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  • Current Version: 2.1.9
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Compatibility: IOS 9.0 or later.
App Ranking: 4.5
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Day One Journal App Description & Overview

App Store Best of 2016 *50% off for a Limited Time!* Capture life as you live it. From once-in-a-lifetime events to everyday moments, Day One's elegant interface makes journaling about your life a simple pleasure. --- With Day One 2.0, we're proud to provide Day One Sync — a fast, free, and secure service for syncing your data between all your devices. Day One Sync lays the foundation for many new features: a web app, an IFTTT channel, private-key encryption, and more. In tandem with Day One Sync, you can also use iCloud for backups. PLEASE NOTE: iCloud and Dropbox syncing *are not* supported in Day One 2.0. If using iCloud or Dropbox syncing is essential to you, use Day One Classic. For more information, see: --- “Day One, our favorite way to journal with your Apple devices, just got a huge update. Rebuilt from the ground up, the plethora of features that made Day One so great are still present.” — The Sweet Setup --- WHAT'S NEW: - Multiple Photos per entry (up to ten inline photos) - Multiple Journals (up to ten journals with unique colors and names) - Day One Sync 2.0 (See for more details.) - Map View - Custom Reminders - Entry Management (select, move, tag, and delete multiple entries at a time) - Timeline Filters (star, tags, location, year, activity, and music) - Timezone Support - 3D Touch - Local, Exportable Backups --- “It's hard to make the best even better, but the sequel to Day One lives up to expectations—and then some.” — App Store Editor's Choice --- OTHER FEATURES: - Passcode Lock with Touch ID - Automatic metadata (location, weather, motion activity, step count, and music) - Apple Watch App - Search - Tags and Stars - Export to PDF with smart filters - Today Extension - Share Extension - Export to PDF and plain text - Elegant Markdown Editor --- “The new Day One has a slicker design, a much bigger emphasis on photos, and a handful of new ways to filter your journal to see entries from a certain place or time or from a specific topic.” — Wired Magazine --- LEARN MORE: Day One 2.0: Day One Sync: --- For technical assistance or other inquiries, email: [email protected]
Introducing Day One Book Printing! - Beautiful design and high-quality books, starting at just $15 for 50 pages. Easy purchase with Apple Pay. - Go to Settings > Book Printing. - Note: Initially available in the United States only. International users can test the book creation process. Improved: - "Show Metadata in Read View" changed to "Show Map in Read View". - Horizontal rule added to Markdown formatting bar. - Extra margin and metadata bar removed in Edit mode with landscape device orientation. - Keyboard automatically hides when scrolling through search results. - Improvements to timeline ordering of entries. Fixed: - Adding a photo and applying photo metadata doesn't update Metadata bar or date. - Multi-select bar hidden. - iPad: Entries viewable on lock screen. - Crash when using the photo picker. - Various other crashes.

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  • Only thing missing is video

    By BubbinskiUT
    I've used Day One for 4 years and really like it. I like the photo pasting ability, putting in hashtags and web links, showing which music I'm listening to. Would enjoy the ability to attach a short video clip of the day.
  • Love it so far

    By U2bobbo21
    I've just been using it for a few weeks, but so far it's totally worth it. I also bought the Mac app, and I'm very impressed with the speed at which everything syncs. And I like being able to input a quick entry from the iOS photos app.
  • DayOne

    By jillheller
    Excellent. Easy to use. Perfect for recording trips and events
  • This is the ONLY app for journaling. Period.

    By Kwistowee
    The tools and flexibility available make this app an absolute pleasure to use! This app is highly functional, very clean and user friendly. I just wish there were an undo button to bring back text you didn't mean to delete or alter.
  • Has encouraged me to write every day

    By CoBmoi
    I love the quotes each time I open the app. They have been inspirational and encouraged me to write something, anything!
  • Best app for keeping track of your life

    By Budgeter17839
    For a while I wondered if I would have to use Google's location tracking to be able to go back and see things I've done. Thankfully this app exists because it's much, much better and the developers don't use my info for data mining! :D Thank you for making an incredible and innovative way to remember all the moments that make up my life!
  • Great App for peeps that Journal!

