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Welcome to Animal Jam – Play Wild!, where you will become your favorite animal, create a style to express the real you, and explore the beautiful 3D world of Jamaa! Animal Jam is the best online community for kids and a safe place to meet and chat with new friends — plus decorate your own den, play fun animal games, adopt awesome pets, and learn about the natural world from videos, animal facts, and downloadable e-books!

- PERSONALIZE your animals from head to tail
- PLAY fun games and earn Gems
- EXPLORE a gorgeous, living 3D world
- SHOP for clothes, den decorations, and accessories
- DESIGN your own den
- JOIN a friendly community of players worldwide
- CHAT with animal buddies
- LEARN about real animals and their habitats

Before you start exploring Jamaa, here is some important information for kids and parents:
- The Animal Jam - Play Wild! game is free to play with parental permission.
- Parents can control players’ access to social features through their Parent Dashboard.

Animal Jam - Play Wild! offers optional in-app purchases that cost real money. You can disable the in-app purchasing functionality by adjusting your device settings.

This app also offers Animal Jam recurring membership subscription options that cost real money. Most in-app features do not require this paid membership. However, in addition to exclusive member features in the app, paid subscription also includes membership in the web game.

If you choose to purchase a membership, your iTunes account will be charged when you confirm the purchase. Your Animal Jam subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of your current membership period. Your iTunes Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal by going to your iTunes Account Settings any time after purchase. No refunds or credits are given for any unused periods, and your subscription will remain active through the end of that month.

Recurring subscription charges by length of membership and currency:

1 Month
$6.99 USD
£6.49 GBP
€6,99 EUR
$8.99 CAD
$9.99 AUD
$10.99 NZD

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Use:

WildWorks has partnered with prominent scientists and educators to bring science education and spectacular imagery of the natural world to kids in a completely new way. Our goal is to provide a fun, exciting, and safe place for kids to play online. Animal Jam also inspires kids to explore and protect the natural world outside their doors.

At WildWorks, your child’s safety is our priority. The Animal Jam - Play Wild! app protects your child’s private information with secure log in, filtered and monitored chat, live moderation, and the ability to block and report players instantly.

To learn more about how we protect children’s privacy, visit

Children should always ask their parent or guardian for permission before they download and play. This app requires an Internet connection, and data fees may apply if WiFi isn’t connected.

Animal Jam - Play Wild!
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Animal Jam - Play Wild! App Description & Overview

The applications Animal Jam - Play Wild! was published in the category Entertainment on 2015-08-18 and was developed by Wildworks, Inc.. The file size is 137.58 MB. The current version is 33.0 and works well on 8.0 and high ios versions.

It's a NEW YEAR, and there is tons of NEW STUFF coming to Jamaa this month:
• Become an extraordinary EAGLE, Jamaa's newest animal!
• Slide around as a penguin in the newest PACK RUN: Slippery Slopes!
• Adopt an adorable PET LYNX!
• Venture even deeper into the PHANTOM DIMENSION and check out the new potions!
• Pick up two awesome new SAPPHIRE BUNDLES
• Explore the TREETOP ROOST, the beautiful new den!
• And don't forget to check out all the cool new ITEMS and ACCESSORIES!

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Animal Jam - Play Wild! Reviews


Please help me 😬😢😢😖😣  downtreader  4 star

My animal jam for a few months has been saying it has timed out and I do my password and it dose not recognize me. So please help me.😬😢😣😢😖😬😢😣😖😬😢😣😖

A young anime artist

It’s great but...  A young anime artist  4 star

It’s great but I’m angry at scammers and how beta is so hard to get why don’t they make memberships free ONCE a month! So maybe not 5 stars I’ll do 4... but otherwise it’s great and fun if you wanna buddy me my username is Kawwi45gamer and yeah! I’ll check if my list is full. If it is remember that don’t trust ppl that say: I’ll give you junk then good ok? That’s called scamming

Winter willow

I hate the phantom dimension!!!!!!  Winter willow  1 star

Plz change it!!!!!! I just lost all my progress ahhhhhh!!!!


Great but could be better  TaliaM34  5 star

I loved Animal jam when I was younger but I started to get bordering I had all the houses and animal and I always did pack run but I just stoped playing but I recommend it when you know what to do alone


This game is so fun!  Adudley37  5 star

I love this game so much, someday I hope they would make a bat animal to play!


