked it afterwards. The volume also mutes itself when it goes below 20 which is a very difficult problem since it's still very loud even that low.

- Very Helpful

Considering the situation that most students are in, this app is extremely helpful. My school laptop is a piece of crap, so being able to use my phone for Google Meets at class time, is veryyyy convenient and helpful. I have had no issues considering Wifi, glitching, or sound cutting out. I can see all of the chats, and I have had no problems with seeing my teacher’s and peer’s presentations. Thank you Google for providing this wonderful app!!!

- Really good but..

So i was playing pretend with my little sister, so we downloaded this app and thought it would be funny to play that i am the teacher in online school! So i created a meeting, she joined, and then we started playing. is the thing; When i try to share my screen, it works, but when i go to a video that i wanted to share and play it, i go back to the meeting to check on my little sister, who is the student, and the shared screen was duplicating on my screen. Even the sound was duplicating! Overall great app and i hope you can fix this. Thank you for reading!

- No video layout options

The sound and video quality was better than some alternatives, however I really dislike the video layout and lack of customization. On my tablet only one large video screen is viewable, either the current speaker (making it jump between cameras so much I might have a stroke) or one pinned person. Everyone else is a teeny tiny thumbnail. I would like to customize the video tiles whether to make everyone an equal size or make a handful of speakers larger than others. Until there are more video layout options I’d rather use Meet through my web browser where all videos are tiled equally or perhaps a competitor’s platform.

- Better on other platforms, not great for iPad

I really think this app has improved recently, but the iPad experience is a bit frustrating. There’s no option for a gallery/grid-view of meeting participants, only the full window of the active speaker with TINY thumbnails of everyone else. On desktop platforms the gallery view is possible, so it really needs to be an option here. We should all get an equal experience. It’s necessary because in some meetings it’s important to be able to see everyone’s reactions at the same time, not just the last person to speak. Video and audio quality are decent, but the interface needs serious work.

- Could be better

This app is perfect, I use it for school but my teachers recently started using polls and surveys and I cant vote for the surveys because I am on mobile. I really hate that and I this you should update the app for mobile users. I love this app and im serious! It just needs some updates. Im glad you added so that mobile users could change their background. Its useless kind of but if you added a feature that you could upload an image it would be awesome. It would really help teachers teach better. Thank you! Sincerely, Heaven. :)

- terrible app

i have to use google meets for school and i have so many problems with it. first whenever i turn OFF my camera it turns off and turns right back on without me pressing anything. this is a HUGE problem as it can lead to privacy issues. if someone turns off their camera it should stay OFF, not turn back on right away. another thing, google meet should be able to hold meetings with large amounts of people, but whenever my class does a meeting with just over 30 people, the whole meet lags, crashes, and boots people out. we can’t hear anyone, present, or do anything else on our device. please fix these issues as they make everything so much harder and more stressful.

- Great app.. but a suggestion to developers

Hey gmeet is a great app , I’ve been using it for all my classes and lectures . It’s secure and works pretty fine . Just a couple suggestion from my side to include in your next UPDATE - - enable an option to send photos or screenshots in the chat box of gmeet because in some of my classes I can’t verbally explain the question . So being able to send photos would really improve my experience . - show the history of my earlier meetings and meetings I’ve attended so if I ever get out of the meeting the app will remember the link at least for a short period of time . Also I don’t like the current layout much because the chat box is less accessible than the earlier versions, and I need to be able to open the chat box quickly because most of us don’t turn on our mics in class . Yeah , so I hope this reaches the developer and I get a response soon .

- suggestionsss!!

So some teachers make us show our faces on camera. But some people don’t want to show other kids. It would be SO GREAT if you could make it an option of just showing your face to people you select. that way if we don’t think we look our best than we can just show the teacher and friends and not everyone in class. same with the audio^^ Also an option to have a private chat with someone, i would want to ask teachers questions privately and not in-front of everyone.