    By Mrrt47
    Love this app. I have a attic full of my journals. It's nice to save paper and have it with me always. Thank you Day 1 👍😊
  • Great app. Well designed and useful.

    By mrgalen
    As a Day One user almost from the start, I have enjoyed the simplicity of this writing app. I was a little skeptical when v2 came out but that has passed. v2 adds features that encourage me to write. Activity feed and “On this day” take a lot of the hardwork out of accurately writing about what you did today or what you have accomplished in a year. I was skeptical when they added multiple journals and photos but have since grown to like them. Day One has grown beyond a journal and is now a place that I can keep photos of birthday cards, letters and other sentimental objects that are physically tough to keep around. Day One makes it easy to write every day, even if only a sentence or two. This is a great, well-designed app developed by a group of people passionate about making great apps as well as great journalling experiences.
  • Ease of use

    By Shir-Been-Helpful
    I'm elderly, a video on how to use would help me, since it's hard for me to retain reading instructions. Thank you.
  • An increasingly versatile tool.

    By RT8248
    I am updating this from what I previously wrote below the line. I love this tool. The number of times I have given a positive review attests to my constant use of it. It has become my diary, my dream journal, my collection of inspiring quotations, travel journal, notebook containing the lessons from the School of Life, and the friend to whom I can say anything. ----------------------------------------------- March 12, 2017 All I can say is that I always wanted to keep a journal and never succeeded until I worked with Day One. I think, in the light of recent news reports, the concerns that others have raised about encryption are probably valid. I have felt about Day One's security the way I feel about my bicycle chain, it stops people who wouldn't want to steal my info anyway. I live in a neighborhood where no one steals bikes. When it comes to information, I'm not sure I live in a safe neighborhood anymore. On the other hand, I keep riding my bike because it is probably a bike no one wants to steal. _------------------------------------------ Early 2016 Although I use Day One almost daily for journaling, I also use it to compose Facebook posts, take notes for writing projects, or notes from presentations. I often share these notes with Evernote in order to keep and classify them more deeply. Day One and the Apple platform makes it easy to do this. Most important, of course, is the ease with which I can scroll back through my entries and begin to see patterns and growth. So it is a tool for the spirit as well as for the mind. The one feature that I had never expected to use, the ability to attach photos, is one of the features I now like best.
  • Lots of features but bad implementation

    By kiarash_kiani
    After many years and pushing two versions day one still NOT WORKING with right to left languages!!! Why?!? Is it really that much hard to fix?!? Write a note with right to left language and then save it after saving it turn back to letf to right!!! One another big problem it could not handle lots of notes! It become slow and slower with adding more and more note in one jounry!!
  • Best Investment I've ever made on an app

    By Brambleky
    Update 4/29/17: I just got my first book delivered in hardback almost 300 pages and it looks and feels fantastic. Especially if you have a great cover photo. For me who uses Day One to record so many memories of my first year in college the book is literally like my own personal yearbook and I love showing it to friends and they think it's really amazing. The book is slightly smaller than I thought it'd be - I don't have a ruler on hand but it's about the height of 1 and a half iPhone 6/7. Paper quality is good too! I like how every month can start off with a map to show where you've been that's cool. If you ever wanted your journal printed it couldn't be easier! *** This app has changed my life. Never did I take journaling as an important thing till I took the plunge and bought in to Day One Classic. Eagerly picked up this version as soon as it was released and it's fantastic. Frequent updates and bug fixes are released making this app even better without over complicating the interface. Journaling has been and continues to be the heart of this app. If you're not into it now, this app will change you just like it did for me. Although full private key encryption hasn't arrived yet (as of late April 2017 they're at internal beta now!) Understand it takes a lot of time to get it right on a scale that Day One has to do! Still very much worth the cost. Use it often to record whatever you want and when you look back later it makes you happy that you took the time to record it. The map showing your locations of entry is also just fantastic. You won't regret purchasing this :)