There is bug in this game. Can you fix it?  Brownieslife2  4 star

I would have rated this a good five stars but I honestly can’t. When I saw the updated list of “working” codes I tried them out. The only one that worked was pwbday3 and penguins. All the others said. This code was already used(or something like that) even though I had never seen these codes until today. I learned how to use redeem codes not too long ago. pretty much every redeem code I used didn’t work. Only two did. it’s annoying. I’m not the only one with this problem. My sister was also dealing with this. I gave her the list of “working codes” and they still didn’t work. This was updates in 2019 too and they still don’t work. Please fix this. -sad wolf


A few update ideas  Rubyred0722  5 star

You guys never do anything about our reports so I’m doin it here. So, my buddy said I scammed her of an icicle collar when I didn’t! I was in the sapphire shop and she wasn’t there! She reported me for nothing. She just now accused me of scamming when she had no evidence that I did. She said a walked away laughing after I scammed her when I didn’t! If I did scam her, I would’ve unbuddied her! I would never scam! I’m just a kid with a pure heart. She also has no evidence that I did scam her. I got my icicle collar from a person with a user that had dragon in it. You need to make it to where they need proof to block and report. Like a picture. Not just a story. A picture too. She lied and betrayed me. Her user is lovecutekid. Please do something about this. Yours truly, rubyred0722


Warning  xXPineappleloverXx  4 star

hello! i have something to warm parents about this game. if you do pay monthly, at the cost of $6.99 you might be charged again even if you cancel paying monthly. just saying.


You can do better  Go2A-realDR  1 star

Hello, I’m awesomepawstoto on Animal Jam-Play Wild and yes AJHQ I know what your going to say “the best way to get your feedback to AJHQ is to type it into the purple question mark in Jamaa township!” Because yes I have been digging through the reviews and the few people you replied to you said that. I am highly dissatisfied with this game that’s directed towards kids my first reason is the scamming, it was already bad in 2017 but it’s just getting worse. Face it Animal Jam were less than a month away from new year and you have made THREE updates That did not cost sapphires! And the phantom portal? New jammers need the phantom set AND one of those trees!!!! I very annoyed jammer, awesomepawstoto


Sales and more?  Jammer64qwd  5 star

Hi I was just wondering if you can add sales on like holiday stuff or just add regular sales! Also can you add like special effects to what your animal is emoji is showing please THANKS

Sunshine Sophie

Animals!  Sunshine Sophie  5 star

This app is great, and I’ve made several reviews about this app before. Instead of reviewing each feature of the game, I’m going to be focusing on one particular perk we all have depending on what jammer we are, animals. The first area I’d like to discuss, is returning animals. I did a survey of approximately 100 jammers, and these were the results: 1. Otter; reaching 35 votes, being the most popular. 2. Red panda; reaching 32, being the second popular 3. Snow leopard; reaching 23, being the third popular choice. Other least common: Cheetah, sheep, regular horse and koala. Results may vary in jammer. I recommend returning the most popular choices, since they are exactly what jammers want, and most of all, it drives up sapphire purchase. So it’s a win, win! Second area I’d like to discuss, is what jammers want the new animals to be, the results may surprise you, but I hold truth, it is nothing but the the truth. I did a survey of approximately 150 to 170 jammers, these were the results: 1. Kangaroo; reaching around a huge 78 votes, being the most popular. 2. Owls; reaching around 32 votes; being the second most popular choice. 3. Dingos; reaching around 20 votes, being the third most popular choice Other least common: Badgers, dolphins, falcons and elephant. All information was provided with the help of jammers in Animal Jam: Play Wild! If you want to find out more information on how you can be involved in these surveys, please approach my account: SaltySailors. Or approach TimidSky. Both jammers are active. Thanks is sent out to all jammers, for their time well spent on finding this information and participating in surveys! Jam on! - SaltySailors


OMG  mittoglllll  5 star

I’d like to be a arctic wolf pls

lac3y ell1ot

AJ mazing  lac3y ell1ot  5 star

This is a great app but there is a couple of things I have to say. Don’t make us pay for sapphires. Let up use our gems or for free. It’s annoying. Please receive this or..........