- Good app but I have suggestions

I have been using Google Meet on my Ipad since quarantine started. I use it for all of my classes, so it’s a pretty big part of my life. Anyways, I like this app enough, but I do have an issue. When I have two tabs/apps open on my Ipad, I can’t turn on the camera on my Google Meet. You can only have your camera on when the only app open is Google Meet. I think if you “fixed” this, you could make classes more efficient for students (my school prefers that we have our camera on.) Thank you 😊

- Extensions not being available on mobile

i’m a high school student currently using google meets for online classes during the pandemic. we use google meets and it’s been great so far, not many bugs or issues that i’ve personally come across. however i give this 3 stars because i use an ipad for my classes and when teachers want to use google meets extensions like breakout rooms and reactions, i cannot participate and i get in trouble. zoom has all these things and it works on mobile. if the app had extensions available to add onto the app freely i would give 5 stars


hello american. my name is Jamal I am from Indian I need you to make app better I want more to get more. on top of more I like to see more fetures and plz send for my me and I. let me know if your mom is to call you as well call my mom. now my mom is to call but I never call her because of covid virus. I miss he dear but she never will come over here. I donnt feal as i can trust google with my mom. Pleas cal l back with response and don’t heretic and love mom and dad and run from google and hide. cookies are readu. Jamal out

- Bad

This is so laggy and you get disconnected so much and there are a lot of major issues with this a couple is lagging, or not being able to hear the other person. I use this for classes and have been for a year and sometimes you can’t even turn your camera on and when you move around a lot like for pe it lagged and disconnected a whole class and it took so long to get back on and it does this every once and awhile it will also just disconnect only one person and when you get disconnected it looses your attendance and when you come back your teacher gets mad and thinks your late even though you get disconnected and it’s just so bad and I like zoom so much better

- Perfect Quality Not Optimized For Taking Notes

Dear Developers At Google, Your app is perfect! The only small problem Is I would like to be able to take notes at the same time as seeing my class. I would love it if you could update the app to add picture in a picture capability’s. This would allow me to see my classes as well as take notes that are up on their presentation. Besides that your app has improved greatly over the few years it has been available and I raise my glass to the hard work you guys have done through this rough pandemic. Thanks Google!

- Good! New update though

I’d like to say the update on google meets is Very modern I like it but some things I don’t like are 1. the buttons to leave and Turn camera off and on When it’s Ready to Unmute I always leave on accident..the buttons are quite Small 2. This is a Adding Idea, Maybe , like zoom can you guys over at the google meet tech area Could you guys add emojis? Like how on zoom, they have 👍 👎 😃 Ect. my class Would enjoy it a lot! Thank you for reading Stay safe

- I miss the old meet layout/features

Meet updated a few months ago, which completely changed the layout and look of the app, but it removed some of the best things of it, such as chat that doesn’t block the whole screen (like now) and rejoining meeting. I frequently miss the camera button and log out, but instead of getting a message at the bottom to rejoin, I have to enter in the code/click the link again. And pinning people who aren’t on the side is a nightmare, so many steps. And the new logo is odd, but the app works fine I guess so it is 3 stars.

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- Benefits of face-face meetings

Zoom meeting offer value discussions between teachers and students similarly to the usual face to face classroom teaching and learning The meetings provide opportunities for students and teachers to interact as in a classroom or lecture theatre Currently the best communication system to extend education beyond imagination

- Awesome but a few issues

We use this everyday in our daily school Google Meets and Webinars during Covid so this is a great app to connect with friends and family. There is just a few issues though. So the last version you could literally press ONE button to get to the chat but now in the new update you have to press TWO buttons just to get to chat, and you can’t even see your face and others while you type in chat. You can’t edit or delete your messages, or private chat with other people. When you share screen, for example, it says “John Doe joined the meeting.” Then when you don’t want to share, it says “John Doe left the meeting”. Please fix this error, but other than that, the style and the concept is nice. 👍🏻😃😁

- The new update is horrible.

