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Dive in the multi-million selling prison escape game, which now includes another prison in the latest update; London Tower!

Craft, Steal, Brawl and ESCAPE!

You’ve landed yourself in prison again, and your only chance is to engineer an escape by any means necessary. How you do it is up to you! Why not cause a prison riot? Or dig a tunnel right under the walls of the prison? Or even steal a guard uniform to blend in with your captors?

The Escapists is a unique prison sandbox experience with lots of items to craft and combine in your daring quest for freedom. Life in prison will keep you on your toes with the strict rules that you’ll have to break. The guards are out to stop any escape attempts, so you’ll have to avoid suspicious behaviour by attending roll calls, working a prison job and hiding your stolen craftables.

Escaping is what you do best, and you’ll have to prove your skills in a variety of challenging prisons from across the world, with new prison, Escape team included in the latest update. Locked in a military prison for crimes they did not commit, the 4 members of the Escape team must work out how to break free from an Escape proof military prison. Maybe the rumours that the compound houses the fiercest tank in history will help?

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The Escapists App Description & Overview

The applications The Escapists was published in the category Games on 2017-03-02 and was developed by Team17 Software Ltd. The file size is 347.03 MB. The current version is 1.06 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

- Adds new prison to escape from, "London Tower".
- Various bug fixes and improvements

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The Escapists Reviews


No iPhone X Support  Patu619  3 star

Please update to support iPhone X full screen!


The escapists is awsome!  Mimikissss  5 star

It’s really awsome!my friend Henry play is a lot!im on San Pancho but I will escape all of the levels! Shankton state pen is super easy! Alcratraz is super easy you can buy stuff from inmates I wish this was on the NES! Which awsome is you can create your own prison!

Ophelia 118

Wow!!!  Ophelia 118  5 star

It’s super good and it’s worth paying


Tedious rpg in a boring settings with sh*t glasses  4AK  2 star

Tedious rpg in a boring settings with sh*t glasses

Its a fun guy

Too good to be true  Its a fun guy  5 star

THIS GAME IS SO FUN AND ADDICTING.I watch DanTDM’s YouTube channel he played this game but I was so mad because I wanted to get it but I didn’t know u could get the game.I was so exited when I saw the game!Right when I found it I MASHED the download button! When I did it hurt my finger...a lot.BUT THIS GAME IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD.

Robert Frazer

This is great!  Robert Frazer  5 star

For only 4$ this is a great strategy game with multiple ways to beat it.

yoda i am duh

Read developers of this game  yoda i am duh  3 star

It won’t let you get out of James inventory😭 otherwise it is a great game 😄


Suggestion-Plz read.  Garlicnotz  5 star

Add another extra it “school” know what else.make it about moderate.


Need something  DiOwe  4 star

I really like this and I mean REALLY like this but could we please get a map editor?


Oh my gosh!  MerrDerr  5 star

This is best game ever so worth the MONEY


Only $7.99  Nicgeo  5 star

This is the best game ever, my brother loves it, and for only $8 it’s worth it! I would totally recommend this to you if your interested in prison games And also, this game is highly addicting, as soon as I bought it for my brother, he loved it, then I started playing and PMG I CANT STOP! Keep up the great work team17

Crossy blue

The games great  Crossy blue  5 star

This games great The idea is so good and its hard Just one thing everyone its called escapists because its about escaping not being a guard. Ben


Plz make the escapist walking dead on iOS  Ghbeksixdnvrjdjd  5 star

I am a huge fan team 17 of the escapists and I would love to see the escapists walking dead.

69ing hampsters

Yeet  69ing hampsters  1 star

F ucking saves my progress when I get the s hit beaten out of me f uck u devs and f uck u Apple


GLI?..TC,.HES  MRRFFT  5 star

When I’m in shake Shan ped I dig out but when past the Wall I can’t dig up please fix this fglitch