dragon lover 😜

Great but plz do these things! 🙂  dragon lover 😜  4 star

Hey AJHQ!!! I love this game! 4/5!! I really hope the things that I’ll say below u will add/improve!! 1. Can there be some sort of quests? And at the end of that quest, can we earn sapphires? It will be great to do that! 2. I feel bad for the new jammers, they get only a few gems when they start... why can’t they get like 50 sapphires when they start as well? It would be fair that way! 3. Double tail is my huge dream and I’ve been looking (or trading) for it for months! Can it come back as a membership thing or can we get it with a code plz? 4. It would be so cool to hv a pet dragon/dinosaur! I know that a dragon isn’t a animal but it would be cool! 5. Fennec foxes! It would be awesome and adorable to be a fennec Fox!!! Big ears and small!! It could have its own hideout place! Like it would be under ground or something! 6. It would be awesome to have the underwater place again! It was so cool! I was a dolphin! Please can we have that back? But this time can it be open wide spaces? Instead of just one small place? That’s all I have now! Plz do these things!!! Thank you!!!


I LOVE THIS GAME!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍  theplayer80  5 star

This is my favourite game in the whole wide world. I hv never played a game so much I’m so addicted to animal jam. I will never change my mind about this begin my fav game!Also wild works I love u🥰and if India is watching this is cheese loaf agin Cheese loaf out best game ever to wild works 🥰😍 And also so to Indi my sis BFF

Evelin Kaur Birring

It’s good I guess  Evelin Kaur Birring  3 star

Well I think It’s good because it socialises with other players but Yea it’s probably one of those really good games that shut down a couple of years after you’ve had them like Fantage and KidBlock


Amazing game, but a tiny problem  MidNight9468  5 star

I’ve been playing animal jam for a long time and it’s a great game but the phantom zone for some reason isn’t opening. I have the entire phantom suit but for some reason it won’t let me or any of my friends go inside. All of us really want to explore the zone so we would be really happy if you could see what the problem might be.


Great game  gcydrgfesrgdn  5 star

Hi wildworks! I just have a couple of good suggestions witch i think would be AMAZING! #1. next update I think canaries would be a great new pet! #2. Since you added the the eagle to AJPW I have been totally in love with the fact that birds have finally been added, and I have a couple of birds I would totally recommend! I think owls should be added and I think lorikeets should be added as well!!! It would be SO AWESOME! And I can guarantee that it would be a huge hit! #3. I still think that you should be able to change the colour of your pets like your avatars when you have already brought them #4. I also agree with a previous review that there should SO be crystal flower crowns, and that they should be the same as the normal flower crowns but they have a chiseled look to them and they have a really pastel colour options! Other than that .Animal jam play wild. Is an AMAZING game and I wold TOTALLY recommend it! It has amazing game features and it has great education! Thank you for reading! And have a great day!🦜🐾😄

4rt1c W0lf

HYENA!!!  4rt1c W0lf  5 star

Hey wildworkers! I hope your reading this otherwise I’m gonna be dead inside ;-;, anyway, could you make play wild gift cards, more people would buy it, (mainly me) I’m not aloud to use credit card details so my only option is a gift card. I love hyenas and I would die for them, all I have is a leopard with a hyena hat, and it makes me look poor, so I then get bullied, one jammed reported me for being ‘rude’ and I was just running a fashion show! She said, ‘don’t be rude! I’m going to my friends den because she’s FUN!’ I honestly don’t understand what I did, she was still in the game! Anyway this isn’t story time with aj, please just make play wild gift cards and I’ll probably spend $50 on them, anyway I LOVE hyenas and play wild rocks -Articfan2404


Best Game Ever.  Slop117  5 star

I know lot’s of people keep saying to add new features to get sapphires, but may I remind everyone that Animal Jam HQ also needs to make their own money and profit too. I’m not saying this to anyone in particular, but someone has been really mean once and said that it was too hard to get sapphires. May I suggest a few ways to get sapphires for those who need them? -Play Minigames -Play the Treasure Hunts on Wednesday -Try to save sapphires instead of using them -Get the Super Sapphire Potion -(Get membership or pay for Sapphires) Also, may I request something else, could you please have a thing where when you recycle a Sapphire Item, instead of getting gems, you get Sapphires? Like maybe not as much Sapphires as what was paid, maybe only like one sapphire, but at least them instead of gems? Please? You don’t need to follow through on this idea, but I am just suggesting it for everybody.