In the old one you could have had the screen as the camera and the chat on the other half but now you can only ever be on the video, taking up the whole screen or you can be on the chat which takes up the whole screen. You also cant just click one button up the top to get to the chat anymore, you have to go through all these other buttons to get there. PLEASE GO BACK TO THE LAST UPDATE.

- Get back to the last version plz

The last version was way better at least I could see that chat and the teacher at the same time it was easier to use than this one it’s just a pint to not be able to see what the teacher is doing and not being able to write in the chat is worse. you would have to go through a whole lot of a proses to see that chat, plz fix this problem

- Anthony

Easy for anyone to sign up and join a meeting with family and friends. Would recommend this google meet to anyone

- New update is terrible

I can’t present!!! I have no issues with the desktop version in presenting and until I updated my iPad, no issues presenting. I presented yesterday morning, then update the app last night and now can’t present. I can handle the chat in another window - it’s less than ideal, but tolerable, however the inability to present defeats the purpose of using the app.

- New update is terrible

It looks and feels worse, features like chat especially have taken a huge step back. Instead of making the meet app more like the gmail version, you should of made the gmail version more like the meet version. Meet used to be a good alternative to Zoom but the team at google has taken a huge step back

- Updates are getting worse

Well every update u bring u make it kinda bad The old version was much much better like 5 months old one Also pls allow us to see the chat as well as the video and pls reduce the size of the app , it takes unnecessary space

- Honest Feedback

Great audio video quality. Easy to use. There’s really no competition if your company is on G suite. A couple of items of feedback. 1. The icon is horrible. When you’re quickly trying to jump on a call and you search spotlight for the right google app they all look the same slowing your entry. 2. Stop asking for quality feedback after every call. It just adds unnecessary friction. Can’t your quantity this data in some other way? How about asking every 10th time?

- Pretty good, could be better

I like Google meets, it is good for meetings for school, but it would be better if i-pad could have grid view. It can be a little bit glitchy sometimes, but overall it is good 👍

- Google meet

I love this app, it gives me good quality and ability to look at everyone. This was very easy for school meetings. Thx-Rishi

- Video quality good, lack of grid for iPad bad

Easy to use and share links for family catchups but the lack of grid view makes your head spin when you have 6 people all talking at once.

- Great! But suggestion

Every works good but please make google meet visual a thing for mobile as well :(

- Was good until this update

Google meet was good until this update where you can’t have the chat next to the call. Now it’s just a pain when your trying to look at what the teacher is presenting and the answers you are giving in the chat.

- the new mobile update.

this update has ruined the google meet experience on your phone, the chat isn’t as accessible which makes lessons harder also it literally turns your phone of and on now unexpectedly which has just ruined all my online lessons, this needs to be fixed immediately because everyone that gets online school and does it on their phone will struggle 50x more thanks to your new update.

- Bring back chat message!

The new update makes meet the worst online meeting app of all compared to zoom and Microsoft teams even worse! Ok, you can’t change background, ok you can’t view all participants together on iPad version. Now you can’t even view the chat together with the camera!


Whenever I’m in an important school meet, the app always crashes! I always send feedback but you don’t fix it! And I suppose you won’t read this of course >:/ Get the old version back PLEASE!!!!!!!!!

- Most confusing

It’s a very long process just to talk to someone with a video. Had a meeting today via email and wasn’t sure if it was me calling them or them calling me! It just says Join, when? If you don’t have the app then a simple call uses so many touches! The codes are silly.

- New update is no good

Can’t have chat open and see the video so it’s a pain to write and see what is happening other wise it’s good other than no grid view

- Quick and easy


- it’s worse then zoom

ok just face it you might as well use free zooms then google meets. i have good internet connection and it is still crappy. there’s no grid view which makes it super hard. and teachers STILL use it 🙄

- Good

This is a great app although there needs to be a fix.... On iPads there is no grid mode and it is super hard to see so please make a grid mode on ipad :)

- Why add it with gmail!?

