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  • Current Version: 1.6.3
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  • Compatibility: IOS 10.0 or later.
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Swype App Description & Overview

Why type when you can Swype? Swype is the most accurate keyboard on the planet. Whether you type or Swype we enable you to input words faster and easier. It learns the way you type so the more you use it, the smarter it gets. “There is no faster, easier way to input text on an iPhone” -– CNET “My favorite is Swype...It’s surprisingly powerful” – The New York Times Note: Go to the Swype App on your Home screen to preview and purchase new themes. Product Features: • Incredibly intuitive language models that accurately predict what you type or Swype • An Emoji Keyboard with hundreds of Emoji to choose from and Intelligent Emoji support • Seamless regional dialect support and trending new words • 5 Free themes and more to purchase • Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype gestures • Add or remove words from your personal dictionary • Customizable keyboard layouts (QWERTY, QWERTZ, AZERTY) • Use Swype on your iPad or iPhone Supported languages: Arabic - العربية English English (AU) English (UK) Czech - Čeština Danish - Dansk Dutch - Nederlands Farsi - فارسی Finnish - Suomi French - Français French(CA) - Français(CA) German - Deutsch Greek - Ελληνικά Hebrew Hinglish - Hinglish Hungarian - Magyar Irish - Gaeilge Italian - Italiano Norwegian - Norsk Polish - Polski Portuguese - Português Romanian - Română Russian - Pyccĸий Spanish - Español Swedish - Svenska Tagalog - Tagalog Turkish - Tϋrkçe Ukrainian - Українська Vietnamese * For best results Swype is now for iOS 9 and above.
iOS 10: Bug fixing and stabilization iOS 10: Emoji updates. From the emoji keyboard, access your emoji categories by swiping left and right. Long press to add to favorites.

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  • Key board drops

    By Mikeshmeed
    Love swipe but A constant issue with iphone 6 is my keyboard reverts back to the stock key board every time I send a new text. They fix it but every time a new iOS comes out, it happens again. Don't get me wrong it's the only key board I use. Just wish they would fix it faster when there is an iOS update..... Update apr 2017, please update for iPhone 7 program is misspelling words constantly.
  • The keyboard disappears frequently

    By Ipone5 💎
    FiX this bug it's ridiculous. It happens a lot on safari and chrome. It happens sometimes on the messages app too. IPhone 7 plus Verizon.
  • Blank keyboard...

    By ProzacMoment
    I really like this app... the only problem is... that on Safari and Google app... it shows a blank area where the keyboard should be... why?.. the other browser apps .. Bing... Opera Mini... DuckDuckGo... Dolphin Pro... Puffin... and Yandex, it works fine.. no issues.. When are you going to fix this ?.. I hope that you do... sorry I can only give you 2 stars...
  • Issues

    By Discayat
    I've always loved Swype. But, I have similar complaints as some of the other reviews. I have autocorrect off. Just auto spacing. So when I add punctuation after pressing the ?123 key, I expect the word to stay the same. Not be autocorrected to a completely different word. It's very frustrating. I usually have to hit space and then add the punctuation. It'll usually correct itself and add-on the punctuation to that sentence then. Just inconvenient tho. It also freezes A LOT. I'll be texting and it freezes. Or typing in something on safari. It freezes to the point where I actually need to shutdown my iphone. It just won't let me type. My phone doesn't freeze, the Swype keyboard freezes. So it's obviously the app. I've contemplated just using the regular keyboard now. It's more time consuming using Swype.
  • Love it until it randomly stops working

    By mkv4x
    Read on, new or potential users, this review isn't all bad news and complaints! * Take Aways: This would be a 5 star review if I didn't need to reinstall the keyboard just to finish typing an email or text message, or use text input literally anywhere, after switching apps or clicking outside of the input box or some other unknown arbitrary action that Swype decides it just can't handle. I actually came to the App Store just now not to write this review but to find a replacement for Swype. * The Good: Almost everything. I've been using Swype across all of my devices since it's earlier days, I constantly recommend it to anyone I know with an iPhone, and overall absolutely love the ease of use and functionality. Swype offers all the options I want out of a keyboard and more that I hadn't even considered. It has a beautiful and simple UI, and this definitely deserves a huge hat tip to the designers for integrating functionality with the workflow in a stylish way. * The Bad & The Unacceptable: Over past several months the keyboard will simply disappear when I try to type within any application. A large grey box appears where the keyboard should be but.. no keyboard. Ok, just a bit annoying but easy to work around by clicking somewhere else on the app and then back on the text box, and the keyboard pops up normally. We're back in business. Except for the other times this bug makes my iPhone unusable for typing...which is.. well, the only function a keyboard NEEDS. Once that empty grey box appears I cannot use any keyboard in any app across my entire phone. The only work around I've found is going into the iPhone settings, removing the Swype keyboard and then re-adding it. (Specifically: Settings -> General -> Keyboards -> Keyboards -> Remove Swype -> Add Swype) * Summary: I really do love this app when it works. I've tried almost every other swipe style keyboard I can find and none of them compare to Swype as I explained earlier... but this bug is beyond being a mild annoyance now and is making me look for another keyboard at this very moment.
  • Finally a keeper.

    By Dah doob
    I've tried the most popular keyboard, each for a week. G board was probably my favorite under this one. But the predictions weren't as good as swype. I do wish that this app would inherit the same features as the Android version like word selection, all select, copy and paste etc.
  • This is a must have app for me

    By Norgy101
    Typing with the regular keyboard is long and monotonous and starts hurting my fingers. I love Swype. But right now writing this review, I am not able to use it. Why? Because there is a glitch that sometimes happens (quite often [once a week]) where the keyboard gets stuck on the symbols page and doesn't allow me to switch back to the alphabet keyboard. I have to switch back to my normal keyboard for a few hours before it starts working again. If this glitch gets fixed, it's definitely a 5 star app! I'll be waiting to change my review Swype! Please fix!
  • Buggy and not resetable

    By Kj6cea
    Keyboard gets stuck on certain apps like snapchat and imessage and cannot type. There is no way to restart the keyboard to fix the glitch. Worst part is when it freezes you can't switch keyboard so you have to disable it to use the Apple keyboard.
  • Swype is JUST better!

    By Den4627
    This is by FAR the best keyboard for both iOS AND Android! The interface is so smooth, and the developer is committed to constantly improving. The best thing about it is that I quickly learns your pattern of typing so it almost knows what you are gonna type next. I used to think the iOS keyboard was great, but Swype blows it away. It's just soooo easy to type with it...5 stars all the way
  • Latest update cause keyboard to not load on browser or text

    By Commonsa
    Roll back, the latest update is causing to keyboard to not load our close.
  • Could be the best...but...

    By RichZ34
    I really like the functionality of this keyboard a lot. The only problem is that it freezes multiple times a day with deleting and reinstalling the keyboard bein the only upton that sends to unfreeze it. If this issue were fixed, I would use this keyboard exclusively. Unfortunately, the freezing problem happens so often I have no choice but to delete and use a different option.
  • Unsupported

    By bslack24
    Swype used to be such a big deal in the smartphone keyboard but you wouldn't know it with this. Barely supported, buggy, and poor emoji implementation.