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  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: IOS 6.0 or later.
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HYPERDIA by VOICE App Description & Overview

HYPERDIA is a train timetable application that allows you to search using natural language spoken queries in either English or Japanese. For example, try a query like "Narita Airport to Shibuya station, last train." The search parameters will be set automatically, providing quick access to the train timetable information you are looking for. This can be particularly handy if you are a foreigner traveling in Japan for the first time, or simply prefer to see timetable information in English. ===================================== [Oct 31, 2014 UPDATE] Add a IC card fare option. New support for iOS8. Some bugs fixed. ===================================== ===Using Voice Search=== The English language voice search system supports "Departure station", "Arrival station", "last train", and "first train" input parameters. You may also specify time information. The voice search functionality helps to eliminate otherwise difficult and time-consuming text input, particularly when entering the names of Japanese train stations. Voice search is also useful when you are in a hurry, or when it's awkward to input text using the built-in keypad. Stations with similar pronunciations will appear as alternative candidates, making it easy to select your desired station. The application also supports telephone-style usage. You can simply lift the phone to your ear and speak your query as if you were having a normal telephone conversation. Of course, it is also possible to specify your search parameters using the built-in keypad without using the voice functionality. ===Route Search=== Search for all JR lines, private lines, subways, streetcars and airports is supported. Information including the shortest route, fares, commuter fares, and links to time information and maps is shown. It is possible to filter results based on plane routes, shinkansen, and rapid lines, as well as JR versus private railways. ===Japanese version=== Both English and Japanese versions of the system are available. This allows the user to search the same set of nationwide Japanese stations in either English or Japanese using text or voice input. Note that the English-language voice system is tailored to American English accents. ===30 days Free Trial=== The trial version of the application can be used for free for 30 days, starting from the first usage following installation. At any time during or after the end of the 30 days trial period, you may purchase a usage coupon to continue using the application and enable the full set of available features. ===Coupon=== In order to use HYPERDIA after the free trial period, it is necessary to obtain a coupon by making an In App purchase. Four different types of coupons are available. (Prices subject to change.) * Japanese (1 month) - $1.99 * Japanese (1 year) - $16.99 * Japanese + English (1 month) - $2.99 * Japanese + English (1 year) - $25.99 Please be aware that if you purchase a "Japanese + English" coupon when you already have a valid "Japanese" coupon, the "Japanese" coupon will become invalid. WARNING: In order to use this application, a stable Internet connection (3G, WiFi, etc.) is required. Please note that, although great care and effort have been taken in the development of this application, it is possible, due to circumstances beyond our control, that fare and/or time information may occasionally be incorrect.
Add a IC card fare option. New support for iOS8. Some bugs fixed.

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  • Useful app but...

    By gamer1408
    Outdated and a lot of room for improvement. But definitely a must for JR Pass holders.
  • Not free

    By Mgarrin
    I downloaded this before I left the states but now that I am here my "coupon" has expired and the app is asking for money. Never even got to use the app
  • キーパッドで入力したほうが速い

    By moruslave
    検索しようにも 聞き取れないの一点張り。日本語?英語?どっちで話したほうが良いの?時間が勿体無いと感じた。
  • web site is free, why isn't the app?

    By TigerMO53
    You can get all the same information on the HyperDia web site, so why would I want to pay a monthly fee to use the app? Most other bus and train apps are free to use.
  • Easy to Use!

    By Peetran
    I love this app!
  • A necessity for touring Japan

    By Boobooman6969
    I had great success solo navigating the country when using Hyperdia in conjunction with Google Maps
  • Best useful train app for foreigners in Japan!

    By Eggroll Monster
    I am currently traveling in Japan. I tried to use Google maps and Apple maps at first but both maps didn't provide enough detailed alternatives for train rides. I have been using this train app to look at all the different trains going from Osaka to Kyoto and vice versa. I get to see and choose from super express Thunderbirds, wide view Hida, Shinkansen, or new express train. For JR pass holders, it is a no brainier to ride a more comfortable and quicker train. This invaluable train app has made my train ride decision so much easier as a foreigner in Japan. 100% recommended.
  • Awesome

    By Go Pogo
    This is a must have if you are traveling in Japan. Simple and easy to use. Put in station start, destination and time and it spits out many different options and carriers. Great app.
  • Great App but 25.99?!

    By USAF OG
    Trial version works great! On time schedules, but it's not cheap $25 for the English version (for a year) still debating on buying it.
  • Great service but a monthly fee?

    By Tea1234567890
    I use Hyperdia for everything but I find it extravagant that this app has a MONTHLY fee. A one time fee would make sense and I would buy the app no problem but I don't see any point to pay for it every month when the website is free and works just as well as the app. $3 a month is by no means expensive but not necessary for this app. The service gets 4 stars from me but the app gets 2 because there's no point is paying for the app when I can just use the webpage.
  • Handy train schedules, especially if using JR pass

    By betaride922
    Used this while visiting from the US and traveling on my JR pass. Was better than their website, very handy for planning. Google maps is great too for transit planning but this shows train options at various times very clearly. Filters allow you to easily find options that you want.
  • Best Train App for English Speakers

    By Souji5okita
    This has got to be the best app available to use when trying to use the Japanese train system. It's shows you the transfer times and you can even narrow your search to certain types of trains (ie. Shinkansen limited express, or local train). I used this for an entire year in Japan and it never let me down. I could not travel without this.