Last time I gave Meet 4 stars. It was pretty good with some minor issues but now, Meet links open in Gmail and the inbuilt Google Meet in Gmail is horrible. Accessing chats is now a long task. The audio often breaks The phone gets very hot and battery drains quickly (this problem was there in meet too but with every update it got better but Gmail made it worse) Please give us an option to open Meet links in Gmail

- Update

Hope there is google meet grid for iphone in the next update.

- New Ugly logo

The new Meet logo looks like a fish, it’s so confusing

- Screen Broadcasting is down!

The latest update has seemed to have broken screen broadcasting! I can’t share my iPad screen with my class now. The iPad shows that screen broadcasting is on but it is simply not feeding into the meet.

- Horrible

We use it for school and the video is always blurry, the presentation never works, it’s slow, people can’t hear others, audio breaks up but for some reason the teachers still use it

- Crashes when joining the meeting

Until the last update it worked but now when joining a meeting it opens and then closes the meeting automatically, does not work

- I use it everyday but it does alot of probs for me, i would rather zoom..

I hope this review will be helpful..

- Grid view please!

Please give us a grid view, soon! After 6 months of this I’m fed up of seeing only one person at a time!

- Hddgbjgcf

It’s a pain to sign into and it’s video and auto quality is very glitchy

- Disconnects call when pressing power button

It should just turn off the screen instead of hanging up the conversation

- It’s so good

It really good I always do my school meeting in it!

- Boom this is very good!

I love it!?.

- Old version better

It was a 5 star but after this new update its just horrible now, I don’t know what the developers were thinking.

- Good

But needs a tiny fix with iPad please fix it

- New update

New update is laggy and confusing the old version was way better.

- Grid format??

Won’t allow all joining parties to be viewed in a grid format on my iPad. So can only see one person at a time.

- New update is Terrible

250 people used to join bit now only 60 people can

- Non functional with multiple attendees

Please please release a grid view for iPad!

- external microphone

When can an external microphone be supported, such as shure mv88

- Ok but..

It’s ok but I don’t like doing the feedback on the app

- Only giving it 1 star because

I hate online school lol

- Hate the new update

I can’t chat properly

- Worst app

Terrible logged me out 13 times no joke don’t get this app

- No grid view

Great but needs grid view! Major flaw.

- Bad

The app close whit no reason always idk IS TERRIBLE

- Good

Good app

- Audio


- Bla bla bla

Nothing works.

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- Ignore bad reviews

Why do people say it's stinky? It's great!

- Too the meet workers

I love your meet app and the video and audio plz make it better and it’s better then zoom

- sucks

i hate going to online school and you made it worse

- I’m mad

I don’t like this I rather use discord sorry

- I can’t join a meeting even with the right code

Dear developers, I have been having trouble joining meetings even with the right code entered and all it would say is “You will join in a moment” and then returns me back to the main screen! Please update and fix app!!!😡

- Worst app ever

Keeps on crashing, lagging horrible quality, horrible sound quality. Id rather talk on the 90s telephone and it also lags your other tabs. SO trash

- Add Poll Feature for iPad

All my teachers are using the poll feature, however I cannot participate because I am on an iPad. Please add this feature!! Also, the old layout was so much better. Please bring it back! It made the app easier.

- Great app

I use it for school, and most of the time it works great. Sometimes it glitches and kicks me out of the meet. Sometimes a guest enters our meet and my teacher loses their control of the meet. Also the newest update needs changes. I hate how people are displayed now. I liked it better before. I think having a setting that allows you to change how people are displayed would be great.

- Terrible!

I hate it, the presentations are super glitchy. This app made online school the worst it could ever be, there is many sorts of things that happen at google meet that make the app really horrible. It ruined everything and mainly doesn’t even work that good!😤I just hate and dislike this app very much.So disappointed.😡

- Horrible..