Good game  dinomonmon  4 star

Pretty good game definitely recommend if you like challenging games

lady madeline478

Suggestions and questions  lady madeline478  4 star

Firstly I want to say thank you to the creators of making the escapist I think that alternatively your game is on my top five! I love how you really have to think about different ways you have to make to get out of the prison. Although it is a Amazing game there are a few things I would like to suggest. 1. A choice to be a guard or a prisoner. This would give so much more fun into the game because me personally and most of my friends have always thought of becoming an actual guard. I know you can put on a guard outfit and steal the keys but it would be really cool if you are a legit guard that has to stop people from escaping the prison, take contraband items off people, make sure everybody is at roll call and many more. 2. A free create your own prison mode. I think if you were to add this in it would make much more people come and play your game because who doesn’t like creating their own prison. I also think with this mode you should be able to hire guards and arrest criminals and place them in your jail. I really think this would be a really fun thing to add in to the game and if you do I will make sure I tell loads about it. 3. More jobs. I think if there were to be more jobs it would have a lot more fun in it simply because some jobs aren’t really to much fun. If I were to choose more jobs they would probably be nurses, chefs, miner, graffiti cleaner and many more. Also I think we should get more time when completing our jobs because I’d be doing my job trying to complete my job when the time would run out and my job would be stripes from me. 4. Other prisons. Can you add in a new prison called the pentagon and it’s mostly toughened glass. Can it also be in a shape of a huge pentagon that would be really cool and I would really like it to be in the game. Please can you add this in. I hope you can add these add ons in and hopefully for free. The reason I am giving you fours stars is because of some things that are not in the game yet but that one star can be earned by hopefully adding in these small touches then I’ll write a review once more. Thank you for creating a FANTASTIC GAME!!!!!!

Mr. No body

Why daddyo  Mr. No body  4 star

I love dah gam pleash make dah seecond on mobill or I wil make it a tree star or a twoo satr or a oon star


👍🏻  RaveReveiwer  5 star

Such a great game. So many ways to escape Prisons and so many to escape from. If there was one thing I would recommend, It would be to add in a ‘Create your own prison’ place once you’ve escaped the main Prisons. Then it would be a way to keep learning new escape ideas for some of the harder maps. (Escape team, Duct Tapes, HMP IronGate etc.)


Great game... but....  YoyoHoop  4 star

This is a great game considering its on ipad, but when you have been looking at the computer version for a while its annoying because.... Crafting There are many, many recipes that help you escape the prisons, but on the computer you can select the recipe for you to craft without knowing it off by heart. But on the ipad you either have to pause the game and look up the recipe or have it on paper beside you ready. Please add the Crafting Menu. Maps Some prisons are very big. Even though you have that 'magical' green arrow that leads you were your MEANT to be, but when you have to find a place thats off limits you need to ignore and skip periods. Please add the Map. Like I said, pleasssssssse can you add the Map and the Crafting Menu!!!!!!


Great  Rob.J.H  5 star

Great game good fun and makes you think

Star #18

When  Star #18  4 star

When will the escapists 2 come out on mobile any way love this game thank you for reading 😀😫

Mr creeps 12637460

Too hard  Mr creeps 12637460  1 star

This game is really really hard if you have problems do download this game Avoid this game and save your money not worth $4


The escapists  Yazaz186  5 star

When will the escapists 2 come out for mobile

Cpt. Planet

Great games  Cpt. Planet  5 star

This game is very very good i play everyday and here are a few questions Is the duct tapes are forever going to be 3.99€ like in the console additon or not This is going to be a great game for ios and it should be on top Like it already is


Epic  WilSAIN  5 star

Bought this on PC ages ago. Didn't know it was on here. Deadly game! Worth the buy 🤙🏻


So good  Hellhealer  5 star

I have been waiting for this game so long and it Has come and it is worth the money

Super Cian

Mind Blown  Super Cian  5 star

It's so good to see it come out on mobile.The controls are wonky at the start but I got used to them


Great Game. Definitely worth the money!  Ihvguxrtxyub  5 star

It is so much fun to try and slowly find a way to break out of the prison with out the cops seeing you! It is definitely worth the money!

Hope it works!

So happy  Hope it works!  5 star

It's finally on iOS can't wait to play


Finally here  auÿkfvf  5 star

I am instaling it heheh


Quality...  Loverofpeak  5 star

It's a great game and I love it. Playing this game that I had on steam on my wishlist. It's absolutely perfect and high quality. Thanks for porting this fantastic game over to mobile. #Team💯memoulous

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