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BuildCalc - Advanced Construction Calculator App Description & Overview

What if you could take the best construction calculator and fix it. That’s right ... you love it, it has served you well, and you stand by it ... but could it do more? Could it be easier to use? After testing by pros from around the world, BuildCalc is ready to give you more - more function and more answers with less complexity, less hassle, and less confusion. MORE FUNCTIONALITY: • Advanced Baluster Function: Complete layout of railing and staircase balusters with less guess work - and with all the flexibility you need for every custom job. • Advanced Stair function: Stair layouts for professional results - including dimensioned drawings of your Stringer, Stringer Installation, and Finished Staircase. And you can email a PDF of these drawings right from BuildCalc so you can print them or share them. • Fence Function: Give BuildCalc a fence row length and it will tell you how many posts, rails, pickets, and or panels you need. • Interactive Functions: The Stair, Baluster, Compound Miter, and Rafter functions are now fully interactive. Want to change input values? Change the Run? Switch between Regular and Irregular Hip Roof analysis? You can do this and your results will be updated automatically - without you needing to remember what key to press. MORE ANSWERS: • You are no longer tied down to: only one brick, block or tile size for the masonry function; a fixed number of drywall sheet sizes; only one footer cross sectional area; or one size of shingles and sheathing. If you don’t see the size you want, you can add as many as you need. And for area input, you can store your custom sizes in Length x Width format, so you won’t have to do mental gymnastics to figure out what was the dimensions for that last size you stored. • Want to cut your hip roof rafter using a miter saw ... or a circular saw using a hand-held protractor? With a tap of a button, BuildCalc will automatically switch between Miter Saw and Protractor results. BuildCalc can do this for Compound Miters, too. • Sheathing Angles, Purlin Angles, Gable Area, Backing Angles, Plan Angles, Rough vs. Finished Stair Layout Dimensions, Stringer Throat, Stringer installation dimensions ... and a lot more not found on other construction calculators. LESS COMPLEXITY AND LESS HASSLE: • Tired of having to press and press and press buttons to get the results of a calculation? BuildCalc puts an end to this. For all advanced functions, you get ALL of your results in list form with just one or two key taps. • And, rather than having to write down those results, all advanced functions allow you to save your results - as many times as you want with a label you choose - so you can recall the complete results at your convenience. Now you can do a calculation today and two days, two weeks or two years later, it is there for you. • Less “quirks”. Have you been annoyed by arcane key stroke sequences on other construction calculators? We are too. BuildCalc 2.1 streamlined the keystrokes to do a better job of giving you less “errors” and more results. Don’t remember what you have to enter before a Hip Rafter or Stair calculation? Well, now you don’t have to. BuildCalc will provide you with a check list of inputs and on-the-spot help to get it right. • Drywall and Masonry “Room Mode”: If you have stored a Length, Width and Height for a room, BuildCalc will give you the Drywall or Masonry required for the walls and the ceiling / floor - with only a tap of the Drywall or Masonry button. No more pondering over complex key sequences ... it just works. NOW WITH ADVANCED STAIRS, BALUSTER, AND HIP/VALLEY FUNCTIONS Get more results than you ever could before - including dimensioned Stringer, Stringer Installation and Finished Staircase Drawings. Drawings can then be emailed to others or printed at your convenience. Email us and we'll send you an example!
Fixed: * failure to use [Slope] values to calculate [Rise], [Run], or [Diag] results; * failure to calculate advanced function Rise or Run when last two changes are Pitch and Diagonal

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  • This app developer is deaf

    By grmduh
    The app developer is deaf since he has the clicking of the keys so loud and he is deaf to the reviews about this. The loud and very annoying key click is many times louder than the iOS default click. No one around me wants to hear the annoying clicking of the keys and I should not have to turn the volume up and down because of this ridiculous app. Also, this app has had many updates in the last month due to so many bugs, but this developer can't correct the loud clicking of the keys.
  • Very helpful

    By 😠😠👿
  • Clear Winner

    By crmoore
    I purchased several other construction calculators as a test and this is the clear winner. It is well thought out with professional type features. Hopefully I can post more in the future. PS - The key clicks on this (and other construction calculators) are loud which is helpful for working in the field, but there is a mute button right on the display screen if that's not desired.
  • The Best 100%

    By Joaquín7
    Love it.....😀
  • The building calculator

    By Nick Driscoll
    Far and away the best building calculator I have ever used. The advanced features for laying out ballisturs, cutting stair treads and calculating material set it apart from anything else out there. I only wish that more people would download it so that the developer would have a reason to update it more often!
  • Build calc is by far the best

    By Njcarpenter91
    Hello my name is Luke P, I'm a professional framer out of NJ. I Been using Buildcalc for about a year now and I gotta say it's absolutely amazing! It gives you everything you need in roof framing- I do no most of all the formulas to be done without the calculator, but this really does save time in the field! Thanks Buildcalc!
  • This is the one.

    By Polecat Records
    I am a timber framer and our shop also does lots of other architectural projects out of heavy timber. This is the construction calculator you want. I use it on a daily basis and it has never failed me. I use it for simple to very complex and it saves untold amounts of time. It does hawkindale calculations and with the touch of a key explains them, including square tail fascias. My boss frequently asks me to verify his autocad drawings for entry errors. I cannot recommend it enough.
  • Better than construction master

    By whitholder
    I'm a professional timber framer and I've used a construction master pro trig model for years. This can do all if that and much more. It goes beyond being a calculator and performs like a piece of software. I still use the CM for simple feet and inch stuff and BuildCalc for anything serious.
  • Rock Solid

    By Badaleyna
    Just bought the iphone6. This was one of the first apps I re-downloaded. It works great with the new IOS8.
  • Great app

    By Ftaram
    Great app for iphone 5 and ios 7 better than construction master pro
  • Finally updated!

    By camsides
    It is once again the best construction calculator now that it supports the iPhone 5 and I os 7!
  • Excellent app and a very good job building this product.

    By artgineer
    I'm a general contractor and this app has become the only calculator I use and as you all know we go through calculator after calculator looking for the right app for all our varied building needs. My search stopped here.