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My Recipe Book is ONE place to store and organize the recipes you find and tear out of magazines, bookmark online, store on faded recipe cards – in a format that can be carried & used directly in the kitchen. You can now also manage your Grocery List right from your Apple Watch. Quickly see what you need without pulling out your iPhone. Add new items right from your wrist with powerful dictation. The Glance (accessible from your Apple Watch's clock) shows your list without even opening the app. Our favorite features: - RECIPESYNC, an iCloud enhanced syncing solution that lets you seamlessly synchronize your recipe catalog and grocery list between all your iOS devices. - IMPORT recipes directly from selected websites into the app - SORT recipes by keyword, category, ready time, or dietary restriction - GROCERY LIST to make sure you have all ingredients - now add your own custom ingredients! - SERVINGS ADJUSTER: modify your recipe servings easily, and save the modification to use in the grocery list now! - SURPRISE ME decides what to make for you - FAVORITES button for quick reference - QUEUE button to add recipes you want to try - SHARE recipes with friends via email - and now they can automatically import it into their Recipe Book App! - NO INTERNET connection needed to view recipes saved in the app - CONVERSION tools including temperature, weights and measures, and metric to US standard iPad only Features (for now): - Multiple KITCHEN TIMERS built in - now they work in the background - Multiple PHOTOS can be added for each dish - Input NOTES about each recipe - CUSTOMIZE your categories & dietary restrictions by clicking on the settings icon, then edit categories Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a great go-to app to get dinner on the table, a gourmet chef who wants to look for a recipe to use up the rest of your truffles, or you typically only cook for one or two, and need to halve all your recipes, this app is for you. We love and enjoy your feedback on new features & ways to make this app better.
Bug fixes, including: - An issue when new recipes wouldn't be saved correctly - An issue handling recipes without titles.

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My Recipe Book - Your recipes, finally organized. app imageMy Recipe Book - Your recipes, finally organized. app imageMy Recipe Book - Your recipes, finally organized. app imageMy Recipe Book - Your recipes, finally organized. app imageMy Recipe Book - Your recipes, finally organized. app image

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  • iPhone 0 stars

    By LB66
    This was a favorite app of mine but I can no longer add recipes using my iPhone. Works fine on my iPad though. Wish they'd fix the iPhone issue. Would give 5 stars if it worked.
  • Excellent App! Deserves 10 stars,

    By SoCal Lady
    UPDATE - 2017. Still the best recipe app out there. Still loving it and after all this time, it is still my go to app. UPDATE - I am still loving this app! It is my 'go to' for all my recipes. I had one suggestion. I wish I could keep small cooking videos in there as well. This is STILL the best recipe app in the App Store bar none and it still deserves 10 stars! I have been using My Recipe Book ever since it debuted in the App Store and I have never found a better one. I can add any recipe I find on the web by using the custom import, I can use the cooking sites suggested in the app to find recipes and I can add my own. I can even use my own pictures. All of this is accomplished so easy that I enjoy using it. You can add your own categories and delete the ones you don't use. There are so many options that organizing your recipes is a breeze. Simply put, I LOVE this app. There's nothing else like it.
  • Love this App!

    By Sunkistanngel
    Great app, I love it!! I do hope updates will be continue by its support team. One suggestion I would love to see is a way to add additional categories or tag recipes for things like Paleo, Whole30, specific holidays; or even allow us to customize our own categories. I would also like to see them add weekly meal planning features to create meal planning using my recipes that I've saved. My app works great with no problems noted. It loads recipes from other sites and syncs with my other electronic devices for recipes, grocery lists, etc. I can even share recipes with my friends. It will let me import recipes they share as well. When saving recipes from on line recipe sites, I have to tap "importing" if it seems to be taking an extended time to import. It will tell me it's still "importing" or immediately finish importing without a problem. Great app! Please do continue to update and support this app!
  • This app is still crap

    By Badams1897
    I have had this app for 5 years the fully paid version. The issues are its slow, the easy import recipe function is terrible and doesn't work any longer. When you search for a recipe via their search it doesn't bring up the right recipes on the actual website. Food network example search Hollandaise sauce it brings up meatloaf. If you click the search bar on the site and search you find the recipe. It refuses to import it in. As a long time user this app frustrates me.
  • No need for any more cookbooks

    By srimavster
    Update Feb 2017: this app was so amazing when it came out. I don't think it has been updated for a very long time. The import function is no longer working. I have lost my recipes when I updated my iPad. I am so sad because this was an amazing app. After one month of using this, I have put my favorite recipes from all over and now have gotten rid of all my old recipe books and have de cluttered my kitchen. What a lifesaver.
  • Not importing

    By 9876annoyed
    I can no longer import from My Recipes. There needs to be an update to correct this or let us know if that web site is no longer supported so we can move on
  • Frustrated!

    By MN Boss
    Exactly what I want, but it doesn't work on my iPad Air 2! Works fine on my iPhone, but it won't allow me to copy/paste ingredient lists on the iPad. It requires that I enter each item's measurement and name. Incredibly time-consuming. (When I click on INGREDIENTS, detailed measurement blanks appear. No blank page to paste onto.) Nothing in the instructions helps. 😡😕
  • Very easy to use!

    By GoUSNR
    Update 3/5/017: I still love this app, but I need something more. I want to be able to use the app on my laptop or computer. It's too hard/takes too long to input new recipes on myiPad. I am searching for another app that lets me switch between the mobile iPhone/iPad and my PC. Original review: I love this app! I've had it for a week and used it every day. It's so easy to find a recipe, prop up the iPad and cook away. I've been uploading my favorite recipes and sharing with my sister. I love that I can immediately take a photo to add, or even add my own photo to an existing recipe.
  • A good app gone bad and No support..!

    By traugh
    Was a wonderful app until the import feature quit working. No pretty much useless for me. Was going to rate this two stars but I went to the support page bit it won't let you post comments (won't accept the pasted password) nor ask for help - no address.
  • The Best

    By deesgrp
    Without a doubt the best recipe app I have ever seen. I love that i can load it on a couple of devices and when i need it on one I only have to load it on another and they sync. Great ability to adjust recipes for smaller or larger serving sizes. Great value and great app.
  • Update!

    By Dalwan Daddy
    I don't know what happened to this app. It was my go-to app for all of my recipes. It used to be able to import recipes from my favorite cooking websites but now it doesn't do anything. You can manually import them, but it's kinda a hassle. Get with it! Please fix and you'll get five stars again.
  • Great app, but no import

    By Ylbelarus
    This app is good, especially the quantity multiplier. However i have not been able to import recipes from websites with its “easy import”. Please fix this Thanks