QuickBend: Conduit Bending App Reviews


QuickBend: Conduit Bending App Description & Overview

What is quickbend: conduit bending app? QuickBend is the fastest and most precise conduit bending calculator app. Designed to be innovative and intuitive while remaining visually appealing. This advanced conduit bending calculator offers the most accurate measurements by taking into account the radius of the shoe and bender, plus the conduit type and size diameter. All measurements are generated using the centerline radius algorithm, and have all been rigorously processed and field tested. Even the bends displayed within QuickBend are generated using the same engine.

Built for electricians by an electrician. QuickBend can be used by anyone working with conduit or tubing whether you are a seasoned professional, a novice cub, or even a DIY enthusiast. Made to avoid simple mistakes, and to save time and money. In addition to providing fast and precise calculations, there is plenty of information and documentation provided for individual bends. Explanations on how to use specific features, and step by step process to bending conduit.

Offering the most intuitive method to input data. Whether you want to get straight to the point, or comb through the possibilities of a bend. You can switch back and forth between different input styles such as a number pad, or a slider bar (Press & Slide). Both having their unique advantages. QuickBend allows you, the user to toggle between three different types of measurements; inches, foot + inches, and centimeters.

With QuickCheck built into QuickBend, there's a subtle change in text colors when a bend is impossible (red), or whether the bend may be unlikely to work (orange). This app for convenience, and we want it to benefit you. So much so that we added it into the input styles for bends, so you can see if a bend is possible before even tapping on the bend amount.

Supporting the following bends!
• Offset
• Rolling Offset
• Matching Bends Offset
• Matching Centers Offset
• Parallel Offset
• Three-Point Saddle
• Four-Point Saddle
• 90° Bend
• Kick with 90°
• Matching Bend Kick
• Matching Center Kick
• Parallel Kick
• Parallel Kick: Forward
• Compound 90° - Circle Obstruction
• Compound 90° - Rectangle Obstruction
• Compound 90° - Square Obstruction
• Segmented 90°

Plus you have the ability to layout multiple bends on a single conduit, and get each measurement for a mark on the conduit. With the option to easily flip an individual or set of marks per bend.

There's no limit to QuickBend. Easily, select between different types of benders and choose the size of the shoe and conduit type all within the same screen that you are working on. No need for complex navigations. In addition, you can pin benders you use the most, so you can select and switch between them quickly without consistently scrolling. All benders are spec'd out using the information provided by the manufacturers, and worst case scenario if one of the many benders available don't match the one you are using you can now add in your own bender. There's also an option to not select a bender and to use the multiplier method.

Edit and view all of your benders' specifications. Detailed information on the centerline radius, deduct, gain, setback. Plus the ability to view the travel, and radius adjustment for any degree bend between up-to 90°. All of this is visualized and edited within the 'Bender Specs'.

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App Name QuickBend: Conduit Bending
Category Productivity
Updated 04 April 2023, Tuesday
File Size 9.11 MB

QuickBend: Conduit Bending Comments & Reviews 2023

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It was a 5 star app. The only reason I gave it a 3 was because of the latest update. It was a great and easy to use app but the last update changed things that where great to bad .. Ps.. no one in the trade uses decimals To measure the outside diameter of a conduit , we use inches ..

About pipe set up in the bender. I don’t know where’re I have to put te pipe in the bender

Can not change the the app settings from cm to inch’s. Just purchased this app and the math calculations are in cm . I can not change to inch’s on the app ! I have no was of getting app support , or contacting the app developer. Is there anyone that can help me this problem?

Awesome app but Android version has something better. Why does the Android version have the quick kick option show the marks starting at the arrow or other reference point on the bender while iOS has it on center leaving us to do some calculations to find the start point?

Awesome app. I use this app all the time and it's absolutely awesome

Good app. My three point saddle numbers (between bends) seem to be coming out wrong for the ideal bender. Anyone know why this is?

Worth every Penny. Even if you only bend conduit a couple times a year for work or home, this app is a MUST. If you can read a ruler and have this app you are now a conduit master. Got everyone at work to download it. Thanks a million.

Great Job!!!!. Multi bend is amazing. Accurate mathematical bending, no guess work. Just measure, mark the pipe and bend. Most accurate tool in the industry.

This app definitely works for those of us who are new to pipe bending!. Also it’s fast for those who are experienced at it!

Best vending app. Throughout my apprenticeship I used to app, now I have common bends written down. Thanks to this app i can perform and understand the bends.

Conduit Bender App. Great tool!

Unbelievable. I been in the trade 24yrs and have needed a tool like this hundreds of times. Congrats on taking all the thinking out of my job. My green helper can now bend pipe better then the old timers and I love it! Thanks again. You guys hit a home run with this app!

Review. Could you guys do a a demo of this app then put it on an actual pipe? For a beginner its hard to understand how to use the app.

Ruined. Thanks for ruining this app. We don’t do the metric system in the u.s. You give the option to change it but it won’t let me

Review. Accurate!

The Best. My go to for bending all day everyday day

Numbers for 3 point saddle. I want to make a 3 point saddle with 3" rise with 1/2 emt, using hand bender. My angles are 45 degrees for the center and 22.5 for the outside bends. Why does the app say to make the ‘distance from the center of one bend, to the next bend’ 8 and 5/8 inches when all charts say 7 and 1/2?

The best bender app. Absolutely the best bender app available. Well worth the money. Nice clean interface and accurate measurements. No complaints!