- Doo doo

This stuff ain’t working


Our class got hacked :/ not happy

- Discord’s better😼

Discord 🤩is 😃better🤭 then 😮this 👿trash🤮

- This is a bad review

I hate this app everyone in my class have backgrounds and it doesn’t let me have one and i can only see the people who are talking and now one else please fix this app or get rid of it it sucks

- Hate it

Do not get the app it’s The worst app 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬

- Used all my data, while I was home on my wifi

I’m pretty annoyed. I was at home on my wifi and was on a video call. I hadn’t turned off cellular data yet, bc I had just downloaded this app before the call. I was intentionally in the part of our house that has the best internet connection. And while on the call I got notifications that I had used 90% & the 100% of my data for the month. I got my 50% notification on Sunday. Now I have no data for the next week+ and am going camping. So frustrated!

- Amazing

It was so good

- Make a slap button

Make a slap button to the students u wanna slap that dont listen. This is really important and Its mandatory. Make a animation to it too lol

- Please fix!

Can you please mirror my video for others?! It’s very displeasing to see how I look to others in the meet. I want people’s view to look like my view or there’s no point in mirroring my camera.

- Dear Google

Your app has been causing me great problems such as not allowing me to present kicking me out for no apparent reason and the subtitles not working followed by slow loading audio and video I am considering deleting the app.

- Black screen

When on my phone it keeps turning my screen black for a few seconds then glitches out and repeats. Super annoying when trying to interact with screen

- Leaving from Wi-Fi

Could you please add it so when someone looses connection to a meet instead of it popping up in bottom left saying "user left" it should say "user lost connection". The amount of times I’ve lost connection and my teachers have said I just leave...

- Whhhhyyyi

People can complain but I don’t get how bad it is everything works perfectly good👍👍👍👍

- Break out rooms

I go too school on google meet and we do a lot of breakout rooms. When people are working on a different tab and they are focusing on work they don’t know when the breakout rooms end. When the breakout rooms end I think that google should put a little bell noise or a noise that tells us breakout rooms have ended

- Change it back, please.

The new update where you see everyone at the bottom of the screen is hella annoying, as it means that what is being presented is now only taking half of the screen instead of the full thing. I can’t see what my teacher is showing unless I zoom in, which results in only having a small fraction of the powerpoints on my screen. I can’t take notes properly, because zooming in and out every single second makes it difficult. Change it back, it sucks.

- Grid view

I love the new grid view!!!

- Blurry

Some times when where in a class it just randomly get’s blurry, and I miss a lot of material that important.

- Bad

Remove this app now it’s trash

- It’s okay

Your app is much more better than before, I like the new gallery view and activities button but I think you should add a button that you can customize how your screen looks. Overall very good, recommend it!

- Lags

The app is okay but the new update is terrible. Every time I plug in my charger in my phone while being in the google meet, it lags. Other than that it is ok.

- The old UI was better

In the latest update it’s nearly impossible to see when someone shares their screen. Even with them pinned and my device held sideways half their screen is cut off. The old UI was far better as I could see their entire screen.

- Good app

Lol my online class is so easy now thank you google meet people

- I have no problem 😉

Love this app it’s great I recommend

- Why google just why

Meets is bad because it glitches me out and school is bad

- Can’t use headphones

Refuses to output audio to my headphones, only to my phone’s speaker. And I can’t switch audio devices. This is the only app I’ve ever had this problem with.

- It’s pretty mediocre

It’s not bad or it’s that good, it’s laggy, slow, and sometimes has audio problems. It’s decent because it gets the job done, as long as you receive the topic the professor is saying it’s all good. I mean, there isn’t an app better than this. All in all, it’s decent, gets the job done, and has a few glitches. Thanks for reading and god bless 🙏🏿

- Bro wth

I can’t hear my classmates and friends things that they are saying I have to keep deleting the app

- ?!?!?!?

What is this new update?!? It doesn’t full screen anymore on my IPad?!?!? I hate this man

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- !!!

