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Kitchen Calculator PRO App Description & Overview

How many of us struggle with "kitchen math?" The Kitchen Calculator PRO app makes cooking and measuring so much easier. Kitchen Calculator PRO does all the recipe conversions for you, and makes it simple to scale recipes up (or down) to change the number of servings the recipe yields. With Kitchen Calculator PRO you can: 1.Quickly scale your recipes (add, subtract, multiply, divide) using fractions! 2.Convert ingredients from weight to volume, and vice versa ( cups to grams, ounces, etc. ) 3.Supports several volume, weight, distance, and temperature conversions 4.Enter amounts and view results in standard cooking fractions (1/2, 1/3, etc ) 5.Grow a database with your favorite ingredients! (see weight to volume ) USER COMMENTS ***** Exactly what I've been looking for! - "I just tested this out on a new cake recipe and it was simple, easy and accurate. The cake came out *perfect*!" by njanehair. ***** Yippee, perfection! - "I cook 3 meals a day for my toddler and am always needing to scale recipes down so I'm not making ridiculous amounts of food" by Cindi M. ***** Brilliant - "For a cook trained in the metric system, this tool is a dream come true" by BeeDiana. SCALE YOUR RECIPES Easily convert and scale recipes in an instant. Doubling a recipe (or cutting a recipe in half) is simpler than ever before, with all the most common units of cooking measurement right at your fingertips. WEIGHT TO VOLUME CONVERSIONS What is so special about weight to volume conversions? When converting from weight to volume it is important to take into account the ingredient you are converting. As you know, a cup of sugar does not weigh the same as a cup of rice. Furthermore, a particular brand of sugar may weigh different from another. This is all made easy with Kitchen Calculator PRO. So, how does Kitchen Calculator handle weight to volume conversions? 1.It comes with a database of common ingredients based on weight figures from the USDA (US Department of Agriculture). 2.It allows you to quickly enter and save your own ingredient weight for more precise conversions. In many cases, you can enter the values right off the product label, using fractions! 3.Kitchen Calculator will remember any saved ingredient information for future conversions. NOTE: The preset ingredient list is based on USDA (US Department of Agriculture) figures and are approximate values. They may differ from the ingredients you use. For precise calculations we recommend entering the weights for your ingredients and, whenever possible using a scale. INGREDIENT DATA SOURCE U.S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service. 2007. USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 21. Nutrient Data Laboratory Home Page, Note: Release numbers change as new versions are released. PLEASE LET US KNOW OF ANY ENHANCEMENTS YOU WOULD LIKE TO SEE. FOR SUPPORT EMAIL: [email protected]
- Faster! removed the transition animation effect between operations. - iOS 8.0 Compatibility

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  • Had this app for a decade now.

    By J-quick and easy
    Love it.
  • Just use the internet

    By Garyv40
    If you're an expert cook, you don't need this. If you're not, it too complicated. 1) Not updated in almost 3 years. 2) it doesn't really handle recipes. It just remembers a constant to use over and over. 3) No meats in the database. Developer may be a vegan, but most people are not. 4) Tells you to go look in the USDA database and add to your database. 5) Too complicated and un-user friendly.
  • Very useful app!

    By Beach Shopper
    I use this on a weekly basis, at least. I convert recipes often and also use it for many other household uses. Love it!
  • Great stuff

    By Chef jerbear
    Great stuff
  • Worth the price

    By Ctrbl53
    A great app for the kitchen, strongly recommend.
  • I use it every time I cook

    By Schenck65
    Super handy and useful, generally accurate , though I think I've had to tweak a couple of measurements. I like that you can add ingredients.
  • Best in Lab

    By Chefstepan
    I've been using this app in formulating products and the ability to educate the app has been invaluable.
  • Great tool

    By Pegtwo
    I use it when I have to expand recipes
  • Jack

    By Bodega Jack
    Excellent app. I use it all the time. Easy to convert and to move from one type of measurement to another. Highly recommend.
  • Love this app when looking at recipes in the store

    By MommaSomeDay
    Always opens up and is ready to run. I wish there were more conversions.
  • Horrible

    By Not a goo App
    Truly was a waste of money! Very user unfriendly. Doesn't have a wide list of basic ingredients like Rosemary or minced garlic. Too difficult to figure out!
  • 💜2Bake

    By Lori Fae
    I love to bake and collect cookbooks. I bought a cookbook in Ireland and all the recipes were measured in grams and I panicked until I found this app. It does all the conversions for you. It's been a life savor. Thanks!