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  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 5.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 266.17 MB
  • Developer: Six to Start
  • Compatibility: IOS 8.0 or later.
App Ranking: 4.5
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Zombies, Run! App Description & Overview

Get ready for the run of your life. Join 3 million runners on an epic adventure! You tie your shoes, put on your headphones, take your first steps outside. You’ve barely covered 100 yards when you hear them. They must be close. You can hear every guttural breath, every rattling groan - they’re everywhere. Zombies. There’s only one thing you can do: Run! Zombies, Run! is an ultra-immersive running game and audio adventure, co-created with award-winning novelist Naomi Alderman. Every run becomes a mission where you’re the hero, with our immersive audio drama putting you at the centre of your very own zombie adventure story. While you run to the perfect mix of heart-pumping audio drama and pulse-pounding songs from your own playlist, you’ll collect supplies to grow your base back home. BBC NEWS - “The only way to save yourself is to run for real.” WIRED - “In the style of Runkeeper, with an exciting undead twist.” LIFEHACKER - “A really cool way to get outside and exercise.” CNN - “Turns exercise into a game - a terrifying, terrifying game.” TIME - "Takes all the fun of a zombie game and funnels it into a fitness app." WHAT PLAYERS SAY: “Evaded all zombie mobs :-) One of my best sprints ever; this app works!” “This game will make you sweat. Perfect junction between game design and run tracker.” “Just tried @zombiesrungame and for the first time in my life I feel truly alive.” WALK, JOG, OR RUN ANYWHERE Zombies, Run! works anywhere and at any speed. You can jog in a park, run along a beach, or walk along a trail. It even works on treadmills! YOU ARE RUNNER 5 Hundreds of lives are counting on you. You’ve got to rebuild your base from a few shivering survivors into a fortified beacon of civilization by collecting critical supplies and avoiding roving zombie hordes. Can you save them and learn the truth about the zombie apocalypse? A WORLD OF STORIES You become the hero in an epic story of humanity’s struggle for survival where your running really matters, and there’s a deeper mystery to be uncovered as well. Play the first four missions for free and unlock one extra mission every week. UPGRADE TO PRO Unlock 240+ story missions for unlimited play, plus Interval Training and Airdrop Mode. YOUR OWN MIX Choose your own custom playlists: the story unfolds in between your tracks through a series of dynamic radio messages and voice recordings. ZOMBIE CHASES Saving the world not exciting enough? When you hear zombies on your six, it’s time to speed up. Can you escape every mob or will you drop some of your hard-earned supplies to distract them? KEEP THE SURVIVORS ALIVE Every run, you’ll automatically collect vital supplies like medicine and ammo. Use supplies to build your very own post-apocalypse community. Do you strengthen your defences against the zombies or build a new farm? Share the results with your friends and find out who can make the brightest future for humanity. VIEW YOUR RUNS ONLINE Register on our free ZombieLink service to view and share your runs, maps and stats! SYNCS WITH APPLE HEALTH! Pro Membership subscriptions for Zombies, Run! are $2.99/month or $19.99/year. Legacy Membership is $7.99/year. Subscriptions will be charged to your iTunes account after your confirmation of purchase. Your monthly subscription will automatically renew each month and be charged through your iTunes account, yearly subscriptions will automatically renew each year. Pro Membership renews at $2.99/month or $19.99/year, and Legacy Membership renews at $7.99/year, automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings. Cancellation of the current active subscription period is not allowed. Full terms and conditions and our privacy policy are at https://zombiesrungame.com/eula/ and https://www.zombiesrungame.com/terms respectively Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life
Hello, Runner 5! We have some great new features and improvements for you in this update, including: - Mission Progress Bar: Ever wondered how far you're through a story mission? Now you can, using our run screen progress bar. Even better, we also show you how many supplies you've collected on your mission so far! - All-New Apple Watch app: Our Watch app will now stay in the foreground while you're on a run, making it easier than ever to check your run progress at a glance - including, for the first time, a live supply count. You can also now select from a list of missions rather than just the next one, and you'll see a whole host of UI and run info improvements. - Milestone Emails: If you're registered on ZombieLink, you'll now receive emails and gifts from the folks at Abel Township when you pass special milestones like running 50km or 200km, or completing certain missions! - Lots of bug fixes and improvements to chases. Thanks for sticking with us, Runner 5 - we couldn't do this without you. We won’t ask you to rate Zombies, Run! in the app, but if you’re enjoying saving the world, please take a moment to rate and review us in the App Store - it helps a lot! BONUS ENTIRELY NON-CANONICAL SONG: The Ballad of Abel Township Runner Five (aka "our homage to the Hamilton musical") How does a walker, jogger, glum of boring Workouts, airdropped in the middle of a Forgotten spot by Abel Township, by providence Infested, by zombies Grow up to be a hero and a Runner? The fifth-time successor runner without a trainer Got a lot farther by moving a lot further By sweating a lot longer By working with real honour, By mission end, they placed her in charge of a Town's protection And every day while zombies were tearing people’s hearts out Away across the land, she struggled and kept her guard up Outside, she was running to keep the town unparted The sister was ready to run, fight, become a martyr Then a madman came, and devastation reigned Our woman saw humanity drip, dripping down the drain Put laces on her trainers, headset tight to the brain And she ran without complain, ignoring the pouring rain Well, the word got around, they said, "This kid is insane, man" Bringing back supply collections all 'cross the hinterland “New destination: don't forget the whole kingdom ‘cos The land is gonna know your name. What's your name, man?" Abel Township Runner Five My name is Abel Township Runner Five And there's a thousand miles I haven't run But just you wait, just you wait...

