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JAM just add music GmbH

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 3.4.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 112.25 MB
  • Developer: JAM just add music GmbH
  • Compatibility: IOS 9.0 or later.
App Ranking: 4.5
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Music Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! App Description & Overview

*** Get 15 FREE style packs in our in-app store! *** #1 music creation app. Join the music revolution now! Millions of people use Music Maker JAM to create, share and discover amazing tracks across a wide variety of genres like EDM, hip hop, dubstep, house, pop, rock and more. We make it easy! Pick from thousands of studio-quality loops, beats and melodies to start mixing your new track – then share instantly with a world-wide audience. Submit your tracks to our global challenges - gain a following, get discovered, and get a shot at fame. More than eight FREE style packs available when you download the app for the first time. HIGHLIGHTS - Choose from 180+ music style packs including trap, hip hop, dubstep, rock, pop, funk, drum and bass, techno, house, ambient, jazz and movie scores! - Create your own unique sound: easily combine samples from different music genres - You are the producer: record live with a perfect mixdown on the 8-channel mixer - Access thousands of studio-quality loops from beats and vocals to synth leads and bass lines - Be creative with easy controls: adjust tempo and harmonies, edit song parts and play with spectacular real-time effects - Remix tracks by shaking your device - Record your own vocals - Share your tracks directly to SoundCloud, Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks. - Join our music community and connect with friends, artists, influencers, fans, followers, DJs, producers and more. The Music Maker JAM community has created and uploaded more than 1 million songs to date. Do you have what it takes to become a part of this today? You are the music revolution, we are the spark.
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Music Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! app imageMusic Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! app imageMusic Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! app imageMusic Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! app imageMusic Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! app image

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Music Maker JAM: Create, remix & share your music! Reviews

  • Nice

    By ~jabizard~
    Good few crashing errors but well done app
  • Really great, but

    By Zer0l1ght
    I really like playing around with beats and making interesting stuff but the downfall to this app is not being able save a song straight to your phones music. Though other than that it's great 😁
  • It kewl

    By Dogemaster168
    It very very very very very very kewl.
  • Versatile

    By atuXV
    You can do a lot with this app. It is a bit intimidating at first, but for sure a great app!
  • It's a very cool app

    By DerrickPack
    It will possibly help you become a star in music and that's about it but it gives you the option to make music or just listen to other people having fun you know that's what it's all about and that's what it is so enjoy the app and stay cool Also Have Fun Becoming a Music Star I know I will
  • It's Great But Killed Three Pairs of Headphones

    By JELLYK8
    (This is my first review ever so it may be bad) I'm going to start by saying that this is a really great app for making some original music for the background in the video but that's pretty much it's only use. I love this app and I couldn't make videos as good without it but it killed all of my pairs of headphones. It also has the tendency to crash, A LOT. I'll be making any form of music just adding in another instrument and then the app will freeze, my headphones will release the sound of earrape, and then the app crashes. I've seen a lot of people with this problem and like I said I've gone through three pairs of headphones in the past seven months, I never had problems with my headphones breaking until I got this app. I love this app but there are so many ways it can improve. Like for example I wish there was a bigger variety in music. I mean sure you can buy a pack that sounds like hip hop but all the songs sound almost the same. For once I'd like an app that just has 'guitar', 'piano', and 'violin' instead of 'HAMMER GUITAR' 'SAD PIANO', 'VIOLIN PLUCKING STACCA', like come on I just want a simple song for the background of a movie that sounds original. Also I noticed that when you go into the music packs there are different notes then in the normal studio, why don't they have all the notes that a normal instrument has? How come there are only six notes to chose from in each song? I really like this app but I'm honestly ashamed by its quality. I think you need to work on the actually system and then work on the music its supposed to make. I shouldn't have to buy ten packs to make a song. I'll keep this app, but I probably will not be using it until the bugs are fixed and until it makes better music.
  • 🙁

    By 😎🌌
    Confusing 🙄
  • Best music app on iOS ever!

    By Joker7696
    This is literally the best app on my phone just plz add a way to make ur own drum loops
  • Bluetooth

    By Zimachi
    It won't read my Bluetooth head phones HDMX
  • Pretty useless

    By ClivusMaximus is my real name
    This app promised so much. Apart from the fact that with most of the patches are sounding so generic and you'll end up with something that has to sound like some lame 90's rave stuff it just doesn't work. Make a song- and be lucky if you can come back the next day and it will play al the way through! Bars get stuck, then jump into the next couple of bars down the road at random points. There no way to go back to the song beginning without trawling through the whole song backwards. You're songs are on one device so you can t switch them. You'll spend so much time dealing with the glitches and there's no way to make truly original product even if you buy all the instrument patches which will end up costing like $30. Disappointed. Edit, well I've got some good time on this but only when it wants to! Sometimes projects will play with no sound, sometimes recordings will not start, glitches all over. Maybe I have some conflict with other apps that make/use sound but really this doesn't work well.
  • Hmmm..... Some type of glitch

    By Flameking17
    After updating the app, some of my pre made songs sound different due to note pitch differences.... This needs to be seriously looked at.

    By Jdjwifudjnxk
    I love this app sooo mutch but its completly usless caus you set your timeout times soooo short u cant upload annything and it always givs u that retarded -check your internet conecton and try agan- message nomater how good your internet is or how many times u try sooooo many pepoke have ben complaining about this PLEAS FIX IT