CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps

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CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps App Description & Overview

CoPilot Truck is the only GPS app to bring you industry standard PC*MILER routing for truckers. Get connection to real-time ActiveTraffic™ and millions of truck specific POIs. Voice-guided, truck-specific GPS navigation for professional drivers. CoPilot Truck is the only truck-specific GPS to feature industry standard PC*MILER routing. ***** “CoPilot set out to make the absolute best truck driver-specific travel guide software, and basically hit the mark” – CDL Life ***** “Professional truck drivers can navigate safely on routes calculated for the characteristics of their vehicle and cargo. It also improves profitably by providing tools for reducing route mileage, time, tolls and fuel.” – GPS Technology Reviews CoPilot Truck is a fully on-board solution that takes into account truck-restricted and prohibited roads to provide driver’s safe and reliable navigation on truck-legal roads. Using customizable truck dimensions for height, length, width and weight/axel weight, drivers can calculate the optimal route that is both safe and legal, to avoid costly fines and vehicle damage. *TRUCK-SPECIFIC NAVIGATION FEATURES + Safe, accurate, turn-by-turn directions with Text-to-Speech technology to pronounce full street names (Turn right on Main Street) +The latest industry standard PC*MILER routing and truck-specific attributes + Drivewyze PreClear app integration – seamlessly access your weigh station bypass service to save time, money and hassle +Customizable dimensions (height, length, width, axle and weight) for optimal routing +Load specific routing including 30 different hazmat classes and categories +Generate routes based on Practical, Shortest, 53’/102”Trailer or Twins, National Network and Toll Avoidance +Millions of useful Points of Interest including truck specific categories: truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and Cat Scales +Fast, automatic re-route calculation, if you miss a turn or go off route *PREMIUM OFFLINE MAPS WITH FREE UPDATES Detailed street-level maps of the U.S. and Canada are stored on-board your phone, so you can navigate without a mobile data connection or burn through your mobile data plan. +Exclusive ALK MapSure™ service provides free in-app map improvements and free map updates *ADVANCED NAVIGATION FEATURES +Alternate Routes: Choice of 3 alternate routes to a destination +Ability to drag the route to fully customize the exact route you want +Lane indicator arrows, real exit sign info and realistic ClearTurnTM view for clear guidance at highway exits and complex interchanges + Speed limit display and audible alerts if you exceed it on major interstates +Clear 3D, 2D and Directions-only driver safety guidance views +Major Roads Preview: A list of only the highways and interstates of the planned route for quick verifications +Connection to real-time live services* - ActiveTraffic™ ---------------------------------------- - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. *Requires mobile data connection ---------------------------------------- User manual, FAQs and more information available at
- New restyled POI icons so you can easily find gas stations, restaurants, etc. around you. - New, easy to access options to clear your Current Stop or entire Trip when multiple stops remain. - Minor performance enhancements and fixes. For more tips & news, visit:,, @copilottruck_us or +CoPilot Have questions or suggestions? We’re here to help. Visit

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CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps app imageCoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps app imageCoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps app imageCoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps app imageCoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps app image

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CoPilot Truck HD USA & Canada – GPS Navigation & Truck Routing with Offline Maps Reviews

  • Using this app over 6 years never had a problem

    By al hall
    Don't know what you people are complaining about if you set the app up right it works perfectly. Can give my dispatcher ETS within 15 mins. I've got over 500k miles on this app wouldn't give it up for anything. Stop whining and drive.
  • Lack of updates

    By Jtaran
    They don't keep the truck version current with car version. Hasn't been updated since end of 2015. Customer support takes for ever to respond and when they do they give you dumb solutions that don't fix anything. That new Rand McNally 740 is looking more appealing than copilot who don't update their app
  • Best gps solution on the market for trucking.

