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Choose your favorite topics and prove you're the best at answering questions!

Test your knowledge with a game where true fans can compete and connect with their peers anytime and anywhere.

From movies and TV series, to sports and history or culture and books: play and create your own trivias about any topic you can think of! Find every field of knowledge imaginable among the Kingdoms’ channels. There’s more than 150K options to choose from!

The rules are simple: It starts with a set of 9 boxes. In them, you will find questions, challenges and all kinds of surprises that will help you unlock achievements throughout the Kingdom by putting your knowledge to the test. Pick a trivia, answer questions and find King Alex before your opponents with the help of the other dwellers of the realm!

Enjoy some of the game’s features:

Sign in with your Facebook account to challenge your friends or play with random users from all over the world! Bond over your common interests with other fans sending video, audio, and more with the app’s chat!

Create trivia channels based on your interests! Are you fan of hockey? Make a channel about it. Are you a Mexican cuisine expert? We could use a food channel! Can’t stop binge-watching a series with your friends? Maybe you can test their knowledge on your area of expertise. The possibilities are endless!

Open boxes to find fun and unique characters! Each will set you up for a different type of challenge:
Queen: Be quick on your feet! Answer five questions correctly in 30 seconds to get a special prize.
Ukko: Get ready to answer expertly crafted questions.
Stéphang: Answer three questions correctly to steal a crown.
And these are just a few!

Get localized content in 18 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Catalan, Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Greek, Turkish, Japanese, Korean and Chinese.

Come join us! Defeat your opponents and crown yourself king in the land of trivia.
Ready to prove you know best?

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Welcome to the Kingdom!

Trivia Crack Kingdoms App Description & Overview

The applications Trivia Crack Kingdoms was published in the category Games on 2015-10-13 and was developed by Etermax. The file size is 220.90 MB. The current version is 1.5.2 and works well on 9.0 and high ios versions.

Visual improvements
Bug fixes

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Trivia Crack Kingdoms Reviews


Ads ads ads ads  Paul45566665  1 star

Don’t download this game. It’s more ads than trivia. It’s ridiculous.


Too many bugs  j9star55  1 star

Trivia games are always fun but shouldn’t be frustrating...too many bugs


Bugs bugs bugs  C46746  1 star

Questions can be so obscure I wouldn’t consider them trivia. For instance I haven’t kept track of the calorie count on menu items in fast food chains. That came up a lot. But mostly this game does not even work well enough to be in a beta phase. Reiterations of games started. The constant affirm and click through. All in all, I watched 7.5 min of ads during 10 min of real game play. If the end justifies the means, keep up the good work.


One thing  jfjfmfmfjvjv  5 star

I wish the answers lasted longer, sometimes I get one wrong and don’t have time to see the right answer


Great game  Kate~Kat😽  2 star

Love the game, hate the obnoxious adds


Error message  kmcotta  3 star

The game shows error quite a bit

Nialler's fan

Crappy  Nialler's fan  2 star

Too many repeated questions and they’re too easy not worth your time


Ads always freeze  S.1111  1 star

I enjoy this game, but the addition of ads is just ridiculous. I keep watching the ads for a second chance and the game keeps freezing (applicable for all Trivia Crack games). It’s really frustrating.


Quiten la publicidad  constanzamm  3 star

La publicidad es terrible

Merri Alice

Frozen  Merri Alice  2 star

My game is frozen. Reset my phone and everything 🙄


Loading problems  Nabsal  1 star

Lately there's a problem with starting the game. The game loads with the last question of the previous game, I have to answer it then it shows an error and then I can start with a new game or continue playing with another player. And sometimes the game freezes and I have to restart my phone to play again


Not as good as the original  Jeno141970  1 star

When your turn comes up again within a game it costs you another life. One life should be enough to complete a game. Instead you are forever watching ads to get another life. Game goes out of sync a lot. When I watch an ad to have a second chance once the ad ends a message comes up saying out of time and then game ends. Not sure if this version is by the original creators but it Is defiantly not as good.


Weird amount of games  shagsbeath  1 star

I only had 9 lives to start with and I have the same game 36 times


It's not just about the answers  CoinneachG  5 star

I'm having fun adding questions too!

Fix this nickname thing

To many ads  Fix this nickname thing  1 star

Good concept but way to many ads


Great game!  Yassoner  5 star



Loading issues  lacasak  2 star

Love the game; however ongoing issues with re-loading games is frustrating.


So buggy!!  Sophieln  2 star

This game has an unbelievable amount of bugs which is a shame because it's a good idea for a game!


Bugs, bugs and even more bugs  Nonnyfrymett  1 star

So many bugs in this game of late that it's just not worth playing anymore. Have contacted support twice and all I get is the stock standard response and still not fixed.

Indi 🌸

TO MANY ADDS  Indi 🌸  1 star

Love the game but I can't handle the amount of adds especially considering they're all ones you have to drag stuff around on to exit it!!!


Love the game, hate the app.  nicnak1991  1 star

So many ads, makes it unenjoyable to play. Also, a lot of glitches during the ads. Wish they would improve it.


What The Freak  madmantoss  2 star

Why can’t I log in with Facebook it’s annoying

Table Crackers

Unfair Tactics  Table Crackers  3 star

The person in second place on the My Hero Academia realm also happens to be the guy that writes literally 95% of the questions, and I don’t thinks that’s quite fair.


Love and hate  BeeBee123455  3 star

Really good idea to create a game like this where you can choose topics of all your favorite things. I am in love with all the different channels and questions that challenge me on something I thought I knew so well. However, there are too many errors, this game does a lot of freezing and glitching in the middle of a challenge. On top of that, every new game will take a life away from you and after those lives are used, you are not able to start new games. Also, not responding in enough time means an automatic loss which is also a negative. Great concept, needs improvement though.


I love this game!  Mauripie  5 star

I like this game a lot maybe even a bit more that trivia crack I like that I can pick my subjects 10/10 would recommend.


Buggy  heygomertoo  2 star

I like the game but it has too many bugs and loading errors. I finish a round and go to play again later, same questions and answer and then it errors out. I play a second chance video and it finishes but can’t close it with the x. Then it errors out again. iPhone X


Great game although there’s a couple problems  Cornholio98  4 star

The game is great and really addicting just like the first Trivia Crack. But, there’s a couple problems with the game that need to be fixed. When you suggest your own questions, if you use a word that has an apostrophe, it won’t let you type anything after you put that apostrophe on there. It really annoys me. Also, whenever I close out of the app and open it back up after a few hours and open it back up, it brings up an old game and tells you there was an error after you answered a question. Great game but these problems really need to be fixed


Way to many advertisements!  mattsagainstadvertisements  3 star

Kingdoms is a really great game but there is far to many advertisements. The number of advertisements discourages me from wanting to continue playing kingdoms.


Too many ads  EllieEdwards  1 star

Constant advertising after each round

Waste of Breath

Glitches/pay for lives  Waste of Breath  4 star

Fun but has too many glitches and wants me to spend money for lives


😑✋  Marymoo🐮💖  1 star

I can't open or uninstall the app✋😐No star xx

kaz xx(

So addictive!  kaz xx(",)xx  5 star


Mr magical magic man

First  Mr magical magic man  5 star


Trivia Crack Kingdoms Comments

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