Missing rolled offsets. The app is great!! But I still have to switch back and forth for rolled offsets, if you can add this in the future it would be the best pipe bending out there

Great Simple Accurate. Loved this app. Highly recommend it for anyone who doesn’t regularly bend EMT.

only app I ever paid for!. awesome

Worst update ever. It was the most perfect, easy to use bending application ever, and the most recent update has ruined it in my eyes

Awesome. Quick easy to use and simple to understand best purchase so far

Overall good. How are we supposed to know which marks on bender to use (arrow,star,etc) and which to do first? Asking for help

Horrible. Worst app ever! Very confusing and definitely not user friendly. I have been in the IBEW Local 98 for 23 years and this is by far the worst bending app. Save your money and look elsewhere!

Electricians best friend. Love this app!!! Gets me out of some tight spots and has definitely helped me become a better pipe bender. Don’t be cheap spend the $3 bucks and invest In yourself!!!

Pay for this. Pay for the premium version. Unless you only bend conduit all day and memorize this stuff, it will be well worth it. I’ve been able to move away from doing lazy easy bends and have greatly decreased the number of j boxes and pull points I need to install.

Not up to par. No Concentric No Back to Back 90 No rolling offset Additional calc needed for distance

Outstanding!. Now I, a weekend warrior, can tackle exposed wiring jobs in my home shop without fear and trepidation. No more wasteful off-cuts and couplings between each bend! And much faster running of conduit without all the math and head-scratching.

Crashes on level feature every time. Crashes on level feature every time

Foreman local 25. You hit this out of the park. Kudos to you. Suggest this app for anyone that bends pipe. Thanks

"Best App For Iphone So Far". It is just very simple and practical to use. Great Job!!!

Great job. Only one thing, I would love to see the formulas being used so I can learn that as well. Not just giving away the answers. U get me?

Perfection. This app is great and unlike any of the others. All of the benders you can choose from have precise given measurements and almost completely takes knowing the formulas to a point of uselessness. Great job!

Awesome app.. Very useful. My only question is when doing offsets or 3 bend saddles or anything like that do you use the deduct mark or the center of whatever bend you are using?

Awesome app!. Love this app. Makes bending pipe so much easier and gives me much more accurate results than the standard “multiplier” method.

The best and accuracy. One of the most accurate bend thanks for the whole information

Not happy. The iPhone version of this app is not the same or as good as android version. Trying to do parallel kicks and it won’t change the reference pipe. The app is supposed to save time.

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Inches. Would really help if “inches” were added in

Not very intuitive. There are some things I like about this app but the overall interface is a bit too slow for everyday use and needs refinement. In certain diagrams the words will just be (S...). I know this means shrink but why does it have to be abbreviated? Another problem I am having in the kicks section and maybe this is my own incompetence but it provides you with the distance from the 90 to the center of the kicked bend. This doesn’t have any use for me as I want to know where to place the arrow of my bender. I was hoping this would be an improvement to the exist app I have for bending conduit but I think I prefer my other one if this is just my own misinterpretation then I’m willing to accept that and change the review.

Over rated. I bend conduit for a living. I purchased this app to assist me with large diameter conduit to reduce costly material waste. The goal was to pick the correct electric bender, take this apps markings, and make a perfect waste free bend. The "general" math when bending 1" or 2" conduit is the same. The execution of the bend is specific to the bender (size of conduit, hand bender, electric bender, hydraulic bender, etc). Using "general" conduit math on small (easily bent) conduit is fine. When you can't "unbend" more costly and larger conduit sizes, "general" conduit math is unsuitable. Therefore, not worth the purchase. I will "real world" test this app, versus results from my "experience". Depending upon results, I will update my review to retract or confirm.

Not just for beginners.. This app is excellent not just for beginners but also advanced benders. I originally downloaded the app to avoid calculations for parallel offsets. This is an extremely powerful app which even gives you centre line radius of benders and bend centres for 10,15,22 degree bends. Highly recommended!

Happy Customer. Perfect bend every time

QuickBend. Very good app! Well set up and lots of options. Very happy with it.

Super very helpful. This app is very helpful especially if you're doing a lot of bends and doesnt have time to measure,calculate and write it down. Bending pipes is not about who is better in calculation but being smart is, especially doing a lot of bends. I am recommending this app and a big thank you to whoever made it.

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QuickBend: Conduit Bending Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Rules

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Language English
Price $3.99
Adult Rating 4+ years and older
Current Version 4.0.7
Play Store Bret-H.-Hardman.QuickBend
Compatibility iOS 15.0 or later

QuickBend: Conduit Bending (Versiyon 4.0.7) Install & Download

The application QuickBend: Conduit Bending was published in the category Productivity on 28 July 2015, Tuesday and was developed by Bret Hardman [Developer ID: 788803580]. This program file size is 9.11 MB. This app has been rated by 2,067 users and has a rating of 4.7 out of 5. QuickBend: Conduit Bending - Productivity app posted on 04 April 2023, Tuesday current version is 4.0.7 and works well on iOS 15.0 and higher versions. Google Play ID: Bret-H.-Hardman.QuickBend. Languages supported by the app:

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QuickBend: Conduit Bending App Customer Service, Editor Notes:

• Added 'Collapse Specs' toggle switch within the 'Bender Specs' to make adjusting the radius and deduct easier. Similar to the previous version of the app. • Fixed several bugs, and made various performance improvements.

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