    By A. S. Hopper
    Upgraded to the iPad mini 4 after the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 I was using with copilot bit the dust & would no longer power up. Have to say I'm very pleased with the experience so far! Copilot on iPad blows the doors off copilot on android tablets LOL!! That's the reason I switched to iPad, android tablets haven't improved for the last 2-3 yrs. Pretty amazed at watching the route maps zoom in/out just as quickly as you tap the zoom buttons, this took forever on the Tab 4. This app will help you a lot, two ways it helps me (besides just gps routing are: the graphics are the best, so it can show you the geometry of a curve ahead--in other words how tight a curve is--so you know if you need to slow down before it's too late. Second way it helps me is if I need to take a piss stop or do a load check, it shows if there's a quick re-entry on-ramp. Some exits don't have a re-entry on-ramp and some exits point you away from the fwy so that you have to do a u-turn to get back to the on-ramp. This app makes getting off and back on much, much easier. Love it, been using for almost 4 yrs! Oh, it also tells me when there's an accident up ahead so I can pull over and find a quick bypass re-route to get around the backup. I'm starting to get really good at this and have saved a lot of time lately with this feature, that right there pays for the app my man! 'Cause who wants to sit in traffic, not earning a dime?! Ain't nobody got time for that!! :-)
  • This app is not for commercial trucks

    By Panydm
    This app is not designed for commercial trucks. The routes recommended do not take into consideration height/weight or commercial restrictions. This is the same app as for regular cars but with a different name. Even though you enter the specs for your truck it does not take these into consideration when recommending routes. Waste of money at this point! Address book does not allow to alphabetize destinations.
  • Good app, but...

    By Nick81018
    ...when will you update to Ver. 10?
  • Would be 5-star if updated

    By Studly Field Mouse
    (First of all, the bad reviews I read here are clearly from people who did not take time to properly set up the app for navigation. You have to customize the settings to your vehicle.) I have been using the app happily for two years, but the experience is waning (getting worse) simply because the company does not diligently keep the maps updated with clear up-to-date street name and location information and truck stop location information. Surely to build an app like this and put it out on the market must have required a great deal of work. It seems that it would be pretty easy to keep it up-to-date.
  • I really like it almost love it

    By Krsdj1
    The app works great well laid out and easy to navigate through the menus.the app does everything I want and more.i really like the option of several routes to decide to take.the maps are nice and clear not like some maps that are too small or cannot be changed from the 4d to the 2d.i can find street names easily and it has the option to use your phone book contacts.a Garmin would have cost me 500 plus tax and insurance this app does that and more and cost 150 dollars so it may not be perfect but I give it a 90 percent out of 100
  • Not worth the money

    By JKULA129
    I bought it for the semi-truck so I could use it instead keeping the Garmin on the windshield. The routing was sending me down a 14 ton weight limit road with a 40 ton truck in Joliet IL, then in Spokane WA it routed me down a street that crosses RR tracks except they need to build a bridge so I cold get across the tracks, the truck routing is not practical, it routes a lot of US and state highways that save you few miles compared to staying on the interstate but it takes longer, it doesn't have a dashboard that would show miles driven, time driven, time stopped etc, maybe for the automobile it's ok but not for semi trucks, drivers don't waste your money.
  • Love it

    By Xynt
    Love it.
  • Such a disappointment!!

    By kaibil90
    I paid $149.00 for this application. I used for a little bit over a year and suddenly it doesn't want to work anymore. Every time I try to use it, the AppStore keeps asking me to buy it again. I am very frustrated.
  • Problems

    By Quik404
    Purchased the software to use with an IPad to make a navigation display for my truck. While it looks good, the maps are off. It has my location miles in the wrong location, claims there are multiple addresses when there is not and our local landing field for planes is also miles in the wrong place when it's right across from my location. It will not allow me to re-calibrate the maps to put a references in the correct location. Hit and miss, hard to trust it with a large truck !
  • Not perfect

    By Jurasikas
    Live traffic is very unreliable, set me back lot of times