AConcernedParent  Chri5tyLee  1 star

BEWARE!!! GOOGLE REVIEWS! There is a serious safety issue with this game. Even though there is safety and bubble chat options, it doesn’t protect your child. Bubble chat only limits what your child says but it doesn’t limit what other players are saying back. Safety chat may block certain words but they have figured out a way around that. A player told another player in the room my child was in, “I’m entering a lot and comes.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what they meant. This wasn’t the first inappropriate thing I have seen on there but it is the last. If the chat option was eliminated the game would be great and educational.


Pack Problems  ZigiG  3 star

I love this game and all I have been playing for 3 years and I have seen it change. All I really want is a pack. I have been trying to get a pack and I payed for it but it keeps telling me to buy it again or purchase failed. This is really annoying and I can’t even join a pack! Please fix this!

D poop

Please read  D poop  4 star

Ok over the years I was not the rarest jammer when there were artic foxes if only they would come back and also can you make the an male cheeper also where do you get Safire positions I’ve wanted to do one for years and I want a artic Fox 🙃

Booo Zoe

Artic foxs  Booo Zoe  5 star

Hey aj..... When are u going to bring the artic fox back Thats it

Rush Rocks

How Do l get potions  Rush Rocks  5 star

🤔🤔🤔🤔 how Do l get potions please please and I Love this game pls horses back pls ps how DO I GET POTIONS pls


Tips before you get ajpw  vickyvictoriabren  5 star

Hello new jammers! Of animal jam play wild! Here’s some tips before u get the game! Tip 1: wolf bunny and monkeys your first animals if u want another one you need gems, but if u get another animal, well it cost sapphires and u need to buy or level up or play games!! Tip 2: if u a guest jammer, click something that dark and at the bottom it says make a free account, or go to settings ( the top right corner a gear pic ) and at bottom it says make a free account to its so easy simple! Last tip: in animal jam play wild, you can trade, earn awards, get member ship, and more! Wait did i say member ship oops... forgot to say how to get it... huehuehue.. to get member u gotta go to sapphire shop and click the thing that has shield and sword and pay it for 500 sapphires! Ty if u read it all! Remember, play wild!


Please read this  CrayZeeGurL  5 star

I love this game but to make it really fun I want a lot of things that other jammers would like very much can you bring back cheetahs and snow lepords for winter ❄️ and make sapphires a free one day can you make ever animal a lairs and pls do not get rid of any thing any more and can you make buddy list INF and make sapphires free for 3 days and can you make animals for trade ❄️☃️ and some body on the game said pls make foxes leave you should not like that just rated again to tell and can you make that you can also trade dens and sapphires Thank you if do and I found a hacker that has 2 accounts the user names are it’s and it also you should add a lock ppl in your den thing so scammers can’t scam you and will never get out till they trade back good idea right? You should also add a sapphire set that gives you sapphires every 2 hours. And bring back futuristic headset.

aj app critic

Please add flying animals  aj app critic  4 star

I love the animal jam apps and its graphics but you need to add flying animals not flight less peinguins


PLZ READ  vzjdbdmhdds  5 star

I love this game but here are a few bugs plz FIX!!! 1 ppl get srcamed a lot and some one scram me for my most great thing my spike and it isn’t fair WHY DO U GUYS LET PPL SCARM PPL LIKE CRAY!!!!!!! Two add underwater animals and flying ones I have tread more rates they say they want the same thing too 3 it’s not fair cause I have loooooots of buddies that have like one blue gem (I don’t know how to spell it) And they have wolfs bunny’s and monkeys na da else can u put more animals with just gems thanks,also it’s not fair there sholud not be member ship RASie YOUR HAnD IF U WHNaa PAy 84$ A YEAr HUH again u should stop scamming my buddies and I have lots of valve things and we lose them for no reason not screaming but we lose them just for not coming offen which is not fair and it should be possible if we could try animals and dens pets and more I played this for 2 years now and I am 9 so I thank u if u fix bugs I wish I could give you guys 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars thanks if u do Tysm AND PLay Wild🐆🦓🐅🐳🦐🐥🐒🙉🐷🐼🐼🐶🐱🐰🐨🙈🐥🦉🐗🐛🐌🐜


Animal jam  mgygkuk  5 star

Animal jam is my favorite game in the world it is so fun I love it so much.