Go back to the last update this one is absolutely trash

- Mic not working

Why isn’t my mic working I turned on mic accept and I’m on iPad

- I fixed my issue

Great app thank you

- Leena


- Very bad

I hate online My microphone won’t work and it so laggy sometimes I cant hear my teacher or any of my classmates

- I think it's pretty good

I think this app is really good, I just wish we can choose our layout because im using it on an ipad and i really like the layout on the laptop or pc. I would like to be able to see everyone instead of only seeing 5 people at a time. I really hope you can give us an option to switch between layouts soon. Other than that i think that this app is great! =)

- New Layout Sucks

I Do Like The App. It’s Good For School, But The Layout Now Sucks. My Teacher’s Face Is Cut In Half, And It’s Not As Clean.

- How to raise downloads by 10 timaes?

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- Uhhh

Everything is good but how do you create meetings?

- Excellent

This was very easy to navigate, great and clear reception. My favorite. Good job

- laggy as hell

what is this garb

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Mark Nunnikhoven

@pollax2 @mike_julian @QuinnyPig ahh, you hit the “fun” part! core: - Gmail - Currents - Calendar - Cloud Search - Contacts - Docs/Sheets/Slides/Forms - Drive - Groups for Business - Hangouts/Chat/Meet - Jamboard - Keep - Sites - Tasks - Vault - Voice /1 🧵


is it just me or some websites are very slow right now? cant even log in to my zoom just now need to use google meet with my student


no but I had to leave this google meet because I hate this school so much


today's discussion is very fun because we get dizzy by the graphic and intervals🥴 aaaaaaand yeah finally we finished after maybe 4 hours we disccused! it's very satisfying. i'm waiting for our next date on google meet😚


☆ Day 19 (210226) today, i studied about the transformation of bivariate continuous random variables and to do the assignment. i'm doing the assignment with @berdinamika by discussing throught google meet.

Staley McIlwain

We have missed seeing Katie Jane from @hooverlibrary! So glad we can connect on Google Meet to hear her great stories. @GreenValleyElem #gvgatorstrong #hcsstrong

Ali B

@MichaelT1979 Not Google Meet but we did it in Teams, which I imagine is similar. One link which they accessed at allocated time - it was set up with a waiting room so you could admit them when ready. Parents had the ability to hang up or Teams allows host to remove them. Worked well.

Claire²³乐妈🐬❤️ | Kick Back 🐻🐱🐥🦁🦖🦄🐑


⚡︎Momo crr acowar⚡︎Daisy calloway day!!

I wasnt paying attention and didnt realise that I was the only one left on my school's google meet 😭😭


@RomiDesigns It’s not as slick as other options but I use Google when I teach. Most people already have an account and it’s easy to use the chat board, live meet, and group email.

LRHS Counselors

The counselors are presenting a Class #Registration Workshop for our current 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students on Monday, March 1, from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. Find the Google Meet codes here:

cami⚯͛²⁸ looking for more mixer moots


Wildcat Technologies

Reminder how to fix those Google Meet camera/mic issues (BCS teachers), leaving video feedback in Classroom, creating your own Jamboard backgrounds, checklists in Docs, Flipgrid QR codes...


i overslept and i entered into the google meet and she was like 😐 and i was like 😐”i was here the whole time”


@chinatsu_stan google meet sound notification to the beat of one winged angel

Google Meet 92.0.0 Screenshots & Images

Google Meet iphone, ipad, apple watch and apple tv screenshot images, pictures.

Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet iphone images
Google Meet Business application iphone screenshots and images not ready...

Google Meet (Version 92.0.0) Install & Download

The applications Google Meet was published in the category Business on 2017-02-27 and was developed by Google LLC [Developer ID: 281956209]. This application file size is 168.37 MB. Google Meet - Business app posted on 2022-06-27 current version is 92.0.0 and works well on IOS 13.0 and high versions. Google Play ID: