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Ariel Ramos

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  • Current Version: 3.3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer: Ariel Ramos
  • Compatibility: IOS 9.0 or later.
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Tessitura Pro App Description & Overview

The world of scales and modes just got more interesting! Tessitura Pro is a powerful tool for students, Jazz players, Arrangers and Composers. Study scales and modes like never before. Tutorials and example videos available from within the app From the creators of Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro comes another great tool for the music student and teacher. Tessitura Pro offers infinite practice patterns for any scale, chord, or any other kind of music structure you can imagine. Investigate new scales and modes and how they all related to each other. Discover which Upper Structure Triads, Quartals, Sevenths Chords to use for improvisation and chord voicings building. Do you want to learn where you can use the Major or Minor Pentatonics in a solo? or how to use Upper Structure Triads in chord voicings or improvisation? Do you want to practice technique and scales: Imagine Hanon in all keys, scales and modes, and then raise it to the power of 10!! It's all in Tessitura Pro. An endless source of materials to study and practice. Learn music structures from a new perspective. Understand the relationship between modes in structures over the circle of fifths or the circle of fourths. Tessitura pro includes hundreds of scales and modes. Develop your ears and practice scales with or without approach notes, arpeggios, chords and any structure you can imagine. Use it as a source of inspiration for improvisation and composition. An app that takes on the world of music structures in a unique and profound way. Some of the concepts you can study and practice with Tessitura Pro are: Scale and Source Scales Modes Triads and 7ths chords Arpeggios Approach notes Upper Structure Triads Upper Structure Quartals Step Skip Patterns with Inversion and Retrograde Chord-Tones vs Tensions Chord-scales Degrees Rhythmic Variation and Hemiolas
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Tessitura Pro Reviews

  • First victim

    By matth3w8D
    Well the app does have a lot in it, although I like the way it looks some things are mushed up and in small letters. Hopefully and update comes soon where this can be fixed. The app does also take you to YouTube for tutorials on how to use the it plus help with the music theory If you are new to it.
  • Could be great

    By 246retail
    Does not spell chords correctly- i.e. C augmented is spelled C, E, Ab in this app. However, the correct spelling is C,E,G#. I also noticed that diminished chords have errors. Makes me believe the writers of this program are not educated in music theory or did not have the coding tools to do it right. In any event, this is not helpful as a legit music theory tool until this is corrected.
  • I'm in love

    By Moshopro
    This is the best musical app I've ever seen!!!!!!
  • Tessitura Review

    By Trompeta1
    Tessitura is a musical knockout! It is by far one of the most valuable tools for any musician looking to improve his playing and his understanding of musical structures and their practical applications. Kudos to mdecks for continually developing the means by which all musicians can realize their full potential.
  • Music Scales Amazing!! Great update

    By Yurima73
    This app is getting better with every update. The option to view the circle by fourths was a great addition since I have always used the circle that way. Thanks The simple yet effective graphing of the scales and how you get all the related modes by just rotating the graph around the circle is brilliant. I've been looking for an app like this for a long time. If you want to understand and practice scales this is the app. I can practice any scale in any mode, even scales I did not know existed. The circle of fifths with the scales in it is awesome. And the patterns are really useful. The fact that this app does not have thousands of reviews, puzzles me. I guess people just want to play games on their phones It is among the best apps for scales and modes I've seen.
  • App keeps crashing

    By sdholloway
    Enjoyed earlier versions. When switched to bass cleff the app keeps crashing. :(
  • Enlightening and demystifying!

    By AppDev11
    I am a casual, skilled guitarist that has been playing for 20 years. This app has thrown open the door to a full understanding of how scales and modes actually work. It presents such a wealth of information simultaneously that after an initial 20-30 minutes of curious exploring, and comparing & contrasting, your brain will begin to see this unbelievably complex subject in a way that makes sense to YOU.

    By Vizmin
    I've been studying out similar ways of looking at the chromatic universe. Studied the entire sequence of harmony at Berklee many years ago, and consider myself a lifelong student of harmony. It is a never-ending endeavor. I'm also a painter who uses limited palettes of color. The parallels are amazing. Tonal Mapping is very close to Gamut Masking of the 12 hue color wheel. Being an artist of multiple disciplines (writing/poetry is the other) is helped when you can connect the dots. When I found this app, I found someone else who is mapping tonality. Almost like there's a Camaraderie or a Jazz Harmony brotherhood. Great app!
  • Great

    By Anny6413
    Very useful. I certainly recommend this app for students and teachers as well. The concept is amazing. Love the circle of fifths graphs and how modes are found by turning the graph around. The best feature is the use of patterns to create exercises for any scale or mode. I would really like the developer to add the main chord playing in the background while I practice. That would make this app the best ever. Please?
  • Wonderful

    By alvaro222
    This is an incredible app to practice scales, modes and patterns. The approach-notes concept is a really nice feature if you are a Jazz player as me. I suggest watching the tutorials and the demos on how to use the app if you want to take full advantage of all the cool things this app has to offer, like browsing modes, symmetry, finding upper structures, etc. Well done! Thanks.
  • App crashes

    By Rayo#73
    I just bought this app I was able to open it once but now when I open it it automatically crashes it is very frustrating I hope they can fix this bug.
  • Missing Something...

    By Assfgggjjldeidbx
    This is a great app for educational purposes, but I fell that, to make it even better, there should be a quiz/test feature or something interactive to help you learn more.