Dear ajhq  bdiwbosbxoandjosue  4 star

I love this game so much but I have to give it 4 stars because the mini games to get sapphires are so long u have to get 100 on the last thing of falling phantoms and best dressed you can’t change your animal or colour anymore I think you should be able to and bring more items into best dressed because it’s been the same items since I started which was 3 years ago I’m really mad at this and hope you can fix this and another suggestion I have to make is to trade sapphires and send and pets and animals it would be really COOL if we could plz can we do this and fix these things and get days you’ve mixed of the advent calender


Good game I guess...  cutetwinkle1032  3 star

Hi AJHQ! I played animal jam play wild for years now and I love it. But my parents hate spending money on it. All my buddies are inviting me to packs and I’m just sitting in the non member corner. I also i went to a dance party and a jammer said where are all the beta jammers aka members. I have been told I’m a beta and jammers are surprised I don’t have membership. Anyhow the price for the membership is off the scale for one whole month. The game was fun, until all people cared about is betas. I invited my buddy over for my bday party, ( it really was ) and she said not now, I’m trying to get dragon wings! It hurt. A lot. My last request is sapphires. There waaaayyy to expensive. And sapphire items are soooo expensive. If you could change these things a little, I’d be over the moon. Thanks a lot but I’d have to give it 4 stars.


Something what’s wrong with animal jam  rexeywolf  5 star

I love the game so much but I got kicked out for no reason and I was glitching a lot it didn’t even allow me to make a new account it’s not the same any more people are now saying curses a lot because you’re finding out a way to why I tried to make a new account is because I was getting bullied and now I deleted because I was glitching so I deleted it and I think you should make some of the animals for blue jams should be for doesn’t money tings because some mums and dads my not pay for it and it’s costing way too much money Plus you should make the ones that no one uses ones for no money or free because if you think about it’s not that fair and the real animal jam you can get pets for free well not for free but you know what I mean if you check it out you might get some good ideas😡 and by the way I got bullied honest people are saying I was ugly and that’s why I tried to change my account

evie loves gaming

Animal jammer  evie loves gaming  3 star

I loved the game animal jam but people started to say bad things to me and kept on trying to hack me. Plus I think you should not be able to type your own messages or repot people. 😔😔

Lucy20178 I have roblox XD

Hello  Lucy20178 I have roblox XD  5 star

Just a random wisteria moon fan :3


Easier way for sapphires  rainbowdashking  5 star

I do love the game but it has only one problem can you make a easier way to get sapphires please? thank you if you do

animal jam fanner lover

Safe or unsafe?  animal jam fanner lover  5 star

I don’t think this is kid friendly that’s why I stopped playing. I know animal jam bans you if u say a course but other people have found ways to say bad things. Even a teenager could be playing with a 7 year old but they told them their age was 7 too. They become friends but then it goes up side down. You should also ask for their age when u start the game because u should be about 4+ and under 13 to play to avoid adults and teenagers. Scamming is another thing. People trade their items but them get something bad in return. Like if u had heard this... trade me a good item for my bad item and get a raccoon tail or dragon wings. You should stop letting people trade without warning them like u should do a sign before trading, are you sure u wanna trade this for that? Because I traded once and got scammed for my black spike collar. What I trying to say is that u should make it more safer, like crossing the road safer.. I’m glad I spent time doing this to let you know. This is a anti bullying game and it isn’t safe for kids if they buddy people like 13 18 or 20 years old playing it. Only for the mobile version not the computer one... by buzzybuzzy * recently quitted cause of the unsafety * please fix this issues ( and the bugs!! ) and ill rate five stars because it is a good game afther all.

cooper the puppy🐶

Animal jam  cooper the puppy🐶  5 star

Ok sooooo this is the best game I had ever played and I LOVE it and today u but in a new code! Yay and it gave me soooooo many amazing things! WE WOULD LOVE ANOTHER ONE! If it’s ok so ya this deserves 5 star!😺


Love this game  beagle.-  5 star

It’s very easy for people to scam your child so I recommend you keep an eye on what your child is doing other than that very happy with this game🤗🤗

Rachel 3802

Sapphires and animals...  Rachel 3802  4 star

So I think that you could make the animals cost just a little less. Maybe bring the price down by 50 so all the animals would be 100 sapphires. Also you could make the animals travel and at some point come back on a future update. All my friends agree. Hoping to see this in a nearby update!!!

Animal Jam - Play Wild! Comments

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