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  • This helps me so much

    By skullcap1218
    I needed to move around laying around felt awful. so I started two months ago just walking around the neighborhood I would count laps the most was 4 laps I have a big area to cover lol. Three weeks in and I started to get worried about getting bored with it. I would to Jurassic Park Audio book that goes so far and I know music would not motivate me to push me far. Then I remember someone saying about you hearing zombies chase you in your ear I'm thinking yeah I sure don't want to get eaten. I tried it for free that gave me five missions and when I realized it's a story I was so hooked. After the free missions were done I payed for the year 19.99. I did that because I knew I'll be using this a lot I love felling that I'm apart of the story. Thinking zombies and other people are out there trying to get me love it. This post marks 9 weeks of walking and speed walking and with this app five weeks this app helps me push harder to survive from the dead and this is helping me write more after every mission I write a personal log by runner 5 on what was going through my head while doing the missions on Twitter and Facebook I so enjoying to that. This is so worth my money and time keep up with the great stories. 🖖🏻
  • I wish I could give it six stars to start

    By Nursedoe
    I used the zombies 5k app to go from Couch to five k. I am still finishing up season one of the missions because I enjoy trying all the other parts of the app like the interval training. I often laugh when I listen on my runs. And twice I have cried. Yep seriously started crying during two particularly sad scenes. My favorite app.
  • Apple Watch App doesn't connect

    By Former whole living subscriber
    I really like this exercise app and I upgraded and paid for a membership. The watch app on the other hand is buggy. It doesn't always connect to my phone and yesterday I couldn't get it to stop a run. I stopped it on my phone but didn't realize the workout was still logging on my watch until an hour and all that incorrect 60 minutes was added to my exercise and movement goals. Since I can't correct the error it will mess up my goal. I'm hesitant to use the watch app in the future because of this.
  • I'd give 5 stars but...

    By LBombBa
    Updated: Let me start off by saying I hate running. The only time I run is too the bathroom or if I'm getting chased. That's why I thought this app was so great for me. I love zombies and getting chased is fun, when its a game! However, chases are unpredictable. Three missions in a row, I'll get 2-4 chases in 30min. Awesome! The the next five missions I don't get chased at all. Not sure if it's a bug or just that random. But I wish if I had chases on, I'd at least get chased once each mission. Update: I'm removing a star because the in-app music fails 99% of the time. My music is downloaded to the phone, in a playlist, following all the recommendations, and it never works. If it does, it sticks to one song and repeats.
  • Flawless

    By Non-Stop #9
    Awesome app for running. Combines story with fitness flawlessly. It makes running more interesting for those just starting off and also seasoned runners. The only thing I really want from this app is the ability to link it to my Fitbit. Get the app and go run!
  • Love love love this app!

    By LindaHoltz
    This app is so amazing! I've never been this motivated to run. Six to start is quick to respond to mails, there is groups on twitter and Facebook and even some unofficial ones with 5's who just want to share their runs! It's like watching a series that you can't stop, but you have to keep running while watching!!!! Nothing short of fantastic!
  • Stopped progress at lock screen

    By major41501
    This app seemed like it would be so fun and motivational. I am not an avid runner, so I grabbed this app to help me look forward to running. I used the app for one run and have since deleted it. I only intended to run 2 mi, which is a lot for me. First, it didn't start my music after the first scene. I set it to access a playlist directly through the app. When that failed, I started the music through the music app. When I returned to this app, it had exited the mission, resetting it to the beginning. I started the mission again, this time setting the music to "external," but every time the phone locked, the app exited and reset the mission again - three times before I just quit and finished my run. I am so mad that not only did I miss progressing in the mission, but my run wasn't even tracked at all. Going back to the fantastic Nike Run app now. Forget this mess! 😡
  • Fitbit?????

    By Yes please22
    I'm a big fan of this app. Provides a fun way to exercise. I hope they find a way to sync with Fitbit users. That be pretty awesome
  • I used to love this app

    By Shphys
    I have two major complaints and some minor ones. One of the major ones is no zombies chase you if you don't fall into the range of the game. I think those of us that are slower should get chased too. 2nd big complaint is unless you buy their passes you can only download only 1 mission per week. Which I don't like but ok. Problem is all the downloaded games don't move with you when you have new phone. I had downloaded about 15 missions to complete on long practice for marathon and all gone. 😡
  • Craptastic

    By Done widdit
    Not lowering music during mission updates. It's like you're trying to make it worse. AND ITS PAUSING MID RUN AGAIN!!!!!!!!
  • I used to hate zombie themes

    By Me19681009654321
    I've had this app for a long time but only recently found my 'stride'. I am a happy addict and I can't praise Six to Start enough for their exemplary work on this entertaining, motivating, and well constructed app. Thanks, StS, for the missions I've run and the happy anticipation of miles ahead.
  • Addictive

    By Rudy558
    Finally a way to make working out fun!!